tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKaren & Cathy Ch. 11

Karen & Cathy Ch. 11


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On Wednesday, Karen arrived at dance class accompanied by her friend Cathy. She was a tall, willowy blond whom I had seen several times before and whom Karen had introduced me to the previous week. She was built very much like Karen, with long legs and beautifully formed breasts. She was a little taller than Karen and had a certain sparkle about her and a smile that really lit her face up.

During the evening she and Karen seemed to be competing for my attention and I must admit, it was a most enjoyable situation. They were, far and away, the two most attractive women in the class. As I danced with Cathy, she was very flirtatious and made a point of rubbing her beautiful body against mine in very provocative ways.

"I hear you give great massages," she teased.

"Oh?" I replied sarcastically. "Where did you hear that?"

"Around," she quipped

"Well, some people like them," I replied. I looked over at Karen standing near the wall and she looked a bit worried. I smiled at her and winked. She sighed and I could see her relax.

As the evening wore on, Cathy continued to drop little hints and flirt with me even more overtly. During one of the breaks, she came over to where I was talking with Karen and began to join the conversation.

Finally I turned to her and asked, "Just how much did Karen tell you about our massages?"

"Enough to want one," she replied, reaching down to the front of my pants and cupping my balls in the palm of her hand. It was a nice gesture but I took a firm grasp on her wrist and in a soft but threatening voice, looked at her and said, "If you're not going to bring me off right here, right now, then don't be cute!"

Cathy's face went white. She was stunned by my response. She had never been put down like that before, especially in front of someone else. I released her wrist and then pressed my own hand against the soft material of her skirt and pressed my fingers between her firm thighs. I rubbed her hard along the length of her pussy. She gasped as she felt my fingers rub her most intimate flesh.

"I want you to go into the locker room, take off your leotard and your underwear and then meet us by the door," I said and then turned and walked away with Karen.

Standing alone on the side of the dance floor, Cathy couldn't believe how she had just been treated. Her pussy ached to be filled and she was humiliated.

"Can you come over tonight?" I asked Karen as we walked away.

"Yes," Karen answered, "my husband is away for the entire next week."

"Good. Was this your idea?" I asked with a smile. Karen just nodded. I smiled and kissed her on the cheek. She couldn't believe how I'd treated her friend. She was a bit worried and it showed on her face.

"Don't worry about Cathy. She's just not used to having someone else control the situation. She's got a bit to learn and it will do her some good," I explained.

In class, Cathy had been wearing a leotard, tights and a thin blouse tied below her massive breasts. When she approached me now after the class, she had on a long wrap-around skirt and the sheer blouse. It was buttoned up but tied just below her swelling breasts. Her walk gave clear evidence that she wasn't wearing a bra as her huge tits swayed and jiggled with each step. As she approached me to present herself, I reached forward and undid the button between her firm breasts.

"That's much better," I smiled as I gazed down at her huge tits. "Panties?" I asked.

"In my purse," she replied.

"Good. Then shall we go?" I said as I extended one arm to each of them and we left the studio.

It was a warm night and the three of us walked to my car in the back lot. When we arrived at the car, I winked at Karen and then turned to Cathy.

"Sit on the trunk of the car," I instructed her. She looked a bit surprised and glanced at Karen, who gave her a stern look. Quickly she turned and sat down on the trunk of the car, putting her feet on the bumper.

"Open your top," I instructed and Cathy glanced back to Karen. When she saw the look on Karen's face she quickly reached up between her breasts and opened the last button between her nipples. She looked up at me and realized that she wasn't quite finished yet. Reluctantly she reached between her breasts and pulled on the end of her shirt and it opened. Her top hung over her beautiful breasts but her nipples were hidden from my view.

"Lean back," I instructed and Cathy propped her elbows up on the trunk of the car and laid her body back. One panel of her top slid over her breast exposing it to my view and the warm night air while the other remained covered. Her nipple was getting hard.

"Raise your legs all the way up," I said and Cathy again looked over at her friend. Karen nodded and Cathy began to lift her long, tapering legs. She couldn't quite get the leverage so she slid her elbows out and brought her arms up over her head. As her back arched, the front of her top opened completely, revealing her magnificent tits. Cathy realized that as her legs rose her skirt slid down her thighs and bunched up around her slender waist, revealing her naked ass and pussy to my view. She was just thankful that it was dark.

"Slide your ass down to the edge here," I said and the exposed beauty squirmed slightly on the trunk of the car until sculptured globes of her ass hung barely over the edge of the trunk. "Now spread them as wide as you can," I instructed. Cathy at this moment was wondering if she'd bit off more than she could chew. Things were going a bit too fast, even for her. She hesitated.

"Don't waste my time," I said and turned to face Karen.

"No, wait!" she exclaimed as she parted her long legs. Since she'd been dancing all evening her muscles were warm and limber and she was able to open to almost a perfect split. I was impressed. I stepped up close to her body as she lay totally spread before me. Pulling down the front of my sweat pants, I retrieved my ramrod and leaning forward, pressed my cock between her swollen pussy lips and into her seething quim. Cathy had never experienced such a direct approach to her body, with no foreplay or anything. She felt awkward performing in front of someone else, even if it was her friend but then she gasped as my cock filled her pussy.

"Is he always this direct?" she asked Karen a bit sarcastically. I slapped her face as I thrust into her body. Cathy was stunned by the blow and remained silent as my cock rammed into her cunt. Even without any foreplay, she was wet enough for my pleasure. I felt her inner muscles grasp at my cock as it sliced into her magnificent, young body.

Karen watched as I fucked her friend and licked her own lips as she watched Cathy writhe under me. Cathy's huge chest began to heave as the rhythm of my fucking increased and her body began to respond. The young beauty began to moan and grunt as I fucked her magnificent body. I placed my hands on Cathy's huge chest and mauled her massive tits as my cock buried itself again and again in her hungry twat. Her moans became even louder. I decided to shut her up.

"Climb on," I said to Karen as I rammed my cock deeper and deeper into Cathy's dripping pussy. As she held her legs up and open, her muscles were clenched tightly adding to my pleasure. Cathy looked up and watched as Karen climbed up onto the trunk of the car. In an instant she had straddled Cathy's face and began to lower her naked pussy to her lips. Cathy was not at all ready for this but there was little she could do at this moment. It's not like she'd never eaten a woman before but certainly not in such a public place.

As Karen settled in over Cathy's mouth, she could feel her friend's tongue slide between her moist lips and begin to pleasure her drenched pussy. I reached forward and pulled Karen's skirt over Cathy's face so she couldn't see what was going on. I then reached out for her ankles and pulled them up and back, handing them to Karen. She held Cathy's legs open as I continued to fuck deep into her oozing pussy.

Ramming hard into her open body, I watched as her huge tits rolled and bounced on her chest. Grabbing them tightly I shoved my cock deep into her twitching pussy and shot my load into her quivering body. Cathy did not cum. I left my cock inside her as I leaned forward to kiss Karen. I was most pleased with her this evening.

It did not take long for my cock to soften in Cathy's tight pussy and satisfied, I pulled my cock from her tight quim and slid it back into my sweats. Looking up, I saw that we had an audience. Someone walking by had heard Cathy's grunting and groaning. I held my finger to my lips. I motioned the stranger over and he didn't need a second invitation. In an instant he opened his pants, retrieved his cock and aimed it at Cathy's open pussy. He rubbed the tip across her engorged pussy lips and she quickly realized that I could not have gotten hard again this fast. As Cathy tried to protest, Karen lowered her pussy firmly to her mouth and held her legs tightly. Leaning forward the stranger shoved his ramrod deep into her fully exposed body. He began to pump his cock into her tightness as her huge tits bounced everywhere. She couldn't see who he was and with her arms pinned under Karen's legs she was helpless to do anything about it. As she felt the stranger reach out for her naked breasts, she stopped fighting and succumbed to the powerful assault on her naked body. His cock rammed deep into her twitching pussy and in a matter of moments he grunted and filled her body with another full load of cum.

As suddenly as he'd shoved himself into her, he pulled his spent cock from her body and slid it back into his pants. He nodded to me and turned to leave. My cock had regained some of its rigidity and I slid it back into her dripping cunt. Cathy wondered who this new cock belonged to. I stroked into her body several times and then reached down to her heaving chest. Pinching her erect nipples, I pulled and twisted them as she squirmed below me. I reached up and took Cathy's ankles from Karen and she then lifted her body off of Cathy's face. As her skirt slid over her friend's face, she looked up at me. Again my hands came to her naked breasts and I began to abuse them. Cathy wanted to slap my hands away but knew that she'd better not.

"Remember, I call the shots here, not you. You'll do what you're told when you're told," I said as I continued to abuse her nipples. I pulled my spent cock from between her satiny thighs. Cathy nodded as she felt her body abandoned. She wasn't used to having herself used and discarded once her partner had been satisfied. And she certainly wasn't used to having her body given to some stranger to use as he pleased. She hadn't cum and she didn't like it but she knew it was what she wanted and I knew it too.

"Clean me," I said and the beautiful blond lifted her head as she sat on the bumper. I stepped over her thighs and pressed my cum-covered cock to her soft lips. Reluctantly Cathy opened her mouth and I felt her soft lips slide around the length of my shaft. I did not take hold of her head but instead waited to see if she would pleasure me. It took a moment but she began to slide her face up and down my cock. I felt her tongue caress my shaft as her hand came up and cupped my balls. When she'd finished licking my cock, she tucked my rod back into the sweatpants and smiled up at me. I helped her to her feet and then kissed her on the cheek. Taking Karen's hand, I

The two women entered the den, wearing only panties and bras. In the full light, I was able to drink in all of Cathy's beauty. She was absolutely beautiful as was Karen.

"Since there are two of you and only one of me, I've decided to set up a little contest," I explained. They looked at each other a bit puzzled but Karen had already told Cathy about the surprises I'd come up with before and how each had been so exciting for her and the two of them looked anxious to find out what I'd planned.

"In actuality, it's really three contests. The winner must win two out of three," I continued. "First, you two will wrestle each other. To win you have to strip your opponent and either pin her for the count of three or get her to concede."

"What are the other two?" Cathy asked.

"I'll tell you when the time comes," I said. "Also, the overall winner will be given an evening of pleasure and the loser will be punished harshly but creatively," I said to emphasize the stakes of the contest. "The winner can participate in the punishment if she chooses," I added. I led them both to the center of the den and had them kneel on the plush carpet facing each other. "Remember, stripped and pinned," Both girls smiled and nodded. I sat down on the sofa to watch. "OK. Go."

Karen flew at Cathy ducking her head and hitting her hard in the stomach, toppling her onto her back and then she piled on. I'd seen that move once before. Karen was tearing at Cathy's bra and it started to rip. Cathy bucked her hips hard and Karen spilled over onto the floor. She landed with her cunt near Cathy's face and with one swipe of her long nails, Karen's panties were shredded. Cathy then dug her fingers into Karen's cunt and Karen howled as she tried to get away.

Reaching out for Cathy's huge tits, Karen plunged her fingers into that deep cleavage and ripped away Cathy's bra. Cathy's huge tits bounced free and then the two of them began to roll over and over on the floor. It was a great catfight, with arms thrashing, tits bouncing and hair flying in all directions.

Finally, Cathy wound up on top and straddling Karen's chest, began to pull at her bra. It didn't take long for the shear material to rip and in seconds, Karen's huge tits were bared. Cathy looked down at Karen's huge tits and was stunned when she saw the rings in her nipples. She sat motionless for a moment and a moment was all Karen needed. She thrust her fingers up into Cathy's pendulous titflesh and then managed to throw her off. As the beautiful blond fell over, Karen reached out and tore away Cathy's silky panties leaving both of my beauties naked.

They rolled around again until Cathy dug her fingers savagely into Karen's pussy. Karen howled in pain and surprise as Cathy scrambled on top of her. As she went for the pin, Karen bucked hard and threw her opponent off. Spinning quickly, she lay crosswise on Cathy's upper body and with their tits firmly mashed against each other's, Karen pinned Cathy for the count.

Round one had gone to Karen and I congratulated her. I gave her a warm kiss and a soft caress of her recently brutalized pussy. I decided to switch the procedure now.

"Have you ever been tied up?" I asked Cathy.

"No," she replied nervously but with a note of excitement in her voice.

"Then this will be your first opportunity," I said matter-of-factly.

"You two go wash up and then Karen, bring Cathy with you into the bedroom," I instructed and Karen nodded.

When they arrived in the bedroom the two beauties stood in front of me. "This time you're going to be tied together in a 69 position. The object is to make your opponent cum. In order to win you must make your opponent cum first. We'll flip a coin for choice of top or bottom," I explained. Karen won the toss and chose top. With a length of soft material, I tied the two women in place, with their wrists loosely bound around each other's waist. I propped a pillow under Cathy's head so that she didn't have to strain to reach Karen's wonderful pussy.

"Ready, go," I began and watched as Karen lifted her cunt as high as she could while lowering her lips to Cathy's clit. Neither woman was particularly fond of or used to pleasuring another woman but they both knew the stakes of the contest and wanted to please me. Cathy strained to reach Karen's pussy and pulling herself up, thrust her tongue into Karen's sensitive pussy. It appeared that Karen had all the advantages in this contest as Cathy's ass was pressed against the mattress and her mobility restricted. She was masterfully sucking Cathy's pussy and teasing her clit. Her own body bucked as she felt Cathy's tongue caress her intimate flesh.

Exhausted from the strain, Cathy dropped her head periodically but then pulled herself back to the assault on Karen's womanflesh. In spite of all the strategic advantages, Karen could not get Cathy to cum. She couldn't believe it and neither could I. Finally, on Cathy's fourth plunge into Karen's moist pussy, she could not withhold her juices any longer and cum flooded out of Karen's sweet pussy as her body shuddered with a familiar tremor. Cum oozed out of her sweet body onto Cathy's cheeks and then her knees slid out from under her and her pussy came to rest on Cathy's beautiful face. The score was tied.

I released the girls and congratulated Cathy on her win. I gave her a warm kiss and probed her mouth with my tongue as my fingers pressed into her soft pussy. I could taste Karen's cum on her tongue as I sucked it into my mouth. Considering the tonguing Cathy had just received from Karen's talented mouth, she was very wet, but nowhere near as drenched as I would have thought.

"For the tie-breaker, I have something interesting for you. You will both suck on my cock, in turn, as you try to make me cum in your mouth. You will alternate every 60 seconds. Whoever winds up with a mouthful is the winner and I expect you to swallow it," I said as I gazed up at the two beauties standing before me.

Cathy won the toss and decided to have Karen get me started. I felt Karen's lips close around my cock and her hands caressed my balls. Her mouth was truly wonderful and I felt my juices begin to rise. After a minute I tapped Karen on the head and she released me and Cathy's mouth enveloped my cock. She sucked my ramrod into her mouth and I felt a tremendous vacuum while her tongue teased my shaft. She was very talented but there was something detached in her oral caresses. Karen resumed again, sliding her lips across the sensitive cockhead and tickling my balls with her long fingernails. She felt wonderful.

The two women switched back and forth as they tried desperately to make me cum. Karen felt a familiar stirring in my balls but knew she didn't have time to get me off, so reaching down to the base of my cock pinched off my load before it would let go. Cathy began to pump my cock as she sucked hard and her tongue teased the tip of my glans. She pulled hard with her hands and sucked hard as she tried to finally make me cum.

Karen took over and taking only the head of my cock in her mouth, teased my piss hole with the tip of her tongue as her fingernails raked my balls and then thrust her finger into my asshole. She was rewarded with a mouthful of hot cum and she drank it all down as her fingers continued to caress my balls. She slid my cock out of her mouth and then kissing the tip of my rod, smiled up at me.

"MMmm, mmmm, good," Karen teased as she sat back on her knees and we both looked at Cathy. She was pale.

"This isn't fair!" she exclaimed. "She knows what you like and..," Cathy was trying to squirm her way out of her fate and it wasn't going to work.

"Come here," I said sternly. As she approached, I slapped her backhanded across the face, sending her sprawling onto the bed. I grabbed her hands and tied them together. "You lost and that's it. You need to accept your fate and not blame others for cheating. You'll do what you're told and keep that trap of yours shut, unless it's sucking," I said, "or else!" I added. Cathy felt herself tremble as she looked up at me. I decided to gag her and though she didn't like the idea, she made no effort to resist. I pulled Cathy to her feet and led her into the livingroom. Standing her between the French doors, I attached her wrists to the pulley above her head.

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