tagLoving WivesKaren's Birthday Surprise

Karen's Birthday Surprise


It has been a long time since I last wrote about Karen and myself. Over nine months. Mainly due to Karen getting pregant. At first we thought the baby may be black, because one of our last threesomes was with a black stud. But the baby is all mine. So now things have changed here at home. Number one, we just don't get out like we use to.

Karen has gone back to her job. But our night life began to suck faster and faster. Our sex life is still out of this world. But I could tell Karen was dying to have more than just me. Of course I kept on asking her if she wanted me to set something up. But she was in no hurry.

Since I last wrote, alot has changed. We no longer live in New Hampshire. We now live in Georgia and we love it here. People are so much nicer. Its a whole different lifestyle down here in the south.But back to the story and this is a true story...

Karen still has milk in her tits. She now has size 44d and wow are they nice..She kept her weight down and dropped back down to her 135 weight. She is back to being a knock out. Needless to say, the baby and I take turns milking off of her sexy tits..Her milk is so sweet and warm...Last week she went and had her hair highlighted and wow, it made me hard seeing her afterwards.

So I decided then and there I was going to set something up for Karen. With out her knowing of course. I met this friend and he is married. His wife is a knock out as well. But she is real shy. Him on the other hand, he is alot like me. Anything but shy. So I talked to him on and off about going out to dinner with me and my wife. I kept telling him, lets go out and get the ladies drunk and then you can have my wife and I will do yours. Of course he just laughed. I don't think he thought that I was serious. But I do know this, he eyed my wife evertime he saw her. So I knew he wanted her.

So the day finally came. My sexy Karen had no idea. All she knew was that we were going out for dinner and out for drinks and maybe some dancing.Karen wore a short skirt and a low cut shirt. Of course she had on heels..She was a knock out. We met Ryan and his wife for dinner. I loved what Ryans wife Cara was wearing. She had on this tight fiting body suit and she looked great. She had smaller tits than Karen. I would say they were about 34b. But she had killer legs.

We sat in a booth and eat a great dinner. I noticed that Ryan could not take his eyes off of Karens tits. I knew that if I played my cards right, this could be a fun night. Karen was sitting right next to Ryan and I was next to Cara. She smelled so sweet. Of course I kept on ordering drinks for every one. By the time dinner was done, no one was feeling any pain or being very shy. But I knew that if I was going to get this rolling, I had to get us to a club and quick. Once at the club, drinks were ordered quickly.We sat there for about 15 minutes listening to the music.

Then a song came on that Karen loves. She asked me to dance and I told her to dance with Cara. Ryan looked at Cara and told her to go ahead and have a good time. Watching those two sexy ladies work their way onto the dance floor got my dick harder than hell. Ryan was watching their every move. The ladies were dancing away. Ryan ordered us another beer and we sat there watching. I told him, those two ladies look sexy as all hell together. He smiled and said they sure do. I figured now was the time. I then said, just picture how they would look totally nake dancing together. Ryans smile got bigger and bigger.

Ryan then said that Cara would never get naked in front of me because she is to damn shy. The ice was broke now. What if I could get thing going, would you like to see my wife Karen naked?

His smile disappeared quicker than hell. Are you serious about that, he asked. Sure I am, I told him. Lets get these ladies drunk and see what happens. By the time the ladies got back to the table there was three drinks waiting for each of them. Of course they just drank away..

It took two hours, but both ladies were now drunk and headed off to the ladies room together. Ryan asked if I was sure about what I had said earlier. Sure I said, and to prove it I told him that when the ladies returned to the tabel, for him to put his hand on Karens leg and to rub it. I told him, if she does nothing, its going to be one great night.

The ladies came back to the tabel and sat down.Sure enough, Ryan wasted no time. I watched as his hand went from the tabel to her leg. At first he just sat his hand on her leg. Karen acted like his hand wasn't even there. That or she thought that it was my hand. Several minutes passed and Ryan began to rub Karens leg softly. Karen was busy talking to Cara to notice at first. But then I noticed that Karen was parting her leg very slowly. Ryans hand was going up her leg until it rested on her panties.It seems that Karen and Cara were so hot from dancing that they both removed their stockings in the ladies room.

When Ryans hand reached Karens panties, she let out this soft moan and leaned backwards some in her seat. Cara was busy checking out the other people in the club to even notice Karens moan. Ryan wasted no time. With one finger, he eased over Karen panties and put one finger softly into her hot pussy. Karen closed her eyes and placed her hand on my leg. At first I think she tought it was my hand. But as soon as I placed both of my hands on her one hand, her eys came wide open and a big smile came over her face. Ryan must of been working his finger in and out, because she soon shut her eyes again.

To keep things going, I asked Cara if she wanted to dance to a slow song that just came on. Of course she said yes. Hearing this, Karen grabbed my cock and god it got harder than hell. Just what I need before dancing with a shy lady on the dance floor. But Cara and I made our way up to the dance floor and started our dance. At first I was trying to keep some distance between Cara and myself because of my hard cock. But minutes into the dance, it was Cara that pulled me in closer to her and she rested her head on my shoulder.

To me this was a good sign. I kept looking over to the table and I could see Karen and Ryan clear as day. Ryan still had his hand at Karen pussy and was finger fucking her good and hard. Karen had her hand in Ryans pants and she was playing with his cock like crazy. This was my sigh to make my move on Cara. I slowly began to press my hard cock into Cara. At first nothing. But the longer I pressed it into her body, the faster her body seemed to move during this slow dance. Then it happened. I felt Cara kissing my neck softly. I slowly start to rub Cara side making sure not to touch her tits. The more I rubbed, the more she kissed my neck.

I decided now or never. I worked my one hand up and cupped one of her small tits. At first I thought I was going to get a knee in the balls. But Cara just moaned and started kissing my ear. And then it happened. Cara put this wild and wet kiss on my lips. What a wet kiss it was too. This lady knew how to kiss like a pro.Once she started to kiss me. I press my cock hard into her pussy. To my surprise again, I felt Cara hand rubbing my cock now..God I was ready to shoot my load into my pants. Between Cara kissing and rubbing me and seeing Ryan finger fucking my wife. Wow I was in heaven again.

The song was coming to an end. We stopped kissing and made our way back to the table. Karen and Ryan stopped just in time. We sat down and Cara downed her drink. She was feeling no pain at all. From the look on Ryans face, he was doing okay too. Cara asked Ryan to walk her to the bathroom. No sooner than they were gone. I reached down between Karens legs and was surprised to feel that she had no panties on. Karen kissed me and smiled at me big time. I saw you out there on the dance floor she said. Are you mad at me I asked her? Hell no baby. Karen said that she was wondering when I was going to set her up again and she was happy it was Ryan. Karen said that his cock was at least 9 inches and that she had to have tonight. I kissed her and told her I would need her help because Cara was so shy. Karen started to laugh. Whats up, I said. It seems that when in the ladies room with Cara, Cara said that she was so horney tonight and needed a good fucking. But that Ryan was always to tired after work. Of course Karen joked around with her and said she would share me with Cara. Cara said god I wish I could fuck Bob tonight. A stranger would be nice for a change.

So now the truth was known. Cara wasn't as shy as she made herself out to be. Cara and Ryan came back to the table. Before I could say a word, Karen said why don't you two spend the night with us and drive home in the morning.Karen then said that she had to get home to give the baby her feeding. Cara looked at Ryan and said sure, we can do that. Karen then told them how we had plenty more to drink at our house too. Out to the car we went. Cara and Ryan sat in the back seat and Karen next to me as I drove us home. During that drive, Karen had my cock out of my pants and stroking in like a mad lady. I tought for sure I was going to come before we got home and sure enought I shot my load into Karen hand just as we pulled into our driveway.

Once in the house, we paid the sitter and poured us a drink. Karen headed off to our bedroom to change. She asked Cara if she wanted a nightie to wear. Cara said no thanks, I sleep in the nude. A big old smile came over my face. I went to the t.v. and turned on Cinamax. A show called red shoe was on. Cara sat in between Ryan and me. Within seconds Karen came out wearing just her housecoat with the baby in her arms. Karen sat in the recliner that sat in front of us all. Karen sat down and pulled open her housecoat abd placed the baby to her tit. The baby went wild sucking on Karens tits.Neither Cara or Ryan could take their eyes off of Karen tits.

Karen had her eyes closed as the baby sucked on her one tit. I broke the ice again. Lucky baby tonight.Have either of you ever tasted breast milk before I asked? Cara said no. Ryan just kept on staring at Karen and the baby. I then took one hand and placed it on Cara's leg. She still kept on watching Karen. Its so great seeing this, Cara said. Nature at work. That is one lucky baby Ryan said. Karen opened her eyes when she heard Ryan say that. Karen pulled open her housecoat and told Ryan, hey I have two of them if you really want to taste my milk. Ryan looked at Cara and she told him to go ahead and taste it.

In a flash Ryan was up and kneeling before Karen. Karen held her one free tit in her hand and offered it to Ryan. Ryan wasted no time. He began sucking on Karens tit like a newborn baby would. As he sucked he must of loved the taste of Karen milk because he let out a soft moan. As Ryan was sucking on Karens tit, I moved my hand up Caras leg some more. Only this time she slowly moved her legs apart more so it was easy for me to play with her. To my surprise she had no panties on as well. No sooner than my fingers darted inside of Cara wet pussy, she reached over and pulled out my cock and was stroking it hard and fast.

I looked up and I could see Ryans hand rubbing Karen leg now. Karen opened her eyes and told Ryan to come with her as she put the baby in her bed. They both left the room for a few minutes. Just enough time for me to really finger fuck Cara and to get her hotter than all hell. Karen and Ryan returned and Karen had a blanket with her. Karen laid the blanket out and dropped her housecoat. Ryan went bug-eyed. Karen laid down and her back and told Ryan that she still had more milk for him. Ryan asked if it was okay for him to take off his clothes too. Karen said sure.Hearing this, Cara got up and together they undressed quicker than all hell.

Ryan looked at Cara and asked if she was okay with what was going on here. Cara smiled and said sure baby.I am just a bit jealous you got some milk and I didn't. Karen laughed again. Come over here to me and you can have some too Cara. After all she told them, I do have two tits. Ryan dropped to the floor on one side of Karen and Cara did the same to the other side of Karen. My god, the two of them were sucking away on Karens tits like there was no tomorrow. Karen was moaning like crazy. As they were sucking for ever, I got up and removed my clothes as well.

Just the sight of seeing my wife tits being sucked by my best friend and his wife was making me hotter than all hell. I laid on the floor next to Cara and carefully pulled her legs apart slowly. I lowered my face right into her pussy and started licking like a mad man. Cara was moaning real loud. Ryan could see that here was his wife, who he thought was really shy, sucking on a lady tit as another man ate her pussy.Ryan drove two of his long fingers deep into Karens hot box. Karen arched her back like a lady in heat. Karen reached down and took a hold of Ryans hard cock. Karen kept on pulling on Ryans cock until it was right at her pussy. Fuck me now she told Ryan.

Ryan stopped sucking and climbed on top of Karen. In doing so, he forced Cara lips from Karens tit. Karen wanted Ryans hard cock bad. And now that left Cara to me. Cara was so wet as I kept on licking and biting her wet pussy. I looked over and with one push, Ryan ramed in all ten inches of his hard cock deep inside of Karen hot box. Fuck me hard Karen moaned out loud. They were going at it hot. Cara was watching them just like I was as I ate Cara pussy. Cara then jump up and said fuck me Bob, fuck me now and do it hard. Cara was like a dog in heat on her knees begging for it. I pressed my cock to the opening of Cara wet pussy and as soon as she felt it there, she pushed back hard onto my hard cock. I was now deep inside of this shy lady and fucking her right in front of my wife and her husband.

As I was raming hard into Caras pussy. Karen reached over and started playing with Cara tits. Pinching her nipples so hard. I could feel Cara moving trying to inch towards Karen, so I helped her. Soon Cara tit was inside of Karen mouth and Karen was sucking it hard. This was driving Cara crazy. Is this the first time a lady has touched your sexy body I asked Cara. God yes and it feels so great. Karen told her that as soon as Bob comes deep inside of your pussy, that I am going to suck out his cum. This drove Cara nuts and she started cuming like crazy. It was also more than Ryan could take as well. Ryan arched his back and started shooting his cum deep inside of Karen pussy.

Oh god yes, Cara moaned loud. Fuck me Bob, fuck me harder and cum deep inside of me. I want all of your cum. I looked at Ryan for his okay and he smiled at me and said, give the lady what she asked for. Karen looked at me with a puzzled look on her face. Just as she did, I shot my load of hot cum deep inside of Cara hot pussy. Cara milked my cock until every last drop was inside of her and she fell onto the floor with my cock still deep inside of her. I was kissing her neck and back as she moaned in pleasure. I looked over and Ryan had gone back to nursing off of Karen tit.

Cara was the first to speak up. God I have never cum like that before. Your cock feels so big. And you came so much. Again Karen looked my way. I knew what was on Karen mind. After the baby, Karen had her tubes tied. So we had no fear of her getting pregant. But we were told from the doctors that I had a really high sperm count. Karen spoke up. Cara you need to let me suck out Bob cum so you won't get pregant. To our surprise, Cara laughed. Whats so funny Karen asked.

Cara told Karen that Ryan could not have babies. And that she wanted one really bad. Cara then begged Karen to leave the cum deep inside of her pussy with the hopes of getting her pregant. Karen smiled and looked at me. I looked at Ryan and said it your call. Ryan laughed and said is Karen still going to get to lick Cara pussy? With that I pulled out of Cara pussy and Karen went between Cara legs and licked Cara pussy like crazy. Again Cara begged Karen not to suck out my cum. Karen pulled up and don't worry, you now have a baby. As Karen was licking Cara pussy, Ryan sat there playing with his cock. It was more than I could handle. I place myself between Karens Legs and ramed my cock hard into her cum filled pussy. I was fucking Karen hard and fast. I wanted to mix my cum with Ryans cum. Ryan got up and placed his cock in Cara mouth now and she was sucking on it.

Within minutes we all cam again. It was now 4:00am and we laid together until we fell asleep. The next morning we sat at the kitchen table and we made sure Cara and Ryan knew what had happened last night. It seems that Ryan and Cara had talked about having another man plant his seed into her so she could carry a baby. It was Ryans idea.What surpirsed us was what they said next. Ryan asked if they could spend the whole weekend with us and if we could fuck all weekend long. Just to make sure Cara got pregant. Of course it sounded great to me. I looked at Cara and I said as long as she had no problem with Ryan fucking Karen. She smiled and asked Karen if she could have some more of Karen milk. Karen dropped her housecoat and Cara went after her nipple hard and fast.

But of course the rest is another story. Just to make sure you all know this. This is a very true story. We now live in Georgia and we welcome all to write to us. If you live nearby, thats even better....

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Wish I lived Georgia so I could enjoy those big 44 d's of Karen's. You are one lucky guy. I enjoy your stories.

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