tagGroup SexKaren's Photo Shoot

Karen's Photo Shoot


"Oh, my God, Ashley. These are fabulous," Karen cooed. She clicked the mouse and another picture filled the monitor. Karen stared at it while her friend stood nervously behind her. Ashley dearly wanted Karen to like the pictures so she could talk her roommate into posing, too.

"Your hair is perfect. He did a great job of getting the color," Karen said, switching to yet another picture on the CD. Once again, Ashley was nude and Karen took time to examine every inch of the young woman's body.

"I like the next one," Ashley said.

After a few seconds, Karen clicked and the image that appeared caused her to gasp out loud. The photo was a full-body shot of Ashley sitting on a small box at about a forty five degree angle to the photographer. Her legs were crossed with the leg closest to the camera resting on the other. Her arms hung at her side.

Karen's eyes moved back to the top of the photo. She gazed at the brown hair that followed the curve of Ashley's round face, past her cheeks and along her neck until the curls at the end fell over Ashley's shoulders. A couple of light brown highlights shined in the dimness of the room around her.

Karen looked at the face. It was a child's face...maybe a girl of fifteen, although she knew the woman that posed was twenty. Shadows fell across Ashley's cheeks and chin from her flowing hair. She wore the expression of an innocent schoolgirl. Not a smile. Not a frown. Just innocence. Plum red lipstick covered her lips.

Above her cheeks were big, round eyes that appeared almost black, but actually were a deep brown. Chocolate eyebrows were neatly styled over the shadowy eyes. They were the eyes of a wondrous teenager.

The face alone made Karen have thoughts of wanting Ashley-something she'd only vaguely considered before. But as she progressed down the picture, the splendor of her friend's body became even more evident.

The angle at which Ashley sat caused light to bounce off the side of her body facing the camera. The farther from the camera, the darker Ashley's already tanned skin got. The result was that Ashley's right breast was illuminated more than her left, which was bathed in shadows and in silhouette.

Karen stared at the large, brown areolas and pink nipples on the petite breasts. If it weren't for the varying light levels, it would have been difficult to tell where the breasts began to rise from Ashley's chest.

Beneath the breasts was a flat stomach with just a hint of baby fat. Karen was envious of the slim frame despite her own trim figure. Everything about the picture was making her desirous.

Then she got to Ashley's hips and thighs and legs. Karen looked at the fluid curve of Ashley's right thigh as it curled on top of her other leg. She looked at the slender calves. She looked at the meeting of the top of Ashley's legs and waist, where her most intimate areas were just hidden from view.

Karen looked one more time at the entire picture.

"Wow. Why isn't this in a magazine somewhere?" she asked.

Ashley giggled. "Thanks. But it would have to be a cheap magazine."

"No way. These are simply gorgeous photos," Karen gushed.

She spent another couple minutes finishing the set of photographs on the CD. Then turned to face her friend.

"You should be very proud of these, Ashley. You pose beautifully."

"Thanks," Ashley replied. "Jeremy is a good photographer."

Jeremy Goldman was a mutual friend of Karen and Ashley. At thirty three years old he was older than either of the women. The age difference was just enough that Ashley felt comfortable posing for him. Yes, she had felt sexual tension during the photo shoot, but nothing happened between them.

Karen, twenty two years old and a little more mature than Ashley, wasn't so sure she could last through a similar shoot without needing sex. She was getting horny just looking at Ashley's pictures.

The two women met in a class at Ohio State. Karen had an apartment and was looking for a roommate. Ashley wanted to move into an apartment. They had shared the apartment for the past year and became good friends.

Karen didn't date regularly and, honestly, wasn't sure if she was more attracted to men or women. Her experiences with men...starting with boys in high school...were less than fulfilling. She'd never been with another female, but wouldn't rule it out.

Karen was taller than Ashley and ten pounds heavier, but definitely not fat. She had dark blonde hair, light brown eyes and more of a figure than the waiflike Ashley. Karen was fascinated by lots of things, but lacked the self-confidence to follow through on some of her interests. Posing for Jeremy was now on her mind. Doing it was something else altogether.

Jeremy told Ashley before her shoot that she had the option of what would be done with the photos: he could put them on a CD for her use only; he could use them for the calendars he liked to make for limited distribution; or, he could attempt to sell the photos. Ashley chose the CD...this time. She wanted to see what her best friend thought of them before taking the next step.

Needless to say, Karen was impressed.

"Why don't you and I go see Jeremy tomorrow and talk to him?" Ashley asked Karen at dinner that night.

"I don't know," Karen said, pushing her food with her fork. "Maybe if I saw another set of your pictures I'd think about it."

"No. I'm not having any more taken until you do," Ashley said in as defiant a voice as she could muster.

There was silence while they ate for a minute.

"What was it like?" Karen finally asked.

Ashley's brown eyes widened. "It was SO cool, Karen. We talked a little while about what I wanted and he gave me a beer."

"Oh," Karen interrupted. "So he got you drunk first."

Ashley laughed. "He did not. I told him I thought it would be fun to pose nude and just put them on a CD for me. Besides, it was about all I could afford. Anyway, he set up the camera and I tried to calm myself down. I was a little scared. You can tell from the pictures that he had a fake brown brick background and a little box and he really had the corner we were in looking very...uh, very murky. That's about the best way I can describe it. It was almost creepy. But I liked the atmosphere."

She stopped to take a bite.

"So I started out dressed in a little shirt and jeans. I didn't wear a bra. Models don't wear bras, do they?"

This time Karen laughed. "No. I guess not."

"And he just had me get used to the camera and standing there and stuff. Then he told me to start taking off my shirt. He made me, like, stop halfway and told me to think about being a little bit of a tease. A little sexier. That's when I really started having fun."

Karen didn't even notice that she had stopped eating until Ashley took another bite.

Ashley continued. "I don't think I have the biggest tits in the world, but Jeremy made me feel sexy and kept telling me how good I was doing. He even had me play with my nipples and that was great.

"So, I began to take off my jeans. He took two or three pictures while I did that. I was mad that I didn't wear a thong or something because I just had a stupid pair of white panties on."

"I bet you looked cute in them," Karen said.

"Yeah, right. I wanted them off. Quick," Ashley said. "But Jeremy had me lean against the wall and he had me turn all around. Finally, he let me take them off. But he had me lay on the floor first. It was so cool, having him above me shooting down as I lifted my legs and pulled the panties off. And he lie on the floor next to me and shot me from that angle. I loved it."

Karen felt her heart pounding faster from the girl's description. She was feeling more anxious about doing this...in a good way.

"From that point on is what you see on the CD, I think," Ashley said. "I think Jeremy was getting hard, but it was difficult to tell. I would have loved to put my hand in his crotch, but he didn't seem to want to do anything. Maybe he's gay."

The women smiled. They both knew he wasn't.

Karen looked at her friend. "Did you want to?"

"Oh, I was horny. The whole thing made me horny. I would have fucked anybody at that point."

Karen knew Ashley was joking. For as cute as she was, Ashley was pretty particular in who she was with. Karen knew now, more than ever, that whoever was with her was a lucky guy.

"So. Are you going to do it?" Ashley asked.

"I'll think about it."

Karen did think about it. A lot. She considered the many viewpoints affecting her decision: her own values; morality; decency; and, ethics. She came to the conclusion that the first thing she had to do was determine what the pictures would be used for. In order to reduce the number of problems she had with the whole thing, she ruled out having the pictures sold or used commercially in any way.

That left her with having pictures taken for the fun of it...for her, or Ashley's, eyes only. She was cool with that.

A week later, while watching TV together, Karen asked Ashley if she would call Jeremy and arrange for a meeting. Karen didn't guarantee she'd pose. She just wanted to talk to Jeremy and discuss terms, she said. Ashley wasn't sure what there was to discuss, but agreed to call him.

During the phone call the next day, Ashley made sure Jeremy knew how hesitant Karen seemed to be. He assured her that he wouldn't put any pressure on Karen. He also told Ashley he thought Karen would be a wonderful subject nude.

Karen didn't believe a word of it when Ashley passed the comment on, but an evening meeting was arranged for the following week and Ashley arranged to go with her friend.

Karen wore a sheer blouse...with no bra, of course...and designer jeans for the meeting, just in case they decided to take pictures that evening. Both women probably knew that was going to happen. Ashley, more than Karen, hoped it would happen. She was certain her friend would enjoy the experience. And, besides, Ashley would be able to go back for a second round of shots when Karen was done with hers.

Jeremy's "studio" was the second floor of his old Victorian home. Several walls were removed to make three fairly spacious rooms. Doorways were extra wide and tall to allow for the easy movement of furniture props and lights. For his semi-professional status, it worked fine.

The man himself was not tall...maybe 5'7"...and about 180 pounds. His long hair was often pulled into a pigtail in the back, as it was when Karen and Ashley visited him. He wore jeans and a sweatshirt despite what often became warm working environments when the lights were on. Perhaps, Ashley thought during her shoot, that explained the darkened setting she was put in.

They sat downstairs for a while with Jeremy and Karen drinking wine and Ashley working on a beer. They talked extensively about Ashley's pictures and what her next series might be about.

"Well, before we do that," Ashley informed Jeremy, "we need to get Karen to pose. I told her I wouldn't do any more until she did at least one set."

Karen just shrugged when the others looked at her.

"I've always thought you'd be fun to photograph," Jeremy said to Karen. "You have great contrast between your hair and eyes. I'd put lots of light on you to bring that out."

"Great. That means all my other flaws are accentuated," Karen moaned.

"I doubt if you have any, Karen," the man said. "You two are the best subjects I've ever had in here."

Karen had reservations about that when she looked around the room and gazed at the pictures of beautiful women hanging on the walls. On a table in front of the couch were a handful of calendars. Karen leaned forward and grabbed a few. The covers were similar-women in various stages of undress or naked and covered with a sheet or towel. Inside, the women wore less each month until they posed naked for six to eight months of the year.

It was very tastefully done, Karen thought. The women were mostly thin, like Ashley. That didn't thrill Karen, who couldn't convince herself she had a nice body, too. Then she lifted a calendar that made her sit motionless, staring at the cover.

Two young women stood side-by-side almost facing each other, their shoulders touching. They held hands. One woman tilted her head so it nearly touched the other woman's shoulder. They were shown from the waist up and both were naked. The right breast of one woman lightly touched the left breast of the other.

Karen couldn't take her eyes off the incredibly stunning, dreamlike picture. Jeremy had "fuzzed" the picture so it looked like the women were in a cloud.

"That one was fun," Jeremy said.

The voice startled Karen back into reality. "I bet. It's beautiful."

She opened the calendar. Each month the women seemed to get more intimate. They stood, then knelt and finally laid together on the floor, their arms and legs intertwined in an adoring kiss. Karen was oblivious to the world around her as she imagined the air of desire that must have filled the room when the pictures were taken.

"Did they make love?" Karen asked, looking up at Jeremy

"They asked me to leave the room."

"That's a yes," Karen said with a smile.

Jeremy smiled back. "It sounded like it."

Ashley gave the silly laugh Karen was so accustomed to. She thought it was cute.

"You take great pictures," Karen said.

"Thank you," Jeremy said sincerely. "I'd like to take some of you."

The woman paused, feeling the force of Ashley's eyes upon her.

"On a CD only," Karen finally replied.

"Yes! I knew you would," Ashley cried, jumping from her seat and hugging Karen. "You'll love it."

When Karen separated herself from her roommate, she asked Jeremy what he had in mind for the pictures.

"Your skin isn't quite as dark as Ashley's, so I think a lighter room...a lighter background...would be better. I have a bed that I can put a light blanket on, or maybe a pink and white one I have. If you want to stay dressed, that's fine with me. But I honestly think you have the body to do nudes."

Karen found that to be extremely flattering. Just hearing someone like Jeremy say it made her feel good. But, surprisingly, Karen found herself wondering if Ashley would find her as attractive as she had found Ashley.

It didn't matter. She was going to do it, she told herself.

"I'm not going to do this and not be at least partially undressed," Karen said. "But I'll never be on your wall or in your calendars."

"Oh, Karen. Don't be so sure," Ashley said. "Be positive. Relax. This will be fun."

"You have to stay and be my coach," Karen told Ashley. "Not that Jeremy won't help me a lot..."

"Yes," Jeremy interrupted. "I think Ashley should be here if you don't mind doing it in front of her."

"I don't mind," Karen assured him. "I want her to stay."

"Good. Tonight?"


Jeremy told the girls he'd get one of the rooms ready upstairs. They were to help themselves to drinks, which they did with anticipation of what was to come.

"Just do what he says," Ashley suggested. "He's really good."

Karen didn't need to be told that after viewing Ashley's photos and the calendars. She couldn't get the splendor of the two women in the calendar off her mind. Their perfect bodies in perfect union with each other was spellbinding.

About fifteen minutes later, Jeremy called for the girls to join him upstairs. Karen nervously led the way. Once at the top of the steps, Jeremy directed the girls into the room farthest on their right.

As he had suggested, it was a bright area with light colored walls and skylights that bathed the room in sunlight. Additional artificial lighting would even out the brightness and eliminate shadows.

The girls looked quickly at the odd combination of couches and chairs and pillows...and one large bed with the pink color scheme Jeremy had mentioned before. Ashley, especially, was taken by the stark contrast between this setting and the one she had been in. But she loved pink and was captivated by the bed, hoping that one day she would be able to pose in it.

"OK, Karen. I'll let you decide where you want to begin," Jeremy said, camera in hand.

"Well, I kind of like these big pillows," she said, stepping towards a pile of overstuffed cushions on the floor. "Let's start here."

"Perfect." Jeremy said. He moved his lights to that side of the room while Ashley sat on the couch and watched. A minute later everything was set.

"OK. Let me see if this light will work," Jeremy said. He peered through the camera at Karen and took one picture, spending the next few seconds staring intently at the image on the LCD of his digital camera. "Good. Now just get comfortable."

Karen sat on the floor, adjusting the pillows so they encircled her on three sides. She took some sense of security out of the wall of cushions surrounding her, as if she could hide in them temporarily. She stretched her legs out a bit and leaned on one pillow with her head in her hand.

Jeremy began shooting.

Karen's light blue blouse clashed somewhat with one of the pillows and Jeremy asked her to toss the pillow aside. She adjusted the remaining cushions and resumed posing. At this point the photographer was concentrating on the striking light blonde steaks in Karen's hair. She wore it short and straight, curled closely around her face. The light streaks were in the front, very visible no matter how she sat.

Those streaks, combined with her wide eyes and infectious smile, were the highlights of Jeremy's first set of pictures. But there was more to this young woman than her face and Jeremy was anxious to see if Karen would consent to more revealing poses.

"Do you want to take a break, or keep going?" he asked.

"Keep going. I'm fine," she replied.

"Can we try some more informal stuff?" Jeremy inquired politely.

"Sure. Like what?"

"Will you unbutton your blouse one more button? Just look a little more relaxed."

Karen smiled and opened not one but two buttons. She glanced over at Ashley and got a smile of approval in return.

Now Jeremy had something to work with. Karen's cleavage was easily viewed from several angles as he circled her, taking pictures the entire time. As she turned her body to continue facing him, her breasts stretched the blouse's material to the limit. In some instances, only her nipples kept the shirt from falling open.

"Lean back," Jeremy said between shots.

Karen slid her body away from the pillows and lay on her back, her head resting on the edge of one of the cushions. After a few seconds she put her hands behind her head.

"Perfect," Jeremy encouraged her.

Karen's shirt was stretched apart at the top, exposing nearly half of the woman's bare breasts. Jeremy stood behind her, shooting down the length of her body. Karen arched her back and looked back at him. She felt the shirt pressed tight against her skin. Her nipples hardened.

Without being told, Karen unbuttoned her blouse all the way, pulling it out of her jeans at the end. She told herself if she could manage to have Jeremy take just one picture of her uncovered breasts she would get the courage to do more. She wasn't sure yet how she wanted to do that.

Jeremy took care of that for her.

"Roll on your side," he told her.

She did, not knowing what to do with her hands until deciding to put one on her hip and the other by the side she rested on. To her it seemed both of her breasts were hanging free of her shirt. Jeremy, from above, had access to one of them with the other tauntingly close to view.

"Pull the right side of your shirt open," Jeremy said, referring to that part of her blouse farthest from the floor.

Karen moved her hand from her hip and delicately lifted the right half of her opened shirt. This was going to be it. She'd either end up topless or on her way home.

She watched Jeremy kneel in front of her, reorganizing the pillows. By the time he was set, Karen had the shirt so positioned that it covered neither of her breasts. The right side was pulled back along her side and the left flopped onto the floor. She smiled as Jeremy focused his camera on the top half of her body.

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