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Karma's Valentine


Hailey aka Karma was working on Valentine's Day because she was one of the few dancers at Enticing Nights who actually didn't have anyone to spend the day with. While getting ready for what was sure to be a slow shift since a lot of dancers didn't show up, the owner Devon Cander walked in.

"Where is everyone?" he asked in a deep sexy voice she loved so much.

"Not here." she replied sarcastically.

"Smart ass."

"Yeah, but you know you love it."

"You do have a fine ass." he commented in a husky voice.

"Yeah well at least you like it, everyone else has someone and it feels like I am the only person alone in the world today." she said needing to vent some of her frustration.

"I am in the same boat as you are, that is why I am trying to not have to close early so I don't want to go home early and be alone."

God she was so sexy with her long wavy red hair, emerald green eyes, creamy complexion, and luscious curves. She was 5'8", with an athletic build but still looked feminine. Even with her top on, her luscious D's made his mouth water. On top of her drop dead looks, she was one of the smartest women he knew.

"Well if all else fails you could always take me with you." she said half joking and totally serious. She had, had a thing for him since she started working her. He was all male at 6'4", muscular, short dark brown hair, and grey eyes.

"Well in that case, I would be happy to close early." He said with a smirk walking out the dressing room.

Two hours later

"I am not getting on that stage again there is no one here to dance for and you can't make me." Karma said

"Hey are you saying I don't count?" Devon asked

"That's exactly what I am saying because you are not paying me."

"I'll make you a deal you get up and dance one song if no one shows up I will close and make you dinner tonight." He said remembering her offer from earlier.

"If you are lying to me I swear I will quit and I am holding you to the dinner part so you better know how to cook." She said calmly when in actuality she was dying of sexual frustration.

Later that night

He had a nice little house and to her surprise he really was a great cook. He had made her a chicken Alfredo and they were now sitting in his living room on a white fur rug in front of the fire place drinking red wine.

"This is nice thank you." she said shyly

"Well I am enjoying myself too." he replied

In the silence he decided it was now or never to make his move so he moved a little closer and said "You know I don't want to freak you out or offend you, and if I do please let me know, but ever since I met you I have been attracted to you and have been dying to kiss you."

She was quiet for a moment and he thought she was going to leave when she set down her wine glass but instead of getting up she turned to face him and moved closer.

"Then why don't you?" she said in a seductive whisper.

He leaned into her and pressed his lips to hers, then lightly started to nibble on her bottom lip to get her to allow access for his tongue. When she opened he thrust his tongue into her mouth and mimicked what he would like to do with other parts of their bodies.

He pulled back slightly and whispered against her lips "God you taste sinful."

He plunged his tongue back into her mouth and while their tongues danced their hands started to roam. Before long they were lying naked on the rug with only the light from the fireplace to see each other.

"God you are so beautiful." He said huskily.

"You're not so bad yourself." she replied with a seductive smile.

"I don't want to scare you but we have known each other awhile and before we go any farther I have to tell you that I have been in love with you for what feels like forever."

She blushed and looked into his soulful grey eyes her heart filled with joy whispering "I love you too."

And without another word he kissed her on the lips then started to work his way down her body. Nipping then licking and kissing were he nipped. Her neck, collar bone, her breast, nipples, stomach, inner thigh and then her pussy.

At the first touch of his tongue she thought she was going to cum, it was like electricity and fire racing through her veins. She moaned as he sucked on her swollen nub and applied pressure with his teeth. She thought she was going to die and screamed so when he shoved two fingers in her. By the second pump of his hand she came all over him. He sucked and licked her juices as he slid his figures out. He slowly licked his fingers while staring into her greens eyes that were fogged with ecstasy.

"God I can't wait I have to be inside you now!" he said as he slid his hard cock into her wet pussy in one solid thrust.

She instantly came again as he filled her to the brim and stretched her. He withdrew all the way then slammed back into her again and again. God he knew how she liked it without her even having to tell him.

She could feel every inch of rock hard dick buried deep inside her as she came down from the heights he had taken her. As she felt him move inside her, her pussy walls began to convulse out of excitement of another orgasm building.

He sucked on her breast as he kept pumping into her harder and faster building an incredible friction. As the intensity grew, she gripped his back with her nails raising her hips to meet him thrust for thrust. When she came again, he came with her both screaming each other's names.

As they lie in each other's arm on the rug he whispered lovingly in her ear, "Happy Valentine's Day Karma, I love you." and then kissed the top of her head.

She could not have had a more perfect one if she tried, she thought as she fell asleep in his arms.

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