Kashka walked though the graveyard she could pick up the scent of her prey as she closed upon him, fear mingled with sweat. It was creating a wonderful aroma for her sensitive vampyre nose.

Will his blood be sweet or bitter? Kashka thought as she saw a shadow pass through the trees ahead of her. She increased her speed and clutched the back of the youth's shirt as he darted out in front of her.

"Let me go! Let me go!" He cried out. But all Kashka did was increase her grip on the shirt, which drew the fabric closer to the youth's throat and began to cut off his airflow.

"Look at me." Kashka commanded and let go of the youth's shirt. He turned. Kashka looked into the clouded blue eyes of the young man in her trance.

You are mine, Kashka thought and she felt her canine teeth elongate. She could see the pulse in the young man's throat; she leaned in for the kill. She felt her teeth slip through the tender skin with ease, sweet and tangy blood filled her mouth as she began to drink.

As Kashka continued to drink the youth's lips began to move. He whispered something that made Kashka jerk away from him.

"What did you just say," Kasha ordered as she forced the boy to look into her eyes. He gurgled, tried to speak, and reached up for her ash-blonde hair.

"You… you are… beautiful," he sputtered wetly once more and looked like he was going to say more but his head lolled to the side and he died in her arms. Kashka looked upon the corpse horrified that someone she attacked and drank from thought she was beautiful. She jumped and tossed the body roughly on the ground like it had burned her. She turned on her heel and left the graveyard as a man walked out from behind an old weeping willow tree.

"Kashka! By the gods of the nine hells, wait the fuck up!"

The blonde woman stopped her quick paced walk and turned around.


As Jasper caught up to the green-eyed vampyre he slowed and began gulping air as fast as he could trying to catch his breath quicker.

"The… the Lord… he, he needs you… now," Jasper looked fearfully into the cold green eyes.

"What does he want now?" Kashka asked in a silken voice.

"T… to see you."

Why must this half-daemon always stutter? It takes up too much time, especially if High and Mighty wants to see me right away, Kashka thought but said, "Lead on."

Kashka entered the huge throne room underneath the city of Citrell. It was full of undead men and women just waiting to be served fresh blood and treats. She stopped briefly and looked towards the end of the room. It was deep in shadows but she could see the burning scarlet gaze of him, her master, Drayus.

Kashka was sick of walking behind the young pup her Master wanted to succeed him. Kashka shouldered past the half-daemon and stood boldly in front of the thick crowd. She tossed back her thick mane, bowed upon the plush crimson carpet, and waited to be announced.

A timid vampyre to the left of Kashka stepped forward and opened his mouth to state that Kashka had arrived.

"I know she is here you fool." The deep rumbling voice flowed through the room. A chill burned the air and Kashka involuntarily shuddered. "Rise, child."

Kashka's face flushed with the blood of the boy from the graveyard. She stood slowly not wanting to be like an obedient dog. However, instinct controlled her. She could no more walk out into daylight and live than ignore the wish of her Sire.

"You asked for me, Master," Kashka clenched her hands, her long fingernails bit into the flesh of her palm. Her voice had come out so timid and childish. She could barely remember the feeling of holding the youth's life in her hand. She felt out of league, she felt like prey.

"Yes… I wanted you to come to me, to be with me this night. I am in need of service. You have been chosen."

"When do you wish me?"


Kashka looked up trying to peer through the shadow surrounding the Dais. Now? She thought in confusion. What does he want to do, fuck me on the High Table?

"Perform for me. On the High Table."

Kashka could see the shadows shift upon the Dais but she could only feel his scarlet gaze upon her. She knew exactly what he wanted from her. Kashka was the youngest vampyre in the royal Macabre Court. It was not unusual for the youngest to be exploited in front of elder vampyres but this was not limited just to the females. The males were exploited also though the same erotic embarrassment.

Kashka stepped onto the High Table lightly and a drumbeat began low at first but soon began to increase and was joined by other instruments. The tempo changed. It became intoxicating and deep. Kashka felt her body begin to sway and move with the beat. It began with her feet. They bounced around the table missing the wine and blood. Slowly her hips joined into the fun by grinding the air and she lost herself in the sensation.

Kashka danced seductively and she looked at the man in the shadows of the Dais, Drayus. His burning gaze drove the breath from her lungs and set a fire between her legs. She needed release she needed him. Kashka felt herself pull at her clothes ripping them off of her body. Still the drumbeats throbbed in her head causing her dance and to strip her bra off her body. There was a collective gasp as her breasts and dusty pink nipples tumbled into view. Kashka smirked as she threw her bra into the crowd of vampyres and humans. As she turned she saw a man and a woman fighting over who got the piece of lingerie. Kashka dropped onto all fours as the beat paused for a moment.

"Master, I…" Kashka couldn't finish the sentence. Drayus stood up slowly no longer in the shadows but in the candle light from the tables. His blonde hair glinted and his red gaze seemed even more demonic as the flames flickered and made his eyes flash. "Master, help." Kashka moved into a kneeing position as Drayus stepped up to the High Table and stood in front of her.

"Service me." His cold words sent a shiver of pleasure though her body. She heard the drumbeat in her heart and used the rhythm to her advantage as she pulled out Drayus' erection. Her hands and lips followed the smooth skin and she took him completely into her mouth. He groaned as Kashka sucked him entirely into her mouth. Her tongue licked the head and she lightly nibbled it bringing a growl from Drayus' mouth. He pushed his hands through her blonde hair forcing her to engulf his cock with her mouth and tears pricked her eyes as the head roughly hit the back of her throat. She pushed her head back and looked around surprised to find other vampyres and humans were engaged in some type of sexual activity.

Drayus grabbed her head and pushed her back onto his erection and moaning as she continued to suck him. She took her hand and slowly wrapped it around his shaft moving it up and down but also twisting as she did so. She could feel his pleasure increasing. She felt his need rise and she could taste it as it broke over him.

Kashka swallowed his essence into herself and let the tangy taste bring her pleasure. She could feel the muscles in his body relax and contract as he watched her with his crimson gaze accept his gift. A small growl came from his pouting mouth. Kashka looked up in surprise.

"Have I displeased you, Master?" Kashka once again hated herself for sounding so needy.

"No, the opposite. Follow." Drayus placed his flaccid member back into his pants and slipped down off the High Table. Kashka didn't even bother looking for her clothes. They would be brought to her eventually by the human servants.

Kashka obeyed Drayus by following him but she could not keep her eyes off of the room around her. She could see red-haired Jasper and his favorite raven-haired human intertwined and sweaty. She was leaning over the high, upright armrest of a velvet couch. Her pale skin glowed like pale honey in the candlelight and her face was contorted with seeming pain as Jasper rode her from behind. Kashka passed them and she saw Jasper grab the female by the hips and plunge himself deep into the warm caverns of the servant.

"Kashka…" The voice, Drayus' voice, slipped into Kashka's mind like fire, igniting her entire body making her wild with desire. She turned to find herself alone in the chambers of the Master.

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