tagSci-Fi & FantasyKashka Ch. 02

Kashka Ch. 02


"Kashka," Drayus held out his hands. Kashka looked at them and wondered why the skin didn't look older. His hands twitched. He was expecting her to immediately obey him. Kashka ducked her head slowly as she stepped into her Sire's hands and arms.

"What are you going to do?" Kashka whispered as Drayus led her to a table in the middle of the room; it had straps.

"Teach you a lesson."

"Teach me? What have I done wrong?" Kashka's mind reeled in confusion.

"You disobeyed me."

"How?" Kashka whispered. Her body felt numb as Drayus lifted her from the ground and placed her face down onto the table. She could feel the leather straps being tightened around her wrists. Anticipating Drayus, Kashka pulled her legs tight to her body. Thus, she thought, he cannot rid me of my last piece of lingerie!

"Give me your legs."

Kashka didn't respond; she tried to pull her wrists free. The leather bit tight into her wrists, she gasped as it drew blood from her veins; the blood of the graveyard boy.

Drayus grabbed her left foot harshly and wrestled it into the straps. Kashka lashed out with her dominant leg; she caught him full in the chest. Kashka expected him to at least make some sort of reaction; instead he looked into her eyes and said one word.

"Vampyre." An immediate inferno burned unwanted inside Kashka's body. She needed had to have him inside of her, on top of her, dominating her.

Drayus grabbed her right leg captured it and held it down upon the table. Kashka tried once to wrench her ankle free from his grasp when his fingers slipped with the knot. He looked at her with pure fire eyes. Then let go of her foot, grabbed her purple satin panties, ripped the obstruction, and finished lacing her foot to the table.

"Brash young vampyres do not stay brazen in my Court," Drayus walked out of Kashka's line of sight. She turned her head to try and keep him inside of her limited range of vision. The hated desire coursing through her entire being intensified to pain if she couldn't see him. She needed him in ways that only a male could satisfy. Her sex seemed to be demand for something to fill the aching cavern.

Kashka could hear him walk over to another part of the chamber. She heard him pick up something that swished and then something that jangled.

"You disobeyed me. Young vampyres do not hunt. It is only under supervision that you are allowed to feast upon our human servants."

Kashka winced. She knew in her heart that she wasn't supposed to drink unsupervised but she did so whenever a servant was willing.

"It is not only bloodlust you have to watch out for when dealing with the hunt. You also have to deal with the wanton, the lust. At this Court we like to call it luxuria. Soon you feel this desire leaping upon your mind and body; of course, that is if you haven't felt it already," Drayus said as he walked back into her view. His handsome, golden face split in a wide grin, Kashka could see the canine teeth begin to elongate. She felt a deep twinge within her abdomen, she needed sex and she needed something she couldn't name. "You need to be chastised and placed back into line. New vampyres are not to hunt. Do we not feed you enough?" Kashka could see a dangerous glint in Drayus' vermilion eyes and in one hand she could see him holding a length of black silk, a feather, and a horsewhip.

"I wanted to experience the feeling of the hunt and of course you feed me enough-"

"Exactly." Drayus turned his back to her and placed the things in both of his hands on another table besides the one she was in. Kashka's eyes widened in fear. Not only was he setting down the silk and feather, but he was also setting down a cat o' nine tails cruelly tipped with knots and a long black leather whip. "We do feed you enough. How do you feel?"

"I... I... feel fine," Kashka lied.

"Tell me the truth," Drayus ordered Kashka.

So... Kashka did. "I need sex right now. And I need something else that I am unable to explain." The words came unbidden and frank out of Kashka's mouth.

"The something you are trying to name is," Drayus' flicked the horsewhip on Kashka's inner thigh, "pain."

Kashka gasped as she felt the whip brush against her skin and closed her eyes. It set a line of fire straight to the center of her sex. The burning sensation it left behind created a warm glow for her triangle. Kashka looked at Drayus with now black eyes and through elongating teeth she spoke four words. "Give it to me."

Drayus looked down at her lying spread eagle on her stomach and strapped to the table. Her breathing was shallow and her back curved into a round bottom. He began to flick the horsewhip over Kashka's back and her muscles clenched as he rained the light drops of pain. Kashka groaned as Drayus landed a harder lash across her bottom. She ground her hips into the table to try and seek release of the luxuria flowing through her body.

She was aware of Drayus pausing for a moment but she didn't want him to stop. The pain was pleasure. They were one and the same until a single lash of the cat o' nine tails sent her trembling with pain. And yet, there was an amount of pleasure still. The cat o' nine tails slashed through her skin with ease. Blood began to drip from the nine cuts on her back. Yet the cuts healed as soon as her skin was broken, all thanks to her being a vampyre. Then there was one lash after another. She could feel her skin being ripped open and heal just to be slashed open again. It became a blur of pleasure and pain, as some lashes were lighter than others were.

Drayus watched the blood begin to dry on her skin and he dropped the cat o' nine tails on the table and picked up the feather.

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