tagSci-Fi & FantasyKashka Ch. 03

Kashka Ch. 03


La Fin

"What are you going to do now?" Kashka asked breathlessly, unsure if her punishment was over or... if it had just begun. She couldn't see Drayus anymore. She only knew that the pain/pleasure had stopped and didn't know what was coming next.

Drayus was behind Kashka and enjoying the view. He could feel himself become even more aroused at the sight of her upturned bottom and the sight of her juicy sex. He took the feather and began to tease Kashka. He took it and traced Kashka's lips and outer vulva. Drayus heard Kashka's sharp intake of breath. A small drop of her essence landed on the table underneath her upturned body. Drayus leaned down and licked Kashka's inner thigh and began to move upward to Kashka's sex.

"Oh yes!" Kashka exclaimed as she felt Drayus' tongue reach her sex and began to drink her up. She cried out as a shudder ran through her body as Drayus slipped a finger into her. He slowly began making the 'come hither' motion and she could feel a climax building. He seemed to sense the climax was coming and he moved faster and faster bring her to the brink and she was just about to orgasm. Drayus was tonguing her clit, the orgasm was coming, and Drayus stopped.

"No!" It came out of Kashka's mouth more like a growl than an actual word. "You can not just stop like that!"

"I can and I did, Kashka. Who is the Master here? And whom is being punished?"

"You are and I... I..." Kashka whispered the last word, "am."

"Good. You are learning." And with those he mounted her and thrust himself into her with one fluid stroke.

Kashka screamed as the huge member entered her unexpectedly. The pain and pleasure poured through her body. The unspent orgasm from his tongue and fingers ripped through Kashka's body and left her breathless.

Drayus grabbed Kashka's hips hard enough to bruise them and moved his body back and forth. They began to create a rhythm, a beat, with their bodies. Kashka began to reach another peak and then another. She could feel another orgasm begin to slowly make its way to overcome her. Immediately, she let out a small groan as the orgasm wave built and almost broke over her.

Drayus stopped but Kashka was expecting him to thus, she was not as let down as the first time he had done so. Drayus got off of the table silently and walked over to where Kashka's wrists were tied. He languidly untied her completely. She stayed in place not knowing what he wanted and she did not want him to punish her again.

"Roll over," before he had completed the words she was on her backside, "Legs or arms, choose."


Drayus' lips twitched with a held back smile. He wanted her hands free and obviously, she did too. He took the straps and tied them around her ankles once again. He could see the angry welts were the straps were. He tied them snug but not as tight as the first time. He finished tying off the left foot and looked up at Kashka from between her legs. His crimson eyes glared into Kashka's green ones. The luxuria was losing its grasp on Kashka. Her eyes were no longer black and dead looking, they were their normal hue.

"Please," Kashka whispered as she gazed into Drayus' eyes. He moved so he was once again tasting her and drinking her. She moaned and grabbed his hair with her now free hands. She pushed his face into her sex trying to engulf him. She raised her hips as much as she could in restraints. He answered all these attempts of pleasure seeking by increasing his tongue pressure and inserting two fingers into her. Then making that wonderful come hither motion.

"Oh yes," Kashka gasped as she felt the orgasm hit her for the first time unhindered by him stopping. It coursed through her body like a hot wave making her toes curl and her sex drip. Drayus calmly drank up more of her essence and continued to pleasure her until the tremors in her body stopped.

Drayus crawled up to Kashka and entered her slowly, taking his time feeling each an every inch. Once he was in to the hilt he looked Kashka in the eyes and kissed her full on the mouth. Kashka was surprised that he kissed her but, responded by kissing him back with a gusto she didn't realize was in her. He broke the kiss suddenly and licked his lips.

"Because you broke the rule I placed upon you I need to finish the punishment," a haunted look came into Kashka's eyes and she drew into herself even as Drayus held her close. "I need to drink the blood of the boy into me and have mine replace the tainted-blood I am going to take from you."

Kashka nodded understanding why he needed to do this to her. Vampyres try not to drink from each other; it is too painful for the giver and receiver.

Drayus moved his hips gently bringing Kashka to another climax and as this new wave broke over her he sank his teeth into her neck. She screamed as both the pain and pleasure once again lacerated her body. She could feel every drop of blood leave her system. She was drying out as Drayus took more and more of the 'tainted' blood out of her body.

Drayus launched himself off of Kashka and landed on the floor. He quickly offered his wrist to Kashka. She grabbed onto it with the grip of the dead. Her mouth opened and her canines elongated. Kashka bit through the bone to so she could suck every drop of blood out of him.

"That's... enough... Kashka," Drayus slowly forced the words out. The pain pouring out of his wrist was causing him to slowly lose conscience. He ripped his wrist from her mouth because she was unwilling to let go. The healing would take a couple of hours.

"You fucking whore," he said with out much enthusiasm. The pain was engulfing his mind. He shook his head to clear his thoughts. He could barely do it. "The punishment is over... you are cleansed Kashka. I will untie you. There are men waiting outside of my chambers to escort you back to your room." Drayus took a knife from the table holding the whips; he cut the straps holding Kashka's ankles easily. She sat up and dragged her legs to the side of the table. She slowly lowered herself to the ground. Kashka felt relief as she realized her legs would hold her weight. Then she looked at her Master.

"I am not leaving," Kashka stated flatly.

"Oh? And why not?" Drayus asked amused that even though they both were in pain she still had a fight in her.

"You are going to get the best fuck of you life."

"Really. I think I would enjoy that." Drayus replied as he opened up his arms as Kashka walked towards him slowly. He embraced her and they stood there for a few minutes just holding each other.

"Do you have a bed, Master?"

Drayus laughed aloud, it was a deep rumbling sound that started deep in his chest and raced out of his mouth. "Of course, I have a bed. Come we will go explore.

Alas... that is another tale from the Macabre Court my aroused friends...

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