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Kate Beckinsale as Lonely Waitress


Kate slowly made one last sweep of the kitchen making sure everything was clean and spotless for the next morning and glad to find everything as it should be. The chef knew what he was doing and had made sure everything was cleaned up before he finished for the night. Left in charge to close up tonight at the diner she was alone except for him as he had offered to stay and put the chairs up on the table for her. She had been looking forward to going home so had accepted the offer. She hadn't minded closing but she didn't want anything to go wrong and would be glad when it was all finished up completely. Flicking of the lights she headed back out into the main dinner where he was still stacking chairs.

He was younger than she was but she still found him striking. He had short brown hair and dark intense eyes. He had a lean figure slender but yet firm enough from what she could see of him lifting the chairs. He turned towards her catching her looking at him and she smiled. He smiled back hesitantly and then went back to the chairs as she turned to look over the dinner. Catching the sight of a stray piece of paper she bent over to retrieve it. When she took hold of it she straightened up only to realize he had been watching her. He blushed as he caught her looking at him and went back to the chairs again. She wasn't sure whether he had blushed because he realized she had seen or just from looking at her but he didn't have to worry. It was flattering to think he might have found her attractive. She got little enough attention these days she was just glad to know she could still affect some people. She couldn't remember when her husband had last looked at her with any interest let alone looking at her enjoying the sight of her body. Feeling quite happy she swayed over to the bin to get rid of the paper as he carried on with the chairs.

He watched her go from the corner of his eye trying to ignore her as much as he could but it was nearly impossible. He still felt the heat on his face when he realized she had seen him looking in her direction. Not that he could help it though. She was a beautiful woman. Even dressed in her work clothes he could see that. It clung to her slender figure pushing up her pert breasts buttoned tightly around them and then clinging to her slim waist and toned ass something he had seen all too easily when she had bent over then to pick up the paper. All of that on top of her gorgeous face made it an irresistible combination. He placed another chair on the table still shaking his head in wonder.

When he finished he moved back to the main counter where she had returned after dropping the paper into the bin. She was watching him again a slight smile on her face. Watching him remembering the way he had been looking at her reminded her of home and everything she had been missing there for so long. Suddenly she wasn't so keen on heading home to be virtually alone once more.

"Did you want a coffee or something before you go? A little thank you for helping out this evening?" She asked him.

He hesitated a moment and then nodded smiling back briefly at her. She returned the smile her own a little wider this time and headed off to sort out the drinks for them both. When the had been made they settled in alongside each on the stool beside the bar chatting amicable about straight forward simple things just enjoying each other's company as they drank. Finally they had finished up and Kate glanced at the time realised that she would have to close up. It was getting late now and she had a job to do after all. She took bother her own, and his cup to clean them off quickly and set them back with the others ready for the next day. Then she took one last look around then headed out to where he was stood by the counter waiting.

"Thanks for the help this evening. You didn't have to you know." She told him.

"Don't worry about it, I couldn't leave you alone and it wasn't much trouble."

"I don't know, young guy like you should be out with some cute girl making out in the back seat of your car or something." She said teasingly.

"I've never really got into the car idea, I much prefer the bed myself it's much simpler." He said blushing slightly once more.

"You've obviously not been with the right person yet, when you get in that in that moment all hot and bothered unable to stop yourself you'll make use of anything." She replied tapping the counter to make her point.

He smiled back at her and tried not to think too much of how she knew that and what exactly she got up to in cars or on counters. Imagining her like that wasn't going to make him anymore comfortable that was certain. He stared at her now and tried to avoid letting his eyes and imagination run wild as he thought about her. Just the way she had smiled and lightly tapped the desk had sent shivers of excitement through him.

"Don't worry your still young plenty of time left yet to explore a few different things and then you can see how enjoyable they can be." She said with another smile watching his reaction and enjoying how he blushed again. Then she glanced back at her watch and realised she had to move.

"Thank you for the help and for the talk this evening I had fun." She said smiling.

"Really don't worry about it I had fun as well." He said again.

She put a hand on his arm and leaned in to give him a kiss goodbye and then being playful turned her head and brushed his lips with her own. It was soft and gentle barely a whisper of a touch yet she felt shock and surprise run through him. She continued to kiss him when he held his ground enjoying the sense of power she suddenly had. She kept it soft and slow just a touch of lips feeling his breath warm against her mouth. She explored his lips and mouth lightly rubbing her own against his. She could see him watching her carefully unsure it looked like not certain what was happening or how to respond but there was no mistaking the need that was there. It made her belly tighten with thick pull of desire. It had been so long since she had felt this kind of arousal of simple need. Even this most basic of gestures had her body shivering all over. She explored his lips first the top one and then the bottom rubbing her own against them trapping them between hers and pulling gently. Lightly she ran her hand up his arm feeling him tremble slightly beneath her touch. She wanted him to relax to feel the tension drain away from him and for him to enjoy it as she was.

She felt a tremor run through him as she kissed him again a light touch grazing his lips testing his response feeling the heat and need that lay there barely hidden. Slowly she let her hand run up his arm until she held his shoulder and pressed her mouth to his slightly more firmly than she had before so their lips moulded against one another's. She was only growing more aroused by his hesitancy wanting to ease him on and show him the full delights they could yet experience together. Need and arousal ran through her now pulsing through her aching body and she wondered briefly where it would all end but then swiftly pushed it aside. She felt his mouth on hers still kissing her and eased back slightly before flicking her tongue over his lips something that must have surprised him as his eyes widened slightly and he shivered. Then she fastened her mouth over his again more firmly now forming a seal as he kissed her back just as firmly and then his hand came up slowly, tentatively and his fingers brushed along her side. Taking that as a sign she opened her mouth slightly and deepened the kiss her lips and mouth more firmly pressing against his as his hand feeling that she didn't move away slid in to hold her now. As he held her slowly she eased out her tongue and pressed it against his lips teasing and waiting to see what he would do.

She felt him tense up his body hard against hers once more as she licked and kissed his lips then he gave a strangled gasp and his lips parted before her gentle pressure. She whimpered against his mouth slowly pressing her tongue more firmly against his mouth sliding forwards to tease and explore his lips nibbling gently as she ran her tongue along the inside of one. Then seeing he wasn't quite responding to her yet she snuck her tongue in deeper past his parted lips and moved inside his mouth. She found the tip of his tongue and flicked it with her own before she started to rubs hers against his encouraging him. She could taste him now as they kissed and finally he responded to her. He kissed her back his tongue reaching to meet hers sliding against hers as he kissed her back passionately now and she felt the heat inside her build and grow as he held her gently. She let her hands begin to explore him as well moving across his body sliding over his shoulders feeling the hard masculine line of him under her slender fingertips. It was something she hadn't felt in so long the hard press of a body against hers not just under her hands but the feel of him pressed all the way along the front of her body now as well as they stood swaying together slightly kissing deeply.

They kissed each other now passionately lips and tongues entwining as they moaned and explored each other's mouths. She let her hands enjoy the feel of his body feeling the thrill of feeling his aroused body against hers. She pressed her hips along his the shocking feeling of his hardness pressing into her sending bolts of pleasure running along her spine as she felt him and heard him groan against her lips. His hands gripped her more tightly for a second and then relaxed again easing up. His own hands slowly began to move as well having tightened on the base of her uniform they now began to move sliding up the length of her back his palms pressing against her firmly as he held her in his arms holding her against his body. She did the same to him letting her own slide up and down his back exploring the broad expanse of flesh moving up over his shoulders and then back down his arms as well. She kissed him hungrily enjoying the feel of his body pressed against hers hard and firm teasing her own body with just his presence their alongside her. She moaned against his mouth as he brought one hand up and start to brush along her neck sliding along the smooth skin softly letting it drift through his fingers and then moved up to move along the line of her jaw and traced the soft skin of her cheek as well.

She gasped as he touched her so gently his hands moving along her cheek his fingers brushing over her soft skin. She nibbled on his tongue enjoying the taste of him his body hard against her own holding her tightly. She let her hands slide down his back again enjoying the feel of his pressed against her until they reached the base of his back. Then she slowly tugged his shirt a little and sneaked her hands underneath so she could explore the bare skin of his back. She ran up over his warm bare flesh moaning against his mouth as she touched and explored it feeling it ripple and shudder under her attention. His hand on her hip slowly moved up along her back tracing her body through her uniform moving all the way up to her shoulder before slowly sliding back down again tracing the slender curves of her torso resting on her hips. She felt him hesitate then as if he was trying to decide what to do until finally she felt his hand move back along her body to the small of her back and then slowly drift down over her ass tracing the contours of her figure and lightly squeezing her firm flesh pulling her against his body. She gasped again then feeling his hardness suddenly pressing against her body and suddenly realized the effect she was having on him.

She stroked her hands up and down his chest moaning against his lips as she felt him kiss her back his hands now firmly pressed along her body. Slowly the hand on her face descended now as well working it's way along the front of her body slowly sliding across the gentle curve of her breasts his fingers gently stroking her though the material making her moan softly against his mouth. She realized she was moving now pushing and nudging him along with her still not knowing what they were going to do but enjoying the moment and forgetting every thing else. The hand moving along her ass slowly dipped down now and ran along her smooth bare thigh for a moment before slowly inching back up and she tensed feeling his fingers moving temptingly higher as if waiting to see if she would tell him to stop. When she didn't and concentrated on kissing and enjoying his body she felt his fingers sliding higher until they crept up over her panties holding her ass the edge of his fingers teasing the bare skin beneath as she gasped against him. She felt her back ease up into something hard and realized they had reached one of the tables now but that didn't stop her. The feeling of that hard line of him pushed up tightly to her front was making her squirm restlessly.

She pressed her hips up to meet him squirming restlessly against the throbbing hardness she could feel against her aching to feel more. Her mouth hot and hungry eagerly feasted on his tasting and savoring him as he held her. She drew her hands back around to the front of his body to explore his chest now letting her fingertips graze his skin sliding up and down playing over him moving up to brush his nipple before dipping back down to slide over the quivering skin of his belly. She felt him groan against her lips and press himself to her rubbing against her unable to help himself. Excited beyond belief she tugged on his waistband and dipped her fingertips underneath finding bare damp skin. His own hands tightened on her both now grabbing her taut ass kneading her flesh through the panties as they presses together kissing hungrily. She leaned back slightly inviting him closer and as he pressed in and she leaned back she felt herself moving up as he lifted her until she was resting on the edge of the table. She settled into the position spreading her legs and as he nudged forward between them closed them around him holding him close to her so she could continue to feel his body on hers.

He lost himself in her taste the sweet flavor of her lips on his as they kissed the smell of her skin and the smooth sensation of her body as he touched her. The delightfully gentle caress of her fingers across his belly and stomach was an exquisite torture. It made his body tremble with need fire racing through his body as she dipped lower and lower. He had her nudged back and almost instinctively settled between her spread thighs pressing himself against her. Just glancing down at her pale skin flashing from beneath her skirt as it was hiked up made him groan with need. He held her tightly letting his hands enjoy the taut firmness of her ass under his hands He had no idea what they were doing or where it would take them but he followed her lead and as she explored and touched him he reciprocated on her letting his hands squeeze and caress before he drew one down along her thigh tracing the lean long line of it. When he reached her knee he drifted around the back and then slowly moved back along the inside of thigh moving closer and closer to the centre of her as she kissed and touched him.

She groaned against his lips as he caressed her, his hand creeping along her thigh her body tingling and shivering with barely held back pleasure. Her skirt was hiked above her thighs now and his body rubbed against her bare exposed skin not that either of them cared. She couldn't help herself now slowly she let her hands trail down over firm damp skin until she found soft smooth cotton and she ran them over the hardness they contained. This time it was his turn to groan and she felt the unmistakable line of his hard erection straining to be freed. She drifted up and down the front of his boxers letting her palm press against it feeling the heat even through the material. She nipped lightly on his lip as she felt his hand slide higher still on her thigh gently kneading and stroking her flesh as she pressed against him. Realisation was dawning on her now. She knew what she wanted, she couldn't help but want it now she had gone to far to stop. She didn't know what would happen or what he would think but unable to help herself she slowly moved her hand back up the front of the boxers gently eased back the top and then slid her hand inside touching bare hard flesh.

This time they both gasped against each others mouths. He did as he felt her smooth warm fingers clasp his hardness and she did as she felt freed his hard shaft which sprang up into her hands. She kissed him more firmly again wriggling restlessly again his hands encouragingly as she held him. She loved the feeling of him in her hand smooth and hard warmth radiating from the length. Tentatively she wrapped her hand around him, it had been awhile since she had done this and she wanted to enjoy it. Slowly as she felt him she squeezed lightly and then let her fingertip play over the head of his shaft and across the tip. She felt him shudder his body responding to her touch and she began to stroke him slowly gently teasingly. She moved from the base to the tip and spiralled back to the head soon remembering what to do now she had her hands on him. She felt it throb and pulse in her grasp achingly hard. His hands crept up and down her thighs teasing her hot skin but yet not enough for what she wanted so she continued to tease and stroke him encouraging him to do more.

He moaned under her touch his skin burning arousal coursing through his system as she caressed his throbbing erection in such a delightfully inquisitive way. Urged on by her heated kisses and soft touch he slid his fingers along the smooth skin of her thigh reaching the very top which he caresses gently. With her skirt hiked up high and thighs spread around his body it was a temptation he couldn't resist. Slowly he let one finger creep across from her thigh to reach across the material of her panties soft and black against the white of her skin and gently started to rub back and forth along them. Beneath him he felt her stiffen and moan against his lips. Her hands squeezed him again her breath coming faster as her hips bucked and lifted up towards him urging him on trying to get more and more. He let it brush back and forth silently enjoying her reaction knowing he could please her. It gave him courage and he slipped his whole hand over her and cupped her pressing firmly until she moaned and nipped on his lips. Even as he continued to feel his hands along his shaft he knew what she wanted and easing back her panties slipped his finger underneath.

He couldn't take his eyes of her drinking in the sight of her recording it to memory as he touched bare skin underneath her panties feeling moisture there. She gasped and wriggled against his touch as he stroked one finger along her moist entrance. She was shaven and damp and alluring, enticing him in for more. He loved knowing he was affecting her as much as she was doing to him and with her hands still caressing him he began to grow in confidence and explored her delicate body. He teased her entrance caressing and stroking her outer lips and then parting them slightly teased along the inside of first one and then the other gathering her moisture on the tip of his finger. She still held him firmly making him shiver and so he worked his finger back down along her outer lips and then parted them fully. Never taking his eyes of her he slowly pushed it inside her and she moaned her eyes going wide with desire as he delved inside her sex. She was hot and wet for him and he shuddered all over imagining himself inside of her. He wanted her badly right not there was no question of it. Even as he stroked inside of her he pressed himself against her hands moaning with need.

She stroked her fingers along his hard shaft as he teased her played with her. His fingers dipped inside her sliding deep inside her slippery wetness as she arched back and eased her hips forward for him. She could feel his eyes on her burning deeply feel his need in her hands and she wanted it so badly now. He was fingering gently stroking inside her exploring teasing finding out what she enjoyed as he caressed her bare wet sex and bought her pleasure she hadn't experienced in a long time. As she sat there feeling him touch her she wriggled to keep her legs spread wide inviting him in closer and he did pushing and probing deeply now his finger coated in her wetness. As good as it felt though she needed, she wanted more than that. It was hardly the time or the place but she wanted his hardness she wanted it inside her. As he touched her and she caressed his shaft she let go of him with one hand and used it to tug and pull on his jeans and boxers pulling down over his hips watching them fall to the floor and feeling his straining erection slip free fully now pressing against her as she drew him forwards against her body.

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