tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKate Marsh - Cavalry Corporal

Kate Marsh - Cavalry Corporal

byquinn rogan©

"Sit down, Corporal," Major Lennox said, after a long look at the girl standing smartly to attention in front of him.

He liked what he saw - his tightening testicles told him that. Corporal Kate Marsh was about five feet five inches tall, with short brown curly hair tucked neatly underneath her beret. Her eyes were brown, set well apart on a healthy outdoor face with red cheeks and a wide, full-lipped mouth.

At attention, her shoulders were pulled back, emphasizing the swell of her substantial breasts against the khaki material of her army shirt. Her waist, however, was narrow, pointing up the sudden flaring of her wide firm buttocks in the girl-groom jodhpurs the corporal was wearing.

She sat in the straight-backed chair opposite him and waited attentively for him to continue the interview.

"So, Corporal," said Lennox. "How long have you been in the service?"

"Just over seven years, sir," came the crisp reply. "I joined up a year after I left school."

Lennox looked her over again. Mid-twenties, then, he thought. In her prime ...... She was returning his gaze confidently - time to unbalance her, he thought.

"Virgin?" he suddenly asked. "When you joined?"

Her eyes widened, and her cheeks reddened a little, but her response was steady.

"Sir - yes, sir."

He grinned, his eyes deliberately lingering over the twin swellings in her khaki shirt. She felt his eyes on her and her mouth dried with apprehension.

"How long did that last?" he enquired.

"Sir?" He had unsettled her ......

"Corporal," he said, quietly. "Don't get coy with me - we both know the score, here. I ask the questions - you answer them. There's no 'political correctness' here - understood?"

"Yes, sir - sorry, sir," the girl said, her face still red, but her eyes meeting his.

"Right," Lennox went on. "On the assumption that you had these rather impressive breasts when you joined up, I am assuming that you didn't stay virginal for long. Now tell me about it - Corporal!"

"Yes, sir," replied Corporal Kate Marsh, eyes now downcast, and face pink at the Major's direct reference to her breasts. An aggressive male approach still unnerved her ......

Her mind raced back to those first weeks at Catterick – herself, Maureen, Yvonne and Julie, all more or less fresh from school, and – fairly – innocent. As new recruits, they had gone into a billet with eight other girls, who had been in for four and eight weeks, respectively, and so regarded themselves as 'veterans'.

On the first night, there had been the inevitable ritual initiation of the new girls - consisting, basically, of stripping each of them, holding her down on a bed, spreading lipstick and boot polish on her breasts and thighs, and making some fairly caustic comments about her naked body.

Julie was a tall, slim, attractive blonde, whereas Maureen was a tubby girl from Liverpool with a bad complexion and Yvonne was practically an anorexic, and it was to Kate and Judith that Sally, the self-appointed leader of the billet, dropped dire hints about what else might be in store for them.

Contrary to what she had told Major Lennox, Kate had not been a virgin when she arrived at Catterick, but her only experience had been with her boyfriend, whom she had, at last, allowed inside her panties two days before she left. They had 'done the deed' a total of three times before she headed for Catterick - and the boyfriend had been screwing Kate's best friend within a month of her joining up!

"Well, Corporal," Major Lennox insisted. "I'm waiting!"

His cock was hardening in anticipation - not only was he looking forward to hearing how she had surrendered her virginity, but he was also fairly sure she had all the hallmarks of a very useful member of the 'Pony Club' - a collective term for those of the girl stable grooms who were willing to look after the needs of, not only the horses in their care, but the officers of the regiment – and even, on occasion, their wives, if the situation required it. The Major's prick was really stiffening now - he thought about his wife, Wendy, with her big soft breasts - would Corporal Marsh enjoy giving them a good tonguing, he wondered?

"Sorry, sir," Kate responded. "Well, sir, I had been at Catterick for three days when our drill instructor told Private Seabright and me to follow her to have a medical for special duties."

"Who was Private Seabright?"

"She was a girl from Colchester who joined up same time as me, sir. Tall, blonde, slim - name of Julie, sir"

"A looker?"

"Oh, yes, sir - very nice."

Lennox felt his cock twitch - there had been no mistaking the sincerity in the girl's tone - this one liked girls, too! An unbidden vision of the Corporal gently stroking the mounds in his wife Wendy's plaid riding-shirt came to his mind ......

"And what happened at the medical, Corporal?" he asked. He had a fair idea of what the answer would be, but he did enjoy hearing the girls describe these things to him - telling him how they felt at the time.

"Well, sir, Lance-Corporal Liversidge marched us into this building we had never been into before. She closed the front door behind us, and locked it, then marched us along a corridor into a room. It was quite a large room, with a big desk in the middle and four single beds, one in each corner. There was a sergeant sitting at the desk, with a Red Cross armlet on one of his sleeves. He was about forty, I thought, with really dark hair and eyebrows, and a heavy 'five o'clock shadow' on his cheeks and chin. He glanced up when we marched in, then nodded to Corporal Liversidge, and went back to reading some papers on his desk."

"Liversidge then told us both to go over to a bed, and take off our uniforms, down to our underclothes. I thought it was a bit strange, and so did Julie, I think, but everything we'd done in the last three days had been new, so we both did what we were told, and, when we were both down to our plain white bras and knickers, Liversidge told us to go back to the desk and stand to attention."

"I was feeling very shaky by now - I knew something wasn't right, but I didn't dare argue. The sergeant's armlet didn't look like part of his uniform - but he did seem to be a sergeant. As we stood side by side in front of the desk, I could sense Julie trembling, too ......"

"Then the sergeant looked up. He put down his pen and looked at each of us, looking right down our bodies, stripping us with his eyes. The lance-corporal was behind us, and I saw the sergeant catch her eye, and nod and grin - then he pushed his chair back and walked round to the front of the desk. He walked across in front of us, then he stepped behind us ......"

"Suddenly, I heard Julie gasp. I tried to turn my head but Liversidge snapped 'Eyes Front' - then I felt the sergeant's hand on my - my bottom. His middle finger slipped between the cheeks of my bottom, along the tops of my thighs. Then he removed his finger and came back to the front."

"He spoke for the first time - to Lance-Corporal Liversidge. All he said was 'OK'. And she stepped forward and unclipped Julie's brassiere - then mine. I started to put my hands up to stop her and she rapped 'Stand still, soldier'. I was close to tears, and I guessed Julie was, too, but I didn't dare look. I felt my brassiere loosen at the back and I knew that, in a matter of moments, my breasts would be exposed, and there was nothing I could do about it ......"

"Then the sergeant said - 'Right - time for a breast examination!' It was a complete farce - he didn't even pretend to carry on a proper examination. He went for me first – because my breasts were bigger, I suppose. He pulled my bra forward, down my arms, and dropped it on the floor. Then he put his hands up and felt my breasts - but not like a doctor! He squeezed them and rolled my nipples and, basically, played with them."

"Then he moved on to Julie. She whimpered when he put his hands on her little tits, and she whispered 'Please!' But he just laughed, and squeezed them quite hard, and, while he was doing that, Corporal Liversidge came up behind me and reached round and took mine in her hands, and caressed them. She whispered to me about how nice my tits were, and said how some of the female NCO's reckoned I was a bit of a 'darling' - and they had plans for me - and Julie."

"Actually, feeling her hands on my breasts was not completely unpleasant, and I could feel my nipples reacting - and then the door was flung open, and the corporal and the sergeant leapt to attention! Major Hamilton strode in, followed by Lieutenant Williams, and my heart leapt with relief - then I was mortified by embarrassment when I remembered I was nearly naked."

"And then Lance-Corporal Liversidge ordered both of us to turn round and face the three men, and her, and I realised that the officers hadn't come to save us. Major Hamilton was a small man of about fifty - quite tubby, really, with a black moustache. Lieutenant Williams was tall and thin, with floppy fair hair, and a public-school accent. Julie and I had to stand at attention, wearing only our Army knickers, while the four of them looked at us."

"I didn't know about Julie, but I had never been this much undressed in front of a boy before, and I was horrified that three men and a woman were leering at my naked breasts ...... But then it got much worse! The lance-corporal stepped towards Julie and pulled the elastic at the front of her knickers away, then looked down to see her - her - well, her bush, Sir. Then she stood aside, still holding it open, and invited the men to have a look. The Lieutenant looked, then sniggered and said to the Major - 'Glad to see she's a natural blonde, Sir!'"

"And then, it was my turn. The corporal pulled the waistband of my panties forward and they took turns at looking down at my - my bush. I felt dreadful, Sir, but at least they seemed to like what they saw - then the corporal ordered us to turn back to face the desk. Then she made us lean forward until our hands were on the desk ...... I was shaking like a leaf, Sir, and Julie - Private Seabright - she was sobbing quietly, and shaking, too, with nerves."

"Then I felt a hand - I didn't know who it was - pulling my knickers down. A leg pushed between mine, from behind, and I moved my feet apart. The same thing was happening to Julie, and then my knickers fell to the floor. Liversidge told us to step out of them, and she picked them up. Then I sensed the major moving in behind me and, suddenly, I could feel this finger pushing against me ......"

"Against you, Corporal?" murmured Major Lennox, who had stayed virtually silent. "Where exactly was it pushing?"

"Between my legs, Sir," replied Corporal Marsh, her voice low and shaky. "On my - my - pussy, Sir."

"Did he push it in, Corporal?" breathed Lennox. "Did he slide it into your pussy?"

"Not at first, Sir," she responded, her face very flushed. "He stroked it a little, first, until he felt ......"

"...... until he felt you - becoming moist?"

"Yes, Sir."

"And then ......?"

"Then he pushed his finger into me - deep into my - my - pussy ...... and I heard Julie gasp and I looked back and I could see the Lieutenant sliding two fingers inside her - then his other hand came round and stroked her firm little tits. Then, while the Major was fingering me, the sergeant squeezed my tits really hard, and pinched my nipples. I think I was crying, by then, but I knew I was also very wet between my legs and I wasn't surprised when Major Hamilton slid his finger out of me - and then I felt his knob-end pushing against my - my opening."

"You weren't a virgin, were you?" asked Lennox.

"No, Sir," whispered Kate Marsh, "I let my boyfriend - do it - to me - before I left."

"So - you lied to me." Lennox's face was stern.

"Sir - yes, Sir. I'm sorry, Sir."

Lennox looked at her.

"So - go on with your story. What did the Major do?"

"Sir - he - he - fucked me, sir. I felt his cock pushing against my - my ....."

"Your cunt, corporal?" suggested Lennox.

"Yes, sir. The Major's cock was pushing against the entrance to my cunt, then, suddenly, I felt it slide in. His hands came under me and grabbed my breasts, and then he began to ride me - just as the Lieutenant began to fuck Julie, beside me."

"So the two of you were being well-fucked - well-ridden - side by side?" asked Lennox, his eyes glittering with unconcealed arousal.

"Yes, sir," responded Kate Marsh.

"And how long did it last?"


"Don't play games with me, corporal," rapped Lennox. "Tell me what happened next!"

"Well, sir, the Major - finished - and let me go, but the sergeant was ready, and he pushed me backwards over the desk, so that my legs were dangling over the edge and he pushed them apart and - well, he fucked me, too. He fucked me very hard, sir. He had a very thick hard cock, sir, and he really fucked me hard. Really hard. And he had my tits in his hands the whole time, and he squeezed them - really hard."

"And?" said Lennox, as the girl hesitated, his eyes glittering with excitement.

"Well, sir," she breathed, her voice shaking. "The sergeant was really slamming his cock into me - I had never been done like that - and then - and then - he really gripped my tits and I felt him spunk up me - his cock was going in and out like a jackhammer ......"

"And what about your friend?" Lennox was relentless. His erection was almost painful, it was so hard. He could visualise the scene - one of the best things about his Army career had been the way his rank allowed him to 'use' the women and girls under his command for his enjoyment, and he had participated in several incidents like the one the corporal was describing.

"Oh, she was crying, sir, quite hard, but the Lieutenant didn't seem to mind, or even notice, really. He had a very long, thin cock and he was sliding it in and out of Julie's pussy, while his hands reached forward, playing with her little hard tits - and he kept talking to her, telling her how she would be very popular in the camp, with her lovely blonde pussy hair - then he saw that the sergeant had finished with me, and he pulled out of Judy and moved between my legs ......"

"That was when I saw how long his cock was, Sir - it was sticking out straight from the Lieutenant's stomach and I wondered how it would feel when it slid up me, Sir."

"And?" asked Lennox.

"Well, Sir, I must admit, it was lovely," the girl breathed. "It was a very easy entry - he wasn't thick - but he penetrated me very deeply, and, as he fucked me, I watched the Major and the sergeant playing with Julie, until the Sergeant got hard again. Then he sat down on his desk chair, with his big thick cock sticking up, and he pulled Julie down onto it. I watched it disappear – up – into her – then his hands closed round her tits and he began to really give her a good rogering."

"And the Lieutenant – was he giving you a good rogering, too?"

"Sir – yes, Sir. He talked to me, like he had with Julie, saying that I had lovely firm tits and a gorgeous – begging your pardon, Sir! – arse and that the squaddies would be queuing up to shag me ......"

"And were they?" Lennox's eyes were bright with arousal. Corporal Marsh shrugged.

"They might have been, Sir – but none of them got close."

Lennox grinned. Sensible girl! Knew what side her bread was buttered! The corporal's cheeks were red again, and her breathing was a little ragged. Lennox's eyes were drawn, inevitably, to the khaki shirt, and the pockets against which the girl's breasts were straining.

"And what did you think, corporal? What did you feel about being stripped naked like that?" Major Lennox was leaning back, now, studying the attractive girl very carefully. He loved to hear these girls tell their stories – especially if they were at all articulate, and could describe how they felt at the time.

"It must have come as a bit of a shock, didn't it? Especially when the officers joined in, and started feeling the pair of you – two young helpless, naked girls ......"

His words were having the right effect. In her mind, Kate Marsh was, once again, that young naïve girl, and experiencing the welter of emotions she had undergone that long-ago afternoon. Even her voice, when she replied, had become a little more girlish, as it had been, then ......

"To be honest, Sir, being naked wasn't the worse thing – for me, at any rate. That had happened to me before – before I joined up, I mean – a gang of boys ......"

Her voice trailed away as that long-ago memory flooded back ......

"A gang of boys?" Lennox enquired, keeping his voice casual with something of an effort.

"Sir, yes, sir – they caught me in the changing-room at the swimming-baths and – well, they stripped off my costume and they all had a good look at me, but that was all, sir."

Lennox drawled – "So, this time, it was the feeling and the fucking that upset you, then, was it, Corporal?"

"Yes, Sir," she replied. "Well, the way Liversidge pulled my panties forward to let the officers see – down there – that was pretty awful, Sir."

"Was it?" Lennox murmured. "Was it, indeed?"

"Sir – yes, Sir."

"And why?" he enquired, casually. "Had you nothing to show?"

"No – it wasn't that, Sir. I ...... well, it made me feel like a naughty little girl – it was demeaning."

Lennox looked at her, a thoughtful expression on his face.

"So - describe it to me, Corporal. Tell me what you've got hidden 'down there'!"

Kate stared at him, her face scarlet. She had never tried to describe 'it'.

"Well, Sir," she eventually stammered, "it's – there's – well ......"

Lennox shrugged his impatience.

"On your feet, Corporal!" he commanded, imperiously, and Kate stood up immediately, automatically assuming the 'attention' position.

Lennox looked her over again, his balls tight with excitement.

"Drop your skirt, Corporal," he directed, his voice quiet but forceful.

Kate's heart was thudding wildly and her fingers shook as he fumbled with the buttons, then the zip, but, at last, she was able to drag the zip down, and her khaki skirt skid down her thighs to puddle at her feet.

Lennox maintained an air of indifference which he certainly didn't feel as he scrutinized the partially-undressed corporal, standing to attention in front of him, fully clad from the waist up, but almost obscenely exposed below. A pair of sheer white panties did a totally inadequate job of concealing the thick bush of black pubic hair between her shapely thighs. Her regulation, low-heeled brown Army shoes simply served to point up the attraction of the girl's legs, clad, as they were, in a pair of self-supporting tan stockings. Neither the stockings nor the panties were Army issue, Lennox noted – with complete approval.

"Come here," Lennox ordered, and Corporal Marsh stepped forward until she stood beside his chair.

Lennox stood up, slowly, and stood, facing the trembling girl. He looked down into her face until she raised fearful eyes to meet his. Lennox smiled, then put his hand on her belly and slid it underneath the waistband of her white panties. Her eyes widened as the Major dropped his gaze downwards as his fingers pulled her panties outwards, towards him.

"Oh, you are a hairy little girl, aren't you?" he breathed, with very evident pleasure, gazing down at Kate's exposed bush.

Then, suddenly, he released her waistband and her panties snapped against her belly, then, wordlessly, he twirled a finger and Kate turned slowly. Lennox felt his throat constrict with desire at the sight of the girl's perfect bottom.

"My God, Corporal – don't move!" he couldn't stop himself exclaiming. She stopped, her back to him, and the Major feasted his eyes.

"That Lieutenant was right about your arse, and no mistake!" he said, at last. The Corporal didn't reply, remaining motionless, and Lennox stared at her jutting bottom for a few more seconds, then rapped out – "Well, what do you say, Corporal?"

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