tagLoving WivesKate Returns to Modeling Ch. 02

Kate Returns to Modeling Ch. 02


Thanks to all of the great comments on the previous story. Because of all of the requests, I've decided to continue the story. If you aren't into wife sharing, please don't read any farther.


The days and weeks following our encounter with Dirk were very memorable. We kept recapping the story with each other, especially during our lovemaking.

Dirk had had sex with Kate twice that day, once during the shoot and then once again in the shower after. She told me how much he filled her up, and how she had never had that much cock inside of her.

Although she meant it, she knew I got off on hearing her tell me about fucking Dirk. I cannot believe I had the ability to tell her of my fantasy, much less go through with it.

We talked about the whole situation and she told me how although she loved it, she loved me more and could never do anything like that without my knowing about it. She said she felt so free because I had let her do it and she wanted to make sure I was happy.

Right now I have to say I was happy about it. I mean, I still had mixed feelings but overall I thought it went well. I still felt incredibly jealous but my wife clearly wanted me to know I was her only love and Dirk was just "for fun".

As time passed, we talked a little less about it, but still kept it there as our secret fantasy come true. And, we got to keep all of the pictures from the special shoot. There were tons of them. In the first few days, I looked at them constantly. From watching Kate sucking Dirk's dick, to watching the first shots of him inside of her, I was obsessed for a while. I felt lucky to have professional photos of my wife's first time with another man.

Kate continued to do some modeling. She never really did anything racy again, but I still encouraged her. She was making quite a bit of money and she always enjoyed the attention. Also, Lisa would remind us every now and then of the hot day we had. She loved to talk with Kate about Dirk and always told her what he was up to. We never talked to him directly. He was incredibly respectful about the whole situation which made it even better for us.

So, almost a year later, during the summer, Lisa approached Kate about doing a destination shoot. A swimsuit company was doing an entire catalog layout in a beach town a few hours from us. The company was renting out a small resort and everyone would have their own bungalow. And, she added "Dirk will be there."

It had been quite some time since we had discussed Dirk. I knew he would always be in our minds, but since it was about a year since we had seen him, I think we had both put that in the past. Now here it was again.

Kate said "What do you think? Should I go?"

"Do you want to?" I asked.

"Only if you go with me." she said.

"Hmm, ok. I guess I need to take some time off anyway." I added.

"So, what do you think about Dirk being there?" she asked.

"Hmm. Is that why you want me to go with you? Want me to watch something?" I grinned.

Kate giggled. "God, I don't know if I could do that again. I mean, maybe but, yes, only with you there." I smiled. "We can see how it goes I guess."

My mind was racing in the days leading up to the trip. Would she fuck Dirk again? Would I want her to? Would Dirk want to? Hell, I knew the answer to that. Who wouldn't want to fuck my wife?

As we drove down to the beach, we both seemed to be at ease and in a good mood. Kate slept part of the way. I glanced at her. She was wearing a simple blue cotton dress. The top clung to her tits and the hem of the dress rode high on her tanned and toned legs. Part of me thought "God, what am I doing? Look what I have here." And then, there was this other part that said "Look at her. She deserves to have all the pleasure she can. She loves me. Why not let her enjoy? And, it's almost a shame not to share her."

We pulled into the resort as the sun was setting. We saw Lisa for a moment and she told us most everyone was arriving later that evening or the next morning. So, we had the night for ourselves.

Our bungalow was pretty amazing. It was a small blue house, with a nice porch up front. There was two bedrooms and a living and kitchen area. The master suite had two showers, one inside and one outdoors that connected to the outside backyard. Out back was a small private courtyard, complete with a hot tub. That night we ordered room service and made love with the sound of the ocean outside.

The next morning at breakfast, Dirk walked in. I looked at Kate as she saw him come inside. Her eyes lit up at the sight of him. He came over and gave her a big hug and shook my hand. Honestly, it was hard not to like this guy. He was just a super nice fellow.

Later that day Kate had her first shoot. She looked stunning in modest two piece green bikini. I was still in awe how beautiful she looked. They shot her along the beach and then she changed into a red bikini and did a shot with another woman who was there. She was a tall brunette and although she was hot, I still watched Kate.

Right before sunset, Kate put on a dark blue one piece. This time she was doing a shoot with Dirk and another guy. The guy's name was Tyler. He was probably in his mid 20s. He had short hair and looked like some sort of soap opera star. A sharp jaw line and winning smile, combined with a ripped body. He didn't have the mass that Dirk had, but he was in great shape. Both of the men wore blue board shorts.

Kate stood between them for some shots. I couldn't help but think how hot she looked between these two men. One shot they were on their knees and she stood behind them, and put a hand around each of them. I saw her fingers delicately run across their muscled pecs.

The men were both very friendly and professional, posing next to her standing, then on the beach, then near the water. After they stopped shooting, they all three ran into the water, splashing the whole way.

I talked to Lisa for a second and the crew packed up. Soon Tyler came out of the water, leaving Dirk and Kate. I pretended not to stare, but I could see they were getting close together out there. Everyone started back for the cottages. I waited on the beach and looked at Kate. She was smiling, frolicking with Dirk. Soon, they came out of the water, holding hands.

They both walked up to me and I handed them towels. Kate smiled at me.

Kate asked "Is it ok with you if Dirk comes over and uses our outdoor shower?". She winked at me.

"Sure. Why don't you guys go ahead and I'll catch up in a minute?"

Of course I knew where this was heading. Round two with Dirk was about to begin. My wife looked so happy with it.

I walked the resort for a good 10 minutes before heading to our cottage. I walked in and knew where I'd find them. I headed out back and saw them in the outdoor shower together. From my vantage point I could watch them.

Dirk had her bent over, holding onto a wooden bar. He was fucking her from behind slowly. He bent over, kissing her back and neck as he did her. My wife looked like she was in ecstasy. She moaned as his thick dick went inside of her. I watched them fuck this way for at least 5 minutes before Dirk picked up his pace and began pumping her harder. Dirk pulled out and stroked his cock and came all over her wet ass. They embraced and kissed for a few minutes more before going inside.

I waited a few minutes and went inside. Kate was in a robe. Dirk had gotten dressed and left. Kate came over and hugged and kissed me. She said "Thanks again"

I smiled. Of course I still had my jealousy issues, but seeing her like this was amazing. She clearly enjoyed the feel of pleasure he gave her.

Kate kissed me and then slowly dropped to her knees. She said "Let me help you enjoy too."

Within minutes she had me cumming, shooting my load all over her tits and neck. She sucked with such determination and vigor. It was easy to see she was such a sexual creature now.

We ordered room service and had dinner in. Kate was due to shoot at sunrise tomorrow. She left me while I slept in.. Later in the morning I roamed about.

I finally found Kate, shooting some shots with a girl. That afternoon, she was supposed to do some shooting with Tyler, the young guy we met the day before.

I watched as she finished the shoot and then joined everyone as we had a group lunch. It was very sexy to be around all of these beautiful people and models. The women were of all ages but were all stunning. The guys were also in different age groups but all ripped. Clearly I didn't fit in here. Kate did and I could tell she loved every minute of it. It made me happy to see her like that.

After nice break, I followed Kate to her shoot with Tyler.

I watched them intently and studied her. Kate was in a sporty style one piece, designed for swimmers. Tyler was wearing a tiny pair of Speedo trunks. They posed nearby to each other in swim goggles. After quite a few shots together, they did some where Kate put her arms around Tyler from behind.

It was during these shots that I noticed Tyler was clearly getting stiff. His cock pressed out the thin fabric. I saw Kate's hand move down, right on his abs. It was obvious to everyone there that Tyler was turned on. I could feel the tension there as my wife was making yet another man excited to be near her.

A few more shots were taken and then we were done.

On our way back to the cottage, I told Kate how much Tyler was turned on.

Kate smiled "I saw that."

I looked back at her. "You have that effect on men, don't you?"

Kate giggled a bit "I can't help it. I just do the modeling."

We went inside and changed for dinner. We had made plans to meet Dirk at the hotel restaurant.

Kate wore an incredible tight black dress. It clung to every curve and she clearly didn't wear a bra or underwear underneath it.

As I strolled with her to dinner, my thoughts were only on where this might lead. We had truly taken a new step in our relationship. Dirk had now had two experiences with Dirk, and it was so positive. And, although I was still jealous and still was learning to deal, I also loved seeing my wife get so much pleasure. If she was happy, then I was too.

We met up with Dirk and he had invited Tyler along. I sat across from Kate at the table so she had Dirk to one side and Tyler on the other. During the dinner, we drank a lot of wine. Dirk and Tyler told us about all the modeling they had done and we learned more about them. I wondered just how much Dirk had told Tyler about the relationship he had with us.

We finished dinner and as we finished the wine, Dirk said "Should we have a nightcap somewhere?"

Kate smiled over at me. She said "Well, we've got the cottage. Maybe we could all do the hot tub?"

Tyler piped up "Sounds like fun."

I nodded, and I knew where this was headed.

Kate and I walked ahead of the guys on the way back. She held my hand and said "I hope this is okay. I thought it might be fun to relax a bit"

I told her, "Anything you want is ok honey. Do you want me to give you some alone time with the guys?"

"Oh god, I umm. Well, maybe. Is this too much?" she asked.

"You tell me baby. It was one thing to have Dirk, but if you get Tyler in there with you, who knows what will happen?"

"Oh god. You're right. Maybe we can do the hot tub and see where it goes?"

"Sure," I said. "Enjoy yourself."

When we got back, the guys grabbed a drink and headed out back to the hot tub. Kate went into the bedroom and came back out wearing nothing but a towel.

I poured her a drink. I handed it to her and said "Nice suit."

She giggled. "I figured I might as well."

Kate strolled out, with me close behind.

She moved over near the hot tub, where the guys were already in, their clothes in piles on the ground nearby. She set her drink down and opened her towel, displaying her full naked form. She slowly stepped down into the hot tub, in between the two guys. I sat farther back near the cottage. I didn't want to interrupt.

Things were quiet for a few moments, as everyone drank. I saw Dirk put an arm around Kate and slide in closer. He wasn't going to waste time here. He knew what he wanted, and I knew now that he was willing to share with Tyler. Dirk leaned in and kissed her.

I watched as Dirk's hands slowly started on her, he was kissing her passionately. Then he stopped and I heard him say "I think Tyler wants to get to know you better."

And so it began, my wife began kissing the second man outside of our marriage. Tyler pulled her to his side of the Jacuzzi, his hands were all over her. Kate moved to straddle him in the tub.

Dirk leaned back, watching them. It was almost as if he had taken my place in letting Kate explore. I had given her to him, and he was now sharing her with Tyler.

We watched them make out for minutes, hearing their kisses and hearing Kate's soft moans. Before long, Tyler moved her up on the side, her legs hanging over. He positioned himself between her legs and went down on her.

Kate began to moan loudly now. Tyler clearly knew what he was doing. But, knowing my wife, she was wet before we even went to dinner and Tyler was the benefactor.

It was only a minute or two before Kate was cumming, with Tyler's tongue pushing her over the edge. She moaned loudly and I saw her arms shaking as she tried to hold the cement ground behind her.

Tyler stood up over her and leaned down, kissing her passionately. He let her up and she said "I think we should go inside guys."

Tyler smiled and the three of them got up. Both of the guys followed Kate inside, their wet cocks clearly ready for action.

I gave them a minute before following them inside. When I reached the doorway, what I saw was incredible.

Kate was sitting on the edge of the couch, with a guy standing on each side of her. She had each of their cocks in her hand and was taking turns sucking them. At that moment she looked so slutty, so whorish and so beautiful. She had let go of any inhibition and was doing anything she wanted.

I took a seat farther away and watched. The guys were both incredibly hard. Tyler's cock wasn't quite as large as Dirk's but he had a nice upward turn that I knew Kate might enjoy later inside of her. She gripped them both and I watched as her head turned, sucking the head and stroking them each for a minute before switching.

Tyler moaned and said "Mmmm, baby, I want to fuck you."

Kate smiled. "Ok, I was hoping you'd say that."

She let go of them both and laid back on the couch. Dirk took a seat nearby to watch. Clearly he was letting Tyler enjoy her fully now.

Tyler spread her legs and slowly slid inside her. Kate moaned the minute he was in. Unlike Dirk, Tyler was much quicker with her. He started pumping her quickly from the beginning. Kate moaned loudly as he fucked her.

I could head their skin slapping together as he fucked her. Tyler clearly wanted her bad and was taking her now. Kate reached down and rubbed her bare pussy. She moaned loudly and I knew she'd cum again.

"Fuck! Oh god your cock feels so good... fuck!!!" she screamed as she began to orgasm. I watched as Tyler felt her squeezing his cock inside of her. He pounded her a couple more times and then he slid out, and stroked his cock over her. A second later he was shooting his load over her stomach and chest. His orgasm seemed intense, the cum splattering over her body. There was a moment of silence as Tyler fell back on the couch. Dirk got a towel and threw it to Kate. She quickly wiped the cum off her body and looked at Dirk. I knew he wanted her again.

Kate got on her knees on the couch, facing the back. Dirk positioned himself behind her and slid inside.

Once he was in, he moaned "Fuck, you're so hot baby." I knew what he meant, she'd already been fucked once and she was probably steaming inside.

Dirk grabbed her hips and began fucking her quickly. Kate was moaning and screaming as he pumped her with his huge cock. He had been rock hard since the hot tub so I knew he wanted to cum and cum fast. I looked over and saw that Tyler was already hard again, stroking his cock. My own cock had been rock hard as well.

Dirk slammed into Kate from behind, his skin slapping loudly against hers. I heard him moan and before I knew it, he was cumming into my wife. He moaned loudly and I knew he was filling her hot wet pussy with his load. This was a first. All of the times he was with her he never did that. He was now the first man besides me to ever cum inside of her. I knew she couldn't get pregnant but this was still a huge step. I wasn't exactly sure how to take it. He didn't ask, and we didn't exactly talk about it either. I guess I had assumed he'd pull out. But he hadn't, and as he slipped out, his sticky fluids slid out of her as well. It was hot, it was nasty and I almost didn't believe it happened.

Kate grabbed the towel and sat down for a second. Dirk kissed her and then Tyler did too. She looked at Tyler's cock. "Oh god, you're so hard again."

Tyler smiled and said "Why don't we go shower baby?"

Kate nodded and took his hand. They walked down the hall together, leaving the odd pair of Dirk and I there together. The husband and just one of the men that fucked his wife!

Dirk looked at me. "This is incredible. Kate is unbelievable and you are an amazing husband."

I was speechless for a second. "Thanks. I just want her happy." This was all true. Besides all of my insecurities and everything that I was jealous about, I did want her to feel good.

Dirk said "Tyler loved her the minute he saw her. I think they might be awhile."

I asked "What did you tell him about us?"

"Honestly, I didn't say anything until we got here. Once we were in the hot tub, I told him that I had Kate before and you were super cool with it. I think he was hard before she even came out. I did tell him to be gentle and only do what you wanted man. This is a treasure you're giving us"

Wow. How the hell did I end up with the perfect man to do my wife? Kate was a treasure and I was glad that Dirk thought of her that way.

I got up and walked down the hallway. Even before I made it halfway I heard Kate's moans. Tyler was clearly giving her pleasure in the shower.

I stood near the doorway. Through the steamed glass in the small square shower, I could see them. They were facing each other and kissing. Kate was stroking his cock and Tyler was fingering Kate's pussy. A minute later the water turned off. They were still kissing and the moaning filled the room.

I stepped back into the hall as they exited and went to the bedroom. When I stepped back in Kate was riding Tyler. She was moaning loudly and loving his cock. I watched as they fucked for while, enjoying each other. I moved back from the door, deciding to let them have fun.

Dirk was casually watching TV in the living room. It was odd, but I sat with him while we heard Kate's moans down the hall. They fucked for a good 20 more minutes before they quieted down. A little later Tyler came out.

Both of the guys told me how much fun they had and they thanked me many times. After they left, I strolled down the hall to find my wife laying on the bed, sound asleep. Tyler had clearly fucked everything out of her.

The next morning we slept in. Kate was essentially done with shooting but we were staying another day. When she awoke she was smiling.

We talked about the night.

I said "You looked so hot fucking them baby. I never dreamed we'd take it this far. Fuck, I can't believe you let Dirk cum inside of you."

Kate came back with "Oh god, I didn't know he would. He just did it."

"I know, I didn't know what to do at first but it was hot to see it." I said.

"I'm glad you think so," Kate said "Cause Tyler came in me too."

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