tagLoving WivesKate's Adventures Ch. 02

Kate's Adventures Ch. 02


The three of us sat at the dinner table in silence for some time. I was unable to look up and into the eyes of neither my wife nor my daughter. My fork slowly stirred what was left of my mashed potatoes in a slow circle as I pondered what had happened earlier that day. Coming home to see my wife fucking two young studs, and my daughter being fucked by a third, was enough to make anyone go insane. Except I had enjoyed every moment of it, from peeking down at my daughter to cleaning my wife after it was done. The only thing that made it strange was when my daughter and her friends walked in on me and Kate. Now the cat was out of the bag, and I was unsure of how this would affect our lives.

Finally Kate broke the silence. "You know dear, we can't just sit here and pretend she didn't see us." She took a sip from her wine. "Emily dear, you father and I have had a unique relationship for a long long time, just like me and you have one. Your father used to love seeing me fuck around when we were younger. Since you came of age we put that lifestyle on the backburner. Me catching your father spying on us drove me wild, and I couldn't resist going to him afterwards, just like we used to do." As she finished speaking I could see Emily's eyes wide with astonishment. "And sweetie." Kate spoke turning to me. "I've been helping our daughter explore her sexuality as well."

I gulped and waited for the silence to take over but my daughter spoke. "Dad, is that true? You let mom fuck around on you but you forbid me from dating?" I could see Kate grin mischievously. "All this time you've been so strict about me having guy friends, and mom used to be the neighborhood whore!" I reached my hand across to hold Emily's hand for a moment to calm her down. Quickly she recoiled and stood up. "Fuck you dad, this family is more fucked up then I can handle right now!" She yelled at us, and took off out of the room.

"Angel, I'm sorry, I don't know what to say to her. She's right you know, about me sheltering her from boys as much as I could. As much as I loved your hotwife lifestyle, I didn't want her to follow down that path." Kate nodded as I spoke, taking my hand. She leaned in and kissed me deeply.

"It will be alright dear, she's a young girl and there honestly is more to process then any teen should ever have. Give her a little bit to cool down and I will talk to her." Kate spoke in a soft caring voice. I simply nodded and took a drink from my beer. I had so much to process as well. How could I repair the damage that I had now caused? How could I get my daughter to forgive me, and more importantly trust me? As I sat there Kate stood up. "I'll go talk to her, you just relax."

Lost in my thoughts I eventually went out onto the back patio where this afternoon's craziness began. I stood there staring at the chair which Kate was fucked on earlier. Her bikini was still lying on the ground beside it as was her half empty drink from earlier that day. On the floor was a half opened condom wrapper, Kate had obviously stopped him from opening it all the way. Not too far away I saw Emily's bikini as well, sitting on the edge of the pool. I shook my head, knowing that our lives would forever be different now. Taking my beer I went inside, hoping that TV would get my mind off things.

I sat in the chair, watching TV for some time. I found myself watching a marathon of old James Bond films. My daze into the movies was caught short my headlights through the front window as my neighbors returned home. I was into the 3rd movie in a row when the clock struck midnight, and thought nothing of it. I was not tired in the least bit. So much was on my mind I doubted I would ever get to sleep. Just then I felt hands on my shoulders. "Come dear, come to be with me." Kate spoke in a soft voice. Her hands gently kneaded my shoulders. I looked up at her and she was wearing her light pink robe. I smiled and nodded my head, never being able to refuse her.

I took off my shirt and tossed it into the laundry bin and turned back to her. She opened up her robe and let it fall to the floor, revealing white lace bra and thong beneath with stockings. I stared at the gorgeous sight of my fiery redheaded wife for a moment and shook my head. "Ka..." She raised a finger over my lips as I was beginning to protest. "Yes, I know there is a lot on your mind, but this will be good for both of us, I promise." She spoke. As her finger left my lips she kissed me deeply. I sighed, placing my hands on her hips and returning the kiss.

We fall back onto the bed, me atop of her. I held her hands above her head as our tongues danced with one another. My other hand ran along her side, caressing her silky soft skin and savoring her curves. I broke away from her lips and traveled down, planting gentle kissed on her chest. My hands reached behind her and unsnapped the bra, freeing her gorgeous breasts. I wrapped my mouth around her right nipple, gently sucking on it and flicking my tongue across the sensitive peak. Kate twisted beneath me and sighed deeply. I knew she enjoyed this; her nipples had always been so sensitive. I let go of her hands, and reached down between her legs.

Kate gave me a playful push onto my back giggling. "My turn." She spoke. She stood up and walked to her dresser, allowing me to admire her perfect ass. Still wearing that white lacey thong and stockings she looked sexy as hell. She returned to the bed dangling 2 pairs of cuffs. "I want to be in control tonight darling." I smiled, and allowed her to cuff my hands to the bedposts. She then crawled on top of me, kissing me deeply. My lips moaned against hers, it drove me wild not being able to touch her body in this position. "I thought of a way to make things better with Emily dear."

"Kate," I spoke with a long pause. "I hardly think this is the time to bring it up." My mind had forgotten about Emily once my wife had kissed me. To mention her name right now was like a show stopper. Kate simply kissed me again lightly before standing up out of the bed.

"I don't think you have a choice in the matter." She walked to the bedroom door and opened it. "You can come in now!" She called out down the hallway. I pulled at the restraints as she just smiled back at me. She could see my nervousness and discomfort and enjoyed every moment of it. "I talked to our daughter, and I think I found a great way to move forward with our lives, trust me darling."

Just then Emily walked into the room; with her was a tall muscular guy. It was hard for me to tell who he was at first, but he face looked familiar. "Dad, this is John. It took a bit of convincing for him to come here tonight. But remember in the spring when you grounded me for talking to him? I wasn't really that interested in him anyways, but he was interested in me. Now I have Zach, and he is going to be my boyfriend now." She stopped and looked at my Kate "So, I offered up mom to him for the evening. I figure I have to listen to people talk about how hot mom is all day long, why not let anyone one have her. You like that don't you dad? My friends fucking mom? You seemed to earlier."

It's amazing how many things in one day can shock you and leave you speechless. I stared over at Kate and she blew me a kiss, walking up to John. I could tell he was a bit cocky right away when he reached down without a second thought and smacked Kate's ass. "Damn Mrs. D your fucking fine." He reached down, grapping her breasts. He gave them each a squeeze before Emily spoke up. "Do whatever you like to her, apparently my dad likes being married to a slut."

John leaned in and kissed Kate hard on her lips. His mouth was open, and tongue stabbing straight into her throat. Her hand reached up and wrapped around the back of his neck as she locked in her embrace with him. His hands were all over her perfect ass, squeezing and giving it playful slaps. He broke the kiss and smiled. "Mrs. D. you've been naughty, I'm here to punish you." I swore I heard my wife giggle a little as she nodded and bit her bottom lip like a schoolgirl. He placed his hand on her shoulder, pushing her down to her knees.

My eyes fixated on them as she tugged down his pants and began to give him oral sex. Her red lips open wide as his big cock became exposed. He was maybe 8 inches long, but incredibly thick. My wife's eyes went wide with excitement as she struggled to wrap her mouth around it. He brushed his hand through her red hair, grinning at me as my wife pushed her hungry mouth over his cock. "You know dad." My attention snapped away from Kate for a moment. "I should let every guy you denied me from seeing have mom, but it's a bit earlier to plan that far in the future." My daughter had become just as devious as my wife in my attempts to keep her a good girl.

Kate groaned as John's hands grabbed fistfuls of her hair. He had begun thrusting his fat cock in and out of her mouth and her eyes closed. I heard her lips slurping as she coughed gently, having such a fat cock thrust in hard and press against the back of her throat. Her saliva dripped out all over his shaft, even dripping down her chin as well. John threw his head back, moaning out loud some obscenities. Kate's eyes open and she turned her head slightly to look back at me. My cock was standing as erect as it could, straining against the pants I still was wearing. I shuffled a bit in my restraints, the slight movement of my boxers against my shaft was the only way I could feel any pleasure.

He kept pumping in and out of her mouth, and I listened to her groans of pleasure. She had one hand down fingering her clit hard as he claimed her mouth. Emily was smiling and shuffling in her seat. Her legs rubbed against one another. "You know, that wasn't the first time mom fucked some of my friends. When she chaperoned the fall dance was the first time, she fucked one of the jocks in a bathroom. I've known how bad mom was for a long time, but I didn't know you supported..." John moaned loudly and pulled my wife's face down hard on his cock. I knew he was cumming in her mouth.

He held her face down for a few moments, jerking his hips as he emptied his load into her lips. He came faster than I expected, but I'm sure his heart was racing a mile a minute. Kate slowly pulled back and smiled up at him. She then walked over onto the bed, climbing on top of me. I knew what was coming, and didn't resist. Her warm lips pressed to mine as she kissed me. The second they opened a flood of hot salty fluid poured out against my mouth. We began kissing deeply, shoving each other's tongues in one another's mouths, sharing the dirty exchange of John's fluids. She knew I would never cross the line of touching another man, but for some reason I found this perfectly alright in my sick mind.

She ran her hands over my chest, moaning as we kissed deeply. Her legs shuffled around, me not realizing that her panties were being removed. Emily sat less than 3 feet away, watching us in our taboo embrace. I couldn't see in the moment the shock that was on my daughters face, as I was too engrossed kissing my wife. Her lips pulled back, swiping her tongue across my mouth as I extended my tongue to hers. She smiled down at me, caressing the side of my face. "I love ohh...."

Her words trailed off as John thrust himself into her from behind. She shuffled, pushing her ass up in the air as she looked back over her shoulder. He groaned out loud, feeling her soaking wet pussy clenching around his thick cock. She smiled down at me, pushing back into him slowly. "Oh yes John, fuck me hard, fuck me on top of my husband." She winked at me, licking her lips as he slammed all the way in. I watched her heavy breasts bounce f forward as she moaned in ecstasy. His hands gripped Kate's waist, holding himself deep inside of her moist sex.

He pulled back and thrust in hard again, making her moan out loud. Each time he did her breasts jiggled above me. I looked down, admiring her tight body as she gyrated back into his cock. I heard a loud smack come down followed by a groan from Kate as he spanked her ass. "Oh John yes fuck me!" My wife called out loud throughout the room. He kept thrusting hard in and out of her, slamming himself as hard as he could into my wife. "Oh sweetheart, he's stretching me so fucking much, I love it!" She bit her lower lip as she ground herself back into him.

Emily meanwhile had pushed her hand down her pajama pants. Apparently the sight of her mother being railed like a whore in front of her was too much, and she had to pleasure herself. The john pulled out, and rolled my wife over next to me. Kate had other ideas in mind, and had no desire to be fucked next to me. Instead she crawled back on top of me, laying her back directly atop of my body. My hard cock pressed against her ass almost painfully as she turned and kiss me. Our lips locked intensely for a moment, my hands restrained from molesting her perfect hot body. "Fuck me like this John, without that condom."

I hadn't realized he had protection on so far, Kate hated condoms. He tubes had been tied, so we weren't worried about her getting knocked up. After all 1 kid was more than enough, especially at the rate Emily was going. As we had returned to the kiss, I felt my wife's body being pressed against mine. John had begun fucking her once more. He thrust in and out of her, pressing her down against me each time. He was becoming more aggressive, grasping her hips and pushing hard into her. She moaned deeply against my mouth, her whimpers told me how much she was really enjoying this. One of her hands reached up to his chest, the other was caressing my face.

The sight of those heavy tits bouncing around must have been too much for him, because he collapsed down and assaulted them. He squeezed one hard with his hand and sucked hard on her nipple. His teeth bit into her soft flesh and pulled up on her tit, causing her to cry out against my mouth. This broke our kiss as she looked up. "Oh fuck yes, oh I'm yours! Claim my pussy John, it's all yours!" As she faced away her red hair covered my face. I turned side to side, trying to get it from my face to view. I could feel everything, her body being pummeled hard into mine. Her ass pressed hard against my cock, straining to not cum all over myself. "Oh John, your filling me in ways my husband never has!"

Those words I couldn't hold back at. I groaned out loud, and my cock spurted against Kate's lower back. I moaned, feeling my shaft throbbing as I shot the warm sticky cum against her soft skin and my lower stomach. She smiled, turning back to kiss me as I came. As we kissed he fucked her harder, thrusting hard, shoving her body upward. He leaned back, and slapped her tit which caused a hard moan against my lips. I was trembling with excitement; my wife was lost in a state of ecstasy. In all of our years of her being my hot wife, we had never had sex like this.

John grunted hard, as he began to explode in my wife's bare pink pussy. He didn't hold it in for long, as I don't think he intended to cum inside of her. The first shot or two flooded her sex, before he pulled out. The next one went across her abdomen diagonally as if Zorro was cumming on her. He then was able to straddle, jacking off his cock and finished up on her tits. Her hands replaced his, slowly pumping up and down to milk all of the cum off his cock. My slutty wife was an absolute sticky mess. She giggled as she looked up at him, cum in her pussy, across her chest and abs, and a pool against her lower back. He stood up and walked over to Emily, whom I had forgotten, was even there. "Time to help clean me off."

Emily looked up shocked, "But me and Zach are..." Yet another time he cut off someone in mid-sentence. He reached down and grabbed her by the hair. He pushed his cock forward against her lips. Kate and I watched carefully, as she offered little resistance. Her pink lips opened, and wrapped around the cock. He eagerly began to thrust in and out of her mouth as he told my wife to roll over. She did with a smile, pressing her cum coated body against mine. She leaned up, her sticky warm breasts in my face as I heard my daughter cough around his thick cock. He was enjoying having both of my girls.

She lifted off of me and sat up, pulling back her hair as John pulled himself from my daughter. "Mrs. D. why don't you go grab me a drink and meet me in your daughters room. Don't even bother with clothes." He said with a smirk. As Kate stood up he spanked her ass hard. "And you." he turned to Emily. "I'm finally going to get a piece of that ass I wanted so badly, so you go wait for me there." Emily stood up, staring back at me. I could see the nervousness in her eyes, but I simply nodded, knowing she would be alright. "Thanks Mr. for giving me your wife and daughter, but I'm far from done with both of them." He turned and walked out of the room, leaving my door and Emily's wide open. I groaned against my restraints, knowing I would have to endure the evening of listening to their moans.

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