tagLoving WivesKate's Adventures Ch. 01

Kate's Adventures Ch. 01


I pulled my car to a stop in my driveway, placing it in park. The morning had been a long one already, and it was supposed to be my day off. I had promised my wife Katelyn that we would go to the beach. It was in the middle of summer, and the heat was getting to us. We had a beautiful in ground pool in my backyard, but Kate was yearning for something more. I always loved seeing her flawless body sprawled out alongside the pool absorbing the rays of the sun. As much as she loved roasting her caramelized skin in the sun, she enjoyed showing it off to others. I was always eager to see her in a bikini, but it turned her on seeing so many others looking at her.

Katelyn was still breathtaking at 38 years old. She barely showed signs of her age, and on occasion even got carded inside of bars. She had fiery red hair which cascaded just past her shoulders. Her beautiful brown eyes always glittered in the light. She had very pronounced lips, which seemed to draw men's attention just as much as the rest of her. She was in perfect shape, working out every morning. When she did her yoga you could see her muscles beneath her silky skin. Kate's Chest was impressive, pushing out at a D cup, with a shapely ass to give her the sought after hourglass figure.

She was always the life of any party we attended. An incredibly intelligent woman, she was sharp and able to hold her own against even the charismatic politicians in the city. Even though her knowledge was up to date, she was somehow stuck in the 50's. She had a deep fascination with that era. When we went out she would often wear dresses and clothing reminiscent of those days, and curl her hair like a pinup girl. All these qualities and features of her made her an amazing catch to any man, and most importantly me.

But I wasn't the only catch in her life. Early in our relationship when we were dating I had found out she was cheating. I couldn't let her go, no sane man would be able to, and eventually snuck in to watch her. I was mesmerized by the sight I saw, her flawless young body grinding and pushing against another man. When I eventually confronted her intelligence won the match. She pointed out that I had stayed and watched the whole thing, and was even hardening just speaking to her about it. So we began down our dark path.

Now some 12 years later we had relocated due to the economy. We now lived in a beautiful coastal town that attracted hundreds of tourists in the summer. After a few years we were quite settled and established. Our wild escapades had wound down when we moved, as our daughter Emily was coming of age and wouldn't be as naive as she was when younger. She had inherited my wife's beauty and charm, and I had already begun to worry her following in her mother's footsteps. At her age she was well into developing, and often had boys from school calling our home.

For now though we were all happy, perhaps me in my ignorant bliss when it came to my daughter was a good thing. I saw another car in my driveway when I had pulled in. I recognized the car, as the boy Zach who lived a few blocks away. I knew he was interested in my daughter, but I had put into effect no dating until her grades had come up. Now that time had come when she had just made the honor roll, and I knew it would be harder to restrain her, as if I could. I got out of my car and made my way into my house.

It was Sunday; I wasn't even supposed to go to work today. All I wanted to do was bring Kate to the beach. Unfortunately one of the servers at work had crashed, so a few of us were called in to recover what we could. Thankfully we recovered all the data saved. Months of compiling data we able to be retrieved in just 45 short minutes. But with the equally as long 45 minute drive both ways. The whole ordeal end up costing me three hours from the time I left till when I dropped my keys on the sofa table. "Kate? Emily?" I called out. I headed upstairs to the master bedroom. We had two large windows that looked out to the backyard but I never looked out them. We also had out own privately attached bathroom, which had a small hallway which ran to it that overlooked the living room.

Walking downstairs and through my house I eventually heard music on the back patio. I grabbed a bottle of water and stopped at the kitchen window and peered out for a moment. I was right; it was indeed Zach's car. He brought two friends with him as well, whom I had not met yet. Emily was out there as well, chatting eagerly with Zach at the pools edge. The other two boys were sitting by Kate talking to her. She was doing nothing to cover her fantastic body. She was wearing a deep red string bikini. It didn't do much to cover her chest, and didn't leave much to the imagination between her legs. Kate had a drink in her hand, and was being openly flirtatious with the two young boys. I could tell they were feasting on the sight of her, as was I.

I remained motionless for some time. Over the years I had often gotten to watch my wife fuck other men in many different situations. Often I would be in the same room, staring her straight in the eye as she moaned and came against another man. Sometimes she would bind me to a chair, that way I couldn't play with myself till she was done. I never lasted long, the feel of my wife's body stretched was so taboo and fantastic id drove me to my breaking point so quickly. Sometimes her partners were friends, other times she would let me watch her flirt and pick up men from in the city.

But the most sensational brought us right back to the beginning. I stayed outside the house, unable to hear a single sound unless she was kind enough to leave a window open. I would watch, cumming all over the side of the house in the process. She particularly enjoyed it, because she wouldn't let her partner know I was there. She was playing the cheating slutty wife, and I was enjoying every moment of it. Once they were done I would come inside and make love to her. Despite cumming outside, it was still hard to resist her.

Here I was now standing, in an opposite situation. I stood in my kitchen looking outwards to Kate as she giggled with the two young boys. I thought this lifestyle had gone behind us, for some time it had just been me and her making love. I enjoyed having her to myself for a change, but even from this distance I could see the fire igniting in her eyes. Even if these boys were underage, she was loving every bit of the attention. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Zach and Emily move away from the pool, sneaking off to the pool shed. I would have intervened, but one of the two young boys made his move.

Later I found out their names. One was white with brown hair, named Chris. The other was a fit Hispanic named Juan. Juan's hand rested on my wife's leg, slowly stroking back and forth. I saw her look down but she did not protest. This must have been the light they were looking for, because his hand moved up slowly. Christ meanwhile leaned in, kissing Kate deeply. I saw her arch her back up off the lounge chair, her lips opening wide in an embrace I had watched too many times before. Instantly my pants felt tighter as my breath fogged the glass.

Her hand reached up, wrapping around the back of Chris's neck, pulling him in for an ever deeper kiss. His friend reaches between her legs, which spread open with no effort. I saw his hand moving along her inner thighs and untie the tiny strings holding her bikini bottoms on. I knew Kate still had the slut buried inside of her, but was shocked that she was here with these two young high school boys. Soon both boys topped and stood up, Kate following in suite. She must have said something to make them stop.

As she stood, her bottoms fell from her body, right before her top did as well. Chris must have untied it while they were making out at some point. There she stood in full view perfectly naked, my goddess. She knelt down and began rubbing both boys over the front of their bathing suits. Instantly they pulled their clothing off to present themselves to my wife. I was surprised; it had been quite some time since I had seen my wife with anyone. Here were these two young boys, half my age. Chris was of average length from what I could tell. Juan on the other hand was very well endowed at nearly 10 inches.

Kate's perfect hourglass figure was facing away from me. I watched as she stayed kneeling, and began to slowly suck on Juan. I saw their hands running through her fiery red hair, pulling her onto their shafts. Her head bobbed up and down quickly as I moaned myself, rubbing through my pants. As she sucked on one, her hand was quickly jerking up and down the shaft of the other boy. She could make a man cum in minutes with those lips. I was so fixated on watching my wife suck these two boys that I barely heard the door to the house slamming shut.

From where I was in the kitchen I was protected from the view of the living room and dining area. I crept down the hallway, hearing giggled as I followed the noise. No doubt Emily had brought her friend into the house. I had to be careful during this moment to not get caught with a raging hard on, and to ensure my little girl was ok. The sound of laughter told me she was, so I silently crept upstairs into my bedroom. The view was much better from here, now I was looking down at Kate as she serviced these two young boys. Her hand was moving slower and I knew she was focusing on giving them quality time.

I knew these boys probably had never been with a woman, and this was probably the highlight of their entire high school career in terms of women. I knew I would need some Kleenex shortly, so I peeled away from the window and headed towards my bathroom. I slowly opened the door that led to the short loft-like hallway as not to disturb my daughter below. I made it into the bathroom, and grabbed an entire roll of toilet paper before sneaking back to my bedroom. On the creep back however, my curiosity got the best of me and I looked over the edge.

There my daughter Emily was, in a sight I had never imagined her in before. Her silky brunette hair was veiling her brown eyes. Her clothes were missing exposing her silky soft body. She had perky B cup breasts, and was still a bit petite in stature. There she was, like my wife Kate, sucking cock. She was worshipping Zach on the couch in my living room. I became entranced, forgetting it was my darling daughter I was watching. Quickly I realized my fears had come true, as I spotted how well she was sucking his cock.

I tore myself away, and back into my bedroom. I rushed to the window, just in time to watch as Kate sat on Juan. He was lying on her lounge chair, as she straddled him and sank onto his big cock. Christ stood by her side, her hand wrapped around his shaft. It took her a moment to adjust to Juan's big size before she leaned over and swallowed Chris. I cracked the window open a little, hoping to hear her reaction. The sound was soft, but her moans were audible nonetheless. Soon Kate's perfect body began to bounce a little more on his cock, and I braved the window a little more.

As I could now listen to my wife's moans, I heard Emily cry out. I stood up and rushed back to the ledge. There my daughter was straddling Zach, grinding up and down on him. I watched her young body twisting and gyrating down onto his cock, the sight was incredible. I had never seen such a big smile on her face, and the moans she was calling out sounded like angels singing. He leaned in, sucking on her chest. I watched him bite down on her nipples, making her cry out in pain and pleasure. Torn between watching my wife and my daughter, I found myself unable to move.

He fucked Emily like this for a few minutes before he pulled her off and turned my little angel around. He began to thrust into her from behind. She fell back against him, moaning as her petite body bounced up and down on his athletic frame. I was star struck, my hand in my pants stroking my cock hard. The sight was beyond incredible, and the young boy had staying power. I had caught myself loosing track of time, and it took an even more bizarre event to make me realize this.

As my daughter was bouncing up and down, Kate walked into the room. I choked a little and Kate looked up at me with a smile. She leaned in, brushing aside Emily's hair and smiled. "Sweetie, you were right, Juan's cock was wonderful. But he came too quickly." She smiled, grinning at me. Emily could barely speak as she was being rocked up and down. "Let me help you with this." Kate dropped to her knees in front of the two, and buried her face between her sex.

This was too much for me, and I grunted as quietly as I could and came in my pants. My hand became covered in my own cum, and my wife must have known this. She looked up, smiling as her tongue flicked back and forth across our daughter's sex and Zach's cock. I panted heavily, listening to Emily's moans fill the room. I bite down on my tongue hard, my cock throbbing still in my hands. "Oh Mrs. D!" I heard Zach cry out. I knew he was cumming.

Kate pulled his cock from our daughter's sex and swallowed it hold. She moaned, sucking him down and giving Emily a chance to recover while Zach convulsed. He grunted and groaned cumming inside of my wife's hot hungry mouth. Her eyes stared up at me, red lips wrapped around the thick young cock. I gasped, watching her take his load into her mouth. I instantly began to wonder where the other two boys had cum. I hadn't realized, but the two of them had been underneath where I was, taking a few camera shots.

Kate stood up once Zach was spent, and leaned in to kiss Emily. I heard the boys cheer as the two kissed deeply in an erotic embrace. I could tell by the way Kate's lips were wide open she was pushing the cum into my daughters mouth. The two pushed the cum back and forth for a moment before my wife stood back. "Thank you boys..." she smiled, looking down at Zach. "I don't think it will be a problem for you two to date Zach darling, don't worry about her father, I can convince him otherwise." She smiled up at me. "I need to go freshen up now, why don't you boys make yourselves at home, help yourselves to anything you like that you haven't had yet." I watched as Kate walked away, heading around the corner to the stairs.

I stepped back into the bedroom, closing the door just as my wife entered. She grinned wickedly at me and pointed at the bed. Without needing any further instruction I sat on the bed and laid back. She slowly approached, her hips swaying as he naked body sat down next to me. She ran her fingers lightly along my still throbbing shaft coated in my cum. "I'm so glad your excited over this darling. I was afraid you were done with this lifestyle." She paused for a moment, letting her fingertip trace around my head. "I was tired of fucking behind your back."

I sat in silence, deep down I honestly thought she had been faithful and put our sex escapades behind us. She sat up, straddling my face to press her freshly fucked pussy to my mouth. "Not that you mind, but Juan had never had anyone without a condom. I don't think anyone should have to use those horrible things." She then pressed down. I groaned, feeling her wet sloppy sex on my mouth. Without hesitating I pushed my tongue into Kate, feeling and tasting her sex. "Oh baby... I've missed you doing this." She moaned softly.

My hands reached up, gripping her thighs and pulling her down. My mouth opened wide as I devoured her hot sex. I didn't care that a young stud just filled her pussy; it still was heavenly to me. Kate moaned as she rocked back and forth on my mouth. My tongue speared into her body, tasting her lovers cum. My cock stood erect, as her hand reached back to stroke it hard. "Oh I can't wait to share all my new adventures with you..." She paused to breath in deep and sigh.

I kept working my mouth over her, pulling my tongue out to suck and lick her clit. She was rocking back and forth, rubbing her breasts in the process. I may not have been able to make her cum from intercourse, but I knew how to hit her orgasm with oral. I spanked her round ass as I opened my mouth wide open. My tongue pushed as deep as I could, reaching up to rub her inner walls. As she was getting close our door flew open. "Mom they are...." And then silence.

There stood Emily, and her three friends. All of them were naked, and the three cocks were pointing straight up. "Oh Emily dear, your father was just making sure I was ready for the next round." She looked down at me. "Why don't you go get a chair from downstairs, unless you would rather stand for a while?" She smiled. I knew this day was far from over.

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