tagFetishKate's Heavenly Hell Ch. 07

Kate's Heavenly Hell Ch. 07


If you aren't into chastity stories, please don't read, and don't leave dumb comments.

If you have read the previous chapters, you know that after being locked in chastity for 5 weeks, I finally got a real threesome, but now I've been locked back up for two weeks and waiting...


After two more orgasms, Kate fell asleep. Alexa and I had no such luck. We were both so desperate and sexually wound up, we just couldn't get to sleep.

"Alexa, you better find 6 more soon..."

"No kidding! You know anyone?"


Fortunately, it didn't take Alexa very long to finish her 'task'. She must have been working hard at it because we didn't see or hear from her till the following Saturday. She had finally managed to give ten people an orgasm while she was locked in a chastity device. Saturday evening she traveled to Jen's place to get the evil thing removed. Apparently she didn't 'get lucky' that night though. On Sunday Alexa came to our house after we got home from church.

We were all so horny, we barely managed to eat lunch. After the dishes were put in the dishwasher, Kate put her hand between Alexa's legs and started rubbing her through her yoga pants

"Mm, Alexa, I love your pussy! God, I just want to eat it up."

Walking up behind Kate I ran my hand down over her pussy, "Kate, yours is amazing too." I winked at Alexa, then started to unbutton Kate's shirt. A couple of the buttons were hard to undo because her ample boobs were pulling them tight.

"I see the special key is right between your gorgeous breasts were you always keep it," I said as I slid her shirt off her. The view looking down over her shoulder with the key nestled between her ample chest framed in the lace bra was making my cock strain in its confinements.

Alexa took my lead and started removing Kate's skirt, slowly falling to her knees as she brought the skirt down to the floor. While I gently pinched Kate's nipples, Alexa burred her face in Kate's pussy. When Kate started moaning, I looked down and saw that Kate had lost her panties, and Alexa was kissing her pussy lips, while fingering herself.

"How does if feel to be free after over three weeks?" I asked. Alexa's sighs made it clear she was clearly enjoying her freedom. "Lets go upstairs so we can really enjoy each other." We all hurried upstairs while still stealing feels when we could.

My cock was desperate to get loose, and my balls were on fire. "Kate, can you please let me out of this 'Thing'?"

"I enjoy your desperation so much. You can wait a little longer, for me, can't you?" Damn-it, why could I never say 'No' to her. Instead of answering, I just pushed her down onto the bed and started kissing her on the mouth, my chastity cage pushing up against her now wet pussy. I started to slowly grind the cage into her clit and was rewarded with a low moan.

Alexa had been busy removing her cloths, she was just in her very sexy flower bra. She knelt up beside Kate and, moving me out of the way with her head, began to caress and kiss Kate's breasts. As I slid down to taste Kate's pussy, Alexa expertly removed Kate's bra. While I slid Kate's panties down I thought my cock was going to explode. I first licked then kissed one pussy lip then the other. I flicked her clit with my tongue when I moved back to the first side and sucked her into my mouth. I continued to pleasure her while I listened to the girls moaning, working toward orgasm. Kate must have been lending Alexa a hand. When they both climaxed loudly, I was so horny I nearly came too.

While the girls recovered, I lay down beside Kate, and looked longingly at the key lying on her chest. While Kate loved my desperation, she isn't cruel (or maybe just not that day). Once she had caught her breath, she unlocked my prison. My cock sprang to full attention and was rewarded with a kiss from Alexa. I just lay there while the girls took turns kissing my neglected cock. After enjoying the attention for a few minutes, I wanted to move along.

"Alexa, I'll let you have first go today because I know you have been waiting for so long," Kate suggested as I sat up. Alexa lay on the edge of the bed so I could stand on the floor while I slid my rock hard cock slowly into her wet pussy. I was almost overcome by the glorious feel of being inside of her, it had been a long 3 weeks for me too. Alexa's eye rolled back as my cock reached deep inside her. As I slowly started to build a rhythm, Kate took the opportunity to kiss Alexa's neck and fondle her breasts. After 3 weeks of lock down, I didn't last long; I would have had to apologize to Alexa for finishing too fast, but she was just as desperate for a hard cock as I was for a pussy. We both came, one after the other. Kate kissed me deeply and I sank my cock as deep as it could go as I finished my orgasm. We just stayed like that for a few minutes while Kate kissed us each in turn.

Alexa went to the on-suit to clean up. Kate garbed the chastity cage. "Really, do we have to?"

"That's the deal. Yes. I promise it won't be a long lockup". We managed to get my somewhat softened cock into the cage and locked. True to her word, Kate unlocked me later that night as we took Alexa to bed with us. Kate finally got her chance to 'eat it up'; it being Alexa's pussy.

For the next several weeks, I was locked up. Kate would unlock me most days for passionate love making; usually with Alexa staying over. On Fridays Kate would leave me locked for the evening, or sometimes a day or two. Alexa stayed over so frequently that she has started leaving some cloths and makeup at our house, and Kate gave her a toothbrush.

Once when I returned home from Home Depot I found the two of them in the '69' in our bed. My cock jumped in its cage as I was eager to join in. But they were too focused on their mutual pleasure, and they just ignored me. I had to settle for enjoying the view while sexual hormones surged, engorging my locked up cock. When they climaxed, they were Finished, and I was left horny and in disbelief at what had just happened.

Finally after two or three months of Alexa staying over most nights I decided this was a little silly. "Kate, Alexa stays over so often, why don't we just ask her if she would like to move in?"

"I thought you would never ask!" Kate said excitedly.


"I wanted to ask her weeks ago, but I thought it would be best to let you ask," she explained.

"We could give her the room down the hall. It would save her a bunch of rent money, and we could just have her help with the bills."

Kate kissed me. "I love you so much! I can't wait to ask her."

It seemed like a good idea, but now I'm not so sure.


Alexa moved in right away. She gave her landlord a month notice, and started bringing over a small load of her personal items each evening. After two weeks, she started bringing over kitchen stuff that she wouldn't need at our house. We had plenty of room in our basement to store all of her household things. Our basement started to fill up with boxes.

It was right around this time that Kate decided to keep me locked up until the official move in day. That was going to be a 2 week lockup. She let me know of her 'great' plan that evening (it was a Wednesday) while we were making love. I was vigorously pounding Kate missionary style. Just as Alexa walked into the room to join use, Kate pushed me off of her.

"It's been a little while since we had you in lock down. I think I am going to lock you up right now."

"But Kate, I was getting so close."

"Here's the cage. I think it would be fun to make him wait till after I'm fully moved in" Alexa added.

"Fuck, I was almost there. Can't we just finish first?"

"No, I love having you desperate, just like you are right now."

Like a miracle, a bag of frozen corn materialized in Alexa's hand. Kate quickly used it to ice my cock down to size, then they worked together to get the cage installed and locked. I figured they must have planned this ahead of time.

"Um, Kate, where is the key?" I inquired.

Kate just looked blankly at the empty chain that usual had the key on it.

After an ominous pause Alexa said confidently, "Don't worry, I have already put is somewhere safe".

Kate's eyes began to burn with lust. She always got so turned on when she couldn't unlock me. I guess it freed her of any guilty feelings so she could really enjoy the predicament she had me in.

She just made this lusty growling noise, and pushed my head down to her pussy. Her moans were quickly muffled when Alexa straddled her and moved up toward her head. Kate eagerly eat up Alexa's succulent pussy while giving my hands nice access to enjoy Kate's breasts.

I kept wondering how I had gotten myself back into this situation. But the more I thought about it, the hornier I got; the harder my cock tried to break out of its prison. No mater how frustrating these chastity games were, the fact was that I loved it. It was like I was addicted to the overload of hormones rushing through my veins. The sexual highs were like the first time having sex, losing my virginity. This was going to be a long frustrating two weeks, but I couldn't deny that I was going to love it.

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