tagLoving WivesKate's Impregnation

Kate's Impregnation

bySteve English©

My wife Kate and I have been married for about 15 years we have 2 daughters, about 4 years after the birth of our second daughter I had a vasectomy. Kate is 27 years old; she has been taking classes in belly dancing for about 8 years. She goes once a week, during term time and has performed a few times at local events. Kate is about 5' 5" tall, she is a curvaceous size 14 with a 36C Breasts, and she has nice broad hips and a beautiful full, rounded belly. She had been looking for a new dance costume for a good number of months but had not managed to locate one.

We were out looking around a town that we don't visit very often when we came across a sign pointing down a dark narrow alleyway advertising an oriental goods shop. Kate walked down the alley which twisted and turned I followed her along until we reached a small old wooden door set back into an old stone building, Above the door was a sign "Hassan's Souk" Kate pushed the door and ducking to go through the low doorway went inside the small dark shop.

The heady aromas of exotic foods and spices filled my nose as I followed Kate through the doorway. The inside of the shop was quite dark and it took a short time for my eyes to adjust, as I looked around I spotted an old man who appeared to be in his late 60s sitting behind a counter towards the rear of the shop. The old man was wearing a traditional white Galabia and a knitted cap, and he had a long grey beard.

The old man stood up as Kate entered the shop he walked around to our side of the counter as he did he said "Welcome. Welcome to my shop, beautiful lady" He bowed and took her in his arms and kissed her first on one cheek then on the other. He didn't look at me he didn't even acknowledge that I was in the shop Kate had his complete attention.

Kate was blushing

The old man then put his arm around Kate's waist, resting his hand on her bare midriff.

"Oh what can I do for you beautiful lady?" the old man asked Kate.

Kate answered him while blushing "I was looking for a Traditional Belly Dance costume."

"When you say traditional what do you mean?" questioned the old man

Kate replied "Middle Eastern Tribal Belly Dance..."

"Of course" said the old man, "...Belly Dance!" he smiled and patted and rubbed Kate's belly, he then led Kate towards the colourful racks of costumes.

They walked around the small shop chatting while he was showing her various costumes; I found a stool by the door to the shop and sat on it to wait. The old man picked out a costume and I heard him talking to Kate about trying it on. He then led her towards the rear of the store he lifted a curtain to reveal a doorway at the rear of the shop. He opened the door and ushered Kate through the door and along a corridor. I saw him hand Kate the costume, before leaving her to try it on.

When Kate she came out, she looked absolutely stunning, the costume was magnificent it caused her large, heavy breasts to be pushed up and thrust out, making her cleavage look incredible. The costume also showed her belly off; beautifully the old man looked at her very seriously asking her to turn this way and that finally spinning around completely.

He walked over to Kate, and proceeded to adjust the costume, he pushed the bottom part of Kate's costume much, much lower on her hips....so low that I was sure that I could see some of her pubic hair poking out.

"There that's better, that's the way you should wear it beautiful lady." "You should make the most of your beautiful belly" he said, while adjusting her costume. I watched as his hands caressed Kate's soft tanned belly. He walked away from Kate to the counter. He reached behind and switched on some eastern music.

The old man picked up something from a box before returning to Kate. He then began caressing her belly before probing her bellybutton with his fingers. He then held out his hand and showed Kate a sparkling ruby red jewel.

The old man said to Kate "for your beautiful belly" and then he just popped it into her bellybutton hole, where it stayed.

"There you go my beautiful lady" he said, "can you show me a belly roll"

Kate then began to undulate her belly right there in the dimly lit shop, the old man passed her a pair of zills which she began using along to the eastern music that was playing. She was soon shimmying and belly rolling the way her instructor had taught her.

"Oh yes my beautiful lady you are indeed Very good ...you have learned well from your teacher." he said to Kate, as he was saying this he had his hands on her bare belly as she rolled it.

Kate then placed her hands behind her head, breasts thrust out...soft belly curving in, then out, then in again beneath them. The old man began kneading and rubbing Kate's belly right in front of my eyes!

The old man then said "I have an idea my beautiful lady, come, come he led her over to the counter where he produced a different top this one had lots of jingling coins on.

Kate reached back and unclipped the top she was wearing; I assumed that she was wearing a bra! How wrong could I be!

As Kate pulled the top off I became aware that she was now stood there, topless in the dimly lit shop...bare breasted and bare bellied in front of this old man...I couldn't believe it.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh!" the old man grunted, I watched as his hand went to his groin seeming to rub the large bulge that had appeared in the front of his long white Galabia.

Kate just stood there, her breasts bare with there big, fat nipples hardening.
The old man then reached out with both hands and took both of Kate's breasts in his hands. He then began rubbing, kneading her breasts, before turning his attention to her hard nipples. Kate just stood there transfixed allowing him to do as he pleased.

Soon the old man was gently pulling on Kate's hard nipples and I heard Kate moan with pleasure. I couldn't believe Kate or for that matter me there she was stood, half naked in the dimly lit shop with this strange old man caressing her breasts in his hands.

The old man then led Kate over to an old sofa along one wall, he then undid the bottom half of the costume and allowed it to drop to the floor. Kate just stood there and allowed him to pull her thong down her legs; she even stepped out of them for him.

The old man then said to her "Bend over my beautiful lady, I am going to fuck you! We will make us a baby in your beautiful soft belly!

To my amazement, I just sat there while Kate bent over on the arm of the sofa leaving her ass in the air and the old man caressed her ass.

The old man looked at me for the first time, then commenced to run his hands over Kate's naked body her....breasts...belly...bottom...and the slick folds of her dripping wet pussy.

"Boy watch as I fuck your wife!" he said while looking at me.

The old man lifted his Galabia to reveal his big fat cock; it was well over 8 inches in length and as thick as a beer can. He was rubbing the head of his cock up and down Kate's pussy lips spreading his and Kate's juices around her pussy.

I then saw Kate spread her legs further apart and push her ass back towards the old man.

I could hear Kate's breathing become more laboured and a moan escaped her lips, I could also see Kate's hips thrusting backwards in an effort to get his cock into her pussy.

The old man then reached out with his left hand and squeezed Kate's left breast, I heard Kate moan again as he pinched her erect nipple.

I watched as the old stick the head of his cock against Kate's pussy lips, and push the bulbous head of his cock slowly in. Kate groaned "Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!" as the old man thrust another three inches into her pussy.

The old man was smiling as he started to thrust his cock in and out of Kate's pussy going deeper with each thrust. Kate was bent over the arm of the old sofa with both her breasts out her nipples were hard she had a look of pleasure on her face as he slowly fucked her with his large cock.

I still don't know why but I just watched this old man fucking Kate from behind, I could see that Kate was thrusting her bare ass back as he thrust forward. Kate was becoming more vocal as the old man started to fuck her even harder and faster from behind. Kate was almost constantly groaning. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh, muuuuuuummmm Yesss."

The old man's hands were kneading her soft belly and hanging breasts gently pulling on her swollen nipples, as he continued to gently thrust in and out of Kate's pussy. I watched in stunned silence as he fucked Kate he had about 5 inches of his cock buried in Kate's pussy with about another 4 inches of cock still to go.

Kate groaned "Oh, Oh, I m Cumming followed by a long moan "Ohhhhhhhhhhh" The old man continued to fuck until all of his cock was buried into her pussy. The sound of the pair of them fucking was filling the shop; Kate's groans as she was fucked were louder than the eastern music which was still playing.

Once the old man had his big fat cock embedded in Kate's pussy he began to fuck her in Ernest! The sound his large hairy balls hitting Kate's ass as he thrust in and out faster and faster he had his hands caressing and pulling Kate's breasts and nipples. "Ohhhhhhhhhh" he moaned as he fucked Kate "oh you beautiful lady I am close. I am going to fill your belly with my seed"

I suddenly realised what he had said, I didn't want him to cum inside her, she was not on the pill and I had a vasectomy
"Please, Please don't come inside her...she is not on the pill..." I pleaded,

The old man continued to thrust in and out of Kate's pussy when to my horror Kate said "Cum inside me...please cum in my belly...give me you seed...make a baby grow in my belly"

The old man said "Yes Beautiful Lady - I will fill your belly with my blessed seed!"

The man held Kate by her hips and thrust his cock fully into Kate's pussy; he groaned "Arrrrrgggg and I watched as he came in side Kate...there was so much cum that it was oozing past his cock landing in thick white puddles on the dirty floor of his shop.

I was sat there with my head in my hands I couldn't believe what had just happened! What I had allowed to happen!

The old man held his cock in Kate's pussy for what seemed like hours all the while caressing Kate's belly and breasts. I heard him say to Kate "Beautiful lady I hope you now have our baby growing in your belly. If not come back and I will try again!"

He then slowly pulled his softening cock form Kate's pussy a long string of cum stretched from Kate's stretched pussy to the head of his massive cock.

The old man helped Kate lay back on the sofa with her legs closed and her ass raised so as he put it "not to lose any of his blessing."

The old man dropped the front of his Galabia covering his cock he then sat by Kate caressing her belly and kissing her as she lay on the sofa. I was stunned as I watched Kate kiss him back pulling him to her.

The old man pulled away saying " don't worry beautiful lady I will be back." He stood and picking up the costume Kate had been wearing from the floor he walked over to the counter and the till. He beckoned me over, where he took my credit card charging me £300, for the costume.

The old man returned to Kate he helped her off the sofa he held her close and the pair of them kissed as they walked towards the changing room, Kate emerged a few minutes later dressed. She thanked the old man kissing him passionately and promising to return.

As we left the shop Kate had a look of complete satisfaction on her face, she still had the red jewel in her belly button.

A month later Kate announced she was pregnant, she had not allowed me anywhere near her pussy, so I knew it must belong to the old man. She continued to refuse to have sex with me I was reduced to wanking myself for pleasure! Kate on the other hand continued to visit the shop and the old man I was made to sit in the shop while they fucked.

Eight months later Kate gave birth to a little baby boy...a son. But obviously not mine the baby had much darker skin than either of us. The Dr just looked at me with pity in his eyes. The old man even visited Kate and their son in her hospital room.

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