tagLoving WivesKate's Old Man

Kate's Old Man

bySteve English©

Hi my name is Steve and I am a 30 years old and I have just caught my wife with a much older man while she was drunk at a pub this is the story.

I was sitting in the living room while waiting for my wife Kate to get dressed. I had been waiting a while when she came down the stairs looking gorgeous. My Kate is only 24 years old. She stands about 5' 6" tall, and is a size 10 with a 36C chest. Kate has mid Brown shoulder length hair, and the prettiest blue eyes. She always manages to get a lot of male admirers. She was wearing a small white halter-top, which left her shoulders and most of her stomach exposed, and a short and pink skirt. We left the house and then started to walk to the car. I purposely walked a little behind her just to catch a quick look at her great ass only just covered in that short pink skirt. Oh Boy what a great view? I loved seeing her dressed this way it turns me on, and I love the looks she gets when we are out.

When we reached the car. I opened the passenger side door for her. As she got in and sat down I caught a flash of the pink lacy thong she was wearing. We drove for about 25 minutes, and arrived at the pub. I had planned to take Kate out for a few drinks and a nice meal, as we hadn't been out for a few months.

When we arrived Kate I asked Kate what she wanted to drink she said make it a surprise I went to the bar and ordered her a cocktail it came in a jug with lots of ice and lots of different alcoholic ingredients we then spent about 30-40 minutes sitting looking around and chatting as she finished her jug of cocktail me I just had orange juice as I was driving.

By 9.30 I could see that Kate was quite drunk we then left the pub and went to the restaurant on the way she had dragged me over to a dark area and began to kiss me I soon had her squirming as I slipped her knickers down and stroked her clit. I got Kate to step out of her knickers and I bent down and picked them up, while down on my knees I took the opportunity to give her clit a quick kiss. I then dragged her off to the restaurant for our meal with Kate complaining I wasn't playing fair,

We had a lovely meal Kate had 4 glasses of white wine and I could tell she was feeling no pain and as usual when she was drunk she was flirting this time with the male waiter, who was giving her lots of personal attention, I went to the toilet and when I returned I could see why. He must have been getting a good look at her pussy as she was sitting with her legs spread. As we left the restaurant Kate was quite unsteady on her feet and I took her back to the pub where we went out onto the balcony and stood looking out over the harbour and all of the boats moored there I was caressing her naked ass under her skirt, I left Kate standing looking and went to the bar to get us both another drink.

As I was walking off the balcony towards the bar I looked back and I saw an older man about 60 or so with grey hair. He was sat to the right and just behind Kate, he was looking towards Kate. I looked over to see what he was looking at I suddenly realised that the breeze was blowing Kate's skirt up and he was getting a great view of her naked ass. The older man just leaned forward and reached over and gave Kate's ass a good squeeze. He then just started to slowly caress her ass under her skirt. I thought to myself, He's going to get a slap. I then waited for Kate to turn and hit him, But Nothing happened, I guess from all the drinks that she had that she didn't care or that as on other occasions when she had been drunk she was horny.

As I watched him, I saw him turn his head around and look to see where I was. But I guess with the bar being so crowded and it being quite dark out on the balcony he couldn't see me. I saw him then turned his head back around and looked towards Kate's ass, covered in that short little pink skirt. I was now so turned on by this that I was starting to get a hard-on. Just when I thought that he wouldn't get any bolder, I saw him reach out and slip his hand between Kate's legs and slid it up to the top of her leg. I then saw Kate spread her legs apart and push her ass back towards the old man.

Kate still hadn't looked around to see who was behind her, I quickly walked from where I was over to a darker area of the balcony and stood watching from there as the old man began to finger fuck Kate right there on the balcony. From where I was I could hear Kate's breathing become more laboured and a moan escaped her lips, I could also see Kate's hips thrusting herself on the old mans fingers. I looked around to see if anyone else was watching and as far as I could tell there was no one else on the balcony. I looked back and the old man had stopped fingering Kate and had stood up behind her and as I watched he reached out with his left hand and squeezed Kate's left breast, I heard Kate moan again as he pinched her erect nipple through her top. He then reached out and pulled the cord holding her top up as it came undone Kate's breasts spilled out, he put his hands around Kate and squeezed both her breasts. The old man then took a step back and grabbed the bottom of the back of Kate's short pink skirt and he pulled it upwards and tucked it into the waistband, Kate's ass cheeks came into view and you could clearly see as he slipped his fingers back between her pussy lips and continued to finger fuck her, with one hand while squeezing her left breast with the other, he continued to do this for what seemed like hours but must have been only a minute or two.

I then saw him drop his right hand downward over the front of his pants. I then heard the sound of a zipper being slowly pulled downwards. I saw the old man just reach inside and now pull out a fat long and hard old cock from the opening of his pants, it must have been 9 inches long he then stepped up even closer behind Kate. He removed his left hand and I then saw him put his hands on Kate's bare waist area, and then just push his hard cock right against her bare ass cheeks.

The old man then took his right hand off her waist, and then just slipped it downwards in-between Kate, and himself. I watched as he grabbed his hard cock, and then he rubbed the bulbous head up and down Kate's pussy lips. I heard him say " oh yesss!" I then saw him stick the head of his cock against Kate's puffed pussy lips, and push. I watched as his bulbous head disappeared into Kate's pussy slowly followed by the rest of hard cock. I now saw the man smile as he started to hump, in and out of Kate's pussy. Kate was bent over the balcony with both her breasts out her nipples were hard and I could see Kate had a look of pleasure on her face as he slowly fucked her with his large cock.

As I just watched this old man fucking Kate from behind, I could hear him now starting to mumble out, "Oh yeah, Old John's really glad that he found you tonight." I could also see that Kate was humping her bare ass cheeks up and down, as the old man started to fuck her even harder and faster from behind. I heard my drunken wife now slur out. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh that's good? muuuuuuummmm"

I could see old man smiling I then heard Kate slur out. "Oh, Oh, I m Cumming " followed by a long moan. The old man continued to fuck Kate after another minute I saw the old man humping really hard up against Kate's ass cheeks. Kate ass was grinding into him as his whole body started to jerk. He mumbled, "Oh yessss." I then saw Kate just push her bare young ass cheeks back into him hard, as she drunkenly slurred out. "Ohhhhhhh I am cumming again ahhhhhhhhh."

I saw the older man grind his crotch up into her ass cheeks I then saw Kate start to move her ass around in small circles as she also started to hump her ass up and down a little faster. I then saw man close his eyes and smile as his crotch started to jerk upwards into Kate's ass. I could tell that old man was now emptying his nuts into Kate's hungry pussy. The old man kept his cock inside Kate for about a minute and then I watched as he pulled his spent cock from her still throbbing pussy. He then stepped back and put his old cock back into his pants and zipped them up. I saw him pull Kate's short pink skirt back over her ass cheeks he then pulled Kate around and cupped her head in his hands and kissed her long and hard, Kate responded by putting her arms around his neck and was returning his kisses.

I then heard the old man say to Kate. "I wish I could take you home with me sweetheart. And we could do that again" I heard my Kate moan "Yes Please". " I then saw the old man smile and he said to her " don't you worry sweetheart ". The old man then reached our and cupped her breasts and moved forward and began to suck her nipples, one after another. Kate moaned again, the old man took her top and pulled it back up and tied it back up he then took her by the hand and led her to his table. He sat Kate down and then sat next to her.

I took the opportunity to slip back into the bar and get the drinks and on my return I found Kate sitting at the table with the old man. I noticed that he had his hand on Kate's left leg and he was gently caressing it, I didn't mention it but as I approached Kate looked up and waved Kate said in a slurred voice "honey over here." Once I was at the table I said to Kate " sorry it took so long the bar was busy. " Kate replied " oh that's ok I found a friend while you were gone Steve this is John, John this is my Husband Steve.

I shook hands with John and said to him " thanks for taking good care of her for me, would you like a drink" John replied "it was a pleasure and yes please a G & T with ice and a slice for me" I said "won't be long John" and I turned and walked back towards the bar. Once I was out of sight I turned and looked back I saw John leaning over to Kate and pull her top down

To Be Continued...

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