tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersKate's Mom Comes To Visit Ch. 03

Kate's Mom Comes To Visit Ch. 03



Damn, Little Sis brought the girls out hell! I had no clue they were all witches. I knew Sally, Mary, and Jasmine were, but all of them? Hmm...Sis did recommend them all to me; now I know why. Well, shit! Sally was riding Kate, but damn, they were two feet off of the fucking ground, and Mary and Alison were a foot! What's with all the floating sex, when even I can't levitate? Maggs showed up out of the blue, nodded at Sis, then hopped on Kate and rode the poor girl till she passed out! Damn, more flashing ink; Maggs's dragon was sparkling. Hmm...a power play or a show of respect? Damn! Rule one: Never get in the way of High Priestess!

OK, Maggie did clue me on Lynn. So the little slut is a spy. Well, I will leave her to my own people and Maggie's.


Lynn: Official Log

I got the test results back on Kate. Poor girl, she is infertile, so unless she planned ahead, no children for her. I truly feel bad for her; she is so sweet and would make a great mother. The drug results show a very powerful hormone that was designed to work faster than current ones of its kind. So, unless we wish to engage in medical tourism, it is useless to reproduce this drug. I have forwarded the results to the proper experts, so we shall see.



When I got to Lucy's I could feel Jenna; damn she's strong! She was being eaten out by Carmen. I nodded to her, and when I turned to Kate I flashed my own ink at her in a show of respect and welcome. Hmm...odd. Mary and Alison were levitating during their 69-- very intriguing position. I mounted Kate and took her up so I could wrap my legs around her as we fucked. Yes, very much a wonderful sensation; I shall have to add it to my bag of tricks! Poor girl passed out on me as we came. Sally must have drained her.


Jackie Burns: Security Officer's Log

We have begun Operation Dragon Declaw. The PRC agent known to us as Lynn is now being fed false information and just enough real to keep her supervisors happy with her. It's going to be fun watching Doc M work her "magic" on the poor little girl. Hmm... I'm reminded of a line from Star Wars: "It's an old Jedi mind trick." In this case, though, it's an old witch trick. Got to love working with witches. Pity I don't have any of there skills, just my combat ones. Too bad the boys of my regiment can't see their old sergeant major. Yes, I used to be male like Kate, but unlike her I did my transformation the old way. I had to pull a disappearing act, and the agency offered me a way out.



Wow, just wow, is all I can say to describe how I felt after Sally and Maggie fucked me while we were floating! I mean, I have never come so hard in my life! I must learn how to do this floating thingy, as it's just indescribable how it feels to float while being ridden. Hmm...I must be submissive in nature, as I have no problem when the girls have taken the lead in our lovemaking. Sally and Jasmine each talked to me in private later, and both told me if it was possible Sally wanted me to get her pregnant. What the fuck? I definitely have to talk to Mom, Auntie, and Maggie!



Maggs put on a show for me with her skills. Too bad she wore my little girl out! Kate is progressing nicely. So is Alison, who has her protective side but now allows the household staff and others to enjoy Kate for pleasure; however, I pity anyone who tries to separate them. Ally would to use the phrase "Rip them a new hole!" Mary announced that dinner would be at seven and everyone was expected to be there.The girls went to their place, and I went to get cleaned up.



What a day, and Jenna has only been here two days now! What in the hell is next weekend's party going to be like! I wonder if I can get knocked up by Kate; I do love that girl, and to have a child by her would be fantastic! Now where the hell did that little thought come from?

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