tagBDSMKatherine and Katie's Lesson Ch. 02

Katherine and Katie's Lesson Ch. 02


A week ago, after being caught spying on my lesbian neighbors, the English redhead mistress Katherine, and the blonde submissive Katie, during a bondage session, they tied me up and teased me for hours, until giving me the largest orgasm I had ever experienced. Now we've surprisingly become really good friends, and Katherine and I scheduled another bondage visit for that Saturday. When she asked me, it took everything I had not to jump with joy.

"Alright, when should I come over?" I asked.

"Actually, how about I come to your apartment to tell you when, and you come back to ours?" She responded. When she noticed my confused expression, she added "I need you to keep a secret. Katie won't know about this session until it starts. She did enjoy playing with you, and I want to see her being played with next to you. So I can't have you knocking on our door until I'm ready for you."

I, of course, agreed. After the first time with them, all I could think about was being at one of their mercy. Saturday night, all I did was wait by the door in anticipation, checking the clock every twenty seconds. The time did inevitably come, when a knock on my door could be heard. On the other side was obviously Katherine, in the same trenchcoat I've grown to love. Without a word, we walked to her apartment, but stopped short of the door. She looked me in the eyes with her keys half-way into the lock.

"Once you set foot past this door, I become Mistress. Are we clear?" She said with absolute sincerity.

"Yes, Mistress."

My cock turned hard with those words escaping my lips. and with that, the doorway to the night opened. Right after I stepped inside, Katherine turned around once more, and put a finger to her lips, reminding me to stay quiet. She then used the same finger, and extended it downward, motioning me to kneel. I did as I was told, which caused her to walk up to me, and take out a ballgag, a collar, and a leash from her pocket. With no trouble, they were on me in seconds.

"Strip." She said, with a quiet, yet still authoritative tone.

I was down to my bare skin faster than I ever had done before, showing off my erect cock for her, with which she starred at delightedly. Once again, she pointed downward, and I was on my hands and hands and knees immediately.

She bent next to my ear to whisper "Not a so much as a moan."

I clearly couldn't make noise unless it was a moan, with the gag locking my jaw in place. She stood up straight up again, and began tugging on the leash. I started crawling behind her as fast as I could without making noise on the old floors. She led me into the bedroom, the same room I had spent tied up in a week ago. However, this time, the red leather fancy bondage chair equipment was gone, and this time simply replaced with two plain wooden chairs, facing eachother from across the room. One was empty, while the other held Katie bound to it. She was blindfolded, so she couldn't see us, and was most likely unaware of our presence. A gag, made out of a handkerchief tied around her head, squeezing her cheeks tight. She wore a white business shirt, except it was completely unbuttoned, and her breasts were bare. High heels, stockings, and a tight short black skirt were also on display. The skirt did nothing to hide the fact that she was going commando underneath.

The way she was bound to the chair confused me for a moment. She was tied how you would imagine a person to be tied to a chair, with her legs tied to the chair legs, and her arms tied to the chair arms, except her right arm wasn't. it was tied tightly against her own body, still causing it to be immobile, but also pressing her hand against her skirt. Katherine brought me over to the chair opposite of Katie, and began strapping me in, mirroring her, except without the arm against my body. Katherine then walked in over to her, and dropped the coat, revealing a black corset, with pink ribbon lining it, and pink bows on both breasts and the panties. She leaned into her, and kissed her gagged lips. Katie let out a moan without even being able to see Katherine's choice of lingerie. Suddenly, she reached for the top of Katie's skirt and pulled it down forcefully, exposing her pussy, and also letting Katie's hand, which used to be touching her own skirt, fall into her own crouch.

Now I understood, it was a position to bind them, but still allow them to masturbate. Even with the new ability to play with herself, and her being clearly horny, Katie didn't move her hand. Katherine stood up and placed a finger between Katie's breasts, then began slowly walking behind her without letting that finger leave her body. After she was standing directly behind her, she reached around and grabbed both of her exposed tits. She began playing with them, much to Katie's joy. Slowly rubbing the nipples and squeezing them, Katie was already moaning.

Gently, Katherine leaned into her ear, and whispered "Start."

Without hesitation Katie began rubbing herself. Massaging her clitoris, and rubbing her labia, her pleasure was unknowable. Katherine continued fondling her breasts, while also kissing and licking her neck, and periodically looking up at me to smile. Seven minutes go by before Katie begins to shake.


Immediately, Katie's hand clenches obediently, but not without letting out a dissatisfied whimper. You could see how much she wanted to start again, but not willing to disobey, she kept it like that. For three minutes, Katherine did nothing but stand, admiring Katie and I's bound bodies.

Finally, she leaned back into her ear, and whispered even softer now, "Start."

Katie's pointed out two fingers and penetrated herself instantaneously. Thrusting in and out, it was clear she was desperate for an orgasm, and wanted nothing more than to reach climax before Katherine said that hated word.


Katie's disappointment was clearer now, almost a pleading, as she closed her fingers back into her hand. It had only taken four minutes now for the trembling of an fourcoming orgasm to start. Katherine takes glee in her torment, and spends five minutes playing more with her breasts. This time when she leans in, she waits before she says anything. It's clear Katie wants to scream, but waits patiently.


Katie takes her four fingers and sticks all of them into herself, and then uses her thumb to play with her clit. She's frantic to be able to cum before she hears Katherine say anything. Katherine kneels before her, waiting. It's less than two minutes before Katie starts to shake.

"Stop." She says, and quickly bites one of Katie's nipples to get her point across.

Katie screams through her gag, losing any chance of an orgasm. Even though she knew it was futile, an orgasm was the only thing she could think about. Although, she was too afraid of any punishment given by her mistress to disobey.

"I'm sorry sweetie, I had to. I have a full night planned for us." She then yanks the blindfold off her, revealing me to Katie. "Though I do think you'll like this."

She's right. The moment Katie sees me, a wide grin appears behind her gag. Katherine wasn't lying when she said Katie didn't know I was coming. Her joy is unquestionable as she inspects my naked bound body from afar.

"Are you two ready?"



"I'll take that as a yes."

She walks over to me with more rope. At first, she undoes my leg bindings, before ultimately tying my ankles together anyways. Then she undoes my arms, before telling me to raise them high above my head, and ties my wrists to. She stood me up and made me walk to the center of the room. When I say walk, I mean more like hop, considering my ankles bound together. She takes out another piece of rope, and ties one end to my bound wrists, and another to a hook in the ceiling. The rope was way to small, and I had to support myself by my toes. Katherine notices immediately and smiles. She's well aware the experience is not pleasant for me, and decides to torment me further by simply standing in front of my eyes. She then goes over to Katie, undoes her masturbating hand, and ties it to the chair arm.

"Don't want you to get too excited while I'm not looking."

Katie's still looking at me, and I can only assume she's imagining what she would do if she wasn't tied up. Katherine walked behind me without so much as a glance, and headed towards her drawer. All I could hear was her rummaging through it for what seemed like ages. Eventually the sound stopped, and even though I couldn't see what she took out of it, whatever it was made Katie grow even more joyful.

"Katie, we've taught him the ways of pleasure through denial, and I think it's time to show him pleasure through pain."

Pain? I was not told of anything like this, but I felt the same type of curious excitement as the first time I was tied up. Besides, what position was I in to argue? Without warning, Katherine grabbed my right ass cheek and squeezed, causing me to jump slightly. Her nails dug into my skin. Suddenly, what I now know was a leather strap smacked right unto my ass. I jumped a lot higher than I did before on that one, and my eyes grew wide. Once again, she took a cheek into her hand and squeezed, evidently entirely for her own pleasure. SMACK! Another strap. Katie was ecstatic watching me being whipped and having my dick grow larger. SMACK! After that one, she yanked off the ballgag and threw it onto the bed.

"Beg for it." She whispered.

"Please, Mistress!"


"Please, another, Mistress!

SMACK! At this point, I could no longer stay balanced on my toes and was swinging back and fourth with each strap.

"Beg for it!"

"PLEASE! Spank me harder, Mistress!"

And she did. After three minutes, my ass was on fire. I couldn't imagine how red it was. When she was done, she put the ballgag back into my mouth, and walked over to Katie, who looked like she was in Heaven. Katherine proceeded to do the same to her in standing her up and bringing her to the center of the room as she did to me. Now she too, was hung from the ceiling, facing me. We were about the same height, so she also was standing on her toes, which hurt like hell, but you couldn't see it in her face. She kept starring into my eyes, which only made me more erect. We were about a foot and a half apart, and it was impossible to move forward or backward unless you swung yourself, which also wasn't pleasant for your arms. Katherine went back to her drawer, and returned with two pairs of clamps, each with a small chain connect a pair. She dangled them in front of us, and Katie began to moan. Suddenly, she clamped two of them, one from each pair, onto my nipples. I wasn't expecting it, and shot up in pain, to which Katie giggled through her gag. Her nipples aswell, became clamped, so that her nipples were now connected to mine through the small chain. When I say small, I mean small, smaller than the space given between us. The clamps not only pressed down on my nipples, but pulled on them closer to Katie, which I couldn't give into if I tried. She was also in pain, but loved every second of it. I have to admit, so did I.

"Well don't you two look pretty."

Katherine was entranced by us, walking slowly in circles around our suspended bodies. Katie and I were still locked into eachother's eyes. Katherine reached down, and picked up a riding crop I hadn't noticed before. She took it and began circle my cock with it repeatedly. Knowing what was coming, I began to tremble. A quick smack was all it took to jolt my backwards, pulling on the clamps and making Katie let out a yelp. Before I was back on my two feet (or toes), Katherine began circling Katie's pussy with the crop. My eyes wide, my nipples suddenly pull forward before I even realize it had striked a blow on her labia, and I let out the same sound that she did. For twenty minutes, Katherine did this, cherishing every moment of it. She wouldn't let us know at all when she would hit, circling our parts sometimes up to thirty times to leave us in anticipation. If my cock wasn't being smacked, my nipples were being tortured, and if it wasn't either of those, I was shaking in fear. Finally, Katherine ended with a small tug on the chains, and then released the clamps. We both moaned simultaneously as our nipples returned to themselves. Still while we were hanging, Katherine looked at me.

"You know, in our last session together, I really enjoyed when I sat on your face. However, tonight I think I'm in the mood for penetration. I've found the solution to put them together." She said with a smile.

Returning to her drawer of wonders, she appeared before me with a new gag, one which, on the outside, featured a rubber cock protruding out from where the mouth would be. She replaced my old ballgag with this one. and slowly untied the rope from the ceiling, letting me put my feet on the ground for the first time in an hour. I still had my hands tied above my head, and my ankles bound together, but I had to follow her to the bed. There, she had me lay face up, with the rubber dick gag pointed toward the ceiling, and strapped my hands to the head of the bed, and my feet to the bottom. She did the same with Katie, however, she also laid her on her side, facing me.

Looking at us, Katherine reached inside her cleavage, and pulled out a small vibrator that she had been hiding in there the entire session. It was the same vibrator I had seen her use on Katie over a week ago, and sure enough, it was for her. Katherine used a small amount of tape to hold it over Katie's wet pussy, as she had lost her panties long ago. Suddenly, I heard a faint buzz. She had turned it onto the lowest setting. It wasn't near enough to get her to climax, but enough to still drive her wild. I felt a huge amount of sympathy for her, over an hour ago, she was just trying to finish masturbating. Katherine now stood above me ontop of the bed. She was facing away towards the bottom of the bed, and had her panties already off, showing me her already wet vagina. Slowly, she began to descend closer to my face, and to the rubber cock. She guided the dick into the lips of her pussy, but stopped before she made it a quarter of the way down onto it. A familiar smack of the riding crop hit my already sore crouch.

"Pleasure me."

I began to move my head up and down, thrusting the cock gag into her. SMACK!


Faster and faster I went. She stayed at the same elevation with me having to move my face closer into her pussy. Whenever I went up there was a mere moment of my face against her brilliant ass. I wanted to stay there forever, but feared for another smacking. I'm sure she knew that. That was part of the tease, and it drove me insane. Meanwhile, Katie still was forced to watch, while she was desperate for an orgasm but was unable to cum despite the subtle vibrations against her aching pussy. Periodically, Katherine would bring the crop onto my erect, painful, cock, just for the fun of it. Eventually, she began to moan, and moan hard. Soon she would orgasm, and, as foretold, she began to shake. Unavoidably, her pleasure made her weaker, and she collapsed onto my face, enveloping it into her ass. She herself began to bounce up and down onto the gag, to finish, practically screaming from her orgasm. When it was over, she dropped entirely onto my head for several seconds, just sitting there. I couldn't breath, but it was the ass that I was craving since she stood above me, and I relished it. After she climbed off of me, I could once again see Katie, with pleading eyes, forming a puddle next to her quivering pussy.

"Katie, would you like to cum tonight?"


"Is that a yes?"


"Well alright."

With that, Katherine reached for a blindfold, and some noise cancelling headphones, putting them on Katie, taking all of her senses but her ability to feel what would come next. She took the remote again, and turned it to it's highest settings. Katie's orgasm moans were immediate. Screams of euphoria poured out from her gag. The moans faded into a mix of satisfaction and gratitude, all being muffled but not misunderstood.

After a few seconds of Katherine not doing anything Katie released a sound of "Mmm?"

Katherine removed the headphones to exclaim "You wanted an orgasm. I'm giving you what you wanted." Before returning them over Katie's ears.

"MMMM! Mmm mmm mmmmm mm!"

But it was too late. Katherine planned to keep her like this for as long as she wanted, and Katie now knew that. Within the minute, Katie was engulfed in another orgasm. She began thrashing against her binds, and I'm not sure if it was an attempt at escape, a reaction to the orgasm, or both. During the next twenty minutes Katie had at least thirty orgasms. There wasn't a single moment she wasn't rapidly fighting her ropes.

"Her pleas turn me on more than anything on this planet. I can see they do the same for you." Katherine whispered to me, glancing towards my cock.

With her right hand, She reached inside Katie's pussy, (to which Katie squirmed at more), and retracted it covered in her juices. Slowly, she stuck it in her own mouth, letting out a sound of delight, and licked her lips. She sucked on it a little more before grasping my aching cock with her saliva covered hand. She yanked the gag off, and began to stroke. She didn't even start slowly. She jerked it harder than I ever did by myself.

I was going to orgasm in seconds, before she leaned into my ear, and whispered "...Scream for me." Before sticking my cock in her mouth to finish me off.


When we were done, it was still only 11:30. Starving, we headed out to look for a cafe open 24 hours.


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