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Katherine's Dream


Lying in the golden sun, Katherine listened to the crashing waves with her eyes closed, blocking out the irritating chatter of fellow holiday makers; humans. She twirled her lapis lazuli necklace with an absent mind as her thoughts shifted from her present, if a little mundane, vacation. No drama. No dicks. No fun. Just serenity; the peace and quiet she had longed for.

Yet, Katherine's subconscious took her straight back to the chaos she had been running from. She found herself looking in a full length oval mirror to see a slender girl clad in a deep violet skin tight cat suit that shoved her cleavage outwards. Katherine's dark glimmering hair that gave her the essence of an exotic beauty was scraped back from her angelic smirking face , into a high sporty ponytail. One hand was clutching wiry cobalt stick. Oh meow! She chuckled to herself in pure amusement and arousal.

Katherine backed away from the mirror and turned around to see exactly who her victims were. Her jaw dropped slightly in surprise but she composed herself quickly, sniggering behind her palm." How apt I get to finally show the men who never returned my affection that I'm the boss!" she mused wryly.

Eric blinked several times, enquiring sheepishly, "Katherine?" He was tied to a black steel chair with blue ribbon around his sculpted chest and his hands were secured in front of him. Naked. Smooth. Sexy.

"Hello," Katherine simpered, casting her second victim an even more smug look. Chris was in the same subdued condition as Eric, except he wore a more irritated expression. She paced in front of the two men, shaking her head and laughing. Revenge. All she could have dreamed for. "Well, I must say we're going to have so much fun together." At least in her head, Katherine could be in full control. In this fantasy, there was no way her two ex's would overpower her!

"Katherine!" Eric gritted his teeth and struggled against his luxurious, bold bonds. In response, Katherine landed the stick on his bare crotch sharply, causing him to shudder in a mix of pain and arousal.

"Yes?" she batted her lashes sweetly. "Please, call me Miss Katherine." Walking towards Eric, Katherine lowered herself onto his lap and stroked his face, cooing. "Why couldn't you have loved me?" She shot Chris a dark look and prodded his bare chest, frowning. "You used to be more athletic," mocking, scolding, teasing, "what happened? I don't think I can have much fun with this version of you at all!"

A low purr escaped from Katherine's lips when she felt Eric's prick rise to attention. Lowering her lips to his neck, she sucked delicately, nipping a little. "Good little boy! Now," her dark eyes flashed with amusement as she focused her attention back on Chris. "Let's see if I can make you behave."

Shifting from Eric's warm and moist lap, Katherine moved to drape herself over the back of the other chair so that her mouth rested over a firm nipple and her hair swished in Chris' face. Again, Katherine let her tongue do the work and her teeth leave a few droplets of red.

"Rise for me," she breathed in Chris' attentive ear, letting her cane tap repetitively on his slowly growing bulge. Once it reached full height, she broke away from the groaning Chris, smiling to herself. What more games to play?

After a few minutes of thought, Katherine addressed the two men again and beamed when they both twisted their necks to look directly at her with lust. "I will untie only one and let the lucky guy sample," she pointed at the crotch of her suit that would surely unzip, "here. The loser will go in that small cage across the room." The cage was a squat square and wounded into thick iron bars; it was a prison for even a dog.

"Yes, Miss Katherine." Eager, desperate. The reactions she had yearned for all this time. Too little too late...

"I'm thinking of a body part. Tell me what it is." She cocked a brow, already deciding who she wanted to go down on her.

"Your little pussy cat, Miss Katherine" Chris winked.

"Our big hungry dicks, Miss Katherine" Eric wondered in a hushed, strained tone, indicating his deep desire for her intimate touch.

Katherine strutted in front of the boys in dark high stilettos that matched her outfit; she made sure her hip movements were fluid and slow so that they would study the way the leather dimpled under her cute little butt. She pulled a pair of scissors from her cleavage and cut the ribbon around Chris before ordering in a sultry tone, "cage. Now. You hound dog!"

Katherine was glad that dream-Chris was very compliant, almost docile. She winked at Eric, cutting him free and helping him upwards before she let one finger rest on her crotch to pull the zipper down.

Eric gasped at the sight of Katherine's cunt peeking out from the tight folds of her outfit. She beckoned for him to kneel down and embrace her throbbing clit. Shuddering with pleasure, her walls growing more soaked as Eric's tongue action grew more intense, Katherine managed to cry out, "I want to hear masturbation going in that cage. If Chris is good, he'll be allowed to crawl around my back area!"

To her satisfaction, within minutes she heard grunting and panting coming from Chris.


Katherine pushed Eric from her and to the hardwood floor. "Now does good little boy want a reward?" Eric nodded quickly, leaking from his erection at the thought of the angelic dominatrix going down on him. Katherine straddled the quivering man, crushing her smiling lips to his parted ones. Delicious. She felt Eric slide inside her and thrust in a rocking motion.

"Just how I remember! OH!" Her hands wrapped around his faintly pulsing neck in a possessive manner. "Mine! All mine!"

The heaving couple kept on going until Eric collapsed with exhaustion. Katherine stood up from his sweating body and blew him down a kiss. She then proceeded to loiter in front of the sordid prison, sitting on her damp haunches to eye the jerking, grunting man inside. "This leather needs to come off soon. It's sticking to my skin!"

Chris stopped tugging on his erupting prick as soon as Katherine rested in front of the cage with a curious look playing on her soft features. "My reward? Miss Katherine?"

"You really don't deserve to even touch me." Katherine felt for the zip at the back of the restricting, sweltering cat suit and tugged it downwards, pulling her arm free from one sleeve, and then the other. She slid the leather down her dusky skin to expose her swung breast and then continued pulling ever so slowly at the material until it reached her ankles. The she shrugged her heeled feet out and voila; she turned around to let her dripping cum be viewed by Eric, who still lay on the floor incapacitated.

Raising her pert lithe butt to the bars, Katherine got on her hands and knees, shivering with anticipation. "But, my fantasy, my desires. You can enter me now. IF you can fit through the bars."

Would he? Katherine heard shuffling behind her and strained guttural sounds. In a matter of moments, a piercing sensation rippled through her anus. He was way quicker than she expected! Expert,even. She purred in delight, giddy, as the solid prick shoved it's way inside and slipped out. In and out. Faster and faster. The moans of pleasure couldn't be contained by Katherine any longer.

Eric crawled across the floor, hands outstretched to grope her rising and falling chest. Now it was his turn to press his lips to the nape of her neck, to her wet lips. Wrapping his legs around either side of Katherine's delicately curved body, Eric worked his way inside her and let himself gently caress her clit. Like she needed any more rough thrusting!

"I've lost control!" Katherine screamed wildly for a second before being consumed by Eric's passionate kiss. "Who's the boss now!? I'm being fucked over again!! OH!" It was hard trying to focus when she was being harshly plundered by the roguish prick! "I want to wake up but you won't let me. This is too good!"

Eventually, Eric collapsed onto Katherine, embracing her with his manly arms this time. Chris pulled himself from her, but managed to slip a finger and thumb through the bars to rub the back of her neck.

"I love you, Miss Katherine," they both uttered at the same time, causing Katherine's heart to swell and tears to form in her eyes. It was what she had wanted to hear for a very long time. Maybe we can reconcile in real life? They must love me, somehow. Please come back to me. Both of you. I...I...

Katherine woke up with a start, cursing under her breath. The dream had been good; stunning, fantastical, intoxicating. Until unresolved feelings had crept back in and ebbed the power from her inch by inch, thrust by thrust.

I love Eric, she reasoned calmly, "but he hates me so I have to move on. Be strong. I also... she cringed about her inner, dark feelings, no. I don't love HIM anymore. I did, and that part of me clearly wanted to invade my erotic fantasies. I HATE Chris and I am trying to hate Eric. YES! I hate them both. Damn fuckers ruining my own fantasy.

Rising from the pale blue sun lounger, Katherine stalked off in irritation, making her way up the crowded beach trying to ignore the wet patch that had formed in the crotch of her black bikini bottoms.

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