It was the rained out camping trip that changed the direction of Kathryn's life. She had returned home early Wednesday afternoon, dropped off by her best friend. It was two weeks past her 19th birthday and she was disappointed that the weather had not cooperated. Her plans for two weeks with her friends had been literally washed away. Her parents were in the Bahamas for the next week and a half and she looked forward to some quiet time before her second year of college started. As she walked up the driveway, she noticed a strange car in the neighbor's drive and assumed that Jack had brought a friend over to keep him company while she was away.

Her neighbor, Jack, was 24, 6' 2" and about 180 pounds. He worked out every morning in his pool, doing laps for an hour. He invited Kathryn over to swim often and she had complete run of his house. Having been neighbors for the past few years, Jack had watched Kathryn grow up from a shy awkward teenager to beautiful young woman.

Kathryn slipped quietly through the back door. Downstairs she unpacked her wet clothes and hung them out to dry. Coming back upstairs she went to the kitchen for a snack. After eating, she went to her bathroom to shower and clean up. Stripping down and running the shower, she paused to check her reflection in the full-length mirror on the back of the door. At 5'6" and 120 pounds, her figure was perfect. 34" -- 22" -- 36", long blonde hair and deep tan had men staring wherever she went.

Turning to the shower, Kathryn caught a glimpse through the clear top half of the frosted window into Jack's bathroom. He had left the door open and she could see directly into the master bedroom. Kathryn paused and looked again to make sure she saw what she thought she saw. As she watched her hand slid down to her shaven pubis, her last boyfriend had talked her into shaving herself smooth, and she liked the feeling of his coarse hair rubbing her bare snatch. Her palm ground into her clit and two fingers slid into her pussy, which was suddenly dripping wet.

Jack stood spread eagle at the foot of his bed, his wrists had black bands around them and thick black belt around his waist had a strap going between his butt cheeks. His back was a sea of red marks, as was his ass and legs. He appeared to be straining against the ropes, but at what Kathryn could not tell. Then she saw a nylon-clad leg appear and drive its foot into his groin and start rubbing. Jack started rocking his hips in time to the stroking foot and Kathryn fell into the same rhythm. Suddenly a lash appeared and struck his back; Jack jerked in his bonds but kept grinding on the foot in his crotch. Again and again the lash struck his reddened flesh. Finally, Jack arched his back and a stream of white cum shot out of him onto the feet and legs of the person on the bed. Jack convulsed and kept on shooting his load for the longest time. Kathryn climaxed at the same time and hung onto the window frame to remain upright and see the rest of the show.

Jack hung limp form the bands around his wrists, his chest heaving as he finished unloading onto the bed. Kathryn watched in amazement as a young woman in a black corset complete with stockings and garters sat up on his bed, picked up Jack's shirt and whipped the pearly white cum off her legs and feet. She stood up, walked to the end of the bed and undid the buckles on the wristbands Jack wore and he fell forward over the footboard. He was bent at the waist and his flaming red ass stuck up into the air. The women ripped something off the top of his head and through it onto the bed. Then she fussed with some other straps on his head and then moved further down his body. She unbuckled the belt around his waist and pulled the strap from between his ass cheeks. Then she pulled a large dildo out of his ass and through it on the bed. Slapping his cheeks Kathryn saw her order him to do something and Jack stood up and bent over to undo his ankles from the same type of bands on his wrists.

When he was free he dropped to all fours and kissed her feet and ankles. She snapped her fingers and said something else; Jack leaped to his feet and went to his pants by the bed, pulled out an envelope and gave it to the woman. Together they turned and left to bedroom.

Kathryn forgetting about her own nakedness, or the drying mess on her thighs, raced from the bathroom to the living room and peeked through the curtains. The woman, in a very conservative dress and topcoat, calmly walked to her car, got in and drove off. Kathryn rushed back to the bathroom and peered through the window to watch Jack return to the bedroom. His gait was stiff and he winced as he bent over the bed to pick up the items left there. Kathryn saw the belt he wore had a small steel ring in the front to fit over his cock; she also saw the blind fold and the gag he had worn. It was a small ball attached to two pieces of leather that buckled behind the head. She watched him put all these things away in the closet, but had to duck out of sight as he came into the bathroom with the dildo in hand to clean it. She looked over the windowsill and was surprised by the size of it. Jack finished cleaning up and left the bathroom for some other part of the house. Kathryn stood peering through the bathroom window for a long time before she remembered that she was naked and the shower was running. Turning away slowly back to her shower, Kathryn had a lot to think over.

That night, she spent a good deal of time on the Internet trying to learn about the scene that she had viewed that afternoon. Her private view into Jack's sexuality had started her thinking. She had always found him attractive, but not thought more about it, now she had reason to. Her trip through the Internets many websites devoted to this form of sex had left her in a high state of arousal. As she lay in bed that night a plan formed in her mind and she smiled at the thought of putting it into action the next morning.

Kathryn arose the next morning earlier than usual and went to shower. She cleaned herself with great care, knowing what she had planned for the rest of the day, or longer, if she was lucky. Going back to her bedroom, she took her smallest and most revealing bikini, put it on, then a long T-shirt, and headed for Jack's pool.

As always, he was already in doing laps. He wore a small black Speedo, and a T-shirt. He did this at irregular intervals, and once told Kathryn that he did this to create more drag and make his workout harder. But this time Kathryn saw the fading red marks on his legs, and she knew the truth. Kathryn threw her towel on a chair, sat on the edge of the pool and dangled her legs into the water close to where Jack was about flip turn for another lap.

Seeing her feet in the water jack swam up to the edge of the pool and surfaced facing her. "Hi Kath. I thought you were camping for 2 weeks."

"Hey Jack, I was, but the rain nearly drowned us and washed away our campsite. After 4 days it was enough and we came home yesterday." She said smiling down on him. "How have you been?"

"So so. You?"

"Better now that I am home. You mind if I go for swim with you?"

"You know better than to ask, hop in." Jack said grabbing her leg and tugging playfully.

Kathryn slid out of his grasp and stood up at the edge. Leaning forward she dove gracefully into the pool and struck out doing her own laps. The T-shirt she wore went transparent the instant she hit the water revealing the trim body and tiny bikini beneath. Jack watched her for a moment then aware of the stirring in his loins, dove back under and started to swim harder than before. He caught and passed Kathryn several times before he was finished his morning workout. As he finished his last lap, Jack stood and looked around. Kathryn was still swimming, but she was headed his way. He wanted to get out before she saw the effect she was having on him, but it was too late. Resting his arms on the edge of the pool, he knelt down in the pool and pushed his hardened cock against the side to hide it from her.

Kathryn swam up and stopped beside him, adopting the same posture that he had. "How can you do this every day?" She panted her small breasts heaving beneath her, her nipples extended.

"You get used to it." Jack replied with a smile, trying very hard to look her in the eye and failing. "If you have self discipline, you force yourself to do it."

"Seems more like self torture to me." She responded and they both laughed.

"What can I say, I am a masochist."

"I know." Kathryn said sternly, and she decided to take the bull by the horns, or rather Jack by his. "Whose car was that in your driveway yesterday?" She asked innocently.

"Oh just a friend from work." Jack replied casually, going slightly red.

"She was very pretty."

"How do you know?" Jack asked reddening darker still.

"Oh I saw her leave through the front windows, before I had a shower. Is she your girlfriend?" Kathryn teased.

"No, just a friend."

"Then why are blushing."

"I am not."

"Yes you are. I can feel the water heating up from it." Kathryn said with a laugh. "I believe you though. Because if I thought she was your girlfriend, I would be very jealous and angry. Come on, let's get into the hot tub and warm up."

Kathryn hopped up out of the pool and the T-shirt clung transparent to her lush curves. She peeled it off to reveal the tiny white bikini she wore beneath, the same bikini she had altered the night before. She had removed all the linings from it so that it was now transparent when wet. Her puckered nipples showed clearly through the fabric, as did the puffy lips of her sex. She walked to the hot tub and Jack's eyes followed every step, his hard-on throbbing harder at the sight.

As she settled into the hot water she looked across and saw that he had not moved. "I said, come and warm up." She repeated with authority. Jack was caught between two opposing forces. He wanted to get out of the cold pool and into the hot tub, but he couldn't without showing his erection. The small suit he wore did not help; most of his cock was visible past the waistband. Swimming over to the ladder, he climbed out slowly and adjusted the shirt he wore as best he could. Walking quickly he crossed the deck and slid into the tub in the opposite corner from her.

"How can we talk with you all the way over there?" Kathryn asked, standing up and walking over to sit beside him. The water action had forced more of her panties into her cleft, showing off more of her puss than before; Jack was rapidly losing the little control that he had left. Kathryn slid into the seat beside him and snuggled into his shoulder. Her arm lay on his thigh and her hand rested on his knee beneath the water. Jack sat tensely waiting but Kathryn merely relaxed and rested in the turbulent water. After a time, Jack started to relax and Kathryn decided as she felt him unwind, that now was the moment.

Turning towards him Kathryn caused her nails to drag lightly up his thigh and scrape gently over his groin. Jack inhaled sharply but made no other move. He knew this was no accident, but he could not allow himself to believe what was happening. "Are you alright Jack?" Kathryn asked quietly, looking him in the eye and keeping her hand in his crotch. "You look like you are gonna burst a gasket." She said as she squeezed his nuts.

"Yea, I'm okay." He stammered.

"I thought you might be excited by my gripping your balls like this, or would you prefer something more painful?" She asked as she tightened her grip. Jack threw his head back and inhaled through his teeth. 'You see, I know about what you like a woman to do to you Jack. I saw that woman yesterday. You know the one from your office. The woman who tied you up and beat you till you came on her legs."

"How did you know about that?" Jack asked, suddenly frightened.

"I saw you in the mirror of you guest bathroom. The door was open and so was the door to your room." Kathryn said as she started stroking up and down on his throbbing member. "Did you enjoy what she did to you? Tell me." She commanded. "Tell me all about it."

"Yes, she is one of the Dominatrix's that I see on a regular basis. In my job I have to act so tough and once in a while I need to be dominated." Jack said, grinding his ass into the seat as she continued to jerk him off in the tub.

"I can do that to you too if you would like." Kathryn offered.

"We can't." Jack said. "What would your parents say if the found out?"

"Don't worry about them; I can handle Mom and Dad. I practically live at your place anyway. Who would notice a few more visits? Do you want me to do that to you?" Kathryn asked as she squeezed his crotch and her other hand pinched his nipple.

"Yessssss." Jack hissed through gritted teeth.

"Then let's go inside and play, slave."

"Yes Mistress." Jack responded his eyes downcast. Together they climbed out of the hot tub and dried off before heading into the house. The air conditioning was on and they were suddenly chilled by the blast of cold air. Kathryn felt her nipples contract again as they hit the cold air. "Where would you like to start Mistress? Jack asked quietly.

"Show me your equipment." Kathryn ordered, and grabbed his dick again to stress her point. Jack shuddered and pulled off his wet shirt and pushed down his Speedo. Standing rigid against his tight belly was a throbbing 8-inch penis. His body was completely hairless, and the marks on his belly stood out on his skin. Twirling her fingers Kathryn indicated she wanted him to turn around. Jack obeyed and she was startled to see the sea of hash marks on his back from the whipping of the previous day.

"Very nice Slave. Now show me what else you have."

"Yes Mistress." Jack replied meekly.

Jack led her upstairs to his bedroom and opened the closet. Hanging in the closet was whips, restraints and harnesses of every kind. He had multi-tailed whips and riding crops, canes and paddles. Picking up a whip and a riding crop, Kathryn turned and asked, "Is this everything?"

"No, there is a room in the basement."

"Oh yes, the locked storage room. I have wondered what was so important about a storage room that you had to keep it locked. Bring the gag, blindfold, wrist cuffs, and the belt from yesterday and that vibrating butt plug." Kathryn demanded, turning and walking from the bedroom for the basement. Jack grabbed the items she required and hurried to follow.

Heading downstairs Jack grabbed his keys and unlocked the door to the storage room, flicked on the light and stepped back to let Kathryn enter first. The room was a mix of bright red and black. There was a large four poster bed with rings screwed into each post at different heights, and overhead pulley system hooked to the only exposed beam. The walls were mirrored and the closet filled with more punishment articles and costumes. The punishment cross stood in the corner and there was a private bathroom as well.

Kathryn pulled Jack inside and slammed the door. She pushed him face down on the bed over the footboard, his ass high in the air. She kicked his legs apart and spread his cheeks. His asshole opened before her eyes and she rammed the butt plug all the way in without mercy. Jack's head came off the bed and he hissed in pain, but made no other move.

"Stand up and put your belt on." Kathryn ordered and Jack meekly obeyed. Buckling the belt around his waist, Kathryn made him tighten it until it folded his flat stomach. Forcing his raging hard on and balls through the small ring was exceptional painful, but Jack endured until he succeeded. He stood before her painting in pain, his cock and balls red and sore but totally restrained. Kathryn then buckled the wrist cuffs on him and secured him to the overhead pulley. She buckled his ankles to another set of cuffs she found in the basement room already attached to a spreader bar. When she finished, she raised the pulley and had him hanging there. Then Kathryn applied the blindfold and gag. When he was completely restrained, Kathryn walked around him admiring her handiwork.

"Are you comfortable?" She asked, and Jack shook his head. "Good, you see you are not supposed to be. You are to be punished for that disgusting display I witnessed yesterday, and for getting hard in the pool and for making me touch it in the hot tub. Now you just stay put while I look around." Kathryn peeled off her wet bikini and started to rummage around in the room's closets. She found clamps and clothespins, more whips and paddles and several corsets of varying sizes.

She also found several costumes, schoolgirl, cheerleader, a form fitting business suit and several dance skins. There were crotch less panties and peek-a-boo bras, and leather maid and nurses outfits. She heard Jack whimper as his arms went numb, but she ignored him and pulled out the white silk blouse and plaid wool skirt school outfit and put them on. The blouse she tied at her midriff and left unbuttoned. The skirt stopped just below her pussy and the thigh high white stockings she found with the 4-inch spike heels completed her outfit. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and decided that Jack should appreciate her appearance as well.

She pulled off the blindfold and tossed it on the bed. Jack blinked several times and then focused on her. His eyes widened slightly and she asked him "Do you like this outfit?" He nodded quickly and she struck with the whip. "You are not supposed to have any say in anything. You are a slave. I see more discipline is needed." Kathryn turned back to the closet and pulled the clamps and clothespins out and started to attach them.

Jack squirmed as she locked the clamps on his nipples. She had picked the set with the weights already attached. The clothespins she clipped onto his thighs and scrotum. Then she picked up the whip and started to beat his ass, stopping occasionally to claw his back with her nails. Jack moaned and shook constantly. He was in heaven. He had thought about this girl since she had started to mature and went to college. Her body had been driving him wild for some time. Now without her knowing it she was fulfilling his deepest fantasy. The dominatrix's that he hired had all been the same appearance as Kathryn and now she was doing it for him. He watched her strut about in the heels and the costume and gave himself to her every impulse.

Kathryn saw the look of satisfaction in Jack's eyes and knew that he was hers from now on. She could control him. She dropped the whip and picked up a stiff brush and applied to the head of his dick. Jack jerked in his bounds, but could make no sound. The pre cum flowing from him increased the more she abused him. As she used the brush, Kathryn pushed the switch on the butt plug and Jack thrust his hips forward and the vibrator started up his ass. Kathryn stepped back and let him writhe in agony and delight. Putting down the brush and turning off the vibrator Kathryn let Jack catch his breath for a moment the picked up a long feather.

Jack looked down at her with fear in his eyes and love in his heart as she started to tickle his underarms. He shook and twisted, as never before, she was merciless first tickling then whipping, flicking the vibrator on and off at irregular intervals. It was the ordeal of his life and he loved every second of. Kathryn could not believe the intense feelings torturing a helpless man had on her. She felt her pussy juices running down her legs, staining the stockings. She was excited beyond belief. Dropping the whip and the feather, Kathryn bent and sucked his cock into her mouth. Licking and sucking on him she also applied her nails and teeth, scratching and biting to keep him on the verge of coming. Standing up she saw that his dick was almost purple and looked painfully abused. She lowered the pulley and unclipped the wrist cuffs and let him fall to the floor. She clipped his hands behind his back and walked around in front of him.

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