tagBDSMKathy Comes to Dinner Ch. 03

Kathy Comes to Dinner Ch. 03


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Soon they walked in. I was sitting on the bed with my back more or less to the door.

"Stand up silly" Lisa directed.

I did, but still was turned away from them.

"Turn around and face us, stop being so shy" she giggled.

I did, but tried to hide myself a bit by at least keeping my hands in front of me. I was already crimson once again, but turned even a deeper red when Lisa said, "Okay if you're going to act like that I'm going to have to be bossy, clasp your hands behind your head!"

As I did, it was clear to both of them that I was rock hard in spite of my humiliation.

"See, I told you this would turn him on!" Lisa clapped as she exclaimed.

"Hmm, that's not a bad package he has there." commented Kathy, as if talking about someone who wasn't in the room.

I felt even more embarrassed at each turn, which I didn't think was possible.

"Lisa, please don't do this" I begged.

"I was afraid of this" Lisa giggled "turn around and put your hands behind your back."

Knowing I had no real choice I did as directed. Lisa quickly put on my wrist cuffs. Then she did something totally new and unexpected.

"Close your eyes and open your mouth wide" she instructed.

Again I did as I was told, although hesitantly. Suddenly Lisa inserted what I soon realized was a ball gag.

"I love to hear him beg for relief, and we'll do that later, but for now if he isn't quiet you might miss some of the finer points of my lesson!" Lisa laughingly explained to Kathy. She then had me turn around and face the two of them.

"Come over here, I want you to get a feel for how he is now!" Lisa was in her "instructor mode."

She asked Kathy to feel my balls and see how firm they were.

"This is how you will tell if your man has cum since the last time you gave him permission. Mostly by learning how his balls feel depending on when he came last."

I was mortified as Kathy took my balls in her right hand and started to carefully feel them.

"See how firm they feel," Lisa started. She went on to explain to Kathy that I hadn't cum in almost a week. "I've already brought him right to the edge of cumming twice today. By the end of this evening you'll really get to feel some full balls, this is nothing yet" she giggled.

All the while Kathy was exploring my balls with both hands.

"Okay, lets start. Take one testicle in each hand, wrap your fingers around it so your thumbs are pointing up. Now while gently squeezing and massaging each one, rub your thumbs gently up and down right under the cock head, pushing his cock back against his stomach. In just seconds he'll start to squirm, in fact we may have to restrain him further. This treatment drives him absolutely crazy. It's one of my favorites!"

I couldn't believe this. Here was my wife teaching her best friend how to drive me insane with the most frustrating of all her techniques, and we'd just started! I was moaning into the gag and squirming like mad. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and stepped back. Lisa's eyes went wide!

"What do you think you're doing?" she barked at me, "you know better than that! You're going to pay for that one Peter!"

With that she positioned me standing at the foot of the bed and with my legs spread wide attached my ankles with cuffs to the legs of the frame. Now I couldn't move and my balls and cock were well positioned for further torment.

"Since he misbehaved so badly we're going to be here for a while" stated Lisa as she got the desk chair for Kathy to sit in. "I don't want you getting tired," she giggled, as Kathy sat down and resumed her manipulations.

Lisa explained how this technique brought me slowly to orgasm, but by feeling my balls so directly and looking straight at my cock head as she was, Kathy would be able to bring me right to the very edge and still stop just in time. Kathy proved to be a very quick learner, within a few minutes my cock was starting to twitch uncontrollably and suddenly my balls tightened as an orgasm was imminent. Lisa quickly told Kathy to remove her thumbs, but keep massaging my balls. I screamed into the gag and my cock preformed several spasms but I didn't cum. Kathy kept massaging my balls as she told Lisa how much fun she had watching my cock behave like that but not cum.

"Oh just wait, after five or six cycles like this the power you feel is unbelievable. Normally I wouldn't go that many, but after he stepped back like that he knows he is going to suffer for it!"

My eyes went wide, Lisa had never done more than five of these cycles without a major break.

"See how his balls are starting to hang a bit lower now, that means you can start again." I was moaning non stop already. Lisa had Kathy starting again even sooner than she normally did. "Go very slow and soft with your thumbs, we're going to push him further than he's ever been before. Embarrassing me by stepping away from you has me more pissed than I realized. And besides, you need the most experience you can get."

Soon I was closing in on cumming again. Lisa told Kathy to keep slowing down and lightening her touch, but not to stop. She warned her to be very careful though, and as soon as she felt my balls start to contract to stop instantly. "But don't stop massaging his balls for even a second, it won't make him cum but it keeps him very close and is sooo frustrating for him!"

Kathy kept at it for God knows how long, she did wait longer between cycles after the first time, but just as Lisa had instructed, she never gave my balls one second of rest.

"God, I can feel them getting fuller and fuller" she said after the fourth time. "Lisa this is really turning me on. I didn't believe you when you told me how much fun this would be. I've certainly teased men before, but never anything like this. I hope Bob can be pussy whipped as much as Peter is."

Once again I was so embarrassed I thought I'd faint.

"Normally I would change to something less intense about now, but as I said, Peter really pissed me off, plus I want you to be really expert at this for Bob, if your not you might accidentally make him cum before your ready, especially the first time. We wouldn't want that" she giggled. "Also, I've never done this to Peter without letting him cum at the end of the evening, but I've decided that will be up to you tonight. If you want to make him cum you can, but if not he is going to have to wait until tomorrow."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Not cumming soon was unthinkable. As Lisa said, she had never given me this treatment without letting me cum. I had no idea what to expect from Kathy.

"Really!" Kathy exclaimed, "Wow, I'm getting wet just thinking about it. This really is so much fun. Let me ramp him up a couple of more times while I decide."

I groaned loudly in the gag. Both of the women laughed at that. Kathy was already on the sixth cycle. My cock and balls were aching as much as they ever had. Kathy was a very quick study, she could get me to edge very quickly and then keep me they for quite a while before she had to stop. She managed to apply the lightest of touches with her thumbs and stimulate the most sensitive part of my cock over and over.

"How many more times can I do this?" asked Kathy. "I think another five would be about the limit" replied Lisa. She was looking at my face as she said this, with a huge smile I might add. My eyes bulged and I screamed as loud as I could through the ball gag. "Just kidding," she giggled "I think if we are to have any more fun with him you better stop after one more Kathy."

Finally Kathy reached the point in the seventh cycle where if she didn't stop, I'd cum for sure. But she still kept her non-stop massage of my balls going for another several minutes.

"God, is this making me horny" Kathy exclaimed. "Well there are ways to fix that!" Lisa replied, laughing, "but first I want you to see how much of a kick it is to get him to beg" With that they maneuvered me onto the bed and quickly tied me spread eagled. Lisa removed the gag as Kathy positioned herself kneeling between my legs. "Peter, since Kathy is completely in charge of whether or not you get to cum tonight, I think you better convince her" Lisa informed me.

To be continued...

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