tagRomanceKathy's Adventure

Kathy's Adventure


Kathy Rowling yawned, stretched and wondered in her sleep-deprived mind what the awful racket was resounding in her ears. Finally, she woke up enough to realize it was the doorbell. She hurriedly threw on a bathrobe and sprinted for the door. Friends here in Belle Grande Louisiana didn't ring doorbells, strangers did and strangers always meant trouble.

Sure enough, standing at her door, hat in hand grin on his face was the local town sheriff, who until last night had been a virtual stranger.

Sheriff Billy Jessup better known as Billy to his friends was a reformed bad boy. In his youth, he had been the motorcycle riding town rebel with the poetic soul. Now he rode the same bike but was on the side of the law. Men liked him, women adored him and Kathy had mixed feelings, she had come here to teach to get over the end of a bad relationship. She wasn't sure she wanted to find out what kind of future the Sheriff offered.

"Good Morning Miss Kathy seems you lost something last night, and I thought it would only be friendly of me to return it personal like." That said he gently pushed her backwards, came inside and closed her door. She heard the click of the lock behind his back.

He smiled, as he dropped a pair of black lace panties on the floor. They were lacy and quite expensive, she knew that because it was one of the last things she had purchased before leaving New York. Damn, why hadn't she realized she hadn't picked them up when they finished their skinny dipping adventure last night in the complex swimming pool?

She had loved his macho charm after several beers last night. This morning she wasn't sure she even liked him.

Trouble was they had been waltzing around each other like two dogs in heat for six weeks. It was past time to end it or begin it, and this morning Kathy wasn't sure which they had done.

He reached out and pulled her close to him, dropped his hand down and cupped her left breast. Making himself quite at home, he casually thumbed her nipple as he sought her mouth and capturing it kissed her almost breathless.

She moaned low in her throat and heard him laugh quietly as suddenly he swept her up into his arms and carried her into the bedroom.

He lowered them together onto the messy bed. She smiled up at him as she unbuttoned his uniform shirt. "You'll get all wrinkled if we're not careful Sheriff Billy." Kathy's mind told her to push him away, to save herself from this commitment just as her hands found his bare skin and her fingers played with the tightly curled hair on his heaving chest.

She still wasn't sure she liked him but her racing hormones definitely wanted to pursue this line of action. He had been a very attentive lover yesterday, she wondered if he could equal his actions in the morning light.

Last night had been all for her, she grinned as she lowered his trousers and pulled him out of his boxer shorts. She murmured,

"This time it's my turn, Sheriff Billy." Billy who was already almost out of his mind with lust nodded as she knelt between his legs.

He was rock hard and dripping juices from the slit in his head and his balls were already aching in anticipation. He growled. "That's a great idea, when we finally get around to fucking the sex will last longer for both of us."

She purred as her mouth engulfed his wide wet head, "longer is always better Sheriff Billy".

That was the last cognizant word either said as the small, sweet redheaded northern teacher taught the Sheriff about cocksucking northern style.

She licked and teased his head wetting it until it was dripping with her saliva and the juices that he was manufacturing on his own. That done she licked, bit and kissed her way down the shaft, engulfed his balls one at a time and then together.

He was groaning and growling aloud as he felt himself edging toward a climax and heard her almost sexy whisper "It's not time for that yet Sheriff Billy."

Every time she would get close to his erupting, she would stop and holding him tightly at a very crucial spot, start telling him jokes until he calmed down enough to tease and please him once again. Sheriff Billy had never met a southern girl who liked cocksucking well enough to prolong the sport. Usually it was something they did to avoid fucking when they were afraid of getting pregnant.

He almost lost it anyway when holding his balls high she licked down the channel to his ass and sweetly rimmed him making his cock jump in her hand; as she listened to him plead to be allowed to come.

It was at that point that she returned to his cock and covering it with her mouth, deep throated him and did something to his ass at the same time that had him pouring buckets of juice down her throat. She swallowed all of it but the final mouthful. She gave him a devilish grin opened her mouth and allowed that to dribble down her face and over her naked breasts and then she watched his cock rise again as she delicately rubbed it into her breasts and nipples. He was hard again by the time she was finished.

They were just settling into fucking with her bouncing on top of his long, muscular body when his beeper went off. He cussed a blue streak but called in and found out they had discovered a dead body. "Give me twenty minutes and I will be there."

She swore softly, he picked up the pace, and she was squealing in climax when he erupted into her then pulling loose carefully laid her on the bed.

"Sorry darling, I have to run." He pulled on his trousers without bothering with underwear. He was buckling on his belt and gun as he ran out the door. The shirt was on but unbuttoned, and his hat was lying on the chair. She hollered "Billy your hat" he came back for the hat and a kiss, with a promise he would take her out dancing and for diner that night late. Kathy and the Sheriff would go public.

Kathy found out later when she wandered out to pick up her paper and mail that they didn't have to wait until tonight to announce they were an item every one in the condominium seemed to know where the Sheriff had been and the state of his dress when he ran to his squad car parked in the visitor's lot. She was so embarrassed, nothing like that would have ever happened in New York nobody would care who was fucking whom, unless they were celebrities.

It was a good thing it was the weekend. She had until Monday morning to live the sensation down.

That night Billy called about six and told her to get dressed up, He had reservations at the local Country Club for dinner at eight. She agreed with a lot of trepidation in her heart. She wasn't sure how the locals would react to their new teacher obviously hooking up with the local bad boy sheriff. None the less dinner at the country club, she had heard the chef was wonderful, the wine the best in the county and the dancing on their old parquet floor worth the trip. She happily searched her closet for something to wear and then finding it went into the bathroom to take a bubble bath in lavender scent and dream of the night ahead.

She was glad her hair was short when finally bath finished she found she had only about forty minutes before her date arrived. Damn she was going to have to stop reading erotic novels and using that wonderful water massager when in her tub but she was relaxed and glowing from the multiple orgasms that her wonderful invention had supplied.

She slipped into a short lacy black clip dress that allowed you to see peeks of what was and wasn't under her dress. Pulling up her nylons and attaching them to her garter belt, she wondered if Billy would notice she wasn't wearing panties or panty hose. She felt herself moisten at the wicked thought of his investigating her charms under the table if the cloth was long enough and laughed at what was as they saw good for him might be for her as well.

She had just added lipstick, a spray of her favorite perfume Passion, between her breasts and down her arms and legs, and fluffed her hair when the doorbell rang, the door opened and Billy yelled, "It's the law ma'am coming to get you."

Giggling like one of her schoolchildren, she hurried down her hall and into his arms. He kissed her so completely she had to reapply her lipstick and he smiled watching her and admiring her outfit and drew the obvious conclusion there was no underwear underneath that dress.

He tested his theory by drawing her back into his arms dropping his head to plant a kiss on her very fine and very vulnerable neck and then sliding his hand up her leg and under the short skirt. She was already hot, his fingers touching wetness that he smeared around her pulsing button of pleasure. He sniffed the air.

"I think darling, this is going to be a short dinner, and we may even have to come back here for dessert."

Kathy slid her hand down his suit front and placed it over his already hard and growing cock. "You might want to readjust that for comfort before we leave," She purred. You had to like a man who appreciated a woman's efforts.

On that note, Billy reached for her keys pulled her through the door and closing it locked it behind them. He pocketed the keys. She was surprised to see not his SUV in the driveway but an old-fashioned '65 mustang convertible with the top down.

"No problem with your hair is it?" He handed her a long silver scarf that matched the car.

"Nope, I love convertibles, speed too does it go fast?"

He grinned with pleasure this man loved his car. "Let's see shall we?"

Being the Sheriff had its privileges. They exceeded 100 miles an hour at spots on the road as they made their way to the country club. Finally pulling into a parking spot under a spreading willow tree, Kathy smiled and smiling said, "I'm ready to fuck you now that was one hot ride."

Looking at her he had to believe her, her eyes were glazed, her mouth looked like he had been kissing her silly and her breasts were heaving under the front of her dress.

He picked her up, sat her on the warm hood of the car, and squatted between her legs pushing it up to her waist. Before Kathy could argue he had his mouth planted on her wet and hot mound , his tongue buried deep inside her twitching tunnel, and his teeth busy biting her pulsing clit.

It took only moments for her to push her arm across her mouth and bite it as she screamed softly and came flooding him with her juices. He kept lapping softly until she finally sighed and pushed him away.

He stood her on the ground and pulled her dress straight. "We do aim to please ma'am"

She finally found her voice "Weren't you afraid we would get caught?" He growled, "I would never compromise you, and who would argue with me?'

She looked up at him with a sparkle in her eyes. "I guess then we are safe in we get back in the car and I suck your cock so that it isn't quite as obvious? She grabbed his rigid throbbing member and pulled him back to the door.

He nodded and followed. He sat with his legs out, thinking she would kneel and do him covered by the bulk of the car. She surprised him however and pushing her dress up after she pulled him loose of his trousers sat down abruptly on his cock.

With a soft sigh, she whispered into his ear." Isn't this better?" Sheathed to his balls in hot, wet woman he had to admit it was good. He had never met a woman who was so willing, so hot, and so wonderful. He had only one more cognizant thought, then his hormones took over, this woman was trouble.

Like Kathy, he was right on the sexual edge even after their night last night, and their tryst this morning he came within minutes and felt her orgasm around his cock as he filled her full of his juices.

When she stood up, he handed her his handkerchief to clean up with, and then laughed as she did then reached into her purse and pulled out a small pair of exquisite lace panties. "Not much good but it will contain the drips, I hope"

She held herself upright by placing her hand on his arm as she pulled her panties over her legs and up snuggling them tight against her body. He pulled her dress down, straightened it up as he kissed her ear, and whispered into it, how glad he was they had finally gotten together.

Running her fingers through her hair, she checked herself in the car mirror and smiled. "I'm ready if you are Sheriff Billy."

They walked around the car across the parking lot and into the glare of the club. The manager of the club who had been watching the whole thing on his security cameras greeted them with a smile and showed them to a very good table. He went back to his office at the front and ordered the waiter to take them a bottle of good champagne compliments of the house then called his wife to join him for a short business meeting. He rubbed his hard cock. It would be very short indeed. It was a good thing his Hungarian wife liked hard fast fucking because that is what was on his menu for tonight.

Much later and much relieved he ran into the sheriff on his way back to his table from the men's room. The Sheriff had only one thing to say, "Matt, I want the tape of your parking lot from seven to nine tonight."

Matt, had it in his pocket. "I thought you might, next time warn me and I will turn it off."

Billy nodded, pocketed the tape and kept walking.

The food was excellent, the champagne wonderful, and the dancing hot and delightful. Both of them were sated by the time the evening ended. Billy helped her to her feet after paying the bill and leaving the waiter a very generous tip.

"Now if you trust me, I would like to show you something very special."

They walked to the car; he waited while she put the scarf on her head and then pulled out another one that he covered her eyes with before kissing each one then her mouth.

She started to say something, and stopped. "Nope I trust you." That got her a kiss that took her breath away, before he squealed his tires as he raced out of the lot and onto the long winding almost empty highway.

Billy was on his way to the New Orleans and a reserved room right on the ocean. They had until 0600 Monday morning to get back to his town and he carried his beeper if anything major happened in-between times. He had picked up toothbrushes, toothpaste, a change of underwear and a t-shirt and shorts and sandals during the day as he planned their getaway. Kathy had to preserve her reputation in town and everyone could find the sheriff anytime the town was just too damn small. Tonight was for them.

Two hours later, she woke up from her nap as they left pavement and the car crunched across a gravel parking lot. HE told her to sit still and he came around and pulled her out of the seat and into his arms carrying her across the lot and then she heard a door open and she was deposited on the softest bed she had ever felt.

He undid her scarf and the room was lit only by firelight, the bed was huge and piled with pillows and there were candles and magnolias everywhere.

"What is this Billy?'

He pulled her up and slid her dress over her head, leaving her in small black panties, a garter belt, nylons and tousled red hair. He pulled his shirt over his head and unzipped his pants allowing them to drop on the floor leaving him in black silk boxers.

She reached out to touch his already hard cock, as he bent and softly kissed her eyes.

"This is ours, for tonight anyway. This freedom from everyone and everything follows us most days and nights. There is the music, he reached and pushed a button that set soft smoky blues wailing quietly through the room.

There is touch, he reached and pouring warmed oil into his had massaged her breasts taking special care of her nipples.

There is passion and he bent his head and cupping hers searched for and started by kissing one lip then the other then both and continued it until she opened to his searching mouth and tongue and abandoned herself to nothing but the feeling of possession that he brought.

There is you and he kissed down her body allowing his tongue to take and ravage her belly button and tease at hollows of her hips before finding its way to the center of her femininity.

She arched into his hands when his tongue found her center and he cupped her ass and drew her to him then followed the curves of her body down each leg one by one until he found her feet and worshiped them. She was as he had hoped a willing puddle in his hands when he had down the circuit of her front and gently turned her over on her stomach.

He started on her neck and worked his way down her spine. He kissed each vertebra and licked behind his kisses then blew warm air across the wetness.

He found himself at the apex of her rounded beautiful ass and pulled it apart, as he kissed down it and around her most special of places and back to her center now wet and smelling of arousal and sucking her clit into his mouth, he bit it gently.

She screamed out, and his fingers found her openness and she came for him. When she had relaxed, once again, he pushed her up on her hands and knees, and then kneeling behind her pushed into her waiting center.

As he fucked her slowly, deeply taking each stroke as if it was the last one that they would share, he paddled her ass gently and felt her clench around his cock with each stroke of his hands.

He wet a finger and played with her sensitive opening teasingly dipping into and out of her ass as he moved deep inside her. He felt her ring clench on his finger and it made him even harder thinking of when they would share that particular pleasure. It was something women had to be pleased and teased into but if done properly it was something they pleaded for afterwards. He was determined she would be one of those women.

He felt himself climbing toward orgasm and heard her soft cries of wonderment as she repeatedly climbed that hill of passion crested and returned under his relentless driving cock. Finally, he could hold no longer and pushing deep remained there as he vented his juices deep inside her pussy and pulled out, collapsing as he pulled her into his body.

They slept until almost daylight; the windows were pale gray when he awoke to the smell of melting chocolate and coffee.

Kathy had gotten up and washed sometime during the night, then wrapped in one of the extra quilts had taken to the rocker which sat before the fire and was roasting marshmallows placing them on the squares of Ghirardelli chocolate from the basket that sat on the table and eating them with all the enjoyment of a six year old.

"Did you save some of that for me?" He asked.

She turned at his voice and pulling one loose, smiled. "All it lacks is the graham crackers how can they not remember graham crackers?"

He walked over and stooping he opened his mouth. She popped it inside and it was delicious, it was mushy, hot, crisp, and meltingly good. It was just what your body needed for energy after making love all night. He laughed when a thought crossed his mind. He didn't know one other woman who wrapped in a quilt in the middle of the night would be eating s'mores even missing the graham crackers. She was remarkable and he told her so.

"Where are we Billy?" She asked him as he sat on the floor and rested his head against her knees.

"Just outside of New Orleans, I brought us a change of clothes; want to go to Emeril's for croissants and coffee?"

She grinned and nodded, "Later" She handed him a cup of thick black coffee with chocolate added and a dollop of whipped crème that smelled and tasted delicious.

"Later" he asked. She nodded and pushing him slightly stood and dropped the quilt. "Drink that coffee fast Sheriff, I'm about to do something I'm sure could get me arrested and I would hate to have you read me my rights without coffee to wake you up so you get them right."

He drank and watched as she walked over turned on the c.d. player and then danced naked for him. He noticed in the glow of the firelight that she glistened with some kind of oil and the smell wafted his way, it was lavender and sex a very lethal combination as his cock responded to her ancient female calling of a mate.

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