tagFetishKatie's Bathroom Experience

Katie's Bathroom Experience

byDan Andersom©

This is a story written at the request of several people. It contains water sports (peeing) and scat. If you don't like those you will not like this story so don't read it. If you like these I hope you like my story. If you would like me to try other things just say so and I will try.


Katie had never been much into bathroom sex; well that was what I thought until I caught her with John. John is a local appliance repair man. It seems John likes all kinds of bathroom play.

I had noticed recently that Katie seemed to not be doing a very good job washing her pussy and ass. I hadn't given it much thought until one day when we had morning sex. Her pussy smelled like it needed a good shower. When I got home that evening she wanted more sex. This time when I went down on her she was clean. I mentioned that I hoped she hadn't used all the water when she showered today. She said she hadn't showered all day. I said her pussy was a lot fresher tonight than it was this morning. She didn't really answer me and changed the conversation.

A couple of weeks later I was able to get off work early. I decided to surprise Kate so I didn't phone her. All the way home I was thinking about having sex. By the time I turned the last corner home I had a hard on that wouldn't quit. As I approached our house I noticed the repair truck in our driveway. All my thoughts about sex went out the window since with the repairman there I knew there would be no sex.

I entered through the kitchen door expecting to find him there. The kitchen was empty as was the laundry room and furnace room. I thought to myself he might be next door, just parked in our driveway. I went up to the bedroom and heard voices coming from the bathroom.

I saw Katie laying in the tub with John standing over her. They were both naked and John appeared to be peeing on her. Stepping back so as not to bee seen I continued to watch. John was indeed pissing on my Katie. Katie was rubbing his piss all over her breasts and she seemed to love it.

They traded places and Katie began to piss on him. She was taking care to get her hot piss directly on his hard cock. He stroked his cock as she peed on him. His cock wasn't as big as mine but it was hard. In fact watching them my cock was now hard again.

Katie said she needed to get out a second and take a shit. John grabbed her and told her not to get out. Katie insisted but John said he wanted to watch her shit. Katie and I have played around peeing on each other before but never any scat. John again said he wanted to watch her shit but he wanted her to shit on his cock.

Katie seemed very reluctant but he convinced her. She turned and squatted over his cock. Katie was straining, trying to shit but she was having a hard time with it. John set up and started to lick her asshole. John has a very long tongue and I am sure he was sliding it into her asshole.

Katie started to moan and said she was starting to shit. John lay back down and placed his cock under her ass. I could see her shit peaking out of her asshole. Slowly her shit came out then fell onto his erect cock. More followed the first piece and soon several pieces of her shit covered his cock. John grabbed her by the waist and pulled her onto his cock. I saw some of her shit ooze out from under her ass cheeks.

John told her to slide around on his cock rubbing her shit into his cock and her ass. I unzipped my pants and freed my hard cock. My hand started stroking my shaft as Katie slid in her own shit on Johns cock. John pulled her up so he could get his mouth on her pussy.

As he licked her pussy he told her to jack him off. Kate took his shit covered cock in her hand and started stroking. John was bucking up to meet each stroke of his cock. He was soon telling her he was about to cum. He yelled out "suck me Katie suck my cock". Without hesitation she swallowed his cock. As she bobbed her head up and down over his shitty cock I could tell she was cuming from the tongue licking she was getting. I saw Katie swallow hard as John came in her mouth.

I had to pull my underpants to catch the load of cum I was about to let loose. Katie took her mouth off his cock and some of his cum and shit dribbled from her mouth. I squeezed my cock hard and filled my shorts with cum.

Katie rolled over and shared his cum with him. As quickly as I could I pulled my pants up and hurried out so they wouldn't catch me. I parked down the street and waited for him to leave. He left about 15 min later and I gave her a few more minutes to cleanup before I went back home.

When I entered the house she was just stepping into the shower. I saw her butt and she were still covered in her shit. I gave her a little time then let her know I was home. She said she was in the shower and would be out shortly. I entered the bathroom and started to remove my clothes. She saw me and asks what I was doing? I told her I was going to join her. She said she wanted to get clean first but I opened the door and stepped in. She was desperately trying to clean the shit from her ass as I entered.

She had cleaned most of it up but my fingers still found some. I ran my fingers over herr back and brought my finger to my mouth. I ran a finger over my lips then bent down to kiss her. I don't think she tasted it or at least didn't let on. I ask her what she had been up to all day and she said nothing much. I ask if any of her friends had been over and she said she had been alone all day.

I told her I needed to pee and wanted to know if she was up for a little bathroom sex fun. She said you know I don't like that stuff very much but if you need to pee you can. Just don't pee on me. She spread her legs and I started to pee. I could see her watching my pee come out of my cock and land between her feet. When I started to shake off the last drops she said she would do that for me. Instead of shaking it off she bent down and licked my cock clean.

I said I thought you weren't in the mood for that. To which she replied well I guess I owed you that. I said well I need to shit too want to help me with that. She looked at me and said that was a disgusting thought. I figured I had carried it as far as I could tonight but I assure you it will come up again.

She said now that you got what you wanted get out so I can finish my shower. As I was stepping out I told her she still had some shit in her ass crack.

Later on that night as we were in bed and I was working my way down to her pussy I told her I would love to carry our bathroom play a step further. She asks what I meant. I told her I wanted her to sit on my cock and shit on it. She said that was disgusting ad she would never do such a thing. I worked my way to her pussy and kept going to her asshole.

Every few minutes I would bring up watching her shit. She kept saying no but each time it took her longer to say it. Finally she said maybe if I would quit talking about it. As I licked her asshole she would bare down like she was trying to shit and her hole would pucker open a little.

I slid back a little and started rubbing her pussy and watching her asshole open and close. A couple of times her ass puckered and I could see some shit inside. I started draying circles around her asshole as she pushed out. She asks if I was serious about wanting to watch her shit. I told her I was. Her pussy was very wet by this time and I knew she was about to give in.

She said well then let's goes to the bathroom. She said if she lets me watch her shit that I would have to do something for her plus clean up all the mess. I said I would do anything. OK she said let's go to the bathroom. Like a puppy in heat I followed her into the bathroom.

She got up on her hands and knees. She spread her legs wide and started to try and shit for me. I watched her asshole slowly open. I took a bit of trying but some eventually started to come out. A second longer turd fell out then a little piece at the end. Her shit lay in a pile between her legs. I was stroking my cock while I watched her asshole close.

She asks if I liked what I saw and all I said look at my cock what do you think? She said remember what you promised and I said yes. She told me to take some of her shit in my hand and rub it onto my cock. Without hesitation I grabbed some shit and rubbed it onto my cock. My cock seemed to harden even more as I masturbated with her shit. She dipped a finger in the pile of shit and began tracing the outline of her pussy lips. She brought her finger to my lips and slid it into my mouth. As I sucked her finger into my mouth she said to suck her finger clean. I didn't need any encouragement as I ran my tongue around her finger.

She leaned back and spread out on the floor. I was instructed to lick her nasty pussy lips. Her ass came to rest in her shit as I licked her wet pussy. I stuck out my tongue and I began licking her nasty cunt. This seemed to excite Kate like nothing else I had ever done before. I tongued her pussy until she came squirting in my face.

As she came I continued stroking my cock until I shot my load onto the floor. Kate rested on the floor a minute then we both stepped into the shower. Kate's ass was particularly hasty and took a while for me to clean. After about 20 min in the shower the hot water started to run out so we got out. Kate went on to bed and I stayed to clean the floor. After a few minutes of cleaning I whet to join her. She was already asleep as I got into bed.

The next morning I woke up before her. She was sleeping on her belly and her ass was just covered by the sheet. I began licking her ass cheeks, she didn't respond at first. Taking my fingers I spread her ass exposing her ass hole. It was nice and clean and just asking for my tongue.

Kate rolled over saying she was to sleepy to play now. I tried rolling her onto her back again but had no luck, she said go away again. Figuring it was no use I dressed and went to the kitchen.

I started the coffee and went out to get the paper. I poured a cup of coffee and set down to read the paper. About 30 minutes later Kate came into the kitchen. She hadn't bothered to dress so I was hoping for some morning sex.

She snapped at me and said I didn't do a very good job cleaning her ass and pussy in the shower last night. I knew she was spotless this morning because I had just licked her ass a short time ago. She stood in front of me and spread her legs. Sure enough her pussy had some brown patches on it. She then turned and bent over and pulled her ass cheeks apart. Her asshole was very dirty to. I knew she had just done this because of earlier this morning.

She demanded to know what I was going to do about. Without answering I leaned forward and began licking her asshole. Apparently this was what she was looking for. I started to unzip my pants when she said no. Since I didn't do the job right the first time I would now be allowed to cum. Even though I knew I was right I just kept on licking her ass.

I slid a finger into her pussy and rubbed her clit as I licked her. Kate was very turned on and came after about 5 minutes of licking. I ask her if she was pleased this time and all she said was do it right the first time next time.

Next time, my Kate was turning into a real dirty slut and I love it.

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