tagFetishKatie's Bathroom Experience Ch. 03

Katie's Bathroom Experience Ch. 03

byDan Andersom©

This is a story written at the request of several people. It contains water sports (peeing) and scat. If you don't like those you will not like this story so don't read it. If you like these I hope you like my story. If you would like me to try other things just leave a comment and I will try.


A few days later I was at work and as I almost always do I was monitoring the cameras at home. I happened to look at the cameras and saw Pat and Katie in the living room. I turned the sound up so I could hear them. Pat was scolding Katie for wiping her ass on the panties last time she was over. Katie said she was sorry but not to sorry.

Pat said I bet you have a dirty little ass right now don't you? Katie said no but she could if properly treated. Pat stood and approached Katie. She took Katie in her arms and passionately kissed her. I saw Pat's hands disappear under Katie's pants. I saw her hands rubbing Katie's ass while they kissed. Katie let out a little squeal, it appears Pat ran a finger into Katie's ass.

Pat pulled her finger out and licked it. Pat looked disappointed. Katie said she had just given herself an enema a little while ago. Pat said she hadn't had an enema in ages. Katie said she could take care of this problem now if she wanted. Pat agreed and the scurried off to the bathroom. While Pat undressed Katie got out the hot water bottle and filled it.

Katie started licking Pat's tits. Then she continued on down to her pussy. Katie loved to lick that hairy bush. Her pussy hair appeared to be about two inches long and very curly. There wasn't much questioning the fact she was a true redhead. Katie took the hot water bottle and had Pat bend over the sink. Katie licked the nozzle then slid it into Pat's asshole. Katie not only slid it in she was fucking her ass with.

The valve was opened and the warm water began to fill her ass. When the bottle was almost empty Katie squeezed it forcing the water in much faster. Pat liked this and said to give all to her. Katie removed the nozzle and Pat set on the commode. Katie said no don't empty your ass now. Pat said she needed to But Katie insisted she not. She told Pat to get up and bend over.

Soon Pat felt something on her asshole, it was a butt plug Katie was sliding in her ass. Pat moaned as the fat plug entered her ass. When the plug was completed seated in Pat's as Katie said now let's go shopping. Pat asks her if she was out of her mind, she wasn't going anywhere like this. Katie grabbed her by the hair and said "now listen bitch I said we were going shopping, now get dressed". Pat knew she was play acting but at times Katie acts a little too well.

They left the house so I hope I catch them when they return. A few minutes later I got the idea to call Katie and ash her if she wanted to join me from dinner. I called her cell phone, she told me she and Pat were going shopping and they would meet me in 30 min.

I was waiting when they entered the restaurant. As they walked toward my table I could tell Pat was a little uncomfortable. I ask her if she was all right and Katie said she was just retaining a little water today. Pat poked her on the arm as they set down. Pat squirmed all through lunch, I'm sure the 2 quarts of water was getting very uncomfortable.

As we were leaving I suggested Katie might take Pat to the bar we went to a couple of weeks ago. Pat said no that she just needed to get home and relax a little. Katie said none since we are going to the bar then home. Off they went and I went to the office to check the cameras. About 90 minutes passed before they got back home, Pat looked like she was in agony.

There was someone else with them; it looked like they had picked up a male companion. He looked to be about 22 or so. Katie handed them a drink as they set on the couch. The boy had his hands all over Pat. Soon her blouse was off and her bra hanging free. Katie was on her knees in front of the boy removing his pants. From the bulge in his pants he looked like he had a big cock.

He slid down Pat's panties and saw the butt plug. He ask why she was wearing it and Katie told him. He said you are a couple of kinky ladies. Katie said you don't know the half of it. Katie asks if he wanted to remove the plug for her. He said he was up for anything they wanted him to do. Katie said anything and he said yes Then let's all go to the bathroom

By the time they got to the bathroom they were all naked. The boy's cock was at least 10 inches long and very fat. Pat looked at Katie and said I think we have a winner here. Pat stepped into the tub and pushed her ass high in the air. Pat told the boy to slowly pull the plug out. The farther out it got the more she started leaking. When the plug was finally out Pat let loose a stream of water that hit Katie right I the tits. The water dripped off her tits into the tub. The boy was startled and jumped back.

Katie laughed and said not to be afraid she didn't bite. Katie told the boy to get behind Pat and fuck her in the asshole. He didn't have to be told twice. As his cock entered her ass she flinched in pain. His cock was about the biggest she had ever had in her ass before. Katie licked his cock as he pumped in and out, occasionally she would out his cock in her mouth when it came out of Pat's ass.

Pat told Katie to get her little ass up here so she could suck it. Katie moved around and Pat started sucking her asshole. Katie moved her ass around pushing against Pats tongue as she sucked it. Katie asks the boy how Pat's ass felt? He said it was tight. Then Katie asks if he liked fucking a shitty asshole. The boy said he had never done a shitty one before but he would like to try.

Katie moved to the floor, she raised her legs showing her asshole. He watched as Katie pushed and a piece of shit started to come out. Pat grabbed it and started rubbing it all over Katie's ass. The boy watched as the two women rubbed shit all over Katie's ass and pussy. Then Pat pulled off his cock and she grabbed it wither shitty hand. She started giving him a hand job. Katie took some shit from her ass and started rubbing his balls.

Katie spread her legs and told him to fuck her pussy with his shitty cock. The boy pushed his cock in her pussy with one quick stroke. Pat fingered her pussy as the boy fucked Katie. Pat licked the boy's shaft as he fucked her hard. The boy yelled that he was about to cum. Katie felt his cum start to fill her cunt. Soon I could see cum running out of her cunt onto her ass. Pat took his cock from Katie's cunt and began sucking it. Pat's lips were covered with Katie's shit and the boys cum.

Katie reached over and turned on the shower and the three of them climbed in. The girls seemed to be impressed with his cock. It was about twice the size of mind. Katie spent a lot of time sucking it as they showered. After they showered and dried off they all went into the bedroom.

Katie was on her back with the boy in a 69 position over her. Pat was busy licking his ass. Katie was doing her best to swallow all of his cock. While Pat was holding his ass open with a couple of fingers. Pat opened a dresser drawer and removed a long dildo. I recognized it as one I had used on me many times. He flinched as Pat slid it into his ass.

Soon Pat was fucking the dildo very fast and deep. With each thrust of the dildo he forced his cock deeper into Katie's mouth. I saw Katie swallow hard as he shot his load in her mouth. It was a big load as it was running down her cheeks. Pat pushed the dildo deep one more time. Katie leaned up and Pat kissed her sucking some of his cum in her mouth.

They lay in bed a few minutes then Katie said he should be getting ready to go since her husband would be home soon. As the boy dressed both the girls watched his big cock. He kissed each one of them and left.

After he left both of the girls made comments that they wished their husband's cocks were even close to that size. Well nothing I can do about that.

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