tagFirst TimeKatie's Diary Ch. 02

Katie's Diary Ch. 02


Chapter 2: The Rendezvous

Katie's Diary continued...

Jen's dad was discovered by her friend masturbating while he read another friend's diaries.

Completely naked in his own room, one of the adult girls saw him doing himself, accidentally!

Of course, she screamed out in disgust as the rest of the clan, Jen, Katie, and eventually Dave's wife came in and saw him naked, and covered with... on to the story!

My daughter, Jen, didn't talk to me or look at me for 4 days. I felt awful and my wife, ohh man, where do I begin? She was disgusted with me.

She didn't read the diary. She didn't even ask about it. I hid it away until I had a chance to get it back to Jen's friend, Katie.

I should have just kept it in the trunk of my car and sent it back immediately. Regardless, as horny as I had become and as pathetic as I turned out to be for a short while, I wanted to actually read the diary again.

When, I couldn't figure that out. If I had the time, I would transpose it here and you would understand how I became so turned on.

It was incredible that a 19 year old would be even remotely be fascinated by me or attracted to me. However, she was more mature for a young woman whose physical attributes had caught my eye a few times.

Hey, I am a man, okay. Granted, I had given her lovely body a once over, a few times. That was all it was and nothing else.

My wife that day of 'discovery' just hated me. She ripped me a new asshole! She berated me and lectured me after consoling our daughter for a couple of hours. I was not lectured for 10-15 minutes; I was lectured for 3 hours almost.

Now, mind you, it isn't as if my wife and I don't have a sex-filled relationship, we have a very good one, but I am not going to go into that. In no way is that important. I had to redeem myself but how; I had no way of knowing. First things first, that was my goal!

I had to write a letter to Jen and completely and utterly apologize sincerely. On the other hand, I had to find a way to ignore Katie. Yes Katie, she was still communicating with me, not as much as the first two times, but she had emailed me.

I didn't respond to her, even after her second email. Then a god damn third one came. Damn was she persistent. Okay, I had to do something.

I emailed Katie: "Katie, I am ashamed of my behavior. I am totally disgusted with what I did. I apologize from the bottom of my heart for breaching something so private to you and I should have never even remotely glanced at your diary. I had no idea what it was at the beginning and before I realized it, stuff just got out of control... I was completely flattered, but I should have been an adult and more mature regarding this and I was not. Please forgive me and I hope some day we can move on and forget this some how, Sincerely Mr. P."

I didn't really believe what I wrote, but I had to write something. If I didn't, it all could come back to haunt me.

She was online and instantly received my email. She quickly replied with, "It's okay Mr. P; I understand and respect what you have to say. (Still I believe what I wrote and I don't think otherwise with a wink attached to her response)", she added.

"Ohhhhh Damnnnn I thought, Jesus, what am I going to do now? I have to ignore her." Which I did, but subconsciously, I slowly began losing a little weight and I went and got a nice stylish haircut so that I would seem a little younger and virile, I suppose.

I began the next morning, cutting my calorie intake, starches, and sugar content.

A few weeks had passed and I had lost 15lbs already. Another couple of weeks and I lost another 8lbs. Subconsciously, I was turned on by the fact that Katie found me attractive.

As time passed, my wife and I became close again. It isn't as if she and I weren't close. However, what had happened messed us up big time.

My daughter started talking openly to me again after 2 months. My wife began playing around again with me in our bedroom and without reservation. I would seduce her or she would seduce me. There was better sex between us and we were starting to feel young again.

Since I did a lot of work lately at home, I did it mostly off of my corporate server instead of our internet provider, that way Katie wouldn't IM me or email me either.

I happened to sign on our ISP and there were six emails from Katie over a span of 2 weeks and some attachments too.

"What", I said aloud. I was at home in mid-morning. My wife was at work. The kids were gone too; I decided to open up the emails. I was worried what I would see maybe. It wasn't what I expected, but "Damn! Shit" is all I thought!

Here's Katie, posing in some nice sexy outfits, tight shirts, breasts emphasized, nipples purging her knit tops, and tight sexy pants. All of this showed off her fine and full size ass.

Okay I knew where this was leading! Yes, I was rather turned on by her "modeling". Okay, next set of pics on her next email.

"Whoooaaa, underwear? Come on Katie! You've got to stop this", I said aloud. "Freakin A", I repeated. She knew her stuff. The third email, I didn't even read what she had written; I only looked at the pics.

Whoooa! Whoooa! Now she was doing lingerie shots! Where is she getting this stuff from, I thought. I got horny and I got hard! You know what I was thinking. "No David, no" I said to myself! I was pinching and grunting between my legs wanting to do it! Well you know, yes I had to; I had to feel my cock! I'd say, "No don't!" Talking to myself repeatedly, saying No!

These were all from a few days ago. Now 'out of the blue', another email with attachments comes in. "What the hell is going on, ohhhhhhh my God no!" She was stark naked this time! She was only showing her backside though; she had a full plump round ass and covered it up as I saw her little roll hanging out a little on her stomach.

"Okay, you win", I said to myself. What do I do?" I thought.

I called her on my cell! I knew her private line because I had called Jen on it a few times before. "Hello", Katie answered.

"Hi Katie, this is Mr. P." "Hiiiiii Mr. P.", said Katie happily on the other end of the line. "Katie, you have to stop and I mean stop, I said! I understand all this and if you were going to do this, why haven't you done it with my son first, not that I would approve of it in the first place?"

"Because, David doesn't or isn't attracted to me and I'm not interested in him, she said.

I'm interested in you, she said and I know you are real attracted to me now! That's why I'm taking a huge chance that something might happen."

I said, "No Katie, nothing is going to happen, not a thing. Katie, you are an exceptionally fine and attractive young woman and in another life, I would most definitely take you up on any solicitous offer, but this isn't going to happen!"

Hehehehehe, she laughed and said, "yes it is, and soon I think".

"What are you saying", I asked.

"Mr. P, I want to have sex with you and we will!" The one thing I did, strangely enough was turn on my voice recorder on my PC. It records all conversations and I can record anything to a CD for reference. "Meet me, MR. P and we can talk about it, please?"

"Why in the hell, Katie, do you want me?" She responded with this, "Because you have experience and I want to have sex in the worst way; you are a sweet and gentle man and I find you sexually attractive! You find me sexy and I know it".

"Okay Katie, I will meet you for breakfast only and straighten this out, once and for all."

"Sweeeeet, hehehehe, she responded, when?"

We arranged the details and in 2 days I was meeting her at a small diner 15 miles away in a little village, no one ever goes there. Reason being, it had no stores to attract anyone for any reason.

So in order to make things right, I wrote down a million, well 15 reasons why this cant, shouldn't or might not happen.

I was restless the next 2 nights. I wanted to see her badly. I was aroused by the idea actually. I brought the diary with me. She brought all of her artillery as well. Her make up was on impeccably. Her hair was stunning, the clothes she wore that morning, got my attention. Her nipples were radiating through her button down top. She had me.

I wanted her. I wanted to see what she had and what she had to offer. I wanted everything. I did everything I could do to prepare for this meeting with her, without being obvious.

We chatted briefly. We ate quickly.

"Now what Katie, I asked, what are you going to do about this?"

"Would you like to come to my Townhouse", she asked.

"Your townhouse", I responded.

"Yes my townhouse she said happily and with out any reservation. My parents own a townhouse and we use it all the time for special parties. Let's go there, please, please?"

When she smiled, I melted. I got horny. I was aroused. I wanted to see what she would try on me. Yes I did! I collapsed emotionally!

I was hers and she was mine I guess. I drove us to her town house, which was in a new section of town away from everything.

It was a fully functioning place. We got there; she went up and opened it up. I went up 2 minutes later. She was ready and she was willing!

She lunged at me and grabbed me; she knew what she was doing. I didn't hold back. I plunged my tongue deep into her mouth also, moving and waving it around! I thought, God what a sexy mouth.

Her body pressed up against me. I could feel her beautiful young boobs smashing themselves firmly into me.

I grabbed her tighter. I pulled her so close she could feel my hard cock crammed up inside of my underwear, looking for a way out!

My cock was pushing against her fine little plump body! It was such a sexy frame. She had this slightly chubby physique and I adored her features so much.

I wanted us naked right away! I wanted to study her completely nude!

I unbuttoned her blouse. I took off her soft jeans. I ran my hands over her round breasts, which were covered by a bright yellow bra.

I saw nervousness in her eyes as I did this. "Relax Katie, just relax honey, I will make you feel so comfortable!" Katie smiled a little.

Focusing again on her bra selection, only built up my 'load index'! Her lacy yellow bra, damn, she knew how to hook me: sinker and all!

I reached forward; I gently polished her breasts as I closed my eyes and then opened them. I saw her eyes closed. I watched her body move as we stood there.

Her eyes were still closed as I continued to caress her tits above her bra. I didn't want to take it off. It was an extraordinary design and aroused me more and more as I looked!

It was different, because most, to me, tend to be pink, purple, black or white or along those lines. Katie's was exotic to me!

Speaking very softly, I said, "I adore your body Katie and I adore your breasts! I adore your tummy and your butt as well! I absolutely adore them".

Then with out saying a word, she slid her hand down my slacks and as easily as that, she clamped on to my cock, which just sent fireworks through me.

I continued to rub her tummy gently and her boobs. I didn't want to disturb this moment. It was glorious. Then I led her to the bedroom.

I pulled off all of the pillows, pulled back the covers, sat Katie down, got down on my knees, and removed her bra and panties, and then my clothes. She stared at my body for a second and then smiled a big smile as if approving. I sat down next to her, looked at her, took her hand, and laid it on my hard cock! Still looking at her smile and face, she gently stroked me.

My eyes closed and my head went back absorbing the beauty of this sexual banquet that commenced!

I reached forward and kissed her some more, deep sixing her with my tongue.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm" I heard from her. Then, I licked her nipples and kissed her sexy and perky boobs.

"OHHHHH" I said.

"What?" she answered.

"Ohh nothing except you are such a babe; you are so sexy Katie. I want to lick you all over to show you how sexually desirable you are to a man! I want to kiss you everywhere, I mean everywhere honey; I really do!"

"Then do me, please do that all over me"

She scooted up on the bed and pulled me with her and she spread herself out and 'opened the door' for us to inaugurate a sexual feast!

I initiated a snack consisting of only kissing her at an assortment of specific areas that I have done with my wife many times.

Her face looked like an angels face. Her eyes were closed. A look of surprised or curiosity captivated her expressions as I watched her while kissing her.

Katie had never ever experienced anything even remotely close to this from what I gathered.

Quietly as to not break the moment, I asked her, "Are you enjoying yourself?"

"Oh my god yes, no guy has ever kissed me like what you're doing, never!"

She didn't giggle, her body only quivered with an excitable energy about it. She was cooing a lot as I kissed her neck, her breasts, and her sides, which were slightly abundant with a little extra poundage, but so was the rest of her.

She had just enough chubbiness that I slowly and continually built up a larger and greater load in my groins.

A reservoir of that white, thick, creamy, and delicious cum was ready and waiting for Katie and where ever she wanted to receive it at and I was willing to provide all of it!

Her body lay almost motionless but as I mentioned earlier, it would quiver occasionally as her senses reflected the thrill she was experiencing!

Kissing all over, her tits, between them, around them and her nipples, down her sides and then kissing her belly, it was flabby, but oh, god was I turned on.

Katie had beautiful tits! I kissed around her pussy, inside of her thighs. This was so erogenous and she was mesmerized when I kissed her thighs.

Her body moved around more and more. She was anxious! She wanted something more intense. I wasn't giving her anything too soon at that point.

I was working her and she was either naïve and wasn't sure what to do next or she was just taking in the moment.

I hoped it was the latter. Her pelvic region moved left and right and occasionally up and down as to imply she was ready and craving cock! Nope, not yet I said to myself, be patient Katie!

Then I looked up at her; her eyes were still closed but a smile adorned her face. She was happy.

"Would you like to feel me lick you Katie?" She nodded yes. She didn't say anything.

Her whole body shook with excitement.

"Ohh, ohh, ohhhh! Oh yeah, wow, mmmmm", she uttered!

Repeating herself, I went down over her tummy licking it, then back up to her tits and teasing her nipples, bringing them to a hardened state!

She moved her hands so that she could feel them. She pinched her hard nipples.

She grabbed one of my hands and put it on her nipple.

"Pinch it, she told me, pinch my nipples, okay?"

Therefore, I did and everything trembled on her. Her tits, her hips, her head, and her legs, all of it shook for a moment.

Then she started massaging me as best as she could from her position, lying down. She reached for my cock and stroked it somewhat.

She squeezed it hard as if she really, really had to have it in her hands or mouth or her pussy!

I let her have it. I scooted up over her so that it was accessible to her hands. She grasped it with both but she didn't yank or stroke it, she only held it firmly!

Now she put on an amazing smile. She closed her eyes again and an unusual look like that of someone craving something badly came over her!

For now, I suppose my part was done. She was horny, I think! She tried sitting up, so I let her! She pulled me into her and with her hands, slid them over my chest. She leaned and kissed my chest after that.

I watched her and studied her body. "You are sexy Katie, very sexy!"

"Ohhh that's so sweet of you to say that, but I am not, but thank you Mr. P. thank you."

"Oh yes, Katie, you definitely are sexy or I would not be here with you today at all!"

Her hair just flowed down away from her face and her cheeks glowed with beauty. I brushed it back even farther and she smiled. She rubbed my chest some more and then my stomach. She looked at me and then kissed me.

Then she shoved me back gently and swallowed my cock in her mouth so fast, I didn't see that coming.

She sucked me madly. She swallowed me all the way down to my base! She held me deep inside of her mouth for what seemed like a whole 30 seconds!

She slid a hand underneath my balls and tickled them with her designer fingernails. Fuck, I got hornier and hornier when she did that. I broke down, she didn't, and I did!

"Katie, I love and adore your chubby figure. It is so damn erotic to watch. I have to be fucked. You want to fuck, right? Do you want that to?"

"Oh my god yes, yes I do", she responded and without saying another word, she mounted me on top and just started up.

She began bouncing away, up and down repeatedly. I pushed up at her, but she needed no help!

She was screaming loudly. "Fuck me harder and faster! Oh fuck me, fuck me, ohhh, owww, ohh yes, owww! Ohh that's so good. Yes, yes, yes, oh fuck yes, that's so good, so good, yes!"

She screamed and shouted even louder, her head turned back, her back arched backwards. She would either brace herself holding the bed or me for balancing.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck yesssss! God Mr. P. you fuck so well! Oh, I love your cock. It's a monster, Mr. P. I want to suck you off, oh fuck yes, yes, yes!"

"Ohhhhhh my God" and she orgasmed, and she screamed at the top of her lungs!

I was entirely absorbed by her experience! She must have orgasmed at an extremely high intensity level because she just fell off my cock and I hadn't even come yet, and fell right on top of me.

I started thinking; "let's do this again and now!"

I was consumed by her soft curvaceous body, her rolls, thighs, and her ass! Oh, I did love that ass of hers, and I let her know how sexy it was a few times.

After she had her orgasm, I fingered her. She couldn't handle the sensation of me fingering her, but I did it anyways.

I was horny! She was so wet, soft and still releasing juices. She felt helpless and couldn't physically prevent me from fingering her!

Then, to please her and myself more, I jacked myself off in front of her and she watched in her exhausted state.

She tried to finger herself, but she couldn't. She was worn out. I fingered her but she didn't enjoy that any longer.

Everything was so erotic. It all just felt right! She was wetter then either of us could ever imagine and I was ready to implode!

My cock was as hard as it was going to be and every ounce of come wanted to go somewhere!

I held it in for one last second. "Spread yourself Katie, I am going to go inside of you, okay?"

"Oh no, please don't Mr. P, please don't, she begged me."

"Please, please!" but she spread her full sexy thighs apart anyways and smiled in doing so and let me slide my solid cock inside of her fresh pussy.

I slid right inside without restraint! Deep down to her subterranean depths, pushing and pulling myself for one last hurrah!

Finally, I released my cock from inside of her, and pulled out, just prior and exploded all over her tits and her face like icing on a cake, masking everything.

She let out a yelp of disbelief. She didn't think I was going to do that.

She was delighted in my showmanship. She was expecting me to have sexual intercourse and thought I would ejaculate inside of her body.

I couldn't do that to her, nor myself. I couldn't harm her like that. I like this young woman, but she's young and I'm not going to destroy her life.

I like fucking her, you bet her sweet tits I did, but I wasn't going to do that!

Katie was flabbergasted and happy.

I was satisfied and overjoyed at this get together. I wanted to do her more and more. I wanted to suck her afterwards;

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