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Katie's Favors


Katie Rich was cruising through her first few months of college. She'd had a blast at first. Parties, drinking and guys had been the name of the game. But now the honeymoon season was over and she had to knuckle down to getting grades.

It hadn't been too hard for a girl as talented as Katie. She had worked out a very effective method of study in her final year of high school and had transferred her regime to the college environment with great success. She was consistently acing her assignments and tests, and always made sure she had the best tutors to see her through her classes.

Katie had a very particular talent that she fully intended to exploit to make her college life a spectacular success.

Right at that moment, the petite little eighteen year old brunette Katie was about to demonstrate that talent with great skill and attentiveness.

Katie leaned over Thomas' desk and gave him a cute smile as he was rewarded with an eyeful of her generous cleavage. Katie was a very small girl; slim and short and petite, but it made her very cute. She was wearing a yellow tank top over a snug black bra. Her chest was thrust proudly out at Thomas while her small but incredibly firm ass was clad in denim cut off shorts. Katie's shoulder length layered dark auburn hair was held back in a rough ponytail. She had cheeky hazel eyes, fair skin and a freckled face. She looked irresistibly gorgeous.

When she spoke, even her voice was light as air and adorable. She seemed to be the perfect girl next door.

"So Thomas, you sure you know enough about the Conquistador's impact on the New World to write up the report in time?" asked Katie.

"Of course, Katie," reassured Thomas. "I'm a history buff, I got it covered. Writing your report should be a piece of cake. I'll have it in by Friday."

They were both in a little alcove of the college library, hidden away out of sight where few people would bother them. It was an obscure reference section, and designed to be a secluded place to study. Not many people came by and Katie knew it would be a very private place to work. That was why she had chosen it.

"A piece of cake huh?" repeated Katie with a wink. "In that case, maybe I could do it on my own... Spare me having to pay you those favors."

"No!" gasped Thomas. "I mean, uh, you shouldn't have to worry about it. Let me handle it, Katie, and you can, you know, do me the favors you promised."

"Oh, you mean like this kind of favor..." breathed Katie as she slid down to her knees and crawled under the desk.

Thomas gasped as he suddenly felt Katie's small hands on his already bulging crotch and quickly unzipping his fly. Before he knew it his shorts were open and Katie had fished out his rapidly hardening cock. He was still sitting at the desk, so he couldn't see what Katie was doing, but he sure could feel it.

Then Katie put her mouth over Thomas' cock and his eyes rolled back in his head as he moaned with pleasure.

He could feel the tight oval noose of her lips sliding down his shaft. The lash of her tongue against his cock head. The warm wetness of her mouth as she enveloped him. The squeeze of her hands and fingers on his tightening balls.

Thomas groaned and clung to the desk with his hands as Katie blew him under the table.

Katie meanwhile, was feeling and sensing all of his reactions as she took his member in her mouth and began servicing it with steady bobs of her head. She sucked long and slow and hard around the massive, bulging dick meat in her mouth.

"Mmmmn mmnnhh mnnnff mmmff hmmff..." moaned Katie, her voice muffled by Thomas' cock as she slid her mouth over it hungrily.

Katie was a cocksucker. She was a damn good one too. She had always enjoyed having a good dick in her mouth. The warmth of their heat. The salty taste of their pre-cum on her tongue. The great size of them as they filled up her mouth and pushed against her tongue or throat or cheeks.

She had to admit, she had a lot of fun sucking cock. But she wasn't doing this just for pleasure. She was doing it to get ahead. 'A favor for a favor', as she would always put it when she propositioned people she needed.

"Oh yeah, Katie, suck my cock," groaned Thomas. "I'll do all your history reports for you if you keep giving me such amazing head!"

Katie gave a moan of approval and pushed her face down deeper until she had squeezed Thomas' cock head into her tight throat with a big squelching sound.

Thomas couldn't help but throw his head back and groan in ecstasy as Katie's throat enveloped him. Katie hoped no one was around to hear how loud he was being, but Thomas didn't seem to care and just kept grunting noisily.

"Oh I can't wait to fuck your tight little body when I finish your assignment," moaned Thomas.

Pulling off his now soaking dick with a pop, Katie reminded him what their deal was.

"You only get to fuck me if you get an A when I hand in the report," said Katie.

"Yeah, what were my rewards again?" asked Thomas as he reached down to grope and fondle Katie's cute boobs through her tank top.

"For an A you get to fuck me," answered Katie. "Get a B and I'll give you a blowjob. C is a hand job. Anything lower than that and you can forget it."

"And what's this awesome blowjob for?" asked Thomas with a grin.

"Motivation," replied Katie as she wrapped her lips around Thomas' cock and gave it a long suck. "Mmmmnnnnhhh hmmmnnnhh..."

"Aha," mumbled Thomas absent mindedly as he squeezed Katie's left breasts. "If I get an A, I can fuck you in the ass, right?"

"Mmmmnff! What? Of course not!" exclaimed Katie as she pulled her mouth off the cock with a slurp. "That was never part of the deal."

"Awww, come on," whined Thomas. "Your butt is so tight and cute, I gotta hit that! Plus, A should be for Anal, Katie!"

"Fucking me isn't good enough?" asked Katie, still from under the desk as she slowly wanked Thomas' cock in her small hands.

"Yeah, sure," said Thomas, "but I would put in so much more effort if I knew I had the chance to plunder that sweet ass of yours! Come on, Katie, I'm going to all this trouble to do you this favor!"

"Hmmph," muttered Katie.

"Please?" begged Thomas. "I'll help you prep for exams too, if you let me."

"Look, you can have anal if you get an A+," said Katie finally. "And you help me with any history work I need done for the year."

"Absolutely!" said Thomas. "God, I'm so hard right now, I need your mouth on me!"

Katie quickly complied and buried her face in Thomas' lap again, swallowing his thick, twitching cock meat with steady bobs of her head.

"Mmmmn mmnnh mmnhh hmmn hmmnff hmnnfghh!" Katie moaned noisily as she sucked, her voice muffled by Thomas' slick cock disappearing between her lips.

Thomas groaned with relief as he felt Katie's incredible mouth on him again. When she started taking him deep once more, Thomas thought he had died and gone to heaven, blissing out on the sensations of Katie's amazing blowjob.

Katie had a talent for giving head, but she was still getting used to taking a cock into her throat. Guys seemed to go nuts for it, and she would do her best to squeeze a cock down into her throat when she could manage it. But it was still difficult. Katie would gag often, and have to pace herself.

The problem was, once she started going down on a guy, they couldn't help themselves. It was like an open invitation to fuck her throat, and too often they just went for it, whether Katie was gagging on them or not.

Just as Thomas was doing right that moment.

Thomas groaned again and bucked up hard into Katie's mouth as she deep throated him, thrusting his cock deeper into her face as she sucked. Katie stifled a gag and kept going, sucking with growing speed and rhythm as Thomas grew more eager.

"Oh Katie, I'm going to fucking cum!" breathed Thomas.

Katie couldn't reply at all, as Thomas had just slammed his cock so hard and deep into Katie's mouth that her head was pressed right up against the underside of the desk she had crawled under. She concentrated on relaxing her throat and letting it take as much of Thomas' raging cock as it could.

"Uhhhh, ohhh Katie! Take it! Drink my cum!" Thomas grunted.

Thomas bucked a few more times up into Katie's face, then erupted with force into her hot mouth. His cock jerked and twitched as he came, sending spurts of cum racing across Katie's tongue and against the roof of her mouth.

"Aaaah!" gasped Thomas. "Uhh! Uhh! Ohhh yeah!"

Katie locked her lips around Thomas' shaft, making sure none of his cum dripped past her lips to make a mess of her tank top. She didn't mind in private, but they were still in college and she still needed to get home. Wearing cum stains around the campus would raise a few too many questions.

Thomas was still splashing his last few shots of hot cum in her mouth, his still twitching dick now pulsing as it rested on her warm, wet tongue.

With a great long slurping pop, Katie pulled off Thomas' cock and swallowed down the load he had deposited in her little mouth.

Satisfied that she had sufficiently motivated Thomas to ace her history assignment for her, she climbed out from under the desk and got to her feet.

Thomas looked at her with vague, vacant eyes, still lost in the afterglow of his orgasm.

"So Thomas, just remember to get the assignment done and if I get a good grade back, then you'll get your reward," said Katie as she readjusted her tank top and wiped her lips.

"Oh, don't worry Katie," said Thomas with a huge grin. "I fully intend to claim that hot ass of yours. Your history paper's going to kick butt!"

"Let's hope so," said Katie as she bent over a little to tease Thomas with her denim clad ass, "or you won't be getting any of this!"

Katie brushed her dark auburn hair back over her shoulder and left Thomas in the little library alcove.

That took care of her history class, thought Katie. Now for the rest of her classes!


Katie walked to her law class across the sunny campus grounds, a handbag on her shoulder and an orange juice in her hand. She slurped noisily on the juice through a straw, her dark auburn hair waving freely in the breeze as it fell over her shoulders.

She was wearing tight jeans that clung to her slender legs like a second skin. For a top, she had donned a tiny orange crop top that showed off her sexy midriff and incredibly trim waist. A funky beaded necklace hung from her neck and down to her chest to highlight her small but delightfully perky breasts, snugly pressed together into an inviting cleavage in her crop top.

Walking beside Katie was her friend Carol, a tall and busty brunette with a sexy fringe and a smile to die for.

The two of them chatted away, gossiping idly as they made their way to class.

Of course, Carol had no idea the kind of girl Katie really was. She thought her petite little friend was an innocent, doe eyed girl who had no idea how much guys around her fancied her.

Normally the other girls on campus would have hated Katie's guts. And Katie knew there was no doubt that a few of them did, envious over the lustful looks that guys would give her.

But most of them didn't because Katie was discreet. She knew how to apply her skills secretly and selectively. Most people had no idea that perfect little Katie was a debauched little whore who spent serious time on her knees with a cock in her mouth to advance herself.

Best of all, she would top her classes while still having the time to socialize and become one of the most popular girls in college. It had worked in her final year of high school, and Katie was confident that it would work again here.

Katie had locked Thomas down to doing all her history work for her in exchange for sexual favors. That class was covered, she thought to herself, now she just had to find guys for the rest of her college courses.

As Katie and Carol reached their law class, they could see other students milling about outside and just beginning to enter the lecture hall.

Just then however, a burly male student Katie didn't recognize dashed over and interrupted the girl talk Katie was having with Carol.

Confused, Katie raised her eyebrows at the guy.

"Hi?" said Katie.

The guy was just looking between Katie and her friend Carol, breathing a little heavy as if out of breath from rushing over. He was a little on the rotund side, so Katie could understand if he wasn't all that fit.

"Oh, um hi," said the guy breathlessly. "You're Katie, right? Katie Rich?"

"Yeah," said Katie. "Do I know you?"

"Me? Oh no, we haven't met yet," said the guy, "I mean, I'm in some of your classes and all, but we haven't talked, or um, introduced myself. I'm Greg. I was wondering if I could talk to you for a minute, Katie?"

Curious as to what this was about, she gave Greg a nod and then turned to Carol.

"I bet he wants to ask you out," whispered Carol.

"Maybe," said Katie to her friend, "I'll see you inside in a bit, ok?"

Carol gave her friend a knowing look and then made her way into the lecture hall with the rest of the students, leaving Katie outside with Greg.

"So Greg, what did you want to talk to me about?" asked Katie, flicking her auburn hair over her shoulder.

"Well, I heard from a friend of mine, I mean, you know," mumbled Greg, "that you were, uh, the person to go to, for certain, you know, things..."

"What on earth are you talking about, Greg?" asked Katie.

Greg looked around to make sure no one was listening. As Katie and him were the only two people left outside, clearly no one was. He then leant in to whisper to Katie.

"I heard you give special favors to guys who do things for you," whispered Greg. "I have an offer, if you're interested."

"I'm listening," said Katie, crossing her arms and hoping Greg wasn't just trying to score a free ride with her.

"I'm in your law class, right, but we also have politics together too," said Greg. "I'm a really good student, and I take all these notes, see. Basically, I was wondering if I could take your notes for you for those classes."

"That's really sweet Greg, but you don't have to do that for me," said Katie.

"Yeah, but I can, I mean, I'd love to," breathed Greg, "in exchange for, you know, some of your favors."

Katie knew what he wanted from her. But she decided to play coy. Smiling, she traced a finger over Greg's chest idly.

"What favors do you mean, Greg?" asked Katie innocently.

"I heard you would, you know, give head," whispered Greg. "Don't worry though, I haven't told anyone. My friend said you did it for him back in high school, but he hasn't told anyone else, I swear!"

"Law class is going on right now," said Katie, "aren't you missing taking notes there?"

"Oh," said Greg, crestfallen. "Shit."

"I don't need notes, Greg," said Katie, "it's easy enough to pay attention in class."

Greg looked as if her were about to run away in shame.

"What I do need," Katie quickly began as she caught his eyes, "is someone to do my assignments for me, and to help me prep for exams. Is that something you could do, Greg?"

"What? Oh, yes! Absolutely, Katie, anything! Of course!" Greg stammered.

"Excellent," smiled Katie, "well we can work out the details once we get on to the second assignment, it's probably too late for the first..."

"Actually, I'd done the first assignment myself already," said Greg quickly, thrusting a USB drive into Katie's hands. "Here, it's on this! Just use mine and change the name to yours. I can knock up another one for myself in no time."

"Awww, thank you Greg!" said Katie, pocketing the USB in her tight jeans. "You're a sweet heart."

"No problem, Katie," smiled Greg. "Um, so do I get a reward for that...?"

Katie laughed, "ok, I have a system. Depending on the grade I get back, you'll get an equivalent reward. A handjob for a C. For a B, I'll go down on you. And an A, and I'll even let you have your way with me."

Katie left out the bit about the anal for A+. She didn't want to be walking around campus with a sore butt all the time if her lackeys turned all turned out to be academic geniuses.

"Oh fuck me," gasped Greg. "That's freaking awesome. So what do I get now?"

"You mean right now?" asked Katie.

Greg nodded his head emphatically and pointed to his crotch. A giant bulge was evident in his jeans.

Katie rolled her eyes.

"Will you suck me off, Katie?" asked Greg.

"Look, I haven't had a chance to look at your work yet, so you haven't earned a blowjob," said Katie. "But if you're that desperate, I can wank you off with my hands."

"Oh yeah, let's do that!" grinned Greg.

"Alright, follow me," said Katie, grabbing his hand and leading him to the nearest bathrooms. "We're missing class anyway, so we might as well blow it off entirely."

"Hehe, blow it off," Greg chuckled.

"Oh, grow up," laughed Katie.

Not a minute later Katie had pulled Greg into the grubby men's bathrooms of the law building, and the two of them were squished together in a little cubicle stall with the door closed. She preferred using the men's bathrooms because there using the girls' meant risking been discovered by people she'd prefer to remain anonymous to.

At least in the men's room, she could always hand out a favor in exchange for silence. It had proven pretty effective in the past.

Katie's body was rubbing up against Greg, and she could feel just how hard he was through the material of his jeans. Greg was pretty portly too, so together they took up most of the stall and Katie and him were squished together pretty tightly.

Greg was busy hungrily groping Katie's firm breasts through her crop top while they kissed and made out for a bit. He wasn't a terrible kisser, mused Katie, but he was clearly a little over eager.

Not wasting any more time, Greg hurriedly unzipped himself and dropped his jeans and boxers in one swift jerk. His fat, erect cock thrust out upright and at attention. It looked red and angry to Katie, as if demanding her attention at once.

"Come on, Katie, get your hands on it," gasped Greg.

Katie slid down Greg's body to her knees and complied, giving him a fantastic view of her tight cleavage as she wrapped her small, cool hands around his rigid boner.

"Oh yeah, that's it Katie!" moaned Greg as Katie slowly began to wank his cock back and forth in her delicate hands.

Greg's hips began thrusting, unable to help himself as he tried to grind his cock in Katie's smooth hands.

Teasing and squeezing Greg's balls with her fingers, Katie slid one hand gently up and down on the trembling manhood in her grasp.

Before she knew it, pearls of precum were flowing from the cock's slit and Greg was groaning loudly in ecstasy.

"Keep your voice down," hissed Katie, "we don't want anyone to hear us!"

"Uhhh, yeah, ok," mumbled Greg. "Oh, give me more Katie, that's so good!"

Greg suddenly grabbed hold of his cock and wiped the head on Katie's left cheek, leaving a streak of precum across her freckled face.

"What are you doing?" complained Katie. "Don't make a mess, it's going to take too long to clean up if you're not careful!"

But Greg wasn't paying attention. Katie was still masturbating his cock, making a tight noose just behind the head with her index finger and thumb in a circle around his flesh.

Greg kept grunting, red and sweating with pleasure. He placed his hands on Katie's head, looping his fingers into her sexy dark auburn hair.

"Greg? Are you nearly there?" Katie asked, pouting.

Greg didn't seem to be hearing her, and instead took that moment to seize Katie's hair more tightly and thrust his cock against Katie's pouting pink lips.

It didn't take much pressure for the surprise of Greg's sudden thrust to spear his cock past Katie's lips and into her warm, moist confines of her mouth.

"Oh wow!" gasped Greg. "That's amazing!"

"Mmmnnh!" Katie protested, her eyes wide and her mouth full of Greg's cock.

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