tagRomanceKatie's Love Ch. 04

Katie's Love Ch. 04


Writers Note

This is chapter four of my story about a very special person from a long time ago. This covers the events of January and February of 1981. I am sure that some of you might think that what happens in here is strange but this is how it all really happened.



Things with Katie went back to normal on Saturday nights after New Years, if you consider normal as in going back to the playroom and all the wild and kinky things that were going on in there. But one thing did change, instead of sleeping on the hospital bed back there, we started sleeping in her bedroom. Katie had a double bed and it was a lot more comfortable to sleep on. Her bedroom was the same size as the bedroom that I always got undressed in. There were a couple of dressers in there and a chair. The bed had a headboard that had a pair of shelves running across it but the only things that were on it were these old candles. The bases were made out of some kind of metal, about four inches square on the bottom, five inches high, and the edges curved inward so that the tops were a little over two inches square. The metal had some decorative work to it but it was very worn and faint. The candles themselves were a funny color, almost like a parchment paper color. They didn't feel like wax but I couldn't tell what they were made from. I asked her about them and she told me that she had found them at a rummage sale.

Katie said, "I can't get them to light. I used up a book of matches one night and burned my fingers a couple of times trying. But they look kind of nice and they weren't expensive."

I replied, "Just get some different candles."

She laughed and said, "I was going to, but I can't get those other ones out."

The third week in January started off as they always had, I called her on Sunday evening and on Monday, and everything was fine. I worked later on Tuesday to get caught up on some paperwork while my part time employee was there and I called her from the store around 7:30 PM. I got her answering machine, which had happened in the past if she wasn't near the phone, but she always called me back within a few minutes. I left her a quick message and I waited at the store until a little after 8:00 PM, but there still was no call. I called her back and left another message that I was going to the apartment and that she should call me there after 8:30 PM. I went back to my apartment and she called me around 9:00 PM.

"Hi Tony," she said, "I'm sorry I wasn't around. I decided to do some shopping tonight and it took longer than I planned."

I replied, "That is okay Katie. I was just getting a little worried."

Katie said, "No I am fine. I have some stuff to get in the freezer so I have to get going. I will talk to you tomorrow, okay?"

I said, "Okay. Good bye Katie."

"Bye," she said and she hung up the phone.

Which was a little weird because she had never rushed through a phone call like that in the past but then women do tend to do strange things from time to time. I didn't think much about it that night. The store was busy the next morning. There was a steady stream of customers and there was one woman who came in and hung around for thirty minutes looking at different things and asking lots of questions. She was well dressed, with an expensive looking black coat that was trimmed with black fur, and she had dark red hair and green eyes that had this look to them. I had never seen her before but she kept looking at me as if somehow she knew me. She finally left around 11:30 AM and then at 12:30 PM Katie came into the store. I finished up with the customer I was working with and after he left the store, I walked around the counter and gave her a kiss.

Katie said, "I want to apologize for last night Tony. I was in a hurry and I'm sorry that I was so rude."

I replied, "That's okay. I understand."

We kissed again and she asked, "Down at the club tonight?"

I answered, "That is fine with me."

Just then the front door opened and I looked over to see my sales manager Danny come walking in. I had no warning that he was coming here or that he was even out doing store visits and that usually wasn't a good sign.

He stopped as he got to where we were standing and asked, "This is getting to be a habit?"

Katie smiled and said, "It is so nice to see you again Danny."

He just looked at me and said "It is nice to see you again," and he walked back to where my desk was in the stockroom.

I whispered to Katie, "I don't like this."

She whispered back, "Be positive Tony. It will be fine."

I whispered again, "I hope so," and gave her one more kiss then she turned and walked out the door.

As it turned out the visit was good. He was pleased with how the store had done over Christmas and our January sales had been good so far. Danny mainly wanted to get a feel as to where I would go if another store opened up. I said that I would go anywhere and he asked me about what Katie would think about that.

I answered, "I don't know. I really like her but there are some things about her that I don't know about."

He shrugged his shoulders and said, "All women are like that if you haven't figured that out already."

I replied, "Yeah, I know."

We talked for a while longer but he wasn't ready to make any moves just then. Our fiscal year ran from July to June so any moves he was making were going to be after July 1st. The rest of the day went quickly and 9:00 PM came and I went down to the club. Katie was waiting for me and already had gotten a beer for me as well. As I always did, I gave her a quick kiss before sitting down. We talked about the day like we always did.

Katie asked me, "So how did it go today with Danny?"

I replied, "It was good. I still have a job." Katie laughed and I added, "We talked about where my next promotion will be. Nothing definite and it won't be happening until the beginning of July."

She said, "That's good. You do work very hard there."

I answered, "You have to, otherwise it's out the door."

Katie replied, "That is the same anywhere." Both of our drinks were finished and she looked at me for a while and said, "I think it's time to inspect that apartment of yours again."

"That is fine with me," I said with a big smile, since Katie hadn't come over on a Wednesday night since I had started going over to her house on Saturday nights, except for one night early in December. I asked, "You going to spend the night?"

Katie smiled and replied, "No. Not until you get rid of the alarm clock from hell!"

I laughed and answered, "Oh well. I'm ready if you are."

I got the waitress over, Katie paid the tab, and we left.

She said, "I'll be waiting for you," as she got into her car.

I had driven mine down to the club after closing the store. I got in and left at the same time, but she knew all the short cuts and was at the apartment before I was. We walked up the stairs and went into my apartment.

"Hasn't changed much," she commented as we went inside.

I asked, "Did you really expect it to?"

She laughed and we went into the bedroom. I turned on the lamp, kicked my shoes off and sat down on the side of the mattress. I started to get undressed and watched as she did the same. Katie was facing me and was taking longer than she usually would to get undressed. It wasn't a playful striptease like she had done in the past, it more like she didn't really want to be doing it, at least that is what I thought. We didn't talk at all, but I could tell from the look on her face that something was bothering her. I got done before she did, moved back on the mattress and lay down on my side facing her. Katie took her bra off and after slowly peeling down her panties, got on the bed and laid down on her back along side of me.

I asked, "Are you okay Katie?"

Katie turned a little, gave me one of her special kisses, then answered, "Yes Tony. I am fine. I just feel like being quiet tonight."

"That is okay," I said as I kissed her.

My hand moved to her breast and her hand slowly slid down my chest to my cock. I kissed her some more and played with both of her breasts. I moved my head down and sucked on the nipple that was closest to me. I had my hand on her other breast at first then I slowly moved it down into her pubes. I ran my fingertips through the soft hair for a few minutes then I moved back up to kiss her on the lips as my hand slid between her legs. Just as I touched her clit she tensed up. I wasn't pressing hard and it seemed strange but then the way that she was acting that night was on the strange side even for her. I gently stroked it for a while and she relaxed as her breathing started to get harder. I moved down a little deeper, started playing with the outer edges of her cunt and again she tensed up.

"Katie," I asked again, "Are you okay?"

She replied, "I'm just a little sensitive tonight Tony. You are doing fine."

Katie had never acted like this in the past, but a few of the other women I had been before, had been more sensitive at different times of their monthly cycle so I just kept touching her lightly. I kissed her and moved my middle finger inside of her cunt. Again she tensed a little but I went gently. I slid my finger slowly in and out of her cunt for a while and pressed my thumb against her clit. Still touching her gently, I brought her to a climax. I was looking her in the eye as she got close to the top but then she pulled my head down so that we were cheek to cheek as she came and it was very violent.

She cried out, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" as it hit her and she thrashed around on the bed and clamped her legs so tightly around my fingers that I couldn't move them.

Katie shook for at least twenty seconds and as she started coming down from the orgasm, she let loose of my head a little bit and I pulled back and looked her in the eyes. She had that look that I had seen it before a number of times, like she wanted to say something but was fighting to hold it back. She closed her eyes, breathed heavily a few more times, then she relaxed her legs and I slid my hand out and just gently stroked her pubes. Then she smiled, opened her eyes, and looked at me.

"I told you I was sensitive tonight," she said.

I replied, "I see that."

I kissed her and started kissing my way down her neck and then to her breasts. I kissed down her stomach with the intent of eating her but she reached down with her hand and stopped my head.

I looked up at her and she softly said, "Tony, I just want you inside of me."

"Okay," I answered.

This was the first time that she had ever stopped me from eating her, but seeing how differently she acting was that night, I didn't worry about it. I opened her legs with my hand, climbed between them and got my cock into position. I looked her in the eye for a second and then I started to gently and slowly push inside of her cunt. She tensed again as I did and she looked like this was really hurting her. I stopped, Katie relaxed and I pushed slowly inside of her until I was all the way in. I waited for a few seconds then slowly pulled my cock back until I was almost all the way out and slid it slowly back in. Again and again and again. We had made love like this before but for some reason tonight it felt different. The way that Katie was looking at me was as intense as the feelings that were coming from the soft wetness of her cunt as my cock slowly moved in and out of it. Minutes passed marked only by the ticking of my clock and the soft noises of passion that Katie was making. She started grabbing my cock with her cunt muscle as I pushed in which started bringing both of us closer to climaxing.

I said, "I am going to cum soon."

Katie replied, "Fill me Tony," and she pulled my head down to hers so that we were cheek to cheek.

I kept up at the same slow pace but soon I couldn't hold back any longer. I pushed in as deep as I could and a shot of sperm left my cock. I didn't try to pull back, I just held tight against her as the second and third ones came out as well. She started panting very hard. I started grinding my pubes against her crotch and a few seconds later Katie came even harder than when I had been fingering her. She was shaking hard and pushing her cunt tight against me. Her arms were so tightly wrapped around me that it was hard for me to breathe and her legs were clamped hard behind my ass as well. I thought she was going to come a second time but she relaxed. I moved my head back and looked at her and again she had that look on her face.

As her breathing slowed Katie said almost in a whisper, "That was very special Tony. Very, very, special."

I replied, "That was beautiful Katie."

We kissed deep and lay like that for a few minutes. I got off of her, lay down on my side and Katie turned on her side facing me. What ever was going on with her was deep but I couldn't tell what it was. I knew what I was feeling and had felt from the first time we had lain on this mattress like this but she was still a mystery as far as her feelings went. We kissed for while and then just lay there silently.

Katie gave me another one of her special kisses and said, "I guess I will get going."

"No seconds tonight?" I asked.

She smiled and said, "Save it for Saturday," and she kissed me again.

Katie got off the mattress, started to get dressed, and again she faced me the whole time. Her panties went on first, then her blouse and skirt. She slipped her feet into her shoes, put on her coat, then she neatly folded her bra up and that went into her coat pocket. She knelt down and kissed me one more time lightly.

She said, "Thank you Tony for being so nice to me tonight."

I looked at her and said "Katie, I," and she pressed her finger against my lips like she knew what I was going to say, which was I love you, then she kissed me on the forehead, got off the bed and left my apartment.

"Damn! Damn! Damn!" I thought as I lay there.

This was so frustrating. She acted like she was in love with me, she looked at me like she was in love with me, but for some reason she was just staying away from bringing it out in the open. I didn't know what to do. I fell asleep as I was still trying to make some sense out of all of this, which wasn't the first time.

I called her Thursday night and things seemed to be back to normal with her. Friday night we met for supper at the bar and again, she acted like she always did. We didn't talk about what happened on Wednesday night at all.

There was a heavy snow predicted to start Saturday night and it was supposed to last until early Sunday afternoon. The district sales office sent word around that opening the stores on Sunday was optional, so I called my part time employee and told him. He had a four-wheel drive pickup truck that he used for plowing snow and said that if he could make it down that he would open. The snow had already started when I drove over to Katie's house and I brought my boots and jeans along with me knowing that we would be out shoveling snow the next day.

Supper was great as always and the conversation was light and fun. She was wearing the green pajamas that I had gotten her for Christmas and she really looked great. After supper I went over to the couch to let supper settle down while Katie cleaned up the dishes. Katie walked over and looked at me for a few seconds. Usually she would sit down beside me to talk for a while before we headed back to the playroom, but tonight she did something different. She walked over, pressed my knees together, and sat down on them. She was facing to my left with her hands on her lap and was looking straight ahead.

After about ten seconds, Katie turned to me and with a serious look said, "Tony. I have something to tell you."

My heart started beating faster as I thought, "Fuck! Here comes the get lost Tony speech," but I just said, "Okay."

Katie looked straight ahead again and replied, "I lied to you about Tuesday night. Jean came to visit me." She drew in a deep breath and went on, "We had supper, we talked, then we went back to the playroom, and afterwards we spent the night in bed together." I was stunned. Katie had told me that Jean and her had been friends for a long time and that they had been lovers in the past, but I didn't say anything. She looked at me and finished with, "I can understand if you are mad at me and if you just want to get up and leave right now I will understand that too." Then she turned her face away from me and looked straight out.

I didn't really know what to think, I just looked at her for a while and said, "Katie, I don't have a clue as to what is going on between us. I know what I am feeling and I think I know what you are feeling, but you have this damn wall up. Am I upset? I guess that I should be, but she is your friend and I can't tell you what you can or cannot do or whom you can do it with. I just wish I knew what was going on inside of your heart about me, that is all."

Her breathing got a little deeper and she still looked ahead as she said, "Jean knows me better than anyone. She told me back in the playroom that I always had to be in control. Even when I was on the bottom that I still had to be in control and that I would never learn the truth until I totally gave up all control." Katie looked at me for a few seconds then went back to looking straight ahead. "So starting now," she finished with, "And until you decide that it is over, I give myself totally to you to do what ever you want to do with me. If you want to take me back into the playroom and beat me with the cane and everything else back there until I can't walk, I will not stop you. Use anything and everything. I have no safeword tonight or tomorrow."

I was shocked at this and I didn't know what to do or say at that point. I didn't want to beat her like that, yet it was like she was asking me to do it. I sat quietly and tried to decide what I was going to say next. I really hated being thrown into a situation like this with no warning. The thought that I should just get up and leave did cross my mind as well but I loved this girl as strange as she was at times and I knew that I had to see this through.

Finally I asked, "Katie, what are you afraid of? What scares you more than anything?"

I was hoping that she was going to talk about feelings and what was going on with us, but instead she started shaking and her breathing got heavier.

She got off my legs and said, "I will go get it."

I watched as she walked down the hallway. I though she was going into the playroom, but I saw the light from her bedroom as she opened the door. After a minute she walked back to the couch. She was still shaking and was carrying a small box in both of her hands. The way she was holding it, you would have thought that it was going to explode. When she got next to where I was sitting, she handed me the box, and then sat back down on my knees. Her breathing was very deep and the shaking continued. The box was made of a light colored wood that had been varnished. It was about ten inches long, five inches wide, and three inches high. Someone had carved "Katie" on the top and burned the letters in with a soldering iron. I opened the hook that kept the lid closed. The inside of the box was lined with red velvet and sitting there was an man's hairbrush. I set the box on the couch next to me and picked up the hairbrush and I could feel Katie start shaking even harder as I did. The hairbrush was nothing special, it was a dark greenish gray color and was made out of something that I wasn't familiar with. It wasn't plastic but it wasn't wood either. The back was worn and when I turned it over I saw that a few of the bristles were missing around the edges. There was nothing special at all about it but I could tell that she was terrified of it.

Katie looked at me and said, "That is my father's hairbrush," and returned to looking away from me again.

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