tagFetishKatie's Valentine's Day Gift

Katie's Valentine's Day Gift


Jamie was so impressed with how well Katie's first session at Lady Desirée's private spouse training club went that he decided he wanted to do something special for his horny wife on Valentine's Day. In order to keep it secret again, he asked John to make all the arrangements once more. He asked him to tell Lady Desirée that he'd offer to give an extra $500 to the club if Lady Desirée allowed him the use of the same slave girl during this session. As before, John contacted Lady Desirée and explained exactly what was wanted, and she assured him that everything would go just as smoothly.

On the evening of the 13th, Jamie took Katie to a salon for a full Brazilian wax. He told Jill, the pretty young esthetician, that if she did an extra good job, he'd have his wife offer thanks with her tongue. That brought a blush to her cheeks but ensured an excellent job. After Katie was left hairless below the waist, Jamie instructed Katie to kneel between Jill's thighs and show her appreciation with a slow licking. Even before Katie was on her knees, Jill had her button-up-the-front white dress completely open and her own neatly waxed pussy exposed. Katie gently spread open Jill's delicate pussy lips and ran her tongue from the bottom of the pink slit up to her clit, circling her tongue around and around it for several minutes before pushing two of her fingers inside. As Jill let a moan escape, Katie rotated her wrist so her palm was turned upwards. She then started pressing rhythmically against Jill's swollen g-spot as her licking continued on Jill's clit. Within moments, Jill experienced the first of many orgasms.

When Jamie tried to pay her, Jill leaned forward and whispered in his ear, "Let me suck your cock while you have her do that again and there is no charge!" Jamie smiled as he put his money back into his wallet, dropped his pants and fed his cock into Jill's mouth. He then told his wife to keep eating Jill while he completed the payment. When he finally shot his cum down Jill's throat, Katie's face was covered with pussy juice.

The young woman offered a damp towel to Katie. Jamie took it and explained that he wanted his slut wife to savor the scent of her pussy on the ride back to their home. Jill grinned and offered the same deal the next time Katie needed a waxing.

Once they were back home, Jamie told Katie that he had something for her that night, but her main Valentine's Day gift would be given to her on the afternoon of the 14th. Curious to find out what she was going to get, Katie bent over in front of her husband, wiggled her bare ass and asked if she could get her gift now. Jamie told her to face forward and hold still while he got her gift ready. Poised and ready to be fucked, Katie held her position.

Unexpectedly, Katie first felt something cool and wet drip onto her arsehole, and then felt something hard and smooth pushing into it. It didn't feel quite as large as her husband's cock, but it did feel good. She held her stance as the object spread her rim open and was slowly pushed into her. After her rim allowed the widest part to enter, it felt like her own arse was sucking in the rest, right up to the hilt of the object. She felt its base anchor itself safely and securely. Jamie told her to go and bend over in front of the mirror on the door, and then he held up another large mirror so she could see the pretty red crystal mounted on the silver-colored base of her new butt plug.

"I hope you like it, Katie," said Jamie, "because you'll be getting a lot of use out of it. It's stainless steel and made for long wear."

"It's beautiful!" exclaimed Katie. "And comfortable, too."

"Great - glad you like it! Let's see how it feels while I'm inside your pussy."

Jamie spun her around and pushed his firm cock into her pussy. She was wet, but the plug made her tighter than usual. He liked that. "How does that feel?" he asked.

"That... feels... delicious," gasped Katie.

"Don't let it pop out. I'm going to give it to you harder now!"

Jamie increased the speed and depth of his thrusts into her pussy, enjoying the new sensation caused by the plug. Based on the amount of juice clinging to his balls it was apparent that Katie liked it, too. After pounding into her for what seemed like a lot less time than usual, he gave her one final thrust. He shot his load of cum into her pussy and then told her, "After I catch my breath, I'll pull out of you and let you squeeze my load onto a plate so you can lick it up. After you lick my cock clean, we'll relax and watch some of your favorite girl-girl porn before bedtime. And we'll see how well you sleep with that plug in place."

The next morning Katie gave Jamie his daily wake up blowjob. When she'd swallowed the last bit of his cum, he rolled her onto her tummy and spread her asscheeks apart to check on the new butt plug. It was still there! "Good girl - you kept it in all night!" he told her. "You can pull it out and get cleaned up now. Before I take you out for the next part of your Valentine's gift, I'll put it back in. Maybe I'll let John put it in this time. Would you like that?"

Katie wasn't too sure about that. She'd sucked John's cock many times, but other than that and masturbating in front of him, she really hadn't done anything else with him besides what had happened at Lady Desirée's club not long ago. She pondered a moment and then asked, "Wouldn't you prefer to put it in?"

Jamie smiled at her. "Sure. I'll do it. It'll give me another chance to feel how smooth you are down there." Jamie continued, "After you're done with a quick cleanup, make us some coffee - and stay naked so I can admire your bald pussy."

Jamie was beside himself with Katie's new Brazilian wax job. She'd always kept her underarms and legs shaved, and her pubic hair was either shaved or neatly trimmed into cute shapes, but for some reason, being completely hairless below the waist made him want to fuck her even more than usual. Maybe it was the new feeling he experienced while fucking her with the butt plug firmly inserted into her arse. Or maybe it was what he had planned for her later in the day.

He followed his naked wife into the kitchen. As she prepared their coffee, he groped her breasts, squeezed her butt and fondled her pussy. His erect cock poked into her constantly.

"Do I need to drain your balls again, honey?" she asked.

"Um, well, better not do that right now. I want to save some for later. Let's just have our coffee and bagels and then start getting ready."

"Should I ask what we'll be getting ready for?"

"You'll find out when we get to Lady Desirée's."

When Katie heard "Lady Desirée's," she thought back to her recent experience there and felt a warm rush go though her pussy.

"I'm not going to tell you any more details, but I will let you know it's going to be different this time."

Shortly before it was time for them to leave for Lady Desirée's, John arrived at their house. Jamie greeted him at the door and invited him in. "Is everything ready?" he asked.

"Don't worry. Counting you and me, there's one man for every year you and Katie have been married. Lady Desirée assured me that the ones she lined up are heavy cummers and can cum pretty much on command. It's going to be fine!"

"Okay, if she said so, I'm sure it'll be good. Come back to the bedroom. I want you to see Katie before we go."

Jamie walked quickly to the bedroom with John following close behind. When they entered the room, Katie was standing just inside the doorway, nude except for her black heels and black leather collar.

"Turn around and bend over, Katie. Show John what I gave you."

She turned around, bent over and spread her cheeks so John could see the pretty end of the butt plug.

"Oh, man! That's a beauty! What size is it? Is that the medium or the large?"

"Medium," replied Jamie. "I wanted to try this a while before going to the large. You wouldn't believe how great it felt when I fucked her last night! Well, maybe you would, since you told me all about it and that I ought to get it for her. Great suggestion, John. Thanks!"

"What are friends for?" John responded. "By the way, how did it go with the Brazilian with Jill? Did she offer you the freebie?"

"John, you are fucking unbelievable! Jill did a great job on Katie, and she offered me the deal you told me she would. How can I ever thank you enough?"

"Don't worry about it, Jamie. I enjoy doing things like this for my friends. Although, there is that web site idea I had. We can talk about that another time. We need to get to the club."

Jamie picked out a slinky knit top with a low-cut neckline and a micro-mini skirt for Katie, which she put on quickly. John looked at her and told Jamie, "You know, I'd pay to fuck her if I wasn't your friend." Jamie took that as a compliment. "Get her leash and let's go. I've already covered the backseat with towels. I even brought a few spares, just in case."

Jamie fastened the leash to Katie's collar and he and John led her outside to John's car. Since it was early in the afternoon, anybody who saw them would get a clear view. John opened the door to his car for Katie and she bent over to get into the back. A college-aged guy rode by on a bicycle and slowed almost to a stop as he watched the glistening red jewel and bald pussy slowly disappear into the car. Once both of the men were seated, John drove away.

John parked his car in the same spot as before, about a block from the club. This time there were quite a few people walking along the street, and all of them eyed Katie on the leash and wearing her revealing outfit. The same young couple passed by and John heard the girl ask her boyfriend why he didn't want to show her off like that. This time John was prepared. He asked Jamie to wait a minute and then hurried back to the girl. He handed her a business card and told her to give him a call in a day or so to discuss a proposition, and then walked briskly back to Jamie and Katie.

"What was that about?" Jamie asked.

"The last time we were here walking Katie back to my car, I heard that same girl ask her boyfriend why he never used her like that. And just now she asked why he didn't show her off, so I decided to see what might happen if I gave her my card and the suggestion to call me about a proposition I had for her. I wouldn't be surprised if she calls and volunteers to be used like a cheap whore. Hey - a guy can dream!"

"I see I need to share Katie with you more," replied Jamie.

"Thanks, man, I really enjoy the blowjobs and helping with the special times with the two of you, but I want somebody I can call my own. You know how it is. I want my own fuck toy."

"Yeah, I know. I'm really lucky to have Katie."

"Okay, okay - let's get inside and start this party!"

Jamie led Katie to the front door of the club with John following behind. He got a great view up Katie's skirt. Lady Desirée was waiting just inside, holding the door open and waiting to invite the three in. She was dressed as before in her black leather corset connected to black nylon stockings, black leather boots, and holding a black leather riding crop in her black leather gloved hands. Although her breasts were covered by the corset, her hairless pussy was exposed. Unlike before, she smiled and asked them in without issuing any orders. As John entered, she stood up on her toes, kissed his cheek and told him everything was ready as planned, and that she wanted to talk to him about a different matter sometime soon. Jamie led Katie inside and waited.

"Where are we doing this?" he asked.

"Everything's ready upstairs," she replied. "And as you requested, the same slave girl you had before is ready to serve you today. Follow me, please."

Once upstairs they saw a long, padded bench placed in the middle of the room. A small table positioned beside it had a vibrator and a dildo resting on top. At each end of the room was a hallway. Lady Desirée invited Jamie and John to go to the nearest hallway and into the locker room to change into their robes. Jamie's slave girl followed and helped them undress. Once back to the main room, Jamie told Katie to get onto the bench and pick out a toy, and then asked if everybody was ready.

Lady Desirée rang a bell that hung by the other hallway. Out walked 14 men, each wearing a long robe similar to the ones worn by Jamie and John. They stood in a ring around the bench where Katie sat. Jamie told Katie to lift up her skirt and then lie back and start masturbating. Doing as instructed, she lifted herself up enough to pull the hem of her skirt up to her waist and then lowered her bottom back down onto the bench. She lay back and parted her thighs. Her beautiful, bald pussy was in plain sight for all to see. Although she was still wearing her top it was easy to see her nipples harden as she began to use the vibe on her clit. Within moments, each of the robes opened and all the men began stroking themselves.

Jamie announced that he wanted to fuck his wife before anybody performed their assignments, and then invited John to fuck his wife's mouth shortly after he pushed his cock inside Katie's pussy. Just as the night before, the butt plug made her pussy snugger than normal and Jamie loved the sensation. He spread her thighs wider and held her legs as he pumped in and out of her. "Keep the vibe on your clit, slut," he ordered.

As Jamie fucked her pussy, John leaned over her and fucked her face, forcing his cock down the back of her throat. The other men stood by stroking their cocks, waiting patiently. To John's surprise, Lady Desirée stood beside him. He glanced down and saw her fingers rubbing her own clit as she concentrated on his cock thrusting in and out of Katie's mouth. At one point she leaned closer to him and whispered, "I'd love to have you do that to me, soon, and often. That's what I want to talk to you about later." John smiled and continued fucking Katie's throat with new enthusiasm.

Several minutes passed. Jamie was ready to cum and then let everyone do as they'd been instructed. "Anytime you're ready, John," he said, and then he started filling Katie's pussy with his cum. When he finished, he pulled out. His slave girl quickly licked his cock clean and then began licking the cream out of Katie's gooey pussy. As she worked to get every bit out, I pulled out of Katie's mouth and spewed cum across her face. One by one, the other men stood on either side of her and jacked off over her, splattering cum all over her - in her hair, on her face, on her exposed cleavage, on her shirt, on her upturned skirt, on her thighs and on her bald pussy. Jamie's slave continued to lick whatever cum trickled onto and out of her pussy, but was told to leave the rest. Once Katie's pussy was clean, Jamie told his girl to clean all of the men's cocks.

Lady Desirée took John aside, looked deep into his eyes and asked if she may have the pleasure of cleaning his cock. John smiled broadly and granted her permission to do so, and enjoyed every second of the beautiful redhead's tongue and mouth. When she was finished licking his cock and balls, long after the slave girl had finished cleaning all the other cocks, she asked John if she had pleased him. John nodded "yes" and helped her up off her knees. John leaned towards her, slipped his middle finger into her soaked pussy and told her he'd like to talk to her in private in another day or so, and that he'd call her to arrange a time. She smiled as she pressed his hand harder against her crotch. "Please do, Sir," she said.

By this time, all the hired men and the slave girl had departed. Jamie and Katie were staring at John and Lady Desirée. Katie's upper body was covered with cum. She looked quite content. Jamie looked pleased as he said, "Great party! We'll have to get together again soon for something else, but right now, I need a ride home. Sorry to interrupt, buddy, but you're my ride, and I want to get my slut home and give her the rest of my, I mean, her Valentine's Day gift."

John withdrew his finger from Lady Desirée's pussy, wiped it across her mouth and thanked her for a good time. Jamie helped Katie off the bench and commented about how much cum was in her hair and clinging to her face and clothes, and then turned to Lady Desirée. He thanked her profusely for all she had done to make Katie's Valentine's Day gift a success. As they all started for the stairs, Lady Desirée placed John's hand on her still wet pussy and reminded him to call her soon. "I think my proposal will interest you, Sir," she said.

Once downstairs, Jamie thanked her one more time, opened the door and led his cum covered wife out the door with John not far behind. It was still light out and the passersby could clearly see that Katie was drenched with cum. Jamie grinned each time somebody stared at her. When they reached John's car, Jamie opened the door for his wife and pushed a finger against the end of the butt plug as she bent over to get into the backseat. "When we get home that's coming out and I'm going to fuck your arse good! Sorry, John, but the party will continue without you. Maybe you ought to call your redheaded slut when you get home. I don't know about you, but I'm curious to know what she's going to propose."

John grinned and off they went.

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