tagGroup SexKatrin: The First Day Ch. 01

Katrin: The First Day Ch. 01


"Oh, God," Candy whined, taking a sip from the cappuccino Katrin handed her, "you're a fucking morning person."

Katrin took a deep drink of her own paper cup of black coffee, then smiled cheerfully. "Guilty, I used to have more done by six AM than some people had done by noon. Cows don't like to be kept waiting with full udders, you know."

"Eeew, didn't know, and didn't really want to know. As far I'm concerned milk doesn't exist 'til it's in a plastic jug at the supermarket."

Katrin laughed and took another sip of her coffee as Micah and Malachi walked into the mirrored workout/dressing room. Both men looked her over carefully, with appreciative glances. She was in a boring t shirt and yoga pants, but that had both had samples of her body the day before, and apparently liked what she had to offer. She could tell that before the day was over one or both of them would be buried inside her.

"Good morning, Red."

"That's really obvious," Candy said before sipping on her cappuccino and averting her eyes when Malachi glared at her.

"Red is fine," Katrin said, setting her coffee to the side. "Is there anything I can do for ya'll this morning?" It had been a while since she'd had morning sex, and she wouldn't be averse to a quickie before Candy and Princess tried to teach her how to dance. They had both reassured her that there would not be any complicated moves, and if she ever messed up it was okay, because most of the guys just wanted to look at her tits, but she was still nervous.

"Take off everything but your bra and panties and give Candy there a nice wet kiss," Malachi said, settling back into a nearby chair. "Nothing better than a little girl on girl first thing."

Katrin and Candy both stripped down, the blonde to some decadent blue lace, the red head again to white cotton. Katrin reached to the other girl, pulled her close, gasping at the unexpected shot of heat to her belly as the girl's breasts brushed hers. She pushed Candy's shoulder length blonde hair away from her face and leaned over to tentatively kiss her. Candy moaned and her tongue darted to wet Katrin's lips, one hand gently squeezing her breast. Katrin took a deep breath and dove in, kissing Candy thoroughly, relishing the sweetness from the coffee drink on the girl's tongue, the incredible softness of her lips.

"Bras off, girls," Micah called out. In tandem the girls reached around, still kissing, to undo and remove each other's bra, dropping them carelessly. Katrin moaned as her hardened nipples make contact with Candy's skin. She kissed down her friend's neck and greedily took a nipple into her mouth, rubbing the other with the palm of her hand. Candy stroked her hair, urged her on and came just from the feel of the redhead's mouth on her breast.

"I want to be the first pussy you taste," she told Katrin, pulling back slightly to remove her panties.

"Come here, Candy," Malachi called, patting his knee. "You'll sit in my lap while she goes down on you. The blonde went to him, and sat with her legs straddled over his knees.

Micah led Katrin to her, knelt behind her as she took in a shaky breath and gazed at the other girl's beautifully bare pussy. She leaned, resting on her hands and knees, Micah's hands on her back and hips as she kissed Candy's pussy lips, gently licked her clit. Candy used one hand to spread herself open and Katrin knew it was and invitation to delve deeper, to get a true taste and she took it. Instinct drove her on and Candy guided her mouth as she feasted for the first time on a hot honey pot. Katrin loved the way her friend smelled, felt, especially how she tasted, sweet and a little salty. When Candy came with a scream, Katrin felt Micah fill her cunt with a dick that was absolutely enormous and she groaned into the blonde's crotch before resuming her tongue work, relishing the feel of hard guy pounding her, while a beautiful woman stroked her hair and fed her cream.

When Katrin came up for air Malachi lifted Candy long enough to undo his pants and shove his own hard cock into her well pleasured snatch. The red head then did her best to please them both, stroking his hard length with her tongue when Candy rose, and bathing the girl's clit when she lowered. It wasn't long before all four of them were grunting and screaming with orgasm. Candy crawled down and maneuvered into a 69 with Katrin so they could clean the men's semen from each other, then they kissed again, sharing the taste of the brothers.

"Well, Princess, looks like someone is very eager to learn. " Smith leaned against one mirrored wall, his slave kneeling at his feet, both of them watching as Candy and Katrin languorously got to their feet and began the search for discarded clothing. Katrin was blushing, cursing the Irish blood that made it impossible for her to hide embarrassment., as she pulled her panties on and wiggled back into her bra.

"Nothing to be ashamed, Red," he said, nudging Princess with the toe of his shoe. The girl stood and joined the other women. "Micah, Malachi, we should probably leave the ladies to the dance lessons. I have a feeling our presence could be a little too distracting."

Malachi chuckled and goosed Katrin's ass as he headed out. "I want to see you in my office before you leave today, little girl."

The redhead nodded, and felt herself getting a little wet in anticipation. He was the only partner who had not had his dick in her pussy. She looked forward to seeing how he compared with his brother.

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