tagLoving WivesKat's Cruise Ch. 01

Kat's Cruise Ch. 01


The lack of natural sound was something Clayton always hated. For the week or so he was at sea, his ears were filled with all sorts of manufactured sounds. Whether it was the drone of the ship's engines, the fake laughter from drunken passengers, or the awful stage shows... it was all fake and manufactured. As he took a deep breath and peered out at the empty horizon, Clayton wished for something new and exciting to happen. Something... where he could feel alive again.

His thoughts quickly returned to his laborious job of literally swabbing the decks. The constant spray of saltwater was murder on all things wood and steel, and since this was Disney's "Happiest Cruise Ship on Earth" everything had to be spotless. Ergo... he needed to swab the decks from stem to stern every single day. The tedious labor was not the worst part believe it or not. No... the worst part was how the majority of the super wealthy would assume he was worthless... or they would not acknowledge that he even existed as he toiled in the Caribbean sun. They would act all upset if they needed to move from one luxury recliner to the next as he cleaned the decks. They would hold conversations about the lack of quality personnel on the ship and point to him as example... not caring if he heard them or not.

Clayton took another deep breath and wheeled his mop bucket to the man lift for employees only and headed up to the deck housing the most expensive Concierge Royal Suites. As the servos in the elevator whined to a stop, Clayton closed his eyes and envisioned what it would be like to actually be able to sit down and enjoy the palatial amenities the suites afforded to the rich snobs who took it all for granted. The doors opened and Clayton whisked around the corner looking over his right shoulder as he turned and headed left, the wheels of his mop bucket clicked loudly as they traveled down the marble floored hallway. Before he gained the full stride of his 6 foot something frame, he impacted with a guest and tumbled to the floor in a most ungraceful manner.

Before he even hit the floor Clayton expected to hear a string of profanities that would make a Marine Drill Instructor blush. No doubt his job would be threatened and he would need to remain below decks for the remainder of the cruise. As the contents of the guest's travel back spewed out all over the floor it was clearly apparent that this one high dollar woman. A bottle of designer sunscreen slid about 10 feet away leaving a trail of sweet smelling oil in its wake. Clayton turned his head as he tried to sit up and saw a long toned leg ending in a pair of Manolo Blahnik high heel shoes. Strangely this woman had not made a sound yet. Clayton immediately assumed the woman must have been knocked unconscious , and his eyes darted up her toned body - across her ample breasts - and then were trapped by the gaze of her fully conscious and piercing dark brown eyes.

Making eye contact with a wealthy guest was nearly always fatal to the crew and Clayton immediately lowered his gaze and inadvertently got a full on view of the ample bosom belonging to the woman he had just knocked to the ground. Being a young man in the prime of his sexual life, he could not help but notice how perfect they were. Slightly out of proportion with the rest of her body, and yet soft and natural with a pendulous quiver as she tried to catch her breath.

"Well hello there Sailor!" The woman giggled as she took in her new bearings. "I didn't realize the seas would be so rough today!" With that, she started to laugh and in a most normal fashion, she began to grab the items of her bag and put them back inside.

As Clayton stammered to his feet, he managed to blurt "I AM SO SORRY!" and the woman continued to giggle to herself as she chased a tube of lipstick from getting away.

"Oh sweetie it's ok.." the woman said and lifted her hand up to Clayton. He instinctively took it and expertly helped her to her feet. Once again they made eye contact as she smiled and said, "It's not the first time I've been knocked off my feet by a handsome young man!" With this she gave a playful wink, and Clayton's heart skipped a beat.

Clayton was in total shock at the natural beauty of this woman. Not only did she have the body of a much younger woman - who took fantastic care of herself, but she had an inner beauty that was like an aura surrounding her and all those she came in contact with. He did not feel the normal sensation of fear or loathing around this woman. She seemed friendly, attractive, and even... inviting.

"What's your name hon?" she asked as she adjusted her bikini top.

"CLAYTON!" burst forth from his lips as he tried to keep from staring at her cleavage.

"Nice name Clayton... My name is Kat... with a K". Clayton's mind was trying to figure out what would happen next and he felt Kat grasp his arm firmly as she tilted one leg up so she could inspect the bottom of one of her broken heels. "Well I'm not going anywhere in this, would you help me back to my room?"

"Of course!" Clayton said, and walked arm in arm with Kat back to her room. As they walked Kat's hand seemed to travel up and down the length of Clayton's biceps.

"Oh my you have nice arms!" Kat said admiringly. For the first time this season, Clayton felt a surge of confidence. "Do you work out?" she asked.

Clayton's face flushed red and he could feel his ears getting hot under the brown eyed gaze of his newfound companion. "NO!" he nervously giggled. "I just wash decks all day long."

"Well it shows!" and she squeezed his arm once again.

A surge of electricity pulsed up his arm across his shoulders and shot straight down to his virgin cock. He was very familiar with the evil desires his cock placed into his soul, and he immediately tensed up in an effort to quell the dark thoughts from progressing. The storm quickly passed and he opened his eyes into the pouting gaze of Kat as she nibbled on her bottom lip. Her look changed from one of tenderness and possibly pity... to one of mischievousness and desire in one long and drawn out smile as her eyes darted down his tall frame and back up again.

"Well it was nice meeting you Clayton." she cooed. "I hope to see you around!"

And then it happened again... she winked at him just as the door snicked shut. Clayton stood there as his minds recorder hit pause, then rewind, and played the scene over once again. Kat's beautiful and sexy wink went on an infinite loop as he picked up his mop and began to clean up the watery mess on the floor.

Unbeknownst to him, Kat was peering out the door of her suite admiring the young man for the potential stud he was. She liked tall men, and this one fit the bill. His arms were indeed taught and firm, but they were not as large as she normally preferred. As the young man finished up cleaning the hallway, Kat got a good view of what mattered most as the white slacks he was wearing pulled tight in just the right area on his left thigh. Kat's ruby red lips once again smiled broadly and were in stark contrast to her white teeth. The tip of her tongue brushed along the bottom of her upper lip and she tore herself away from the view of her next conquest.


As Clayton lay in his cramped employee bunk, his mind kept returning to the beautiful woman named Kat who he had unceremoniously knocked to the ground. He was so grateful she was not threatening his job, but he cursed her for causing a much bigger problem. His parents had warned him about being along in the middle of the ocean with all the depravity that occurs on cruise ships, and up until now he had been able to keep his mind pure even though he was surrounded by exposed female bodies. Most of the scantily clad women he encountered were vile creatures inside and it was easy for him to ignore his inner desires for carnal pleasure. However, this time with Kat... it was different. She smiled at him. She touched his arm. She even SQUEEZED his arm and admired it. She seemed like such a good and nice person on the inside and combined with her beauty, she was irresistible. Clayton rolled on his stomach and felt his cock growing as the mattress pressed against him. Visions of Kat swirled in his head as he drifted off into a lustful sleep.

The next morning, Clayton awoke abruptly to his alarm and another day. A night of dreaming debauchery had left him feeling somewhat confident, but he knew that this was a sin and he quickly wrapped his soul in self doubt and loathing before once again heading out the door from his tiny room. The early morning sunrise was beautiful to look at and he went to the galley to have his small portion of oatmeal and toast for breakfast.

As Clayton was reading the daily work assignments and munching on his toast his supervisor came over the overhead speaker and once again mispronounced his last name. The announcement turned serious, when he was ordered to report to the supervisors office immediately. "Oh no... Kat must not have been so nice after all" he thought as he washed the dry toast down with the last bit of milk in his glass.

Clayton made his way through the twisting hallways in the bowls of the ship and up into the mid level deck where his supervisor was located. When he entered the office, he was shocked to see not only his boss, but the Ship's Doctor and head of Guest Services standing inside waiting for him. His heart nearly stopped at the site, and he quietly took a seat beneath their unblinking gaze.

"Clayton... " the Doctor began, and took a deep breath, "we have been made aware that you were involved in an... accident... with one of our VIP guests." Clayton looked up from his chair at the Doctor who continued, "This guest stated that she had fallen in the hallway when you happened to come out of the service elevator, and help her." Clayton was confused and processing the information he just heard and he noticed the Head of Guest Services begin to smile, and she interrupted.

"Clayton you made SUCH an impression on her that she has personally requested that you join her and her husband TONIGHT at the Captains Table for the evening dinner service!"At that all of the senior members in the room smiled except for Clayton's supervisor who looked incredibly sour at the thought of one of the lowest employees on board the ship get such an honor.

After all the back slapping and hand shaking, Clayton was whisked off to another part of the ship where formal clothing for employees was kept. Before he knew it, he was fully dressed to the nines in a sharp black tuxedo, mirror finish black shoes, and his dark brown hair had been formed into a style that looked impossible just a few hours ago. Clayton stood in front of the 3 panel mirror and felt another surge of confidence as he looked upon his new self. Perhaps his life was finally changing for the better.


The salty air was thick as Clayton walked along the wood deck while glancing at his watch nervously. He took a deep breath and heard the familiar chime of the ships P.A. system. Soon after an announcement was made that the captains dinner was to begin in 15 minutes, and a friendly reminder that all guests in attendance must be wearing formal attire. Clayton reached up to adjust his bowtie for the 867th time, and then felt his cummerbund to make sure he was indeed 'catching his crumbs' with the ornate folds of deep red waist sash. He heard some giggling coming from the rail above him, and there stood too young girls who earlier in the cruise had mocked him for his slovenly appearance.

Clayton's emotions were highly mixed at his current predicament. One the one hand it felt good to have such attractive girls take notice of him. On the other hand, it made him angry that they were so superficial to not even notice that he was the same person they had mocked only a few days earlier. The only difference was his hair was now professionally styled and he was wearing a tuxedo that cost more than he even dared imagine. He glanced back up at them and the redhead gave him a flirtatious smile and wave as she nibbled on her bottom lip. Clayton felt a wave of pent up desire wash over him, and he could feel his cock beginning to stiffen up in his pleated pants. Embarrassed, he looked back down at the wood floor before him and quickly headed off to the main dining hall.


While still several steps away from the main entrance, Clayton could hear the elegant chamber orchestra playing classical music. The smells from the kitchen were absolutely divine, and the guests gathered around the doorway all looked multiple levels above Clayton's station in life. A voice inside his head was screaming at him to turn around and dive back down into the bowels of the ship where he belonged, but he persevered and took hold of the polished brass door handle. When he pulled the door open, all of his senses were assaulted with the finer things in life: the tinkle of fine china, the sumptuous red velvet seating, the smell of lavishly prepared food, and the thick embellished carpet beneath his feet. A waiter, who he had never seen before, offered him a tray with tiny triangular sandwiches. Clayton took one and began his usual routine of trying to look busy, while finding a seat with its back to an outer wall. He was thoroughly enjoying the taste of his Hors d'Oeuvre and began to sit down. Just then he heard a loud call from across the room, causing many of the guests to fall silent and look around for an explanation.

Across the room at the head table, Kat was standing between the captain and a large hulking man with a short haircut. She was dressed in a red form fitting cocktail gown that accentuated all of her flawless curves. She waved her satin gloved hands at Clayton, and began to motion for him to come forward. This caused the muffled crowd to turn their heads in his direction laying all eyes on his over-stuffed cheek, and wide horrified eyes. After what seemed like an eternity, the din of the crowd returned, and Clayton swallowed the food that had been lodged in his cheek. HIs feet felt like they were lead as he walked through the crowd, but the beauty of Kat's face, and the beckoning of her toned arms pulled him forward.

When he reached her side, she unceremoniously threw her arms around him and gave him a tight hug. Her large breasts pressed firmly into Clayton's chest and the warm sensation began to spread in all directions. When she released her grip on him, she took his hand and regarded the captain.

"Now Merrill... THIS is the young man I have been raving about! You need to keep a sharp eye on this young man and make sure he is taken care of!" Clayton could not believe his ears. Merrill? Was that the Captain's first name? She didn't even refer to him as 'Captain'... she just used his first name as if they were high school buddies.

"Yes Ma'am!" The Captain replied and gave her a broad smile.

"Now you sit right here next to me, Clayton... " Kat said as she leaned over patting the plush high back chair next to her.

Clayton's eyes were fixed on Kat's deep brown eyes, but in the periphery of his vision he could see her exposed pale cleavage held back by the formed fabric of her dress. As her hand patted the chair, soft ripples traversed her bosom in a most hypnotic fashion. Kat knew exactly what she was doing to the poor lad, and she smiled broadly at the reaction she was getting from him. Clayton nervously took his seat and then rapidly stood up again when the captain cleared his throat noisily. The Captains eyes were wide and his head was tilted towards the ladies that were still standing. Kat gave a gracious soft laugh and then took her own seat allowing everyone else to follow suit. As Clayton once again sat down he pulled his chair forward and composed himself for the forthcoming meal. He hoped that his red face was not too visible.

The first several courses of the meal proceeded without much incident. Kat was quite the talker and was informing everyone at the table how the business her husband had started was going like gangbusters and how they had recently finished construction on their winter retreat in Whitefish Lake, Montana. Clayton's mind began to wander a bit at the thought of never being able to visit such a place when a most peculiar thing happened. As Kat was talking, she held a tall Champaign glass in her gloved left hand. Clayton could clearly see her hand, but yet - at the same time- he felt a hand being softly placed on his left knee. Clayton swallowed hard, and turned to see Kat's right arm straight down at her side and disappearing under the folds of the floor length tablecloth. Clayton shifted uncomfortably in his chair as he cleared his throat, successfully relieving the contact from the phantom hand.

Just then another guess made a typical rick person's joke and the entire table erupted in polite laughter. Clayton could see Kat's shoulder move slightly and the mystery hand was once again on his knee, but several inches higher this time. Not only that, but it was gripping quite tightly! Clayton was sitting bolt upright in his chair and he turned to look at Kat with his now familiar wide eyes. Kat regarded him warmly and batted her long eyelashes at him.

"So Clayton... " She said to the entire table, "tell us about yourself. Where are you from?"

With this her grip relented slightly, but the electricity from her hand being several inches above his knee and a short distance from his cock was still present. Clayton cleared his throat and his mind went totally blank.

"I am uhhh" he stammered. "From Georgia originally."

"Really?" Kat said and glanced around the table. "Well Hubby is getting ready to start a satellite office for our new product line... in Georgia!" Everyone at the table murmured at the unique coincidence, and Kat's hand moved up Clayton's leg another inch.

"Now do you have any hobbies?" Kat asked warmly.

Clayton could barely form a sentence as his cock head began to stir. Oh no... his evil private parts are once again turning his thoughts to mush. He shifted in his chair once again, but Kat kept her hand perfectly in place.

"I... uhhhh... I like to collect pearls!" Clayton stammered.

Several men at the table had their eyebrows shoot up at such an unusual hobby. Clayton felt highly embarrassed at letting such private information about himself slip out in such a public forum, but he felt compelled to explain. "When I was a kid, I would swim out into the ocean to my own private bed of oysters and collect the pearls for my college money."

Kat took a deep breath in apparent admiration and looked around the table ginning up support. "Now isn't that what we need more of in this country? Here is a young man who used the environment and his own ingenuity to educate himself and wind up here... benefitting all of us here tonight."

The table agreed in unison, and Kat's hand inched up higher still. Clayton tried to keep his cock from growing down the same pant leg, but it was no use. The energy and warmth from her hand was travelling straight to his cock and it was growing at a furious rate. Thankfully the spotlight left Clayton as another one of the esteemed guests began to talk about their grandson. The sensation of his clock pulsing forward through his imitation silk boxers, fed upon itself and made his cock grow fast and faster with each one of his heart beats.

Then, just as the conversation at the table switched over to the Captain - and his plans for the next day of the cruise, Clayton's cock pulsed forward and made contact with Kat's gloved hand resting lightly on his thigh. Even though layers of fabric separated them, the connection was instantaneous. Kat's eyes visibly widened and she turned to regard Clayton with a look of shock. Clayton was mortified at the lack of control he had over his body and was frozen in fear at the revulsion Kat must be feeling at this moment. The Captain made some sort of announcement which caused the table to erupt in applause, and Kat lifted her hand from Clayton's thigh and began to do an incredibly refined golf clap. Clayton used the opportunity to take his glass of chilled water and began to rapidly drink it down to relieve his parched throat.

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