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Katy Perry: Encore


This is a short-and-sweet little celebrity story where I experiment with writing from a first-person perspective for the first time. Let me know what you guys think. And don't worry; it doesn't feature Russell Brand.

This is a parody for readers 18+ and is in no way endorsed by the celebrity appearing in it.


I edged through the darkness of the backstage area, following the path the roadie had pointed out to me. It was pitch black except for a giant field of light that lay off to the side. Musicians and backup dancers were performing out in the light, sweating as they gave all they had to give.

I could see everyone but the star of the show. I could hear her voice, hear her telling the audience to get loud and crazy, but she remained invisible to me until I arrived at a private little cocoon made up of crates on the side of the stage. And that's when I saw her.

Katy Perry.

She looked glorious beneath the spotlight, covered in a fine sheen of perspiration that left her glistening. She was wearing a PVC minidress so tight it looked like it could pop off her at any moment, the hem so short it was mind-boggling to think of the sight the audience members in the first row were being treated to.

She was bouncing up and down in time to the music, her breasts threatening to burst from her dress as they rippled and wobbled with each and every jump.

The song reached a crescendo, Katy screamed out her gratitude to the crowd for being the "best audience ever", she took her bows, waved, and rushed offstage.

Rushed offstage, straight to where I was standing alone and waiting for her.

"Oh, hey!" I said as she ran over to me, the lights on the stage cutting out to leave the arena in darkness, the audience roaring. "Great show, I---."

She didn't let me finish. Instead, she pushed me against the stack of crates, my VIP Pass bouncing against my chest, and pressed her lips to mine, her tongue parting them to slide into my mouth.

She tasted sweetly of cherry chapstick. My stomach, my heart, my very being leapt at the sensation, my loins stirring rapidly into life.

"Mmmm...good boy!" She said, her lips still so agonisingly close to mine. "You're right where I told you to be. That means you get a reward, but we're going to have to make it quick. I have an encore to do!"

She was pressed so close to me all I could see was her indigo eyes flashing with desire, all I could feel was the warmth of her breath and the firmness of her body, her full breasts squishing against my chest.

But then I felt one more thing. Her hand on my belt, tugging it off with quick, decisive movements, and I wondered to myself how I could possibly be so lucky as to have ended up here...

I'd been in my first ever LA club for no more than ten minutes and I'd already had Kim Kardashian brush past me on her way to the DJ booth. If that was going to be my only celebrity encounter I figured that was a pretty good one, but then I was tapped hard on the shoulder.

"S'cuse me." A booming voice said from behind me. I turned to look up at a guy whose bald head looked like only one of the many muscles he had rippling beneath a black singlet.

"Ms Perry wanted you to have this." He said, shoving a laminated pass into my hand. He gestured over his shoulder to a corner booth, where I saw Katy Perry, of all people, sipping champagne in the midst of a giggling entourage.

She was wearing a dress much like the one I would later see her sporting onstage. It was so tight it looked painted on, airbrushed in such a way as to generously reveal her swollen cleavage. She was staring at me with her piercing blue eyes, a coy little smile playing on her lips.

I glanced down at the pass the guy had given me. It was an Access All Areas lanyard for a concert of hers that was scheduled for the following night.

I was stunned. Not being a fan of Katy Perry's music, I didn't know what to make of it, but I figured if nothing else I should thank her for it...if she even meant it to be given to me in the first place.

I walked haltingly over to the booth, pulled in by the tractor beam of Katy's piercing gaze and magnetic bosom. She flashed a Hollywood-white smile at me as I arrived at the table.

"Uh, hi." I said. Not the smoothest introduction.

"Hello." She giggled, and the rest of her entourage joined in.

"Uh, thanks for this..." I said, holding up the pass. "Is it part of some promotion or something...?"

"No. It's just for you," Katy said, her offsiders all giggling again. "Make sure you're there before the encore, cutie."

"Make sure I'm where before the encore? Exactly?" I asked, hoping that wasn't a dumb question and burning red at her calling me 'cutie'.

"Side-of-stage," she said. "You're going to be support crew. One night only."

And she and all her friends laughed again. The whole thing felt very strange, like they were all in on a private joke or something...

...a joke I was now coming to understand as Katy tugged my pants down, my rapidly hardening member brushing against her cheek as it sprang free.

"Ooh!" She said, cooing at the sight of it. "Everything I'd hoped for and more!"

She didn't waste anymore time -- the audience was already a hurricane of demanding noise -- diving into sucking my cock like her life depended on it, her cheeks dimpling with the effort.

"Oh fuck!" I gasped, completely unprepared for the rushing sensation of Katy Perry's fervent mouth, of her warm, wet tongue wrapped around my straining shaft.

"Mmmmmm...." She moaned around my cock, slurping hungrily on the straining head, the tip of her tongue flickering the hole, tickling me, before pausing just long enough to murmur, "...I've been wanting this all day."

She shifted on her knees, raising one hand up to stroke my dick as she pulled at the straps of her dress with the other. One strap was pulled clear, then the other. The tight material had been doing a good job of keeping her in place, but now that it was unfastened her famously massive breasts spilled out, revealing them as smooth and milky-white.

She never stopped staring at me with her striking blue eyes as she sucked and sucked and stroked and stroked, even as I lost myself to the hypnotic allure of her exposed breasts and her firm, pink nipples.

I couldn't resist. I hunched forward to cup and stroke her breasts. They were so pillowy soft, so deliciously silky.

"Unnh! Mmmmnnnhh! Hhuhh!" She groaned and gasped as I pinched and tickled her nipples. She broke off sucking long enough to ask breathlessly, "You like my tits?"

"Oh God yeah!" I replied, her nipples as hard as pebbles against my palms.

"Squeeze them." She said, and I happily obliged, squashing and kneading them. As I played with Katy Perry's spectacular rack, she returned to her enthusiastic, sloppy blowjob, clutching my veiny cock as she bobbed up and down on the surging shaft.

"Kay-Tee! Kay-Tee! Kay-Tee!" The crowd was crying out, stomping their feet and clapping their hands in a passionate attempt to get their idol back onstage -- but she was far too busy for that at the moment.

The spare hand Katy had used to undo her straps now drifted lower to hitch up the hem of her dress. She buried her hand in her panties with the same relish she'd shown in sucking me off, masturbating so furiously that she was staining her underwear with how wet she was getting.

"Mmhhhmm! Mnnmmmnnn!" She moaned louder and louder, her eyes drifting shut serenely as she concentrated on sucking and wanking me off at the same time as stroking her clit and fingering her moist, swollen pussy.

Our combined coos and grunts were drowned out by the roar of the crowd as, with one voice, they demanded,

"More! More! More! More!"

I knew just how they felt as I lost myself to Katy's vacuuming lips. She was such an expert at sucking dick that she was now tickling the tip of my cock with her tonsils, and the sensation was driving me mad.

All I could think of was shooting my load in Katy's mouth, of taking every single charge of energy that was coursing through my body and sending it blasting thick and full down her gulping throat.

But Katy beat me to the punch.

She practically chewed on my cock, her body shuddering, as she exploded in orgasm, gasping for air with my shaft still lodged between her lips.

"Fffffaaahhh!" She cried and wheezed, her thighs buckling on the dirty stage floor, her hand a blur as it squelched and slopped in her tight panties.

"Fuh-fuckin'...! Fucking cumming!" She pulled away from my dick to tell me, as if I needed the explanation.

"Cum!" I urged her on. "Fucking cum!"

"Uuuuuunnnnhhhhhh!" She screamed in response as she rode the tallest wave of her roiling climax, flooding her underwear with every drop of her liquid pleasure, her cry lost to the sound of the thundering audience that was just out of eyeshot.

Though she was panting and swaying, she collected herself enough to redouble her efforts in stroking my cock, babbling as she stared up at me once again with those incredible eyes.

"I came for you," she whispered urgently. "Now you cum for me! Cum for me, baby! Do it! Fucking do it!"

She spat on the head of my shaft, lubing it up, stroking me so hard and so tight it felt like I could be fucking her asshole. She threw herself back into sucking me off, her mouth just as hot as when she first started, at the exact same moment that I felt the groundswell rising from my balls.

"Uuuoonnhhhh! Shit!" I swore as endorphins flooded my brain and my cock surged, the helmet flaring as it opened up and my searing hot jizz spurted into Katy Perry's waiting, grateful mouth.

"Mmmmnnnnn! Mmmmmyyyyeeahhhh!" She sighed and muttered with delight as load after load of sticky white cream flooded her mouth and dribbled over her lips, catching the swell of her cleavage and her protruding nipples.

"Oh fuck yeah, baby!" She said, offering her hand to her lips to lap up the messy spill-over, dabbing up the loose drops that had fallen on her chin. "Exactly what I needed!"

The audience was now getting so loud it was turning feral. If Katy didn't hit the stage, and soon, there was every chance there'd be a riot. Sensing this, Katy rose to her feet, her stilettos insuring we stood eye-to-eye as she pulled the straps of her dress back up and wrestled her breasts into place beneath the skin tight material.

"Now get your hot ass back to my dressing room," she said, straightening her hair and readjusting the hem of her dress. "After I do this encore I want us to have an encore of our own..."

She slapped me on the butt and gave me a cartoonishly saucy wink before sauntering back onstage. She was nothing but a curvaceous silhouette with the arena's lights down low, but the second the crowd spotted her they screamed in cacophonous excitement.

I watched her launch into her encore, the band having already taken their places behind their instruments, and as she bounced and jived I pulled my pants back up, zipping the fly and buckling my belt.

It felt like I had fallen into some kind of surreal parallel dimension, where pop stars grabbed me off the street to give me backstage passes and surprise blowjobs. If this was another planet, however, I knew one thing about it. I never wanted to leave.

Up on the jumbotron that filled the back of the stage, Katy's face suddenly filled the screen. She was squeezing her microphone as tight as she'd been squeezing my cock only moments earlier.

And though it was hard to spot, and though you wouldn't be able to tell what it was if you didn't already know, you could see a small, glistening bead on Katy's chin -- the one drop of my cum she hadn't managed to clean up.

The sight of it sparkling on her skin sent a dirty thrill tingling through my body. As mesmerising as I found the sight of it, and as amazing as Katy's body was to watch as she danced and sang, I turned to leave our private little nook on the side of the stage.

I had to get back to her dressing room. I didn't want to miss the encore...

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