tagCelebrities & Fan FictionKaty Perry: Encore Ch. 02

Katy Perry: Encore Ch. 02


Author's note: I've received a lot of requests for a continuation of my Katy Perry story and it seemed pretty natural to follow it up given how it ended.

I found some inspiration in reading what Katy Perry requires as part of her backstage rider and speculating as to what it could be used for.

I do not know Katy Perry. This story is a parody, a work of fiction, and should not be read by anyone under 18.

If you like this story, please vote and/or leave some feedback. Thanks.


My cock felt thick and sticky in my underpants, still wet with Katy's saliva, as I navigated the backstage area to the sound of her performing 'Firework' for her encore.

"God I hate this song..." I mumbled to myself and, when I realise what I'd said, hoped nobody had heard me. My concern seemed to be unfounded though, as all the roadies and assorted groupies looked to be conspicuously ignoring me, as if acknowledging my presence was something they'd been forbidden against.

When I reached Katy's dressing room I encountered the same over-muscled goon who'd given me the backstage pass the previous night. I felt like I should hug him or offer to buy him a drink given where it had led me, but I didn't get the chance as he immediately opened the door to the dressing room and wordlessly ushered me in.

The door slammed shut behind me, leaving me alone in a surprisingly spacious room draped in cream and soft pinks, a variety of coloured wigs lining the dressing tables.

There was a perspex coffee table in the centre of the space, with ornate French floor lamps and two cream-coloured egg chairs scattered around the edges, a full length wall mirror standing opposite the chairs.

The room was so densely decorated with hydrangeas and roses it felt like I was standing in a flower shop rather than waiting for the world's biggest pop star to come back and finish what she started by sucking my dick.

I heard the song come to a climactic conclusion, the band rumbling to a finish as the crowd roared in sated gratitude. My dick had already grown hard as I stood in baited-breath anticipation of Katy's return, each passing second feeling like an eternity.

Finally the door swung open and Katy entered the room. She had a bottle of vodka in one hand and she was eyeing me with a predator's gaze. She slammed the door shut and wasted no words, grabbing and kissing me with all her burning desire.

I lost myself in the softness of her lips, the rolling ocean of her tongue, and the sweet perfume of her skin. But Katy was clearly in no mood for romance.

"Get me out of this fucking dress." She ordered and I happily obeyed, searching out the zipper to the astoundingly tight dress she had been practically sewn into. It came off with no small effort, and when the dress finally hit the floor I was rewarded with a full view of Katy Perry's naked body.

She was everything I'd ever imagined her to be with full, luscious breasts; a tiny, toned waist; shapely thighs with long, golden legs and a pussy with a tidy black thatch that was already wet.

I didn't wait for approval. I took her in my arms and ran my mouth all over her, licking and kissing at her neck and chest, eagerly making my way down to plant my face between her breasts.

Before too long I was slurping on her perfect melons, flicking her nipples with my tongue and squeezing the bulk of her breasts in my hands. They were so soft and smooth and felt so heavy in my grip...

"Hey!" She said firmly, halting me mid-lick.

"Before was fun but that was just the appetiser. We're on my time now, and we're going to fuck how I like to fuck. Understood?"

"Uh...sure." I said, uncertain of where this was going.

"Good," she replied, taking a swig from the vodka bottle. "Now get naked and lie under the table."


"You heard me," she said, breasts jiggling as she stared me down. "Don't make me repeat myself."

I had to admit, I was a bit thrown at seeing this side of her. Before she'd been kind of playful, like a co-conspirator. Now she was going full diva on me, like she was the master and I was the slave.

Given the way she looked though, with her raven black hair tussled around her perfect face, her sapphire eyes glinting dangerously, and her naked body glowing in the soft light of the dressing room, I didn't feel the need to object.

I shed my clothes to Katy's murmuring approval and slid beneath the table.

"Now what?" I asked.

"I'll show you what." Katy slurred, taking a final slug from the vodka bottle, finishing it off. She swung one leg over the table and I looked up at her in amazement, granted a view of her that not even her gynaecologist would be privy to.

I watched in wide-eyed wonder as she crouched above me, legs splayed wide as she began to work her fingers furiously in and out of her sticky cunt, drops of hot liquid dangling from her pussylips to splatter on the perspex surface of the coffee table.

"Holy fuck...!" I murmured to myself as I watched the platinum-selling superstar fuck herself just above my head.

All I wanted to do was reach up and touch her, to run a long lick straight up the centre of her swollen labia, but the table was keeping me at such an agonising distance from her that all I could do was lie back and enjoy the show.

"Nnn! Mmmm! O!" Katy grunted and murmured, frigging herself as she licked her sleek lips and bobbed to her own rhythm. With great difficulty, she fluttered her eyes open to look down at me, beads of sweat already collecting on her forehead.

"You like that? Hmm? You like the sight of me fingering myself? You like me playing with my cunt? Huh? Answer me!" She demanded, fingers knuckle deep in her twat.

"Fuck yes." I replied, my eyes never breaking from the sight of her pink mound and the fingers working tirelessly in it.

"Then jerk yourself off." She commanded, her middle finger slipping around her clit, making her jolt.

"What...?" I asked.

"You fucking heard me!" She said breathlessly, her brow furrowed, her blue eyes flashing with anger. "Put your hand on your dick and start fucking yourself!"

Though my cheeks burned with embarrassment, and though I did it with great hesitation, I reached down to start masturbating, my cock throbbing gratefully in my grip.

It didn't care about the humiliation I was feeling. All it cared about was the sight of Katy's pussy spread wide open, her sticky fingers delving in and out, her ample breasts rippling high above, the smell of her cunt sweat filling the room.

"That's it, you little bitch," Katy groaned, kneading her fingers in her juicy mound. "Fuck yourself. Watch me and fuck yourself...ahh! Ahhmm!hhahhh!"

I matched her speed, jerking myself off as quickly as she was frigging her clit. The liquid of her pleasure was starting to well up, the juices collecting on her smooth labia and drooling down her thighs. More and more spatters were flicking onto the perspex. All of it just added to my desire, and though it felt strange to be doing this, it also felt oddly exciting.

"You like my cunt, huh? You like watching me fuck it? Do you wanna fuck it? Hn? Tell me! Nnhh! D'you wanna fuck my sweet little cunt, you prick?"

Through all the abuse I registered only the one pertinent question that had been posed to me and answered immediately.

"Yes! Yes, I want to fuck you!"

"How much?" Katy demanded.

"Like nobody else I've ever wanted before! I want to be so fucking deep inside you you'll taste my cock in the back of your throat!"

I've never been very good at dirty talk but what I said seemed to work. Katy squealed with excitement at my words, planting her ass on the coffee table as her legs gave out beneath her. Her pussy was like a wet sponge on the plastic, oozing a puddle that I wanted to lick up and spoon-feed to her.

"I'm...I'm!...Mmmnnaaahh!!!" Katy wailed, the 'Jesus' tattoo on her wrist a blur as she jackhammered herself to bliss. With her eyes screwed shut and her teeth clenched tight, Katy screamed as she started to cum.

"Fuh!!Fuh!!Fuh!!!!Hhhhqqqqccckkk!!!!" She cried as her pussy exploded beneath her, a thick rivulet of juice gushing from her to splatter all over the table. It was like standing inside a house and watching someone wash a window, her cunt juices running down the slick surface like rain.

Who knew Katy Perry was a squirter?

"Oh fuck!" She panted. "Oh fuck! Fuck! Ohhh Gggod!"

She allowed herself a moment to collect her breath, her chest rising and falling as she rubbed languidly at her pussy. Finally, she opened her eyes to look down at me.

"What are you waiting for?" She asked. "Get up here and fuck me already."

I almost broke the leg off the coffee table as I struggled out from beneath it as fast as I could.

Katy, sitting on the coffee table, spun around to face me as I pulled myself up. Rushing to position myself between her legs, I was stopped short by her small, bare foot pressing firmly on my chest.

"Not so fast..." She chided me, running her foot up along my torso, her toes wiggling at my chin. I looked deep into her sparkling blue eyes, her long thick lashes fluttering, as I took hold of her leg. With one hand I gripped and stroked her silky thigh while with the other I clutched her tiny ankle, her strawberry tattoo smiling at me.

Never breaking eye contact with her, I popped her dainty toes between my lips and suckled them, running my tongue across the glossy enamel of her painted nails, darting it between her digits and making her wriggle.

Taking one long lick from her rosy heel up along the arch and ball of her foot, I sucked at her pinky toe. Katy murmured and squirmed, her thighs shifting further apart. Seeing my opportunity, I pushed her leg to the side and slid up closer to her.

Her ass squeaked in the puddle of her own juices as she shifted her thighs, allowing me in between them. I could feel the heat pulsing from her dripping slit as my bare chest pressed up against her breasts, tickling her nipples and making her purr.

"You're so hard..." She said, looking down at my member, her lips pursed, her breath ragged. "...Let's see what we can do with that, hmm?"

Grabbing hold of my cock, she guided it to her gaping hole, biting her bottom lip as the mushroom head pressed up against her slick folds.

"Fffffffuccckkkkkyyyeeeesssssssssss------!" She sighed in a long, drawn out moan as I pressed forward, plunging every veiny ridge into her celebrity cunt. Her nails were on my shoulder blades, around my neck, scratching at my chest as she gave herself over to the pleasure welling inside her.

"Shhit yeah!" I exhaled as I ground the base of my shaft up into her, filling her with every throbbing inch I had to offer. Pulsing deep inside her, it felt as if the head of my cock was tickling the pit of her stomach.

I started with slow, deliberate strokes, making Katy feel it as I fucked her deep and full, but soon my resolve weakened and we built up speed, the table thumping beneath us.

"Nnhhrr! Unh! Give it to me! Fucking give it to me!" She screamed as my balls slapped against the flesh of her inner thighs, her succulent cunt squelching with every ramming thrust.

"Fuck my sweet little pussy! Fuck it hard!" Katy groaned, her breath hot on my ear, her lips tickling my skin. She rocked beneath me, her thighs clamped tight around my waist, as we lost ourselves in the raw, overwhelming act of fucking.

"Harder!" Katy ordered, pushing her back against the table. "Harder!"

Complying with her command, I doubled my speed, throwing everything I had into ploughing her pussy with my thick, throbbing cock, her tits wobbling like vanilla pudding cups.

Beneath us, the perspex table started to crack under our weight, a pencil thin line splintering the centre of it. Neither of us paid it any mind as we thundered on, fucking with the ceaseless speed of a train barrelling down the tracks, rumbling ever closer to our final, rapturous destination.

"Stop!" Katy suddenly shouted, her abrupt demand making me freeze. My cock popped from her slit, spattering drops of fluid on both of us as she pushed me back.

"What---?" I started to ask, but Katy stopped me short by grabbing me by the wrist and yanking me over to one of the egg chairs on the other side of the room.

Surprised by her strength as she shoved me into the chair, I barely had time to get my legs up on the footstool before Katy was mounting my lap with her back to me.

As thrilling as the prospect of having Katy Perry fuck me reverse cowgirl was, I couldn't help but feel disappointed that her beautiful face and perfect tits would now be out of sight to me.

But then I saw our mutual reflections looking back at me from the mirror set up opposite the chair, and the sight of it made me melt; Katy Perry sitting atop me, naked and flushed, her pussy positioned just above my waiting cock.

Drifting a hand down to tightly squeeze my dick, she stared seductively back at me from the mirror as she asked,

"Who's my bitch?"

"I am." I replied, shifting my hips beneath her, just wanting to say whatever she needed to hear to keep fucking me.

"That's right," she said. "And I'm going to fuck you like a bitch."

Raising herself up on her knees, Katy squatted with the head of my cock pressing at the slick folds of her pussy. Pressing down, she impaled herself on my pulsing spear, letting me fill up her flooded gulf.

"Shhhhttttt!" Katy hissed through clenched teeth, spittle collecting on her chin as she started to ride me. Deciding to stay still for the time being, I lay back to indulge in the sensation of the world famous pop star fucking herself on my stick.

"Hf! Hf! Hf! Hf!" Katy panted with every downward thrust, her breasts squeezed tight together as she held onto my kneecaps, using them for leverage to pump herself up and down on the flagpole of my cock.

I slipped my hands down to squeeze her firm, rounded buttcheeks , pulling them apart to expose her bleached little asshole and spread her pussyfolds ever wider, leaving her juices to roll down and pool on my balls.

"AAauuhhh!" She cried out, letting me know how much she enjoyed it as my dick delved ever deeper inside her; a cry that doubled in strength as I started to bounce my pelvis in time with hers, fucking my cock up inside her.

"Fuckyesss!!" Katy slurred, increasing the speed and intensity of her thrusts, her breasts bouncing wildly as she rode me so hard that the chair groaned and shuddered beneath us.

"Hnnn!" I growled as I slipped my hands up around her torso to take firm hold of her rippling tits, squeezing them securely in place and tweaking the hard, sensitive nipples to her squealing delight.

"Yes! Oh shit! Pinch my fucking nipples! Make me fucking cum, you bitch! You fucking slut!" Katy cried out, risking the prospect of misbalancing as she took one of the hands holding onto my thighs and offered it to her clit. Her middle finger ran lightning-quick circles in the erect nub as Katy threw her head back, her eyes screwed shut and her mouth hanging open.

"I can feel it!" She hissed. "I can feel----feel!------feeeeel iiiitttt....!"

Stabbing her clitoris with three fingers, her body taut, her hips thrusting with terrible, aching need, Katy moaned and screamed as she started to cum...

"Ah-hu-unnhh! Mmnh! Nhhh! Nnrrr! NnGodYyess! God! Fucking! Yesssssssss!"

Her pussy was so wet now it was like a dam bursting, her juices spilling between my thighs and soaking the pillow beneath my ass.

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!" Katy swore over and over again as she thrashed and jolted atop me, squeezing her pussy muscles so tight around my straining cock that I had no hope in the world of holding on anymore.

I squeezed her breasts hard as, like a rocket igniting, I exploded inside her, my hot cum searing her smooth insides.

"FFUUK!" I joined her in shouting, bucking beneath her, slamming my dick deep in her overflowing fuckhole. "Shhhhiiitt yeah!"

Blowing my hot white load inside Katy Perry's cunt, my head swimming, my entire body tingling, I couldn't help but reflect on my luck. How the fuck had all this managed to come about?

"Hoh!" I panted. "Oh man...California Gurls really can't be beat..."

Shit-eating grin on my face, I leaned up to kiss at Katy's back and shoulders, but clearly post-coital affection was not on her agenda. Pulling herself up off my now wet, sticky cock and with my jizz slipping down between her thighs, Katy barely looked at me as she grabbed my clothes and threw them at me, her hands shaking but her eyes flashing resolutely.

"Thanks for a great fuck," she said, having not even caught her breath yet. "But now it's time to go."

"Uh...what?" I said, still too dumbstruck by my orgasm to follow all that quickly. It didn't help that Katy Perry was standing completely naked in front of her, her big round tits glistening with her sweat and my saliva.

"What? Did you think this was the start of some great romance or something? I'm married, you idiot. This was a one night only deal."

"Oh...okay..." I said, pulling my shirt on for lack of anything better to do. "But...uh..."

"What?" She asked, almost demanding. Now that we were done, it was clear that all she wanted was for me to leave as fast as possible.

"Well...why me?" I asked, posing the question that had been on my mind ever since I'd been given the VIP pass and certainly since she'd met me backstage to blow me.

"I saw you in the club and you looked cute. Does there need to be more to it than that?" She replied.

"I guess not." I said, now pulling my pants back on. She was standing by the door, still naked, still astoundingly hot.

"Good, cause that's all you're getting," she said, opening the door for me to leave. "Now get out."

I was barely out of the room before she slammed the door behind me, cutting off my thanking her for a good time.

As I walked out of the stadium, I noticed again everyone backstage glancing at me out of the corner of their eyes. I wondered how many times this had happened before but decided very quickly that I didn't care.

After all, to paraphrase the singer herself; I fucked Katy Perry. And I liked it.

The End

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