tagLoving WivesKayla and Their Friend Ch. 02

Kayla and Their Friend Ch. 02


Author's note -- I apologise for the delay in submitting Part Two of the Jake and Kayla story but I firstly had a prolonged illness and have also been heavily involved recently in a new business venture.

For those who haven't read Part One, could I suggest that they may care to do so before reading Part Two. If they do, they will also see a reaction from the 'Jake' in the story -- who is a real person but who has another name, as does his wife. Not only is he real but the part about sending me photos of his gorgeous wife are also true. She's a beautiful young girl; and in the best way possible, I deeply envy him the sharing of his life with her (and her glorious body).

Whether or not the rest of this tale will come true or not, is up to the Gods; but one lives in hope .....


When Peter knocked on the door, Kayla went to answer it and seeing Peter standing there with food bags in both hands, she stood up on tip-toe and holding him lightly with her hands on his waist, kissed their tall guest on both cheeks - almost, but not quite kissing air.

They stayed loosely embraced for nearly half a minute before Kayla pulled back from the contact and with a slightly nervous smile, rested her hands on Peter's waist and leant away, looking up into his face.

'Lovely to see you again Peter; we're really glad you could come .... aren't we Jake'.

Jake nodded. His mind was racing at having just witnessed their new friend kissing his wife with an initial chaste touch of welcome, only to then see them remain embraced for longer than would be normal. Since their conversation in bed the other night, he found he was beginning to notice such things.

"Yeah, it certainly is," responded a smiling Jake, who thrust out an open hand in his own welcome. "How you been Peter?"

He noticed Peter's glance momentarily stray back to Kayla before he turned away and smiled at Jake, enthusiastically shaking the proffered hand.

One of the bags Peter was holding was a wide insulated food container, which he lifted up to rest on the hall chair beside the smaller one.

"I'm good thanks Jake. Look, I've got all this food here and some of it really should go in the oven to finish cooking before it cools off too much ..... although, having said that, I don't think that's too likely in this heat."

He grinned at Jake and they both followed Kayla into the kitchen. Jake noticed Peter looking at Kayla's hardly contained ass in the checked mini skirt and following his gaze, noticed that Kayla was walking with a more than usually exaggerated swaying motion as she preceded them through the door.

"I'll just need a few minutes to do the final preparation and then I'll be through until we want to eat." She said.

Peter grunted slightly with the effort of lifting the bag up onto the kitchen unit; and then began to unload its contents.

"Oh yes .... I thought this little number might be a welcome touch". He lifted a bottle of Moet & Chandon champagne from the depths, its wired top catching in the handle of the bag and nearly pulling it off the work-top as he lifted it free.

"Oops, nearly lost it," he said, pushing the bag further onto the surface - I think we may find this is just the thing for a hot evening and it's certainly just the job to get the taste buds going before eating! Got some glasses? It's really well chilled and I reckon we'd better deal with it as soon as possible. Just in case this one isn't enough, I've got another one here too."

Jake headed off to the lounge and with a slightly conspiratorial grin at Kayla, Peter followed. As he did so, he looked back over his shoulder at Kayla and asked,

"Any chance you could put the oven on and shove that food in when it's reached the right temperature? I'll just get this bottle opened and give Jake a hand."

He caught up with Jake as he was reaching into a low cupboard for glasses.

"My godfathers," he said quietly to his host, "I know she looked bloody good in those photos you sent me; particularly the nude ones. But I never realised until the other day just how sexy she really is - almost more so funnily enough, when she's fully clothed. And now, seeing her clothed again .... If you can call it 'clothed' in that minute skirt and almost see through top .... well, she's just an absolute bloody stunner!"

Jake looked nervously at the kitchen door, worried that Kayla may have heard; but at the same time, he realised his stomach had given a sudden lurch of excitement at Peter's words.

"Hey man, keep your voice down a bit; don't forget she doesn't know a thing about any of that yet. I haven't even dared suggest sharing any of those pictures - and I'm just talking about the ones where she's still got a few clothes on! There's no way I want her to know I've actually shown you all of them .... like the nude ones as well, with all her bits fully on show!

He felt a shiver of excitement go through him at the thought of Peter having seen all the pictures of his young wife completely naked and he tried to concentrate on what he was doing but with little success.

Feeling for the right glasses in the low cupboard, he realised his hands were shaking and a couple of glasses almost shattered when he accidentally knocked one against the door as he pulled them from the inner shelf.

Placing them carefully on the top, he looked through to the kitchen and saw Kayla going about her preparation routine prior to putting the food into the oven for finishing off. He estimated she'd still be a good ten minutes before she'd finished the food ready for cooking.

He turned and speaking quietly, he voiced an earlier worry by asking Peter in a shaky voice whether he'd made any hard copies of Kayla's pictures he had stored on his computer.

Peter assured him that he hadn't and stressed that it was because he didn't want to risk any going missing and perhaps falling into the hands of someone else.

"What about Greg?" Jake asked.

Jake had got carried away with excitement one evening when e-mailing with Peter. Peter had told him he still quite often met up with the guy who'd shared his wife with him and had asked whether Jake would object if he showed Kayla's pictures to him. He said he reckoned Greg would be over the moon to see such intimate pictures and would really enjoy the chance to view Kayla's naked form. He'd reassured Jake by telling him that Greg was completely trustworthy and in any event, he would only show him the pictures on his lap-top and wouldn't let him have any copies.

In his excitement, Jake had readily agreed and a week or so later, he'd received a follow-up e-mail in which Peter had related what ensued.

Peter and Greg had been having lunch together. They'd been generally discussing the attributes of various women they'd both known and Peter had led the conversation around to incorporate details of his new found 'net friendship with a young Californian called Jake. He explained that this had developed after Jake contacted him about a story which Peter had submitted to the Literotica internet site.

He explained how the submitted story was one he'd written describing in great detail how he'd 'accidentally' left some nude pictures of his wife lying about in his office darkroom and how Greg had 'found them'. It then went on to graphically describe how, after considerable discussion of the finer points of her body, Peter had eventually shared his wife with his friend; and an intimate relationship had developed between Peter, his wife and Greg - which had then continued for some years after.

Merely telling his friend this much over lunch had reminded Peter of just how erotic the arrangement had been and they'd both become quite excited talking about their joint and separate experiences with Mandy after she'd eventually succumbed and become a very willing participant in their continuing ménage à trois.

Finally overcoming his increasing randiness at the recall, Peter had gradually steered the conversation back to Jake and explained to Greg just how sexy his new internet friend's wife really was. He firstly told him that Jake had e-mailed various photographs of Kayla and hinted that some of them had left very little to the imagination. Knowing Peter's fascination with taking photos of his own naked wife (a copy of one of which Greg then demonstrated that he still carried in his wallet!), he'd asked Peter just how explicit had the pictures been?

Peter had duly described the images of Kayla's clothed and part clothed appearances, before eventually confessing 'under pressure' that he'd also received some incredibly sexy pictures of Kayla completely naked and displaying every part of her nude body in exciting close-up detail.

In his e-mail to Jake, Peter had then graphically described Greg's reactions to this information and of his begging Peter to let him see at least some of them. Greg had emphasised that it wasn't as if Peter couldn't trust him after all these years - he had, after all, been completely familiar with every detail of Peter's own naked young wife - as well as having experienced many times the thrill of coupling with her in Peter's presence and, on occasions, at the same time!

Knowing he had Jake's blessing to show them to Greg, Peter had eventually pretended to capitulate and went out to collect his lap-top from the car outside the restaurant.

In his e-mail he'd gone on to explain to Jake that after taking his time in drawing out Kayla's gradual exposure through a selected sequence of photos, and having watched Greg enthusiastically gaze at their graphic detail in rising excitement, Greg had eventually had to make some excuse to go off to the mens' room and look after himself. Peter said that Greg seemed to be having difficulty standing up straight when he rose from the table and the description of this complete stranger's obvious physical reaction to his wife's naked pictures had excited Jake beyond belief.

Now, reaching over to take his glass of champagne from Peter, recall of this episode led to a sudden relaxation in Jake's mind and he felt a growing urge to be totally intimate with Peter in their conversation about Kayla. But there was one doubt still in his mind.

"Did your friend Greg really like seeing her as much as you said Peter, or were you just trying to wind me up and get me horny?"

"Oh my godfathers no - there was no wind up at all. I know Greg inside out .... don't forget we shared my wife for quite a few years. I reckon you get to know how a guy ticks sexually after that and there was no way Greg wasn't completely turned on by looking at Kayla without her clothes!

"There's no doubt in my mind that he got horny as hell seeing Kayla nude - just as I always have. Difference is, he's unlikely to ever meet her, so he won't realise just how fucking hot she really is. Not like lucky old me, who's seen every intimate inch of her and has now met her in person!

"I meant what I said just now Jake. She's really incredible to look at; one of the hottest ladies I've ever seen".

Jake's stomach gave another lurch and he became aware of a hardness beginning to develop in his jeans at the thought of Peter's obvious pleasure when meeting his wife and seeing her through the eyes of one who knew exactly what her body looked like beneath the skimpy garments she was wearing. The fact that Kayla had no idea Peter was wholly familiar with her every intimate detail just added to the overall eroticism of the situation in Jake's mind.

But did he want it to end where it had got to now ....just letting Peter see pictures of his lovely young wife naked without her knowledge? Or did he harbour a deeper lust? Either way, he wanted to explore the situation a great deal more with Peter. It was so bloody erotic discussing his naked wife's body in such detail with someone who was also turned on by her intimate images.

"Gee, thanks Peter, I'm really glad you find her hot!" It seemed a highly inadequate refection to the way he was feeling, so he made an effort to expand and develop the intimacy.

"So, do you still wish you could see her in the flesh? I, er ..... well, I was wondering whether I shouldn't try to engineer some way you could have a better sighting of her. That'd be really sexy - particularly if I could witness you seeing her without Kayla knowing".

"Are you serious, or are you just winding me up now? I'd bloody love it - you know I would - almost more than anything. You really must know that Jake .... but what you got in mind? How do you reckon we could manage it .... I .... er .... take it you're thinking of something 'accidental'?"

Before Jake could respond, he became aware of Kayla's voice growing louder as she came around the corner from the kitchen and they had to stop their conversation until another time.

"Well guys, the food's in the oven; the plates are warming; the table's laid .... so how about that glass of champagne now?"

She sat down on a sofa but demurely made sure her mini-skirt was pulled as low as possible down her thighs to preserve her modesty. Nonetheless, Peter was gratified to see a triangle of darkness deep between her legs and wondered what it was that he was seeing. Although he realised it was probably just a lack of light, his mind converted it into the crotch of a pair of black panties; or maybe ... could it be her pubes?

Kayla noticed the direction his eyes had taken and Jake thought he detected a slight smile twitching at the corner of her mouth. He wondered whether Kayla wasn't trying to flash their guest and he became randy at the thought!

"So, Peter, how're you finding California?"

"Better thanks, now I'm getting to know you two guys better. You know, it's quite a feeling when you're well away from home and in a strange country where you hardly know a soul; especially since my wife and I split up some time ago."

Yeah, Jake told me about that. Was it an unpleasant experience, or did you guys part as friends?"

"No, we parted very amicably actually." Peter responded, settling down at the other end of Kayla's sofa and sitting back into the cushions.

"Sadly, she had a drinking illness and although everything else was OK, the booze caused just too many problems. After it got really bad over four or five years, I found I couldn't take it any more. First I tried to ignore the ramblings but coming back from a day's stress at the office, I needed a real person to talk to, to eat with and to share my bed with - not a virtual stranger.

'It was such a tragedy really. There we were, married for nine years - got over all the silly little everyday differences that most people go through. Then we'd dealt with the usual bedroom dislikes and needs; and eventually settled into a life where I reckoned we'd probably grow old together. That's when the booze really hit. It'd apparently been a problem in her previous marriage; but I'd not identified it myself until it became too much of a problem for her to handle without help -- and she wasn't about to look for that."

Kayla looked at him with interest. Setting aside Peter's wife's serious booze problem, she and Jake had encountered various minor problems themselves as they settled into their five year marriage. It was interesting to hear how other people also had difficulties and, by virtue of shared knowledge that they were not alone in their worries, it was strangely re-assuring. All too easy, she thought, to imagine that she and Jake were the only ones who had problems and differences, however small and routine they may have been.

"Anyway, enough of all that," said Peter, raising his glass in toast and beaming at his hosts.

"We're all here to enjoy an evening together and I'd like to say, 'Bless all in this house and may you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you're dead'!"

The old Irish toast raised a laugh and they all tipped their glasses back before sitting down to eat.

The meal went well, with discussion of the usual mix of comparisons in life-style which come up whenever people from differing cultures meet. Eventually, and perhaps inevitably, the conversation became influenced by bonhomie and wine; and turned to the risqué subject of relationships and finally, mutual compliments.

"I hope you don't mind my saying this Kayla," enthused Peter at one stage out of the blue,

"But I reckon Jake's one of the luckiest guys on earth. I always reckoned my wife was one helluva beautiful woman; and indeed she was. But you really do take the prize of all time."

He turned to Jake,

"I hope you realise what a stunner you've got here Jake. If I weren't so bloody old and despite the fact you're married to her, I can tell you that you might have had a run for your money in keeping me away from her!

"I mean .... Just look at that beautiful face and the way she looks at you. If that isn't just the sexiest thing, then I don't know what is. And as for her figure......."

Kayla interjected with a smile on her by now blushing face,

"Aw come on Peter, I'm not actually that good; but thanks for making me feel it. You can come back here any time and just keep on pouring out those compliments - as many times as you like! Good health!"

She raised her glass and now blushing even more, tipped it towards their guest and then drank deeply. She set the glass down and reached out for their plates and cutlery.

"I'll just clear this lot and put the coffee on. It'll only take ten minutes or so. Jake, could you take Peter over to the settee and settle our guest down 'til it's ready? Perhaps have a brandy or something?"

She began to clear the table and Peter settled down at one end of the long settee, leaving plenty of room for either Jake or Kayla to join him.

He took the glass offered by Jake and almost in a whisper said,

"God, I really don't know how I sat through that without reaching out for Kayla. She's just so bloody sexy I can't tell you. It took an awful lot of will-power not to make a complete prat of myself in front of your lovely wife, particularly when I could see right up her mini-skirt!"

He pointedly looked down at the front of his jeans and Jake noticed a large swelling at his friend's crotch.

"Guess that says it all doesn't it?" Peter offered.

Jake looked closely at his friend and wondered just how far he dared go with sharing his lusty thoughts. It was in his mind to be completely frank with Peter about what had really been getting him excited over the last few days - the thought of actually construing a situation in which Peter could attempt to seduce his young wife.

But he felt that once it was wholly in the open, there could be no turning back - so no, it was probably better that he didn't open up too much. Instead, he decided, he'd perhaps just see how matters took their course. If anything was going to develop, then it would develop; and if it did, well he'd deal with that when it happened. That way, nobody could think he actually had set his wife up.

"Well, I reckon she has rather got to me; but I guess I'm just going to have to be satisfied with the pictures I've seen of her, aren't I."

It was a statement, rather than a question; and whilst Peter sounded resigned, Jake found himself both relieved and disappointed. He looked over at his friend and was about to say something more, when he noticed Peter pulling out his wallet from the back pocket of his pants.

"Yes," Peter emphasised with a wry grin, "I guess I really am going to have to be satisfied with just her pictures all right."

As he spoke, he reached into the wallet and pulled out a small colour picture which he turned over and showed to Jake in his out-stretched hand.

Jake's took the proffered picture and looking down, his stomach turned over as he identified a highly defined photograph of Kayla.

It was in full colour and his wife was squatting on her heels with her knees spread wide open. Her upper arms were vertical, so that her hands could part the long hair back from her forehead; and they were pushing her breasts inwards, so that they squeezed together in a most exciting way.

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