tagLoving WivesKayla and Their Friend Ch. 07

Kayla and Their Friend Ch. 07


Previously: -

Kayla moaned quietly to herself and moved her leg carefully, trying to keep his cock inside her.

"Mmmm .... ohmigod that was absolutely fantastic .... I can't believe how wonderful that was Peter! Oh wow, I can't remember ever coming like that!"

There was silence for a moment and then Peter responded,

"I can't say I have either Kayla. That was a long time coming and well overdue -- no pun intended on either count I may add." He laughed quietly and began to gently withdraw his now wilting cock.

"I wondered how long it might be before you two got it together ..........?"

Jake was standing in the doorway and neither of them had heard him come in.

Kayla went sheet white in shock and tried to speak; but she realised there was nothing to say which could possibly explain their nakedness - or indeed, anything else to do with the situation.

She thus stayed silent as Jake continued in a hesitant voice, uttering words he was far from certain he wanted to say.

"I had a feeling you, er fancied Peter my darling .... and unless I'm mistaken, I'm pretty certain it's been .... um ....mutual. From where I'm standing, I reckon Peter's ... erm, how do I put this .... always had the hots for you ever since he first met us ... or am I wrong there my friend?"

Peter immediately sympathized with how Jake felt and understood that he wanted to direct things his own way now - so he went along with what had been said by turning his head to nod and murmer a wordless assent.

Beneath it though, he had little interest for the moment in their stilted conversation. He was far more interested in his current physical reactions - for, still with only the head of his cock just inside Kayla, he could feel his erection beginning to rise again, spurred on by the eroticism of the situation.

Rather than continue his initial move to withdraw, he now pushed imperceptibly forward and began to re-enter Kayla's beautifully warm and tight body. He felt her react to the movement as her vaginal muscles twitched against him and sucked him further in.


"You don't seem .... erm, particularly outraged by this Jake." He mumbled slowly, his eyes half shut in the pleasure he was feeling from being inside Kayla again.

But the sensation was all too much and before waiting for a response, his lust took over, irrespective of Jake's close physical presence.

He threw caution to the winds and renewed his hold on both deliciously firm globes of Kayla's ass. He slowly but purposefully drew her back towards him until she was sliding further and further onto his cock - as if by doing so, he was challenging Jake to draw a stop to it all. The cheeks of her ass felt fantastic as they pushed against the front of his hips.

Jake watched with the fascination of a rabbit in headlights - the large tent in front of his trousers giving incontrovertible evidence of his deep arousal. At this stage, he could not have stopped what was happening before him even if he'd wanted to.

It had been exciting enough to watch their first coupling from his position outside the bedroom window; but now it was happening inches in front of him and his arousal was such that even if he just touched himself at this point, he knew he'd start off a violent orgasm.

There was his beautiful young wife on her knees, with their friend holding her from behind with both hands gripping that wonderful firm ass as he pulled her onto his erection. He was about to rut her again like an animal and the sight fulfilled every fantasy Jake had ever dreamed about. He wanted to watch it through to the end, frightened that he might suddenly wake up from the most erotic dream he'd ever had.

As he felt the wonderful tight softness of Kayla's sex enveloping his growing erection, Peter went on haltingly,

"It looks as if ..... well .... I er .... think you must .... um .... you must actually quite like the idea of me having Kayla .... is that ... right Jake?"

He'd given Jake the opening to take things further without divulging their earlier plotting; but Jake didn't respond and there was a slightly awkward silence for a minute while Peter's renewed intrusion slowly continued and eventually he stopped when half-way into his friend's wife. Without further effort on his part though, he felt her muscles continue to draw in his willing penis until finally, he found himself buried deep inside her once more.

He had great difficulty controlling a natural urge to start thrusting in earnest and couldn't help a small moan of ecstasy at feeling the end of his cock being milked by the involuntarily spasms of Kayla's muscles.

Having violently come only a short while before, Peter was surprised to find that despite his age, he was now fully erect again inside his friend's young wife. His member twitched in reaction to her movements and closing his eyes once more, he gave himself up to the amazing feelings which her body was creating for him. He decided to leave things to Jake.

Slightly unsure how to handle this situation, Jake moved to sit on the sofa beside Kayla's head. His wife's face was deeply flushed - partially through shock at being discovered and partly as a result of the irresistible feelings of deep pleasure which were once again beginning to take control of her mind and body.

Jake recognized only too well the look of growing bliss on Kayla's face and was still amazed that instead of feeling deeply jealous, he really was experiencing a wholly different series of emotions.

On the one hand, he was surprisingly at ease with the situation and what was more, he'd developed a novel sense of pleasure that his wife appeared to derive such obvious delight at the ministrations of an older friend. Jake felt he should somehow participate and help to enhance her enjoyment - both for his own erotic pleasure as well as for hers - but he was at a loss to know how.

Underneath though, he knew there were still residual pangs of anxiety lest he had gone too far by allowing it all to happen in the first place; and he wasn't too sure how to address them. But then again, things had almost certainly progressed too far now to draw a halt without causing a great deal more trouble - and knowledge of his helplessness enabled him to cast aside his fears and indulge the situation to the full whilst he could.

He was hugely excited by the deeply erotic element of voyeuristically watching his wife's oh so willing penetration by another man; and his own cock erected to its fullest height at the fascinatingly pornographic sight of Kayla now completely impaled again and sensuously writhing back onto the hard penis of another man behind her.

Jake looked lovingly at his young wife for some minutes - during which she had her eyes closed in obvious pleasure. Her head was lying sideways on the sofa seat as her body moved in time with Peter's penetration. Eventually, he reached down to kiss her softly on the lips, his tongue gently probing at his wife's mouth as if tentatively seeking her reassurance that she still loved him.

Partly in her own relief that his caress showed he wasn't angry and partly in re-growing lust - but mostly through her wholly unaffected love for him - Kayla returned the unasked questions by opening her mouth and touching his tongue with the tip of her own.

But she couldn't stifle a deep moan as her movement pushed her back against Peter's cock and she felt him twitch deep inside her. The vibration of her moan thrilled Jake and when her tongue then began to swirl excitedly around the inside of his mouth, he recognised her reassurance and again sought how he could become part of this wonderfully erotic situation.

Now there was an open commitment from all three of them and there could be no doubt that Kayla, in recognizing they all wanted the same thing, was setting about wantonly using both her husband and their friend to enhance her pleasure.

Finally, Jake reached across to Peter and putting one hand on his shoulder, he gently pushed back until Peter was forced to pull out of his wife, his penis shining damp from her moisture. He sat back with a disappointed look on his face, assuming that Jake himself must want to enjoy Kayla now. Leaning back on his heels, he gave way to her husband.

He saw Jake put his arms around Kayla and whilst continuing to kiss her, he watched as Jake firmly drew his wife towards him until with a slight lift, she was sitting on his lap with her back against his chest. Her legs were being held apart as they rested across his thighs and in this position, her swollen sex was openly exposed to her recent lover.

Jake's hand reached around beneath his wife's arms and resting her beautiful breasts in their palms, he took a nipple between the thumb and forefinger of each hand and began to gently roll them until they turned into hard stubs. Kayla moaned in the dual pleasure of the physical sensation and the exhibitionistic thrill of her vulnerable exposure to their friend.

Jake looked over her shoulder at Peter and with an almost imperceptible movement of his head, indicated that Peter should join their action by paying attention to the lower part of Kayla's body. Peter moved forward again and rested his hands on each of Kayla's knees, his eyes looking at Jake to confirm his continuing approval. Jake nodded.

Kayla suddenly realised that far from stopping Peter from what he'd been doing to her, her husband was actually holding her in a position which would restrict her movement in order to give easy access to their friend -- thus enabling him to take full advantage of her willing captivity.

The thought of her token helplessness sent a deep thrill through her and she felt a sudden rush of dampness between her legs. She began to shake in renewed lust and her excitement reached fever pitch as Jake, releasing her breasts, took hold of both her legs beneath the knees and pulled them towards him and upwards so that they spread wide open to reveal the inside of her deliciously vulnerable pussy to the older man.

Peter took the hint and moving forward to take hold of her legs from Jake, he rested them high on his shoulders and sank down to feast on her gaping sex with his mouth and his tongue.

Love began to take a back seat to outright lust for both him and his wife as Jake watched Kayla begin to writhe and moan while he continued to hold her. He was beside himself with randiness now and unconsciously began to rhythmically thrust his crotch against the small of his wife's back. He replaced his hands on her breasts and to aid Kayla's increasing pleasure, began to pull gently at her nipples once more.

Kayla's back arched up and forced her sex into Peter's mouth. To her amazement, she felt the first thrill of another orgasm begin deep in her body - and this, only a short while after her recent first coupling with her new lover.

But she needed him inside her again now - deeply inside her, before the dam burst.

"Oh my godfathers ..... please Peter, that's lovely but please stop it now and fuck me .... fuck me .... right now .... oh please. I want your beautiful cock buried right deep inside me .... oh please fuck me .... hurry up Peter, I'm going to come and I want you inside me! Hold me for him Jake .... I really want you to hold me down for him!"

Jake could hardly breathe as he heard his wife's pleas and when he looked down over her shoulder to see Peter lift his head and begin to sit up with an iron hard erection jutting out in front of him, the thrill was almost unbearable. He knew what he wanted to do now and moving one hand from his wife's breast, he reached down to take hold of his friend's engorged penis and with a slight pulling motion, guided it towards her sex.

He'd never touched another man's cock before but his lust to watch this one sinking deeply into his wife overcame any scruples he may have had. He briefly rubbed the flared head up and down over her clitoris, just as Kayla looked down and saw what was happening. She immediately began to climax at the pornographic sight of her husband guiding her lover's penis into her sex and almost shouted,

"Oh Jake .... oh that's so fucking sexy .... you're holding his beautiful cock for me. I can't believe how sexy that is to see you holding his cock! Please, oh please can you guide him into me now .... please put him in me .... now .... oh please put him in please .... ohhh, that's just so wonderful, oh that feels so fucking lovely, push him right in .... oh yes, go on Jake, push his cock inside your little wife .... unngh."

Jake put the tip of his friend's penis at her opening and pushed him in just as both his wife and their friend began to moan in the simultaneous beginning of climax. He watched Peter jerk forward.

Taking a strong hold on both globes of her gorgeous ass, their friend buried himself in Jake's wife and started to thrust with long and hard strokes until eventually he held himself deep inside her body and unloaded his passion.

With a long sigh, he rested himself against Kayla's heaving body and still kneeling with his hands gripping her ass, he just panted as his breath came in huge gasps.

Eventually they all separated and the two lovers lay back on the sofa beside Jake, still panting from their efforts.

For a few minutes they all lay there, nobody speaking and each privy to their thoughts about what had happened. Despite the nagging of his now renewed concern at what effect events may have on their relationship, Jake found his erection remained full and he still felt amazingly randy.

As if realizing his dilemma, Kayla looked over at her husband and quietly reassured him,

"Thank you for that my darling. It was absolutely amazing and you've no idea how much I love you for letting it happen. I can't tell you how sexy that was - watching my beautiful husband holding another guy's cock for me and then guiding him into his naughty little wife's naked body!"

She reached her head over and kissed him full on the lips, before going on,

"You really do have no idea how much I love you my darling. But I've got to say I'm frightened now that you may not feel the same about me any more after what's happened."

Jake gave no answer for a moment - but then suddenly he heard words tumbling from his mouth in relief that all was well between them - better yet, that she'd really enjoyed his participation.

"Oh darling, if only you could know how exciting it was - seeing Peter make you come like that! I can't believe it's really happened at last - after all that those times when we fantasized about another man in bed -- but it was always just fantasy in moments of passion. Somehow I guess I didn't think it would ever get beyond fantasy but now you've said you're all right with it, I'm just so pleased it did happen and that you really seem to have enjoyed it!"

Speaking so openly sent a frisson of further sexual excitement through him and she could feel how hard he still was.

He glanced at Peter with a wry grin, and just as if she sensed his need, Jake felt Kayla's hand reach down to encircle his hardness. Gently, she began to stroke him.

When he looked down, he saw that Peter's hand was again playing with his wife's pussy - pulling at her lips and softly rubbing his second finger over her clitoris. She moaned quietly and allowed herself to be lifted by Peter onto his knee - just as she had been earlier by her husband. And when she felt Peter's hands move to fondle her breasts from behind, she held her arms out to Jake and pulled him in towards her with great love.

Everything now, was completely all right and having once broken the extra-marital virginity, both Kayla and Jake began to think of possible future times with their friend before he eventually returned to the UK.

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