tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKayla's Unexpectations 01 - Valentine

Kayla's Unexpectations 01 - Valentine


It was yet another late Friday night at the office. Kayla sighed, glancing at her watch as she carried the heavy bag that was their dinner down the hall quietly. What made it worse was that it was Valentine's Day today, and while the rest of the office was out romancing their way into the weekend, she and Val (short for Valentino, but everyone called him Val) had spent the past six hours stuck in the conference room working non-stop. This had been happening for two straight weeks already, including Saturdays. Bad enough that she was single, what made it worse was that she had to spend the entire "romantic weekend" working!

The Diamond Room had become their second home as they prepared for the big presentation that was due in a week. Most of the time, Val and she worked perfectly together, they were so good that the rest of the office christened them as The Fantastic Duo. Sadly, at the moment however, things between them were far from fantastic due to the tight timeline and high management expectations that came with such a large-scaled project that would potentially be worth millions of dollars if they clinched it. They had been getting on each other's nerves more often than usual and they both knew it was nothing personal, but Kayla did not like how this battle of wills and opinions was starting to create a hostile working relationship between them.

She stopped just outside the door and took a deep breath, bracing herself. Earlier she had stormed out of the conference room when he told her that her last idea was ridiculous and unrealistic. She in turn responded angrily that he was being narrow minded and mind-numbingly dull before asking if he wanted the usual for dinner and that she was going to get some right then whether or not he liked it.

He frowned and mumbled something under his breath. She took it as a yes and slammed the door loudly as she left. After driving for a few minutes to the restaurant, she cooled down and realized that she had probably overreacted. She decided to get a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from the nearby liquor store before heading back as a way of apology, knowing that it was his favorite wine.

She knocked on the door before opening it tentatively. His entire 6" frame was lounging comfortably on one of the many conference chairs with his legs propped up and crossed together on the table, flipping through one of the documents feverishly looking for some piece of seemingly vital information. He was the ultimate catch to many girls, but yet he had chosen to remain single, primarily focusing on his career and financial investments. His dark hair was a tangled mess, his navy blue shirt was tucked out of his pants and his yellow tie had been tossed aside on the table along with the paperwork. Even in a state of disarray, Kayla still found him to be very attractive. Not that she would ever entertain the thought of actually falling for him since they were co-workers and team mates. Aside from the infrequent playful and mild flirtation during office parties, the professional in her simply would not allow anything further beyond that and she had suppressed her allure towards him by burying herself in her own work.

She thought it was ironic how that turned out. The more she delved into her career, the more time they ended up spending together working on increasingly bigger projects over the past three years, their work relationship inevitably blossomed into a rather dear friendship no matter how much they argued over work.

"Sauvignon Blanc?" he asked, one eyebrow cocked up inquisitively, staring at the paper bag that contained the bottle she was holding.

She blinked, slightly startled from her thoughts being interrupted. "Yes," she started. "Just a small peace offering for earlier," she smiled and shrugged sheepishly, placing the bag at the other end of the table, away from all the paperwork and laptops, taking out the contents carefully. "I'm sorry for calling you narrow minded and all that earlier."

"That's alright," he replied, with a wave of his hand. "It's already water under the bridge." He leapt to his feet and in one stride went towards the small cart in the corner that held some bottled water, and a plastic storage box of disposable cutlery, and paper cups and plates. He took two cups and joined her at the table. "Hold on" he stopped her. She put down the box that she was holding and looked up at him, her honey brown eyes questioning his blue ones.

"Let's drink some of the wine first." He took the bottle eagerly from the bag and opened it expertly. Pouring the contents into both cups to the brim.

"Are you sure that's such a good idea?" she asked, knowing they were both on empty stomachs since they skipped lunch earlier. She shrugged off her jacket and placed it neatly on a chair.

"What the heck, it's Friday isn't it?" He smiled happily, she could see the joy in his eyes as he held both cups up, extending one arm towards her. "C'mon, take it. You deserve it after all that hard work." He encouraged.

She was glad that the mere sight of the bottle of wine was putting him in a better mood now.

"You do know that today is also Valentine's Day too, right?" She chided jokingly, taking the cup from him.

He blinked in bewilderment and looked at his watch with the tiny digital read out of the date. "You're right!" He exclaimed. "Well, I'll be damned, I do think it's the first time we're working together on Valentine's. And good thing we're both single at the moment, I guess. Otherwise, we'd be pissing off our significant others big time!"

Kayla replied with a wry smile and laughed.

"Screw love, right?" he joked. "Who needs that anyway? Although in any case of whatever I feel towards this overly commercial occasion, I must wish you a Happy Valentine's Day. May you, umm...find true love soon." He raised his cup for a toast.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Val." she laughed at the sound of the words. "I can't believe I'm celebrating Valentine's Day with a guy named Valentino."

"Hey, remember it's Val, okay." He reminded her again. Truth be told, he did not like that his mother had chosen such a name for him.

"Fine, fine." She rolled her eyes and shook her head, but the smile was still stuck on her. "let's get on with the toast, Val!" She raised her cup too and they rejoiced with a cheer, quickly downing the wine in one go. She felt the warmth spreading over her and sighed a little at the happiness that came with it.

"Aahhhh..." he said, very satisfied and quickly refilled both their cups.

This went on continuously until there was only a quarter bottle of wine left. Feeling a little panicked, she started to protest at the refill once again, but then stopped when he made clucking chicken noises at her.

Amused, she replied with a devious smile, "Okay mister, let's see how much of a drinker you really are."

With that said, she knocked back her cup of wine, feeling a slight light headedness from all that alcohol as she tipped her head back.

"Oh, I love it when you challenge me like that." He teased, his voice low and seductive before drinking his share of the sweet alcoholic beverage. Normally, she would squirm uncomfortably at such a remark, but she was contentedly intoxicated and too tired from all the work stress to care at that moment and decided to play along.

"Hmmm..."she purred. "Are you sure you're up to it, hot stuff?" She looked deep into his eyes with a mix of desire and defiance. She could see the surprise in him for the first time. It was the surprise of a primal sexual awareness being turned on by her. She propped herself on the conference table, hiking her slightly above knee length skirt up a little more to reveal half of her thighs. He watched her kicked her stiletto heels off and rested her feet on the chair, coyly crossing her legs.

Val gulped a little nervously at the sight of her bare and nicely shaped legs. He had always found her to be the pretty and innocently sweet type, largely due to her Asian features on her mother's side. She was the good girl that boyfriends would love to show off to their mums, but he had never once seen her as being the brazen wanton nymphomaniac who could seduce a man easily.

Until this instant. Seeing how this playfulness was taking a potentially serious turn, he cleared his throat and tried to steer it back to safer ground even though he could feel his other parts stubbornly disagreeing with his brain. Keep it cool, he told himself. He was no stranger to taking up offers of sexual advances made by fairer sex but Kayla was a good friend and he did not wish to see their friendship go sour later on because of one night of intoxicated passion.

"Maybe we should start on dinner." He said, putting the cup away. "We shouldn't get too drunk if we want to drive home later." He chuckled, trying to hide his apprehension. He sat down and opened the boxes up. "Maybe you want to sit down on the chair." He suggested. "Kind of hard to eat sitting on the table like that." he noted.

"Sure." She agreed, deliberately using this opportunity to uncross her legs and spread it slightly for a few seconds, knowing he could see inside her skirt, given the eye level, it was unavoidable for him to miss it. Plus, she had worn bright chilli red bikini panties that could have stopped traffic from miles away. Several moments passed and she was surprised that he was still acting nonchalant towards her little display. At the spur of the moment, she decided to throw caution to the wind.

Let's try pushing things a little further, she thought to herself. She undid the bun in her hair and loosened up her tresses, allowing her pure ebony curls to fall past her shoulders. She threw her shoulders back and flashed a seductive smile as she slid down the table. But somehow in the midst of trying to get from the table to the chair in one languid move, she stumbled backwards instead, falling into his lap.

"Oops!" she giggled. She placed both hands on either side of his shoulders as she clumsily tried to hoist herself up, grinding herself deeper against his groin unintentionally. Her legs were dangling over the arm of the chair and her skirt hiked up once again, revealing even more of her toned legs, barely concealing her panties. He looked down and found her chest right in front of his face. It had been Casual Friday at the office and she had chosen to wear a 1950s inspired halter neck top that showed off her curvaceous figure and cleavage slightly.

Val could barely contain himself and he felt his lower region uncontrollably rising to the occasion and so did she midway through the grinding. He could feel each breath becoming heavier as she clung to the fabric of his shirt tightly. He was a man and there was only so much he could take before the proverbial gloves came off and all bets were off.

"Oh dear." She had stopped grinding abruptly. Suddenly very aware of what she had gotten herself into, especially with all that bold flirtation and provocative flashing earlier. She glanced into his eyes and saw a dark look there that she had never seen before.

"Are you trying to make some kind of point here?" he asked her softly. All the playfulness he had earlier was replaced with a new feeling that he had never felt for her before.

"Umm..." she felt like a deer caught in headlights, not quite sure how to respond. She felt her cheeks flush with heated embarrassment.

"You're not one of those cock tease sluts, are you?" he asked seriously.

She was dumbfounded at the words he had spoken. She had never heard him talk like that before and while it was a mild shock to hear them, she strangely also found it a bit of a turn-on.

She shook her head meekly.

Val flashed a wicked smiled. That was all he needed as validation.

In one instantaneous motion, he carried her 5"2 frame easily in his arms and set her down in the middle of the conference table between the food and the paperwork. He wedged himself between her legs, forcing them apart, he kneeled over her, smirking conceitedly.

"What are you doing?" She yelped helplessly and felt a dread setting over her, sensing what was about to come.

"You don't grind your ass into man's lap without expecting him to get turned on by it, do you?" he whispered. One hand lifting her skirt up totally to expose her panties in full view, stroking one thigh lovingly, fingertips lightly touching the edge of her panties.

She struggled to get up but he put his full weight on her, quickly bringing both his hands to restrain hers. He pulled her arms above her head, her chest was crushed against his.

"Looks like you might be one of those cock tease sluts after all." He grunted, reaching out to grab something to her right. She turned her head and saw that it was his tie. He used it to bind her hands, all the while grinning at her.

"Fuck you, Val!" she spit in anger. "Stop it, right now!" she told him sternly, masking her fear with a false bravado. As much as she was attracted to him, she was simply not ready to have sex with him, not when they had a daunting presentation to work on and especially not on the office's conference table!

"Ah, but Kayla, my dear...We can't stop. Don't you see what you've done to me?" He asked her lovingly, as he tugged on the last part of the knot tightly. He raised himself above her a little. One arm resting on the table while he brought the other hand to slowly trail down from her lips to her neck to the bare skin of her chest. Caressing the top of her heaving breasts just above the fabric of the halter's neckline. She shivered slightly at his touch and sighed when his hand rested on her left breast, massaging it gently.

"Thanks to your tantalizing little display earlier, I believe you've left me with no choice but to have you." He whispered, kissing her softly on the lips. To her own surprise, she responded to his kiss and yielded a tiny moan as he applied more pressure to the kneading of her breast. His tongue probed deeper into her and she could not help but shiver again. She cursed herself for enjoying it as much as she hated it. At twenty-four, she had not had any sex for the past two and a half years since she broke up with her last boyfriend and even then sex with her ex had been a wretchedly uneventful part of their relationship. Presently, the best she could do was finger herself off before drifting to sleep on the weekends because she was just too tired on the weekdays to do anything else after work.

His hand trailed back up to the back of her neck where the strings of the halter were tied together. He slowly undid the strings and pulled the top down to reveal her matching red strapless half cup laced bra. She was only a modest B cup, but that was exactly the kind that Val liked. B cups were definitely in the firm and perky tits department as his male friends had described it so crudely to him once when he revealed his cup size preference on women.

"Val, please don't do this, no!" she cried urgently. She tried to thrash around but that made her grind harder into his body, turning him on even more.

He ignored her struggles and pushed one of the cups down easily and released one breast free. His fingers delicately tweaked and teased her sensitive nipples. Immediately they hardened in response and he brought his lips down to kiss it, sucking, and licking with his tongue. She bit into her lower lip. One part of her wanted him to stop, while the other part of her was burning, enjoying his touch and kisses and badly wanted more. Her breathing came in short gasps as she felt her lower region undeniably stirring, heating up with every passing second.

While he was still sucking on the exposed breast, his right hand had now roughly pulled the other cup down to reveal the other one. He caressed, pulled and massaged it, teasing the other nipple till it swelled up to attention. His lips quickly moved over to it and he sucked and licked it like it was the most succulent fruit he had ever tasted, driving her wild with desire regardless of her protest.

His left hand trailed down to her hips. Fingers teasing the top of her bikini panties lightly before slipping his hand over her crotch, rubbing it , he could feel the material already moist with her juice. He pushed the fabric to one side and felt her swollen sex already dripping with her sticky fluid.

"God, you're so wet." He moaned, easily sliding two fingers inside her. She cried out at the sudden intrusion. Her pussy was soft, soaked and hot to the touch. To Kayla, his strokes and probing felt electric against her pussy. "Please, stop this." She whimpered in a ragged breath.

To her surprise, he did.

He released all hold of her and brought his gaze directly above hers. "Look at me and tell me honestly if you want me to stop this." He asked her candidly, daring her to tell the truth. "And I will never touch you again."

She gulped uncertainly. Her mind and her body were conflicting against each other. She licked her lips nervously at the idea of him never touching her again. Would she be able to live with herself if she denied them both this one night of carnal pleasure? Her pussy was throbbing with the need of his fingers to get back in her.

"So what's it going to be, Kayla?" His eyes darkened with an intensity that both scared and thrilled her at the same time.

"Don't stop." She answered shakily.

"Don't stop what?"

"Don't stop...touching me." She whispered the last part.

"Good answer." He grinned craftily, lowering his head to hers, he kissed her full on the lips, his tongue probing hers, and she moaned in approval and found herself naturally arching her body up towards him.

"Let's get you more comfortable" he said, and with that his hands had pulled her panties down, tossing it aside. She felt the cool air against her skin and pussy. He spread her outer labia, two fingers gently fucking her while his thumb rubbed her clit, sending a shock through her entire body.

"I love that you're totally shaved." He growled, making her blush beet red. His fingers retreated back out to tease her outer pussy lips, her bare skin was soft and smooth to the touch. She attempted to push her hips forward so that his fingers would re-enter her but he eased back and laughed.

"Not so impatient." He chuckled. He moved off her and grabbed something to the side. He reappeared quickly with a glazed strawberry with some whip cream still on it.

"That's from our set dinner's dessert!" she exclaimed.

He simply smiled and lowered himself, she felt him breathe against her vagina followed by his tongue flicking against her clit, causing her to cry out.

"You taste so sweet." He looked up at her, licking his lips like a cat after a satisfying meal. "You should try it too." Suddenly, she felt something cold rubbing against her pussy.

Involuntarily, she cried out as he pushed the strawberry in deep enough to arouse her further but not enough to make her cum. She could hear the soft wet sounds of her pussy being tormented by him. Val was using the fruit to massage the full length of her slit, causing her to get wet even more. He made it worse by concurrently using one finger to massage her clit, forcing her to the brink of insanity with that combination.

"Oh Val, please just fuck me already." She begged.

He pulled the strawberry out and offered the fruit to her lips. "Take a bite first." He told her.

She stared at him as she took an uncertain nip, the strawberry was warm now and tasted slightly salty due to her juices glazed over it. He took a bite too and threw the rest of the fruit aside.

"Let me clean up the whip cream." He grinned again and disappeared down below once more. She felt his warm breath against her opening and widened her legs when he started to lick all over her nether regions starting from the outer lips to the folds inside and then deeper.

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