tagErotic HorrorKDTH FM Ch. 01

KDTH FM Ch. 01


The small hotel room looked tired and lifeless to the woman sitting on the side of bed. Kerry sighed. She had very little memory of how she'd come to be here. She just knew that things had gone wrong back home. She'd lost her lousy job, lost her true love and at the same time lost the only family she had left. Her grey eyes threatened to well up with tears again when she thought of her sister, Megan. They had been more than sisters; they had been the best of friends. Megan was everything Kerry aspired to be. She was outgoing, she was beautiful, and she was popular all through high school and college. It hadn't mattered to Megan that Kerry was shy and self-conscious; she had taken Kerry with her to all the cool parties and the best social events. The only dates she had ever had were with friends of Megan's numerous boyfriends. Eventually though, Kerry thought that in the light of Megan's beauty she herself must have looked more attractive. That's when she met Rob. He barely gave Megan a second glance, all of his attention was for quiet, mousey Kerry. When he'd come to pick her up at their apartment Megan would be charming and flirty the way she was with all the boys, but Rob was merely polite. He only had eyes for Kerry.

His love gave Kerry confidence she had never felt before. She stood a little taller, held her head up a little more, looked people in the eye when she spoke to them. She also began to stand up for herself at the crumby job she held down to pay the bills. She had the education for a much better position, but she'd somehow ended up working in a cramped little cubicle doing work that more often than not her supervisor took the credit for.

The clock radio on the small nightstand gave a loud click as it turned itself on and began to play some slow, morbid sounding tune. Kerry jumped and reached over to shut it off, then changed her mind. The music suited her mood.

Another deep sigh escaped her lips and she looked down at her hands. They were dirty. She'd never seen her hands so dirty before. She rubbed absently at the dried brownish stains on her skin and under her nails. What had she been doing to get so dirty?

"You're listening to KDTH FM radio..." the music had stopped and a calm, deep voice had taken its place. "All death....all night long..."

Kerry looked at the radio and shook her head. It must be set to some goth station or something, but it was alright. She liked the DJ's voice. He sounded like he was talking directly to her.

"Tonight, dear listeners, I'd like to welcome Kerry to our show." The voice continued. "Say hello to our audience, Kerry...."

Kerry blinked in confusion, staring at the old radio. She jumped again when the DJ spoke and really did seem to be talking to her. "Come on, Kerry, don't be shy....say hello." She thought she must be losing her mind.

Feeling a bit silly, Kerry leaned toward the radio and barely whispered hello.

"That's my girl!" the DJ said enthusiastically. "We're really lucky to have Kerry with us tonight, listeners. She comes to us with blood still on her hands!"

"Wha-what??" Kerry jumped to her feet and stuck her hands in her coat pockets. "It's not blood. My...my hands are just dirty!"

"Don't be modest, Kerry." The DJ cajoled. "You did a great job for a first timer. Stand up and take the credit due you for once. Isn't that what you hated about your job? And that worthless scumbag of a supervisor, always leering at you, always making it sound like all of your hard work was his. Let's listen in, my friends, and see just how Kerry saw to it that he got what was coming to him."

There was a bit of static and then Kerry heard a voice she had heard at least five days a week for the past three years. Markus Post, head of acquisitions and her boss. That nasal voiced slimeball...he'd finally gone too far. She could see it all in her mind as she heard the conversation coming from the radio's speakers.

"Kerry, do you have that report ready for me?"

"Of course, Mr. Post."

"Good girl," he said and sat on the edge of her desk so close that his knee bumped the side of her thigh. He had his hands in his pockets which pulled the material snugly across his groin and Kerry tried desperately not to look at the growing bulge she saw there. "I can always count on you can't I, Kerry?"

"You know..." he said, and shifted his hands inside his pockets drawing Kerry's unwilling gaze back to his clearly defined erection. "You could go much farther here, Kerry. I think you have talents that we haven't even begun to tap into."

Post took his hands from his pockets and reached out to grasp Kerry's wrist. Her knuckles had gone white from the force of her grip on the arm of her chair, but he tugged her hand free and brought it up to his lap. He started to pat the back of her hand in a friendly manner, all the while pressing her curled fist against his hard cock beneath his trousers.

"There are a few special projects that could use your personal attention." He said, and Kerry had finally raised her gaze to his. "I'm sure you understand what it would mean to your career. Don't you, Kerry?"

Kerry felt her head nod on its own and a helpless sort of rage building inside her as Post smiled. He kept hold of her wrist with one hand and with the other began to unfasten his trousers.

"I knew I could count on you, Kerry." Post fished inside his trousers and pulled out his cock. Kerry had blinked and then looked closer. It had seemed much larger before he'd taken it out. Oh, he had fairly average girth, it was just in length that he seemed to be lacking. Kerry leaned a little closer, curious, but Post reached up and laid his hand on the back of her head.

"Eager aren't you. I knew you were just a slut under all those frumpy clothes." He curled his fingers painfully into her hair when she stiffened and started to pull back. "Oh no you don't, you're going to suck me like a good little slut....then we're going to discuss your new duties around here."

Post pulled her head down against his groin and his cock pressed insistently against her lips. Kerry reached up and clawed at his forearm, but he held her head firmly.

"You'd better open up Kerry," He said in his usual patronizing tone. "My cock is going in your mouth one way or another. Don't fight and you'll still have a job when I'm done, fight me and you'll be out on your bony keester. And it won't do any good to tell anyone, no one is going to believe you over me. So get sucking, bitch!"

Kerry let her body go limp, her hands dropped away and her lips parted. Post laughed as he forced his cock between her lips and shoved her face down farther into his lap. He moaned as he brought his other hand up to the back of her head and began to use her hair to direct her movements. He was so engrossed in the warmth of her wet mouth he didn't notice Kerry feeling along the desktop, didn't see her fingers find and curl around the handle of the scissors she had been using earlier.

In fact he barely registered the first blow until the scissor blades were embedded deeply into his back. His cock jerked and Kerry felt a gush of hot liquid fill her mouth as he actually came. Kerry choked and spluttered and pulled back leaving several strands of her hair in his fists. Post was staring at her in confusion and dawning fear.

Kerry didn't give him a chance to yell for help, but then there was probably no one else around. He must have seen to that before making his move. She stood up and with a strangled cry of rage drew back her arm and slammed the scissors into his throat. Blood gushed over her hand and spurted across her desk.

Post never made another sound. He clawed at the scissors but was already too weak to pull them free. He slipped to the floor at Kerry's feet and lay there twitching slightly as he died. Kerry leaned down and wiped most of the blood from her hands on Post's suit jacket.

"Mr. Post." She said softly. "I quit."

The sound of applause and cheering from the radio's speakers brought Kerry out of her reverie. She glanced around the room and then brought her hands out of her pockets to stare at them. So that was what dried blood looked like.

"Kerry, sweetie, that was marvelous!" the DJ said brightly. "You sure showed him. We're going to have to take a short break, avid listeners, but we'll be right back with more from Kerry, tonight's KDTH special guest."

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