tagErotic HorrorKDTH FM Ch. 02

KDTH FM Ch. 02


The same somber music floated from the radio speakers as earlier and Kerry stared for a moment. When nothing further happened she shrugged and walked into the small bathroom telling herself it had all been a trick of her mind. There was no DJ with a smooth voice hosting a radio talk show with her as the guest star. It had all been her imagination.

The dried blood on her hands wasn't a figment of her imagination however. In the stark light of the bathroom the color was more reddish than before, but nearly black beneath her fingernails and in the creases of her nail beds. Kerry turned on the water and adjusted it until it was as hot as she could stand it. She felt slightly nauseous knowing that it was the blood of another human being on her hands.

It didn't matter what kind of person Mr. Post had been, she scolded herself, she'd had no right to kill him.

Of course she had, Kerry argued with herself as she began scrubbing the bloodstains from her hands. Post had just assumed she wouldn't mind, that she was just there to be used by him, that she was easily pushed around. Well, she'd finally proved him wrong.

She glanced up into the mirror and stared into her own eyes. They were wide and grey and completely emotionless. The word shock floated through her mind. She suddenly felt an overwhelming need to see Rob. He would know what to do, he would make everything alright. There was just something....something she needed to remember.

The stinging in her hands caused her to look down and she saw how red and raw her skin was. She turned off the water and took a coarse towel off the rack to dry them. The music drifting in from the other room hadn't changed and she was drawn back toward the bed. She was tired, but she knew she couldn't sleep. There were too many questions. Like what she was doing there in that cheap looking hotel room instead of at home with her boyfriend Rob and her sister Megan.

Rob and Megan.....the two people she loved most in the world.

Kerry sat slowly down on the bed and stared at the old clock radio, almost as if waiting for something to happen. There was a click and the hiss of static and the music faded away.

"You're listening to KDTH FM radio....all death....all night long...." The DJ's voice said in those same smooth, deep tones. Kerry smiled, his voice was so soothing. "We're back with Kerry who just this evening killed her scum bag of a boss. With a pair of desk scissors no less! Bravo, Kerry!"

There was a burst of applause as if from a live audience and Kerry smiled to think that there were others out there who had heard what had happened and weren't judging her. They were on her side.

"Thank you." She said softly.

"Oh no, thank you Kerry." The DJ said cheerfully, "I'm sure I can speak for all of my listeners when I say it was a privilege to hear how you handled things. But the fun didn't end there did it, Kerry? What about it, audience, do you want to hear what happened next in Kerry's eventful evening?"

There was more cheering and Kerry felt a second of panic. There wasn't anything else to tell. Was there? Kerry shifted nervously as her mind began to show her another image. The creaky stairs that led to the apartment she shared with her sister Megan. She could hear how the fifteenth stair groaned in protest the way it always did as her slight weight pressed down on it.

"Why don't you take off your coat, Kerry?" The DJ suggested. "Make yourself more comfortable while we listen to the rest of the story."

Kerry reached automatically for the belt of her overcoat and loosened it without thinking. She shrugged the garment off and let it fall to the bed, lost in the scene unfolding in her head. She was ascending the dim stairway to the third floor. It wasn't the best of neighborhoods, but it was all they could afford. Megan always talked about the day they would move to a nicer part of town. Maybe get a place in one of the ritzy high rises in a newer part of the city. Megan always talked about how one of these days her face was going to be on billboards nationwide and she would be rolling in money and then she would be out of there. Of course Kerry always told herself Megan meant they would be out of there, together. She and Kerry had always been together, they depended on each other. Kerry's job paid most of the bills right then because it was hard to break into the modeling world. Megan picked up catalog work from time to time, and lately she'd been going for a lot of interviews that must have led to some kind of work because she had bought herself a whole new wardrobe. She'd told Kerry it was an investment in her new career. She had to look good at all times. Kerry didn't mind. Her wages paid the bills and when Megan made it big Kerry would be able to take time to find a better job. Rob didn't think it was fair that Kerry paid for everything while Megan spent whatever money she earned on clothes and jewelry and nights on the town. Kerry had tried to explain to him about networking and how Megan needed to keep up a good image, but Rob had remained skeptical.

As all of these things ran through her mind Kerry reached the door of the apartment and fished in her bag for her keys. She needed to get inside and call Rob and tell him what had happened with Mr. Post. Kerry could still taste him in her mouth and she sobbed quietly as she opened the door. Rob would know what they needed to do next. Rob was so smart and he stayed so calm all the time. Rob was....there. At least his briefcase was on the hall table. He wasn't waiting in the living room though, or in the kitchen either.

For some reason Kerry didn't call out. She heard soft strains of music coming from one of the other rooms. Megan's room it sounded like and Kerry stole quietly down the hall. Following the sound of the music and murmuring voices.

"See what you've been missing all this time?" Megan asked in her soft, sultry voice. A man moaned in pleasure.

Kerry pressed her ear to the door and it swung open slightly. She felt a moment of guilt that she might be invading Megan's privacy but she couldn't stop herself. Megan had a large full length mirror in her room and from where Kerry stood she could see the bed reflected completely.

Megan was there, radiantly beautiful in her nakedness, every movement a picture of sensual grace. She was leaning over a man, her hands flat on his chest as her hips made slow circular motions. Kerry couldn't help watching. She'd always felt so inadequate when it came to sex. She had made Rob turn off all the lights the few times she had allowed him to make love to her and would only do the act face to face with him on top. He had tried to bring her out of her shell, encouraged her to try new positions, explore with him, but she just couldn't do it.

"Oh God you feel so good inside me." Megan moaned as her hips began to move faster. "I knew the minute I saw you that you should be mine, not hers. She doesn't deserve you."

Megan's long blonde hair fell in waves around the face of her lover, but Kerry could hear his breath coming faster. Oddly she felt a strange stirring between her thighs, a flooding warmth she'd never felt before.

"Tell me you want me more than her." Megan gasped, and the muscles of her thighs flexed as she began to raise herself up from her lover and ride back down firmly. "Tell me you love fucking me more than her."

There was a growl and a flurry of motion as the man beneath her grabbed Megan and forced her off of his body and turned her around. Kerry blinked at the sight of Megan on her hands and knees, the man rising up behind her grabbing her by her beautiful hair and tugging her head back.

"I love, Kerry." Rob said between clenched teeth as he sank his cock into Kerry's sister. "But you're a damn good fuck, bitch."

The sound of Rob's thighs slapping against Megan's ass filled the room as he pounded into her. She began to moan out louder and louder, her eyes clenched tight in an expression of both pleasure and pain.

"Oh yeah, that's it...." Rob said harshly, his thrusts becoming less rhythmic but more frantic. "Tighten that pussy on my cock...."

Kerry watched numbly as the man she loved more than anything in the world groaned loudly and filled her sister with his cum. Megan thrust back harder against him and screamed hoarsely as she too reached her climax. They stayed frozen in that position for a moment before they sank down onto the bed together struggling to catch their breath.

"Kerry can't find out about this." Rob said. From the hall Kerry missed the guilt in his voice.

"As long as you keep fucking me like that she never has to know." Megan purred and turned to snuggle against his chest. It wasn't long before the two of them had drifted off to sleep.

Kerry backed away from the door, her eyes staring blindly at nothing. It was more than her mind could comprehend. Rob and Megan together, the things Megan had said. Had she always planned to take Rob from Kerry? Megan had so many men vying for her attention, why did she have to go after the one man who had ever paid her plain sister any attention? But then, Rob must not really care that much for Kerry if he was so eager to be with Megan no matter how beautiful and sexy Megan was.

Kerry walked back into the living room and automatically removed her coat. She laid it over the back of the sofa and wandered aimlessly into the kitchen. It really wasn't fair, she thought to herself. Megan had everything; she had all the looks, all the talent, all the friends. She was everything Kerry would never be and still she took the one good thing in Kerry's life. Kerry's eyes rested on the large set of cooking knives that sat in the old fashioned wooden block that had once belonged to their mother. Megan said it was hers, even if she never did a bit of cooking. Kerry took one of the knives out and looked at the long shiny blade. She guessed that Megan just had to have everything.

At a soft gasp Kerry looked over her shoulder. Megan stood there in the kitchen wearing only Rob's shirt. She pulled the open front together over her naked body and glanced nervously back toward the bedroom.

"You're home early." Megan said in a hushed tone. "I thought you were working late, I didn't expect you."

"No...I guess you didn't." Kerry's voice sounded flat and alien even to her own ears. She kept her back to Megan, her gaze going back to the shiny metal blade in her hand. "Is Rob still sleeping?"

"I...I thought I'd get us something cold to drink." Megan kept glancing at Kerry as she went to the refrigerator and took out a cold beer. "Kerry..."

"You don't have to say anything, Megs." Kerry said in a flat voice. "I understand."

"You do?" Megan sat the bottle of beer on the small dinette table and stepped closer to Kerry.

"Sure," Kerry looked up and stared at their reflection in the small wavy glass of the window over the kitchen sink. "You're so beautiful and so much more exciting than I am. I can't really blame Rob for wanting you."

"I just...."

"Couldn't help yourself, I know." Kerry's voice never wavered, her gaze stayed locked on the reflection of her sister's beautiful face. "Rob's a fantastic guy. Much better than the scum you're used to fucking."


"A girl's got to make a living after all."

"Kerry, what's wrong with you?!" Megan said in a hurt voice. She stepped up to Kerry and laid her hand on her sister's shoulder tugging to turn her around. As Kerry turned she lowered the hand holding the knife and in one swift motion brought it back up. The shiny blade slipped past the open front of Rob's shirt and sank into Megan's soft belly. Her eyes bulged with shock as Kerry jerked her hand quickly upward managing to pierce a lung. She opened her mouth to scream but all that came out was a gush of bright red blood that splattered the front of Kerry's blouse.

"Nothing's wrong that I can't deal with sister dear." Kerry said and wrapped her arms around Megan as the latter began to cough and choke on her own blood. They slid to the floor together and Kerry held Megan until she lost consciousness, placing a soft kiss on her sister's forehead.

The scene in Kerry's head faded out to the sound of energetic applause and cheers. She reached up to brush tears from her pale cheeks.

"Kerry, darling, you were amazing!" The DJ said appreciatively. "You stayed so calm and cool. Most women would have burst into the bedroom on the pair of them and played the betrayed lover. There would have been tears and accusations and drama....but not with you. Oh no, you were a master of control."

"It isn't..." Kerry stopped herself, she knew she had killed her boss, why would she think that this was untrue as well. She gulped back a sob. "But she was my sister."

"And she was taking advantage of you in every way she could think of. Letting you pay all the bills while she went out and partied and had a good time. Not to mention she was screwing your boyfriend. She deserved what she got, isn't that right audience." There was a surge of voices agreeing with the DJ's voice.

Kerry hung her head for a moment in thought. That's when she noticed the blood covering her clothing. Her blouse was dried to her skin on places but still wet in others, her skirt was dark but it felt tacky when she brushed her fingertips over the material. A strangled sound of disgust vibrated in Kerry's throat and she began to jerk the clothing off of her body. A button pinged across the room as she tore open her blouse in her hurry.

"That's alright Kerry," The DJ said, "Go ahead and take a few moments to get more comfortable. Those bloody clothes must be feeling a bit stiff by now."

To her dismay Kerry found that even her bra and panties were soaked in blood and there were smears of it on her skin. She stripped completely out of her clothes and stepped quickly back into the bathroom. Not even bothering to adjust the water temperature first she stepped into the shower stall and turned both knobs on full. She scrubbed herself with the coarse washcloth then washed her hair with shampoo from the tiny courtesy bottle. When she was done she smelled like cheap motel soap but she still felt slightly unclean.

It took her a while to dry off because she was inspecting herself for any blood stains she may have missed. She wrapped the towel around her body and walked slowly back into the bedroom.

"Feeling better, my dear?" The DJ asked. The concern in his voice was a balm to Kerry's frayed nerves.

"Yes, thank you." She said softly and sat back down on the bed.

"Are you ready to continue?"

"There's....there's more?" Kerry didn't know if she could take more.

"Just a little bit, sweetheart." The DJ's voice was a soft caress of sound. "You don't want to disappoint your fans now do you?"

"Of course not." Kerry said vacantly.

"That's my girl." The DJ said and there was a burst of applause that brought a faint smile to Kerry's lips.

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