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Keep It In the Family


I am a bad, bad woman. Yes, I admit it. I took something that was wrong, and let it snowball until it was completely out of control, and now things can't go back to the way they were; ever.

Let me start the story by telling you that I'm 30 years old, 5'6" tall, have long red hair, and pretty decent curves; nothing too much, but enough to get attention when I want it. Which is how I got into this while mess to begin with.

Last year, I got married to my 40 year old boyfriend, after only dating for 3 months. We rushed it, because he serves in the military, and he was about to be deployed for a tour of duty in Iraq. We had the wedding, went on a short honeymoon, and came back to finish moving my stuff into his house. Then, after one last wild night of crazy sex, he was gone, and I found myself alone in his house with his 80 year old father, George; my husbands the youngest of 8 kids.

I get along well enough with his father, but there was always some tension between us, since I am his son's second wife, and we had rushed into the marriage. It is most evident when it comes to his grandchildren; my husband has 2 kids from his previous marriage. The older one, his daughter Stacey, 22, lives on her own on the other side of town, and visits every few weeks. While the younger one, his son Alex, 20, is in college, out of state, on a sports scholarship, and only comes home for holidays, and summer break; which was coming up soon.

I had met Stacey several times before the wedding, but had only met Alex, for the first time, at the wedding. Two weeks after my husband was deployed, he moved back home after finishing his semester.

That's when I noticed the tension start to build. Whenever I tried to do anything that George thought was too parental, he would take over, and make decisions. Alex seemed to relish this, often smirking at me, as I was overruled by George. I didn't want any problems, so I would just let it slide; hoping that they would accept me eventually.

I started to feel lonely, about a month after my husband was deployed, and found myself masturbating a lot more than usual; but it never felt like enough. And I knew that it would be another eight months before my husband would be home to make it feel right. As the days went on, I became hornier, and started masturbating daily; usually in places that I risked getting caught in. But I couldn't help it; I was horny as hell, and I needed the release.

That's when I started noticing the striking similarities between my husband and Alex. They were both tall, around 6'3", and had a similar build; Alex was actually in a much better shape than my husband, being younger. And, in the right light, Alex even looked just like his father.

I noticed this last bit late one night, while we were watching movies on the couch. George had gone to sleep early, as was his custom, while Alex and I had decided to stay up late and watch old B-movies; so we could laugh at the horrible acting, and the constant gratuitous nudity they always had. I liked making comments during the nude scenes, just to see his reaction; which was usually one of embarrassment.

During the third movie, a rather horrible little piece about some government project gone wrong, causing mutants to run free on a small town, Alex fell asleep. He had been leaning on me, and fell asleep with his head on my shoulder, and my arm around him. We had been getting closer, and this was not the first time this had happened; every Tuesday, was now our B-Movie date night.

I looked over at him when I felt him twitch, and it's at that moment that I saw the uncanny resemblance to my husband. It's also at that moment, that I felt a familiar tingling sensation start to build up between my legs. It had been there all night, all the nudity and sex scenes in the movies were good for something, but now it was building to a point of urgency.

I tested to see if I could remove my arm from behind him, but it was tightly pinned behind his shoulders, and extracting it would wake him up. Another look at his sleeping face sent another jolt through me, and I tried to move him slowly. But it backfired, as he unconsciously turned more towards me, and snuggled against my side. He buried his face into my neck, and his hand landed in my lap, nearly making me jump in my seat. I gently moved his hand from the rather inappropriate location it had landed, and tried to focus, as his hot breath was blowing on my neck. I tried freeing my arm again, but it was still wedged.

I was quickly getting to the point of no return. I didn't want to wake him up, because I was afraid that he would be able to tell why I needed to run off to my room, but I needed to do something about the growing pressure that was building up inside me.

Finally, as another gratuitous nude scene of the local cheer-leading team changing and showering after practice started playing, I decided that I couldn't hold back any longer.

Making sure he was still asleep, I gently reached into my pajama bottoms with my free hand, and started rubbing my pussy, which was already wet. My cool fingers touching my hot lips sent another jolt through me, and I shook a little bit, causing Alex's head to tilt forward; his breath was now blowing down my cleavage, making me wish I could remove my top, and play with my breasts. But I knew I was already taking a huge chance; so I just tried to ignore the hot air blowing between my breasts, and focus on making myself come as quickly as possible.

With the fear of Alex waking up, and finding me masturbating in front of him at the forefront of my thoughts, I got to work on my pussy, doing my best to bring myself to orgasm quickly. Luckily I had been slowly building up all night; so it wasn't going to take too long. I plunged two of my fingers into my pussy, and hooked them, pressing down on my g-spot. I began to massage my g-spot, while grinding my pussy with the palm of my hand.

Like I had anticipated, it didn't take long for me to orgasm, but I hadn't anticipated that the buildup would cause such a powerful orgasm. I had to bit my lower lip to prevent myself from screaming as I came; I drew blood. I also had to try and control my body, as waves of pleasure ran through my body, from the tips of my toes to the top of my head, causing me to twitch, and shake.

In all the shaking, I slide to my free side a little, but this caused Alex's head to slide down between my breasts. My pinned arm was now free, and I held his head firmly in place, as the last waves of ecstasy passed through my body.

I managed to gain control of myself, and remove my hand from my pajama bottoms just as Alex started to stir. In his groggy state, he didn't seem to realize where his head was, as he sat back up, and mumbled an apology for falling asleep on me. I told him it was okay, and that he should get to bed. As he got up and said goodnight, I noticed his eyes lingering on my body for a few extra seconds, and then he was gone.

Once the room was empty, I turned on the lamp next to me, and looked down at myself. My nipples were completely erect and obviously poking through my tiny cotton tank top; something I can't blame a young man of his age for noticing, and starring at a few extra seconds. But the most shocking thing I saw was that the gray pajama bottoms I had on, were visibly wet in the crotch, as a large dark gray circle was spread out from between my legs. I was suddenly fearful that he had seen it, and knew what had happened.

I turned the lamp off and looked again, breathing a sigh of relief when the dark circle became less visible in the shadows. But then as I inhaled, I could smell it; sex was in the air. I was pretty sure Alex wasn't a virgin, a good looking boy like him, but would he be experienced enough to recognize the smell of sex in the air? I hoped not.

I was uncomfortable all the next day, as I wasn't sure whether or not Alex knew what I had done while he slept next to me. I caught him staring at me a couple of times, but I think it had more to do with what I was wearing, and the position I was in at the time; he was a young man, after all, and I do believe that I'm an attractive woman.

I went out with friends for supper, after dropping him off at the gym, and relaxed, forgetting why I was worried. I had gotten a little tipsy, and one of my friends drove me home.

After finally managing to get my key in the lock, I opened the door, and waved goodbye to my friend. Once inside, I removed my shoes, and headed to my room. It was late, and George was already asleep; so I made as little noise as possible.

After getting undressed and putting on my pj's, I headed to the kitchen to get a glass of water. When I saw Alex's favorite mug on the counter, I panicked; not remembering if I had been supposed to pick him up from the gym after supper or not.

I rushed upstairs to his room, and quietly opened the door. The lights were off, but he had the window wide open, and the moonlight illuminated the room enough to see. What I saw was amazing.

Alex was asleep on his bed, and because the night was hot, had foregone his covers; but he had also foregone any clothes. He was lying on his back, completely naked to the world.

Remember, I was extremely lonely; so I couldn't help but take a closer look. I crept closer to his bed, until I was only about a foot away, and starred at him. He was definitely in better shape than his father, but his equipment was almost a mirror image of my husbands; he even kept it shaved, like his father.

I had to grab my wrist and stop myself, as I reached out towards his dick. It was enough to shock me into realizing what I was doing. I slowly backed away, until I was in the doorway. I gently pulled his door closed, but found myself unable to close it all the way.

The tingling sensation from the night before was back with a vengeance. I looked around, to make sure George wasn't around, before leaning against the doorjamb.

My hand quickly disappeared down the front of my pajama bottoms, and found my pussy. I hadn't had the buildup of the previous night, so I knew I would have to work at it for a while. So, in order to help me along, I pulled my tank top down, exposing my breasts, so that I could fondle them.

Pinching my nipples while my fingers rubbed my clit always worked wonders for me, so that's what I did. My eyes were fixated on his dick shining in the moonlight, as my fingers plunged into my pussy, searching out my g-spot. They weren't enough, but I knew that they would have to do. For some reason, my hand felt confined, so I stopped what I was doing, and pulled my pajama bottoms down around my knees.

The fresh air on my pussy felt great and only added to my excitement. I knew that if George or Alex woke up, there was no way for me to cover up fast enough to hide what I was doing; and that made it feel even better.

My fingers plunged back into my pussy, while I stopped fondling my breasts, licked my fingers, and reached around behind me to play with my anus. My husband had introduced me to the joys of anal sex, and I found out that I liked playing with my anus.

As the pressure started to build to the point of explosion, I slide a finger in my anus, and held it there. A few moments later, I orgasmed so hard that my whole head was spinning. Somehow, I managed to not make a sound, but I was unable to keep the waves of pleasure from weakening my knees enough to make me collapse on the floor.

I heard the thud as I hit, and panic started to enter my thoughts, as I realized that if Alex woke up and looked at the door, he'd see me on my knees, breasts exposed, pajamas around my knees, one hand in my pussy, and another in my anus. I was also afraid that George would wake up, since his room was right across the hall and he was a lite sleeper, and that he would find me.

My fears were coming true, as I saw Alex start to stir. So I forced myself to roll away from the door, and quickly get to my feet. I knew the bathroom was down the hall, and made a run for it; or as fast a run as I could with my pajamas around my knees. Just as I ducked in, I heard George open his door.

I quickly closed the door, and turned on the light; hoping the light bleed under the door would let him know someone was in here. I also hoped that he would attribute the thud I made when collapsing, to someone bumping into the table in the hallway.

I pulled up my top, and sat on the toilet; trying to collect myself. I nearly jumped when I heard a knock on the door.

"Ash, you in there?" I heard George ask.

"Ah, yeah, George." I replied.

"You okay?" He asked, as the door started opening.

I was too shocked to do anything, as he fully opened the door, and stood in the doorway.

"I heard a noise." He said, seemingly oblivious to the fact that I was sitting on the toilet with my pajamas pulled down.

"I bumped into the table." I replied. "Ah, George, could you close the door? I'm kind of..."

"Oh, nothing to be embarrassed about, Ash." He replied, not moving. "I was married for 52 years, and helped raise 8 children, and 18 grandchildren; I've seen it all."

I was once again shocked. He didn't seem to understand that I wanted him to leave.

"What's going on?" Alex said, stepping up behind George and looking in. "Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, everything's fine, Alex." George replied. "Ash just bumped into the table; she's fine."

"Oh, good." Alex said, his eyes lingering on me, as I tried to cover myself with my hands. I knew my nipples were obvious again, but I couldn't do anything about them without showing them my pussy.

They both stood there looking at me for what seemed like an inappropriate amount of time, before closing the door, and heading back to their rooms.

I listened for their doors to close before I stood up, and locked the door.

My heart was beating a mile a minute, and my breathing was quick and shallow. As I pulled my hand away from my pussy, I felt a renewed wetness between my legs. I couldn't believe it; I was horny again, after just having masturbated to orgasm several minutes earlier.

Nearly being caught by George and Alex, and then having them look at me as I tried to cover myself, had gotten me hot again.

I decided to not risk going to my room, in case I got the urge to look into Alex's room again, and instead pulled my pajamas completely off and started masturbating right there.

I eventually orgasmed, but it was nowhere near as powerful as the one I had had earlier, or the night before; something about nearly being caught seemed to make it more exciting.

For the next few weeks, I found myself starring at Alex when he wasn't looking, and he seemed to star in most of my fantasies whenever I masturbated. I knew it was wrong, but, like I said, I was lonely, and incredibly horny.

I never risked doing anything like I had that night I masturbated outside his room, and my orgasms were weak by comparison.

Stacey came over one Saturday afternoon, to celebrate Alex's 21st birthday. She teased him about finally being able to drink legally. I was a little surprised to hear that Alex hadn't made any plans for his birthday, since all his friends were either away on vacation, or lived in another state.

Stacey's new girlfriend, Tricia suggested they take him to a strip club, now that he was legal; yes Stacey is bi-sexual. Alex seemed embarrassed at the thought, so, of course, I jumped on the bandwagon, and said it would be a great idea, and that I wanted to go too.

Alex was turning red from embarrassment as we continued to discuss plans to bring him to a strip club. I said that it was something all 21 year old men do when they reach that age. George even joined in and told him that he had taken my husband to his first strip club on his 21st birthday.

"That settles it then." I said, slamming my hand down on the table. "Since your dad is in Iraq, and can't be here to do it, we're going to take you to your first strip club."

"Here, here." Stacey said, holding up her beer. "You coming too, Pops?" She asked George.

"What? Oh no; I'm too old to be going to strip clubs." George replied.

"Nonsense." I said. "You have to come; he needs another man there."

"Yeah, Pops. Little Alex needs a real man there to show him how to act." Stacey teased.

"Well, as long as we're not out too late." He said.

"Yay! Pops is coming." Stacey said, tapping her beer against glass of Caesar.

"Maybe we should call our friends and see if any of the 'single' girls want to join us." Tricia said, emphasizing the word single, which seemed to catch Alex's attention.

"Yeah, and we can go clubbing after wards." Stacey said, and then looked over at George.

"You young folk can go clubbing, I'll head home with George." I said, getting an appreciative smile from Stacey.

Having made the decision for him, Alex had no choice but to get ready and join us, as we drove to a strip club near Stacey's apartment. We were met by a rather large group of Tracey's friends; some of them single, others with their boyfriends, or girlfriends.

We got several tables, and sat down. I ended up in between Alex and Stacey, while George sat in between two of Stacey's more attractive single friends. I couldn't help but smile, as they flirted with him, and made him smile.

Alex had another little hottie sitting on his other side, and she made no secret that she thought he was cute.

Tricia bought the first round, and all but a couple of people ordered alcohol.

A couple of rounds later and people started buying dances. Tracey was the first to buy one for Alex; picking a blond that would fit right in in the porn industry. She came to the table and gave him a lap dance, making sure to squeeze his head between her, obviously, fake breasts.

When she was done, I decided I wanted to up the ante. I leaned over to Tracey, and whispered my plan. She smiled, and nodded in approval.

I looked around at the women there, and asked Alex which one he thought was the most attractive. I was surprised when he didn't choose one of the busty blonds, and instead chose a petite red head. I waited a little bit, before excusing myself, saying I needed to use the bathroom; then I worked my way over to where the red head was sitting, and said, "Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if I could get you to give someone a dance?"

"Sure thing." She replied, finishing up her drink and standing up to join me. "Who?"

I pointed at Alex across the room, who was busy watching the show on stage. "Him. It's his 21st birthday, and I want to make it special."

"Okay; what do you have in mind?" She asked.

"Well, what do you suggest? This is my first time in one of these, so I don't know." I replied.

"I could take him to our rooms, and give him a private dance; but it does cost a little more." She said.

"Money isn't a problem." I replied. "I just want to make sure he remembers it."

She quoted me the price per song, and I told her to keep him busy for 5 songs; slipping her the money in advance.

Before I could walk away, she grabbed my arm and leaned in. "If you really want to make it memorable, I can do a little something extra." She whispered.

"Like what?" I asked, suddenly intrigued.

She whispered what she was offering into my ear, and a smile grew on my face.

"Oh, I think he'd love that." I said, taking an extra fifty and handing it to her. "Make sure he doesn't know it was me who paid for this."

I made my way back to my seat, and waited. A few minutes after I sat down, the stripper came over, took Alex's hand, and led him away. We didn't see him for some time, but when he returned, he had a huge smile on his face.

More drinks were bought, and I was starting to feel tipsy. I decided that I wanted to do something nice for George, so I called over a stripper, and asked her to take George for a private dance.

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