tagGay MaleKeep Me Safe Ch. 01

Keep Me Safe Ch. 01


This is my fist story so please tell me what you think. All the characters are part of my imagination. ~#~

Ryan looked up from his text book and groaned at the sight of his best friend. Yet again Miles, or Miley as he was known by some, was wearing nothing but a pair of tight, low cut, purple boxer briefs and looked completely beautiful. Ryan wasn't sure if it was a groan of mock annoyance or lust.

He knew Miles was gay and had no problem with it or admitting that his best friend was gorgeous. His long silvery blond hair reached to the small of his back, his small frame so child like at 5'1" with not a hair on his body (or at least a visible hair anyway) and his eyes. Miles had particoloured eyes which could un-nerve some people under an intense gaze or look completely sensual under his long lashes. His right eye was a sapphire blue while his left was an emerald green.

Ryan's own appearance was a lot different from his friends. Standing at 6'2" with a shortish brown mop of hair and permanent 5 o'clock shadow. Blue eyes and a slightly muscular build from his running. Ryan felt pretty average compared to his friend. Deciding it was better for his lust to not watch Miles walk about practically naked, Ryan turned back to his text book.

Ryan had known Miles since they were ten and both had lived together since they were 14. Miles had no family left and had been taken in by Ryan's not long after Miles' 14th birthday almost 5 years ago. His mother had died shortly after his birth and his father was in prison while Miles had a restraining order against him. A week after his 14th birthday on the 2nd of November, Miles' dad had came home drunk. He hadn't even gone to work just spent all day drinking at various bars until about 6 o'clock and felt like sex. With no one else about he took the only option that he thought was available, Miles. His dad was a builder and there was no way Miles could even fight him of, drunk or not.

Ryan had turned up at 6:20 to get some help with his homework but instead he found Miles screaming for help as he chased Miles around their home. There was a sickening cry when his dad caught Miles and punched him in the chest so he would keep still. That's when Ryan pulled out a hammer from his dads work belt and hit him on his shoulder earning a cry from the man as his shoulder blade broke under the impact. He stumbled clutching his damaged arm an ran out the back door.

Instinct took over as Ryan knelt by his friends side as he shook and cried and called 911, his side already a dark bluey purple. Miles had made it through the incident with 2 slightly cracked ribs and severe bruising. That was when Miles came to live with Ryan's Family.

Even though he was openly gay, Miles was very wary of guys. After the incident with his farther Miles had two more encounters with similar guys. The second, Ryan had been there to stop. Miles had been on a date and the guy forced his way into the dorm room after Miles said good bye. The guy had said Miles owed him something for paying for dinner and Miles said no. Ryan had been walking to the room when all he could here were muffled cries for help. He found Miles struggling underneath the guy who had his hand placed across Miles mouth. Ryan hit him and threw him out calling the campus officers as he comforted a shaken Miles who was crying and clinging onto Ryan for dear life.

The third time Miles was on his own. He'd been walking back from the library and it was all ready dark. They had only been at the college two months and winter was already set in. Some guy had started to follow Miles so he tried to loose him, when that failed Miles ran but the guy was much faster. Something caught Miles foot causing him to go flying and land hard on his side, hitting his head on the floor staining his beautiful silvery hair with dark crimson blood. A second guy came out of a near by ally and help the first drag Miles into the darkness. The world was spinning around Miles as muffled cries escaped from his lips. One of the guys said something to Miles about how his blood had spoilt his pretty hair but it didn't matter.

Miles was absolutely terrified, It wasn't the fist time he had been in a situation like this but it was the first he couldn't fight back and had multiple assailants. The second guy was undoing Miles' jeans which he made as difficult as possible be wiggling his hips. The first guy moved his had away from Miles' mouth for a split second to try and keep him still enough to strip. That's when Miles screamed. It was no doubt the most desperate pleading cry he had ever made, hoping that some near passer by would come and investigate. That's how Miles met Chris.

Chris was walking back from the football field when he heard the scream. Instantly he knew what it meant and jumped to the conclusion that a girl was in peril . It was a shock to him when he found a beautiful boy that looked no older than 14 half naked and squirming franticly under the grasp of two guys. Chris hit the first guy he came to who he went straight down. The guy was big but Chris was massive and it was pure muscle. At the sight of his friend dropping, the other guy ran. At the sight of the blood staining Miles' hair so dark, Chris called an ambulance and the police.

He turned to the pale little bundle that was shaking in his arms and wrapped Miles in his jacket.

"Thhh...Thannn..Kkkyou." Was all Miles managed to get out between the shivering and the crying.

"No probs little guy. What's your name?" He was trying to keep Miles talking to keep him from blacking out and aware. He was more likely to be able to tell the police what happened if he remained conscious.

"Mmmm... Mi...Milessss." He struggled to reply. His body felt really heavy and cold so he just wanted to sleep but he knew he couldn't do that.

Once at the hospital, Miles was given the all clear and told he could go home. He would have to take it easy for a few days and wasn't allowed to sleep more than an hour at a time in case of a concussion. And that's how they became friends.

After those three instances, Miles was a little nervous around certain guys and he had became increasingly shy. He'd had about 7 dates over the short 3 months they had been at college but he never went on a second even after 3 attempted rapes Miles was still very much a virgin.


"AHH!" Ryan cried as something flashed across his eyes unexpectedly.

"Sorry, trying to get my phone" Came the mumbled reply from Miles who was kneeling on his bed. His perky little butt was in the air as his head was pressed against the bed. His arm was down the side by the wall trying to get his phone. Something shiny under the bed had reflected the light into Ryan's eyes. "Err Ryan?" Miles called out.

"Yeah?" He replied curiously, trying hard not to think of what it would feel like to **** Miles in that position.

"I'm stuck." Miles said causing Ryan let out a short laugh. Ryan got up and went to help his struggling friend. The swaying little butt was all Ryan could see as he crossed the room. Without thinking Ryan spanked Miles cotton clad ass causing the smaller boy to yelp in surprise. However to Ryan's surprise Miles also groaned and wiggled that delicate posterior of his very provocatively. Ryan resisted doing it again. Once he could get away with calming innocents but twice and after such a strange reaction from Miles he didn't think he would get away with claiming it as a spur of the moment thing.

"What was that for?" Miles said in mock annoyance once he was free from his dreaded bed.

"Pay back." Ryan glanced at his watch 8:45 "Hey doesn't your first class start at 9?"

"Yeah, why?" Miles looked at his phone and his eyes widened at the time. "AHHG!" Miles frantically got dressed in a pair of pale blue jeans and baby blue t-shirt. Grabbing his bag Miles ran out the door shouting bye and causing Ryan to laugh with amusement.

It was 9:15 before Ryan realised Miles had left his keys in the room. He had got the day off and planned on just studying so he thought it to be no big deal. Finding it hard to concentrate after the mornings entertainment, he remembered the shiny thing under Miles' bed. After some rummaging Ryan managed to pull out the source of the shine. A metal box about 2 feet long and 1 wide and about 6 inches deep, with two locks built in was the source of the reflection. Ryan tried to flip the catch but not surprising him it was locked.

Grabbing Miles' keys, Ryan found the most promising key. A small silver key which fit perfectly into the first lock. With a gentle flick the latch popped open. The second lock did the same gently he opened the lid as if something might pop out if he opened it to quickly. What Ryan found shocked him to his core...


Miles was hardly aware of what he was doing. Subconsciously drawing on the fresh canvas before him as his mind wondered back to what happened that morning. He was hoping Ryan didn't notice his reaction to when he spanked him and prayed for Ryan to be oblivious. He was glad it looked like he was going to be late. Miles was hoping Ryan didn't notice how hard he had made Miles when he was pressed against him and when he spanked him. In Miles' eyes the act had worked but unfortunately he had forgot his keys in the rush.

Miles trusted Ryan with his life. He had saved him twice already, but Miles had a slight dark side to him. He wasn't as totally innocent as people thought. Yes he had never been with another guy but some things he had done on his own he hoped Ryan didn't find out till Miles was ready.

"Earth to Miles!" A female voice said as a hand waved in front of his face causing him to jump back startled. Amy one of his closest friends had been trying to get his attention for the last 5 minutes. "I'm guessing you haven't heard a word I've said have you?" She said with mock annoyance. "No, sorry. It's been a frantic morning and I'm in my own little world." He hanged his head and smiled in reply.

"It's ok we all have days like that. Any way what I was saying is that Chris wants you and Ryan to come over this Friday and he's gonna cook for the four of us. You up for it?" She asked.

"Sure." Miles said instantly. He had introduced Amy to Chris a few days after he saved him and they hit it off instantly. Chris rented a small apartment about 10 minutes away from the college so he had the added benefit of his own space and kitchen.

A lot of people thought Miles and Chris were dating, but the both set people straight. Yeah they mock flirted with each other but Chris was more like a big brother to Miles. A very protective big brother but who could blame him after the circumstances they met under.

"Great I'll tell him tonight." She practically giggled.

"Lucky you." Miles laughed, Amy got what he was insinuating instantly and lightly smacked his arm.

"Yeah well I am lucky. Anyway what about you?" She questioned a smile on her face.

"What about me?" Miles asked, not quite getting at what she was asking.

"Guy's! It's been weeks since you last dated and half this class is drooling over you!" She spread her arms as if to encompass the room.

Miles smile faltered and shrugged his shoulders, "Someone's caught my eye but I don't think he is interested."

"Well at least it will be better than your first time when it happens."

"What first time?" Miles asked confused again.

"Your first time y'know." Miles stared at her blankly.

"Oh my God!" she cried "Your not, no you can't be, It's impossible for you to be and look like that!"

Miles still stared blankly at her "What?"

"Your still a virgin!" She whispered in his ear. Miles blushed deeply and nodded. "Well screw me till Sunday. How on Earth are you still a virgin?"

"Waiting for someone." Was the whispered reply she got before Miles turned back to his work.


Ryan stared at the contents of the silver box on Miles' bed. Some of the things he knew exactly what they were, others he couldn't believe belonged to Miles and a very few he didn't understand.

The vibrators in the box he could understand, why he needed 6 and in so many different shapes and sizes he put down to preferences. The lengths of rope, chain and a collar and ball gag he didn't expect and was quite stunned that Miles was into such things but Ryan knew they belonged to Miles as most of it was purple.

The black leather paddle with the words bad boy etched backwards into it scared him. It took him a while to understand why the writing was backwards but then he realised that if the person was hit hard enough it would leave the words Bad Boy raised on the receivers skin. The thought alone caused Ryan to shiver in a mix of fear and delight.

Along with the various toys was a black silk nightie. Hidden inside the nightie was a small wooden box containing photos. Ryan's eyes nearly popped out of his skull at the first photo. The standard sized photo was of Miles in the little black nightie that reached just below Miles' waist, teasing the photographer.

The second was of Miles in that little piece of silk on his knees with the collar around his neck and a length of chain in the photographers hand. Miles was looking up at the person holding the chain, his eyes were big and seductively biting his bottom lip. Ryan couldn't help but see the need, the begging in those big particoloured eyes. Ryan became hard instantly at the sight of the third and final photo. Miles was tied down to a bed but not his own. At a closer look he could see that it was HIS bed his best friend was tied to. Miles' wrists were bound above his head with purple rope, and his legs held wide by more. The nightie had been raised to just above Miles' belly button reviling a pair of small black boxer briefs that couldn't hid Miles' arousal. The head of Miles glistening dick peaked out from under the waistband of the straining underwear. Miles' eyes were half lidded and again he was biting his bottom lip. The whole scene screamed touch me but the look of lust and need that crossed Miles' face hit Ryan hard. The more Ryan looked at the pictures the more he wanted to be the photographer, the more he wanted to hear Miles beg for his touch, the more he wanted Miles in his arms.

Reluctantly Ryan placed the photos down and picked up the last two items in the box. Two small black leather diaries. One bound in fine chain and the other in thin purple ribbon. Ryan carefully undid the chain bindings on the first diary making sure he knew how to wrap it back up. Miles had bound it so the chain made a kind of angular heart shape in the middle of the book which Ryan had to admire.

Once free of the chain, Ryan began reading the first few pages. It had started of as a simple store bought diary but Ryan could see where Miles had attached the leather to the cover. The diary was very recent. All the pages before the start of the school year had been removed making the book start in September.

It was literally full of numbers and times. Every day there was a tally then a series of times always in pairs. Ryan flicked through the diary watching the numbers in the tally increase and decrease. He couldn't make heads or tails out of what the numbers meant but they had some significance to Miles. He noticed for every mark on the tally there were 2 times recorded. Most of the days averaged about 4 marks a day with times from 5am to midnight but every now and then the numbers reached about 7. When Ryan got to about 2 weeks before there current date he noticed the numbers shot up.

The week before last the numbers changed from the steady 3s, 4s and 5s to 10s, 11s. One date particularity caught Ryan's eyes. The Friday before last had been circled and a big number 13 had been written in the space. He looked at the times and they were nearly continuous starting at 8am and not ending till midnight.

Ryan wondered what had happened that week for the numbers to rise. Something niggled him about the dates that he 't quite put his fingerer on. Suddenly it clicked. Looking back to the dates with the highest tally scores, Ryan realised they were always dates that he had something important on or had to leave college. Two weeks ago he had had his Grandfathers funeral. He'd been gone 7 days and in those 7 days Miles had racked up a score of 67.

Ryan began to wonder if the other diary was the counterpart to this one. Each only containing part of the information needed to complete. Just as Ryan reached for the other book, his phone let out a short series of beeps indicating a text received.

The message was from Miles reading 'Hi Im just packing up and I cant find my keys are you in the room? X'. "Damm!" Ryan almost shouted he quickly sent a message back saying he was in the room as he hurried to put the stuff he had found back in the box. He'd have to wait till Miles was gone before he could check the last diary to see what secrets it contained. Putting the chain back on was harder than he thought as it kept on slipping. As he was putting the diary's back in the box he realised he wouldn't be able to get them back out again without the little silver key. Reluctantly Ryan pushed the box back under the bed when there was a gentle knock at the door. Ryan opened the door to find a flustered Miles on the other side. "Lost your keys?" He said causally.

"Yeah, I can't believe I did that." Miles shook his head causing he long silvery hair to sway back and forth. Ryan felt kinda sorry for Miles. The smaller boy looked almost lost and on the verge of tears and it struck Ryan like a knife to the heart.

Ryan wondered if Miles upset was because he had lost his key's in general or the fact he had lost the key to his secret box that would surely be difficult to replace. When Miles lay back on his bed Ryan took the opportunity to put the poor boys keys right onto his lap.

"What the..Where were they!?" Miles shot up as he realised his keys were in his lap. Ryan thought about his answerer. He could tell the truth and say he forgot them this morning or see what reaction he would get if he said he found them under Miles' bed. Then again Miles might get scared and hide the box somewhere else, somewhere safer.

"You left them on the side this morning." Ryan shrugged.

"Sorry, I was going out of my mind thinking where they could have gone." Miles began to put his art stuff away then turned to Ryan who was at his desk reading his text book. "Hey, Amy and Chris have asked us over for dinner friday night wanna go?"

"Sure" Ryan mumbled his lack of conversation cause Miles to frown but he put it down to exam nerves. As far as Miles was concerned Ryan had been studying for the last 3 hours.

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