Keeper Ch. 08


She felt wide open and exposed, even though she still had her panties on. She felt wicked. And wonderful.

"Yes... wide... like this..."

Blue's word ended on a gasp as John circled over and then plucked at her clit between three fingers, slipping over the bud methodically, over and over as if he were carefully milking it. She could feel his breath, hot against her shoulder, as he gazed down the length of her body and watched as his hand moved under the covering of her panties.

He asked no more questions, letting her just feel. She began to arch in time with the rhythmic pulling, when the hand on her thigh abandoned it's place to return to her breast. When his fingers began copying the twist-pull motion of earlier, both to her nipple and her clit in synchronized motion, she cried out and grasped his wrists in response, not to pull his hands away, but to hold on the best she knew how.

Just as she tensed, about to reach a plateau, he changed tactics. Nearly groaning in frustration, Blue instead gasped in pleasure when one long, male finger dipped into the tight, warm opening of her pussy. It slid easily, aided by her wetness, twisting slightly as it withdrew, repeating and repeating and repeating until it was joined by a second finger.

John took her higher and higher, his voice in her ear urging her on, praising her responses as his thumb joined the play, quickly and deftly flicking back and forth at her clitoris while his fingers continued their licentious invasion.

Finally, Blue felt all the pleasure rushing through her body begin to center itself in her clit and deep inside her pussy, the pressure bursting back out again in waves that had her holding her breath for the first seconds before gasping it out with the throbbing explosions as she orgasmed. John held tight against her spasms, murmuring words of enticement and encouragement, his knees holding hers open when she would have closed her legs involuntarily against the pleasure.

She came back down, sighing as her body relaxed languorously against his. Her back felt hot against his chest, the warmth comforting and welcome. He hand remained where it was, his fingers still gripped inside her, having stayed to take in each and every spasm that had hugged them. Several moments later, he tugged her top down over her breasts, caressing them gently before resting his hands over her stomach.

When she recovered well enough from the after-orgasm lethargy, she sat up and twisted around to look at John. He was sprawled and leaning into the corner of the sofa, and he looked damn proud of himself. With good reason, Blue thought to herself. Something of the other things she was thinking must have shown on her face, because John laughed a little bit and cocked an eyebrow.

"What? You looked surprised." He raised both brows as he practically read her mind. "Don't tell me this is like no one ever treating you to a candle-lit dinner. None of the men... if they can be called that, and I'm beginning to have my doubts about it... that you've been involved with have ever-?"

Blue shook her head quickly, tucking her legs up to her chest and leaning over to snuggle herself against his chest. John tugged playfully at her hair. "No, they've not 'ever'." she replied a bit defensively.

"Huh. Well." She felt him shrug, and when she tilted her face up to his he was smiling. "John Keeper; One. Blue's previous loser boyfriends; Zero. My advantage."

Blue punched John lightly, her fist landing playfully against rock hard pectoral. Noticing the bulge pressing into her hip as she sat nestled between his legs, she grew serious. Trailing a finger down his chest to his stomach, she looked up at him questioningly. He took her hand and raised it to his lips, kissing her fingers and giving a negative shake of his head.

"But... what about...?"

"I'm fine, honey." He set her hand away, laying it on her hip. With a rueful grimace, he shrugged. "Well, maybe that's exaggerating... a lot. Okay, I'm lying. But, like I said, this was for you."

"But what about you?" she pressed.

"Hey." He leaned to her and brushed his lips against hers. "I said that I'd like it if you waited for me. I want to court you, Blue, when I get back in a month. That hasn't changed. Hey," he said again, rubbing her back, "if you can wait for me... I can wait for you."

John looked at her questioningly, and she ducked her head, avoiding his eyes while she re-tied the robe around her waist.

Pushing her up off the couch before him, John shot to his feet. Tilting her head up with a finger curled under her chin, he kissed her hard for a few seconds.

"Damn, I'm hungry!" he exclaimed after lifting his head. "I could eat a stack of pancakes tall as the Eiffel Tower. Don't suppose you could help a guy out, huh? I happen to know there's a pile of flapjacks sittin' on your kitchen counter. If my dog hasn't eaten them all, that is."

He grinned down at her, and Blue couldn't help but to answer him with a smile of her own. Wrapping her arms around his waist, she hugged him tightly.

"Yeah, I think I can fix you up." Taking his hand, she led the way to the kitchen. "Pancake tower, it is. Come right this way."

~5:30 AM~

John stepped off Blue's porch into the snow, cursing the early flight schedule that would keep him from shoveling Blue's driveway. But the Chaplin police still had her car, and he had spent part of the huge pancake breakfast listening to her day's itinerary, which included her friend Lee picking her up and taking her to the airport. He would have much preferred that he could take her himself, but their flights were hours apart and he didn't want Blue to have to hang around the airport by herself for that long.

He had gotten Blue's plans out of her, given her the key to his truck just in case she needed it when she returned, reminded her that she had the key to his home and had made her recite his alarm code until he was sure she'd remember it, answered any questions she had as to Abe's care, and had given her the phone number he would be calling from while in Russia, telling her that she could call him any time, and to leave a message if he couldn't pick up, explaining the time difference and how he would be swamped with meetings and functions at odd hours, and...

Hell, he was pretty sure they'd gone over everything. Why was he feeling there was something left? Taking a deep breath of crystallized winter morning air, John shook his head and reluctantly turned for home.

The creak and slap of Blue's screen door opening and shutting had him turning around in time to catch the little streak of disheveled woman leaping toward him. He automatically lifted her off her orange socked feet to keep her out of the snow.

"Okay." she said, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Okay?" he echoed dumbly.

"Okay. I'll wait for you."

John kissed her, a gust of wind brushing her long hair softly against his cheek.

She would wait for him. Now he could go.

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