tagRomanceKeeping it in the Family Ch. 04

Keeping it in the Family Ch. 04

bySven the Elder©

Keeping it in the Family Ch. 04: The Final Chapter

Fuck the Fourth

That night I slept in my own bed and Angela came to me. Our lovemaking was more so just that, lovemaking, gentler, less hurried, less frenetic, but no less the enjoyable for all that. I let her take the lead, sitting on top of me and being eaten until she could stand it no more but had to have me inside her, moving back down to impale herself on my straining cock, sliding slowly down my length until we met, bone to bone. The she lay forward to cover me and we stayed, not moving as she milked me to orgasm.

Then her daughters took over, Karen when she was home, otherwise Skye and Julia. Amazingly there was no rancour, no jealousy between us. On one occasion Skye and Julia couldn't decide who's 'turn' it was so they both spent the night with me.

From time to time, usually when Jack was the worse for wear, Angela would spend an hour or so with me before slipping back to her own bed. On one of those moments she was carrying something that turned out to some lube and she greased me up before taking me in the ass, something I'd never done before but something she and Jack had done years before. She took a little while to accommodate my size, but before we were done I was banging in and out to the most incredible of sensations. When I did come it was with an intensity I don't often experience - perhaps that's just as well. If they were all of that order there would be no good ones to stand out.

This arrangement had been going on for some while when, as we came down off a particularly intense moment of 'fucking', Skye asked me if I would 'take care' of a person we both knew. This was Kathleen, I suppose you'd call her Skye's best buddy. She was a vivacious, highly intelligent, well-stacked blonde who frightened the hell out of most men, to a degree me as well. It transpired she was lonely, upset because she could never keep a guy for long enough for a decent interval to pass before she got them into bed. She didn't want to get the reputation as easy or a one-date lay. The community we worked in was small and could be very narrow minded. I must admit I liked Kathleen, but, even though she was a very attractive woman had never really thought of her as a 'sleeping' partner as it were. Nevertheless, I agreed to play along and see what happened.

I discovered afterwards that it was Angela's idea. Why did that not surprise me?

Kathleen came to stay for a weekend, ostensibly to go riding with Julia and me. Skye at that time had not gone back to riding. The weather was kind and we had time for a quick canter round the block on the Friday night. Julia was off out with the current boyfriend - yes, even though she often slept in my bed, she still had boyfriends, and when they left her unsatisfied, guess whose bed she ended up in. Kathleen and I got in at dusk and put the horses to bed. She put her hand in mine as we crossed the stable yard, so I gave her a little kiss and thanked her for her company. She was blushing a little as we made our way into the kitchen for supper. By the expressions on their faces Angela and Skye had both noticed and the 'plan' went into phase two.

By ten o'clock that night Angela and Jack had gone to bed, leaving Skye, Kathleen and me sitting round in the parlour. Skye was in disgrace, as she'd apparently drunk too much. In the end Kathleen and I half carried her off to bed, undressed her, and tucked her up. As we were leaving, Skye, having waited until Kathleen wasn't looking, gave me a furtive wink. I coughed to stop from laughing as Kathleen and I went out to go back downstairs to tidy up and maybe have a night-cap. As we stopped briefly on a darker point of the landing, I pulled her to me and gave her another kiss. Stiffly she responded and gave me a little kiss in return.

"Come on," I said and gently pulled her by the hand down and into the parlour. I left the lights off and pulled her to me and onto the settee. As we cuddled by the firelight she became a little more eager and as I kissed her she opened her mouth to me. Things were getting more interesting. Kathleen was more stacked than any of the other women and it was going to be an interesting voyage of discovery to see if she was a natural blonde. I slipped my hand under her sweater and inside her bra and she moaned into my mouth as I felt her nipple grow under my fingers. She pushed against me. The moved back to take her sweater off, as she did I undid the catch at the front of her bra so she shrugged that off as well.

"Don't maul, they get sensitive," was as all she said, so I didn't, I just kissed them gently and suckled on the hard nipples. As we leaned back to get more comfortable she undid and took my shirt off. Both naked to the waist, things sort of went down hill from there, and it seemed that not very long after, Kathleen was unrolling a condom onto me (her religion didn't allow the pill!) before guiding me into her. She came noisily and with language, given her religion, that would make a sailor blush. I came hard on the heels of her climax, arching my back and pumping deeply inside her. Coming back down I opened my eyes to see the two faces of Skye and Angela at the passage way window, looking in both with hands clasped in a victory symbol and grinning like Cheshire cats before they vanished back to bed. With a little persuasion Kathleen came back to my bedroom and we made love more gently and in less haste before actually sleeping through to the morning.

Angela spared her blushes next morning and didn't bring me my morning tea, leaving Skye to do the honours. Kathleen blushed anyway. The second night we didn't bother with the subterfuge, Kathleen just came to bed with me, it seemed easier.

Life with the family continued for several more years. Jack died in a car accident. Bizarrely he was sober - for once the other guy was a drunk. After a period of mourning, during which she and I didn't stop screwing like mink, Angela actually met a very nice guy and they married. The night before the wedding Angela didn't want a 'hen' night, so she and I spent most of the night in a sort of one last sexual frenzy. We haven't, not unexpectedly, made love since then.

Kathleen has met and married a very nice young man, so she doesn't come round any more. Karen has married one of her rich young Airline Captains. Julia has gone off to university, which just left Skye and me.

I suppose we ought to have got married, but sometimes things don't work out in the obvious way. The office got a new boss, and she married him six months later. I got promoted and posted off to a different part of the country where I met the love of my life and married her.

But they were a hell of a family to live and share life and love with while it lasted.


let me know whether you liked this story or not

I always reply.

Keepin it in the family

Sven the Elder

© October 2002

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