tagIncest/TabooKeeping the Tradition Alive Vol. 01: Luke's House Pt. 01

Keeping the Tradition Alive Vol. 01: Luke's House Pt. 01


This story is written for the sole enjoyment of those who seek this kind of material. If you find matters of a sexually explicit nature offensive or if you are under the age of 18 you are not welcome to read this material. Minors should leave the site immediately.

This story contains heterosexual/homosexual incest, as well as non-incestuous sex between consenting adults. Much of the story is true, but names are changed to protect the innocent. There is an expansive back story to this tale that I cannot write about because the acts happened before the age of 18. There may be mentions of those times, but in keeping with the restrictions about erotica involving those under 18, I pick the story up when I was 20. I will make this statement. Most of the events you read about in these stories are true, however, I take literary license and expand a bit on the actual sexual acts to make them more erotic.


Keeping the Tradition alive. Story One: Luke's House Part 1

My dad and I always took a trip to hunt with my Uncle Raymond each year. Quail was my dad's passion and he pursued his hobby with an unbridled lust for the wild game he would get if he did everything right. Tom, my dad, had several shotguns that he had bought over the years, some of the finest hunting weapons made in the nation. Also, Dad, having retired from the Army in 1967, had bird dogs that had been around my family. Three purebred pointers had worked the hunting grounds for as long as I could remember and he always had three pups in training. I even contributed by giving dad a beautiful Irish Setter, which turned out to be one of his best hunting dogs. If a dog didn't work out, he would sell it and the new owner would find a spectacular animal trained by one of the finest hunting dog trainers in our part of the country. The dog would not be up to my dad's standard, but it would still be better than one could find anywhere else in the area.

Uncle Raymond, a widower, had one son, Luke. Luke was a small framed red head with a zest for life I had never seen before. Being a country boy, he didn't really have many lofty ambitions about following me to college. He sincerely loved the freedom of living five miles from the nearest city. Luke was a year younger than me and had just graduated from high school the previous spring.

Luke loved nature, but Luke was not a hunter. Wandering through the woods, climbing on the rocks at the local bluff, or sliding down the ten foot waterfall on the river close to his house was much more his speed. There was so much to do that many times he would be out exploring and would forget about his chores. His father told him that he would get him a truck if he would promise to be more helpful around the farm, but Luke chose to live his free lifestyle without the use of a vehicle. On occasion, his girlfriend of three years would find a ride to Luke's place to visit. As soon as Claire's ride would leave, they began their day. She loved the freedom that Luke had, following him anywhere, knowing they would eventually find a spot that could end in a wonderful embrace or a scrumptious kiss. Usually they would go on a picnic, finding a spot on a hill overlooking a pasture his dad's cattle were grazing in. That would give him the option to tell his dad he was tending the cattle in the fields.

Luke's green eyes would meet her azure blue ones and the gaze would make Claire instantly tingle in the lower pit of her stomach. Although Luke was small in stature, he was a perfect physical specimen, small waist with symmetrically proportioned chest and shoulders, very handsome to look at. He loved looking into her eyes and got lost in them so often. When they kissed, the electric tension was so intense Claire felt she couldn't stand it, trembling immensely when their lips would touch. Almost always, however, their liaison would end there. Claire was a virgin and would freeze at the thought of going further. Whether she was scared of the prospect or whether she wanted to save herself for marriage, Luke really didn't know. All he knew, he was frustrated.

Luke had few opportunities to leave the farm, but sometimes his dad needed him to run an errand or would allow him the use of the truck to go get fuel for the farm equipment. As he left, Uncle Raymond would tell him to go straight to the store and then come straight back. Luke would ask if he could stay and talk to his friend, Harvey for a while. His dad would always relent, as he knew Luke would be worthless if he was forced to come back without talking to friend. His best bud worked at the Pure station where Luke could pick up gas, kerosene, and diesel all in one place. It was a couple of miles down the highway from the long dirt road that led to his dad's farm. The Pure station was his favorite place to go after he had developed the friendship with Harvey. Luke would get the business done, and then spend time with Harvey, eating a candy bar and drinking a cold drink, talking about their girlfriends or the latest gossip from town.

One day Harvey was unusually quiet. When Luke asked him why he was so somber, Harvey replied that there was nothing wrong, but he had a question for Luke. Harvey really had a hard time asking the question, but finally he was able to get the courage to say something.

"Luke?" Harvey meekly began.

"What's up with you today, Harv?"

"You getting any pussy from Claire?" Harvey asked.

"Not that it's really any of your business, but no," Luke responded. "Why do you ask?"

"I'm not getting any from Amy, either," Harvey continued.

"Sounds like we're both in the same boat," Luke responded sarcastically, not really wanting to dwell on the thoughts of still being a virgin.

"How often do you whack off, Luke?"

"Now I'm getting really uncomfortable with this Harvey! What's going on in your mind?" Luke demanded.

"I want to ask you something, but I need to tell you what happened the other day before I do." Harvey looked down and shuffled his feet a little, slightly hesitant to tell the story.

"You do know my dad expects me back in about an hour, don't you, Harvey? Spit it out! What happened to you the other day?" Luke was getting irritated, but was intrigued by why Harvey was acting so strange.

Harvey's story started out benign enough telling about Amy stopping by and them making out until another customer drove up. He said that Amy blushed, ran to her car, and left. The erection she left him with was epic and he was embarrassed when the other customer, a man he called Stan, walked in to pay for his gas.

"She left you with a set of blue balls, I see," Harvey said Stan commented when he looked at the bulging trousers. Smiling slightly, the man said, "I can help you with that if you want."

Harvey said that he didn't respond, but the man walked around the counter knelt down, unzipped his pants, pulled his cock out, and proceeded to put it in his mouth. "It all happened so quick. I didn't have a chance to react. His warm mouth felt so good and it was only a short while and I was screaming and cumming down his throat. He swallowed it all. Not a drop fell out of his mouth, which stayed locked on until I was dry."

Luke was dumbfounded by the story, not really knowing what to say, but was mesmerized by all the details. Harvey continued the weird tale.

"Luke, when the man stood back up and looked me in the eyes I almost melted. I was having a hard time standing. I had never cum so hard in all my life. Then Stan leaned in and kissed me, you know, open mouthed. Luke, I've never kissed a guy, but I got right into it and I could taste my cum still lingering in his mouth. Stan then stopped me, put his hands on the top of my shoulder and pushed me down. I got on my knees in front of him, eyes directly in front of his zipper with his huge cock straining to get out. I was too turned on to stop, so I pulled his zipper down, reached in and released his cock. It was huge."

"He was about eight inches, Luke, and the head was like an over-sized plum. I was still in the after glow of my orgasm, not really sure what had happened. He put his hands gently on the back of my head to pull me forward. His monster was so close to my face, I could smell his muskiness as he inched closer. What was happening was so unreal. I didn't think at all, just opened my mouth and accepted what he was offering."

"To my surprise, there was no disgust in what I was doing, no bad taste, nothing. So I began imitating what he had done to me. Soon, he was moaning and had started moving his hips as if he was trying to fuck my throat. I felt him tense and wham, my mouth was filled with his cum. I tried to swallow it all, like he had done, but there was too much of it. It was so strange, not really the taste, but how it felt in my mouth. It was kind of like loose pudding. When I got off my knees, he kissed me, moaned in my mouth, and then began licking his cum off my face. He finished cleaning me, zipped his pants and moved to the other side of the counter just in time to avoid my dad, who was walking toward the store from the house."

"Before dad got there, the man thanked me for his release and left. He nodded at my dad as he got in to his car. As Stan settled into the seat, he stopped, looked toward me, smiled and then licked his lips. Dad asked me who the person was and I told him a friend from town. He said if he had known that, he would never have come to the store. The car had been there for an awfully long time and he actually thought I was being robbed. I shook my head in agreement thinking I had been robbed of my innocence in those matters."

Luke looked at him, or maybe stared at him. He contemplated Harvey's story. "Why would you tell me this?" Luke asked.

"Because you are my best friend and I have been having issues," he replied.

"Because you sucked a cock and let it explode in your mouth?" Luke exclaimed getting louder as he talked. "...and shit, Harvey, you didn't know him from Adam. That man could be riddled with disease." Luke began pacing the floor, showing irritation in his body language that was both agitated and concerned. He continued the pacing for several minutes, while Harvey cried. "I wouldn't say a word if you sucked cock with someone you knew, but shit..."

"You wouldn't?" he asked surprised, whimpering slightly.

"Of course not, Harvey," Luke said. "Simply because you get turned on and do a dude doesn't make you gay and that's not such a bad thing if that is how you want to be, but you like Amy and you want in her pants so bad, so I know you're not gay. I don't know if I'd have the balls to do it, but if you are into it, why not! Who am I going to tell, anyways. You're my best friend and best friends don't grow on trees."

Harvey calmed down and looked at his friend, strangely.

"What?" Luke questioned.

"That's what I want to talk to you about. The story was meant to be a setup to ask you something, remember?" Harvey was staring directly at Luke's face.

Luke looked back blankly and then awareness came over his face. "You want me and you... are you kidding Harvey? I've never had a desire to do that. What would I know about sucking or screwing a dude? Oh my gosh, is that what this has been about? You want to do me and me do you?"

"Well, its kind of like that, only not quite," Harvey answered.

"What does that mean, Harvey?" Luke pressed.

"You don't have to do anything if you don't want to Luke. I was really just asking if I could get you off..." he quietly looked down. "I liked the feeling of having that guy's cock in my mouth and I've masturbated thinking about his cum shooting and me trying to swallow...Gosh!...I love Amy and all Luke, but I am so flustered with her not giving in...Well...I'd do anything to have memories I could whack off to. If you wanted to join in...well...that's up to you. For what I'm offering, you don't have to do anything but lay back and enjoy."

"You like the feel of his cock in your mouth and you liked his cum?" Luke questioned suspiciously. He paused for a moment while he considered what his friend was saying. Luke thought about getting off by someone else's hands or mouth. It was a strange feeling to be considering such an appealingly disgusting proposition. "...and I wouldn't have to do it to you?"

"Promise," he replied crossing his heart.

A period of several minutes passed while Luke silently pondered what Harvey had said. A customer pulled up and Harvey went out to help a local lady named Mrs. Marsden fill her gas tank. Luke watched Harvey talk gently to the older lady, and when he was finished collect the payment. Harvey walked back to the store while Luke quietly sat in thought. When Harvey entered the store, he moved over to his friend and placed his hand on Luke's shoulder.

Luke, shocked by the physical touch, withdrew and stood up. "Harvey, you know I've got to go right now, but I will get back to you on this. I'm late. Dad was expecting me fifteen minutes ago. Shit, Harv! This has me all bothered."

"I hope so," Harvey whispered to himself as Luke almost ran to the truck and tore out of the parking area.


Luke didn't concentrate much on the way home, and found himself going off the edge of the road occasionally. There never was a lot of traffic out in the boonies, but if he went off the road, he could lose control and end up wrapped around a tree or in the bottom of a ravine. The story Harvey told and the proposition he'd issued unnerved Luke. He was initially repulsed by the idea, but the more he thought about it, the more aroused he became. It was so very difficult riding down a country road with those thoughts on his mind with a raging hard-on.

As he pulled up at the barn, his dad was waiting on him. Oh shit, thought Luke, what now? He expected the worse. It wasn't often that his dad was waiting on him with hands on hips.

"'sup, Dad?" Luke warily questioned.

"'bout time, boy! Claire called and asked me to get you to call her back. Don't you stay on that phone all afternoon, young man. I need your help. Why did it take you so long down at Pure, anyway? Two and a half hours...that's kind of excessive, isn't it?" Dad prodded. "You and Harvey got something going I need to know about?"

"We were just talking, Dad, about girlfriends and stuff. I lost track of time. Sorry!" Luke realized there was a little white lie in the comment, but he was sure his dad didn't want to know that Harvey had propositioned him for gay sex. Anyway, Harvey had asked him whether he was getting any from Claire, hadn't he?

"It's none of my business anyway. You get in there and make that phone call. Hurry it up now!" Luke's dad turned back to go into the barn, purpose showing in his movement. Luke realized his dad had been more than gracious allowing him to spend time with his friend and now tolerating a phone call to his girlfriend. He would have to hurry to help his dad.

By the time he reached his girlfriend on the phone, his erection had died down. She never called the house, so he figured something bad had happened. "Hey Claire. What do you need?" Luke ventured with a feeling of foreboding.

"I've been thinking, Luke. You deserve better than me or what I'm willing to give. I love you a lot, but I just can't put out like you want me to...at least not until we're married." She had started whimpering a bit. "You know..."

"Claire, I want you to know that I love you, but I can't ask you to marry me right now because I really don't have anything to offer. Off course, it bothers me a little that we haven't gone further, but not getting any from your special girl is not a deal breaker. However, I know there are ways that both of us could get release without going all the way, don't you?" Luke offered.

"I'm afraid I won't be able to stop if we did some of that stuff..." She paused, took a deep breath and spoke clearly. "Luke, I'm giving you your freedom so you can go find you a girl willing to do things like that with you," Claire spoke in such a matter of fact way, that Luke knew she had thought out the many ways and had voided all of them as being too dangerous.

Wow! Luke thought. He didn't expect that. "I don't want that to happen, you know that Claire. I love you so much. I don't want another girl. I want you."

"Luke, you always seem to be so frustrated when I leave you. I feel guilty about holding back, but you know I was raised in the church who taught that fornication was a sin and..."

Claire's words became an echo of the same old message. Luke's mind floated on the futility of the situation and then a thought came into his head. "Claire, I might have a way to be satisfied sexually without cheating on you with another girl."

"How Luke? That would be wonderful, but I don't see how you are going to..."

Luke interrupted, and then began relating the story Harvey told him. When he got to Harvey's proposition he emphasized his knowledge of what the Bible said about such things, but tried to convince her, selfishly, that she wouldn't be letting her faith down. He wouldn't be participating in the act, only enjoying the outcome. The only one that would be sinning would be Harvey and his family didn't go to church anyway.

Claire didn't understand the need for boys to get off. She knew the Bible talked bad about boy's same sex relationships, but she couldn't remember a single passage that talked directly about girls. She had been turned on by the kissing and petting she had done with her girlfriends at sleepovers. Those times had left her excited, but highly frustrated because no one in her circle was willing to go far enough in front of everyone else to be called lesbian. A couple of the girls continued their explorations after all the other girls had fallen asleep. They were both married and with children now. That liaison didn't seem to hurt them. What could it hurt for Luke to get off that way. If Harvey was willing to help him out, she reasoned, he was helping her out as well.

"I don't know, Luke," she started. "I think enjoying the gay sex would be the same as doing it, don't you?"

"If, and that is a big if, I go through with this I will only allow him to perform oral on me. I am going to simply lay there and let him do his thing. You know, he sounded like I would be granting him a favor by letting him do that. Anyway, could you imagine me putting someone else's thing in my mouth," Luke continued, reasoning as always.

"You've tried to put my things in your mouth," she retorted remembering the many times he had attempted to suck her nipples or eat her out.

"It's not the same thing and you know it," Luke replied, laughing at her come back.

"You have to make the decision, Luke. Just don't tell me if you decide to let Harvey do it to you. For God's sake, really don't tell me if you start sucking him or even worse." She glared at the phone's receiver almost as if she were looking into his eyes. "If it helps to keep your hormones down until we marry, I'm for it...and...and...if you choose to try him, you have my permission, but don't tell me, okay?"

"Why would I want to do that?" Luke asked warily.

"Luke, when I was fresh out of high school and had just turned eighteen, some of my friends and I had a sleepover for my birthday. We got to talking about sex. One thing led to another and some of them started making out, including me. Some of the girls even did heavy petting. You know, fingers in secret places. I didn't do that, but when we had all giggled it out and fallen asleep two of the girls had continued on the floor. Their passions filled the room and when I realized that they had carried it to licking each other down there, I felt so funny in my stomach. I secretly wanted to join them. I massaged my vagina until I went go over the top. I felt so guilty afterward, so I know how tempting that kind of stuff is." She paused a moment. "If you find yourself experimenting with that, I will not judge and I will always love you, no matter what."

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