tagIncest/TabooKeeping the Tradition Alive Vol. 01: Luke's House Pt. 02

Keeping the Tradition Alive Vol. 01: Luke's House Pt. 02


This story is written for the sole enjoyment of those who seek this kind of material. If you find matters of a sexually explicit nature offensive or if you are under the age of 18 you are not welcome to read this material. Minors should leave the site immediately.

This story is about heterosexual/homosexual incest, as well as non-incestuous sex between consenting adults. Some of the story is true, but names are changed to protect the innocent. There is an expansive back story to this tale that I cannot write about because the acts happened before the age of 18. There may be mentions of those times, but in keeping with the restrictions about erotica involving those under 18, I pick the story up when I was 20. I will make this statement. Most of the events you read about in these stories are true, however, I take literary license and expand a bit on the actual sexual acts to make them more erotic.


Keeping the Tradition alive. Story One: Luke's House Part 2

Harvey was so excited to see Luke and his father turn into the station. There was several reasons for that enthusiasm. First, he found out as soon as Luke called that he hadn't run his best friend away. All day, after Luke left the store, Harvey fretted over what he knew was life changing information. There was even that little tidbit that Luke shared about Claire and his father thinking it wouldn't be a problem for them to experiment with the same sex thing. Luke had also shared that he might be willing to participate himself, something his father said had convinced him he might want to try. Also, Luke was showing up on Friday evening, which in essence would give them three nights together. Finally, Ricky, Luke's cousin who Harvey had met before would be in the following weekend. Luke said he expected Harvey and Ricky to enjoy the great outdoors with him.

He ran out of the store and headed to the truck. Luke was waving and his father acknowledge his presence with a nod. Harvey helped Luke get his stuff from the back of the truck. With a smile and a wave toward Raymond, they walked toward the store. Raymond yelled for them to have a lot of fun and then spun off toward home. When they got to the store, Harvey took Luke's stuff to the back. When he returned, Luke had already taken a Coke and a Snickers and was leaning against the counter.

"Not much business today, huh," Luke commented.

"About usual, you know, the farmers and families are in the fields harvesting their crops and such during the week. They tend to wind down at home on Friday evening and they don't take time on the weekend to come in here for supplies. They all go into town to see a movie, shop at the Five and Dime, and maybe get something to eat before heading home after dark," Harvey replied continuing the small talk. A few moments passed before Harvey continued. "Luke, what changed your mind? I mean when you left the other day you seemed spooked."

"I was spooked, but turned on beyond anything I had ever felt. Both Claire and Dad kind of convinced me it would be okay," Luke replied and then went on to tell Harvey everything. After all, Harvey had told him everything, hadn't he? Who better to come clean with than with your best friend.

"Claire said not to tell her if you let me, but you had her blessing? Shit! I wish Amy was like that." Harvey listened on as Luke continued into the story of what happened with his dad. "He did what? Your old man blew you? That is fucked up, dude. Why would he do that to you?"

"When he first told me we should fool around, I was blown away. He thinks same-sex fooling around is a tool to utilize when we are horny so we don't have to put undo pressure on our virgin girlfriends. Also, we live so far out in the country that there is a shortage of women in the area. He felt I needed to know it was okay by him, I guess. He was drinking a little so maybe that's how he got the nerve, but dude I've never lost it like that. I came in buckets and he swallowed everything."

"So you going to let me suck you, Luke?" Harvey asked suddenly getting serious.

"I guess that's why I'm here. Dude, you're my best friend and for some reason you want to do this. I guess I'm down for it, but Harv you have to promise me something, okay?"

"What's that Luke?"

"If we are going to do this, I don't want you sucking or fucking any strange guys without protection. You got to promise on this one Harv or you're going to die." Luke had never been more serious in his life. He held great regard for the handsome country hick and didn't want anything to happen to him.

"I promise. Luke, I made a mistake. I realize that now, but he took me by surprise and before I knew it I had done the deed," Harvey replied. "I really didn't know how it happened. It just did."

Luke nodded thoughtfully..."What's up this weekend, Harvey? How we going to get around your mom and dad on this?" Luke pondered.

"Well, I kind of have a surprise for you, Luke. Mom and Dad left to see my Grandma Jan in Townsen. That's about three hundred miles away. They told me to have fun with you being here and to make sure that the store stayed open all business hours tomorrow, but to shut the store on Sunday. They didn't plan on being home until sometime late Tuesday. I think we'll have all the time in the world for you to allow me to take advantage of you." Harvey smiled broadly. Luke blushed. "I'm about to shut the store down for the day. We'll get something to eat and then... oh grab that twelve pack of Pabst over there."

"We gonna drink, Harv?" Luke questioned with a growing smile on his face.

"I thought it would help you relax, before, you know...," Harvey's smile was there, but slightly like the shy, first date kind, unsure of what was to come, but hopeful.

The young men put some frozen pizzas in the oven, popped the tabs on a couple of brews, sat down and waited as the pizzas got ready. The beer tasted good to Luke and after the first can, he began to relax. Harvey seemed quiet, but carried on the conversation Luke led easily enough. Luke looked at his best friend. Harvey was a little on the heavy side, not gobby fat, however. Some would say pleasingly plump. He became that way working inside at the gas station. When he was in high school he was tight. His weight wasn't a turn off, but there was more bulk than Luke had. Luke only saw that in passing, Harvey was still his best friend and what he looked like really didn't matter.

Harvey's hair was typical of the period, blond, long and straight, with bangs that wandered down his forehead to right above his eyebrows. His deep green eyes were the handsomest features on his face. Perfectly symmetrical, evenly spaced, not too close, not too far apart, they supported the other features nicely. His nose was typical for a white guy in the south, not too big or small. The other features on his face were typical for a nineteen year old. The mouth was a little bigger than normal, but the chin was weak, not firm and chiseled like Luke's.

Although heavy, he still maintained a really good proportion from waist to chest and the muscles that were so refined in high school, although covered in a layer of padding, were still defined enough to be pleasing to look at. His six foot frame tended to dwarf that of Luke's 5' 7" smaller, but better defined body. Luke would soon find out that his cock was massive, around seven inches in length and a girth to match.

The oven beeped signifying the pizza was ready and both young men chomped down on the pizza and guzzled another couple of cans of beer. By the end of the meal, they settled down to a game of pong on the television. It didn't take long for either to become bored, because they both knew there was something hanging in the air and both were filled with anxiety over whether they should take it to fruition.

"So," Luke started. "You want to suck my cock." It was a statement, rather than a question. The shyness Luke exhibited was obvious. He really didn't know how to get things started without appearing over-eager.

"You know I do, but I want you to be okay with it. I don't want us to have quirks come between us after I do it. Do you want to do it in here or in my room?"

Luke hesitated a few minutes before he got up the nerve to start. The three beers he consumed had relaxed him enough to lose some of his reservations about what should happen several times over the weekend, but he still wavered. Undoing the button on his jeans was a major accomplishment. When he unzipped the front, pulled them down and off, he realized that the worst was over. All he had to do was let Harvey do his thing.

The growing bulge in his underwear showed his mounting excitement.

Harvey watched carefully. This was the moment that could change their friendship forever, but after what Luke had told him about what his dad did, he had gained confidence in what was about to happen. He began rubbing Luke's thighs and loved the response to his ministrations by the continual rising of the bulge in Luke's jockies. Getting bolder, he put his fingers into the band of the underwear and gently tugged them down to mid-thigh. Luke's fully erect cock sprung out and almost knocked into Harvey's curious face.

"Gosh, its beautiful," Harvey commented as he reached out and grabbed the rod at its base. Luke took in a sharp breath as he felt Harvey manhandle his dick.

"I'm glad you think so," hissed Luke through clenched teeth. "Why does this have to feel so right?"

"Its 'cause someone else is doing it to you," Harvey replied not really catching Luke's meaning. Moving his head closer to his friend's treasure, he anticipated the reward it would soon bring. He started to slowly move the skin up and down. Luke considered that this was different from the way his dad felt, because Harvey's palms were so smooth and not calloused. Harvey tightened his grip on Luke's cock and began moving faster. A pearl of pre-cum formed at the tip of the regal uncut cock . Harvey took his finger, plucked the clear drop from the glans, and placed his finger in his mouth, withdrawing it only to allow a long strand to stretch from his finger to his tongue. That wonderful tongue licked out and gathered the rest of the goo before he closed his mouth and swallowed.

"That is so hot. Where did you learn to do that?" Luke was in awe with what he had just witnessed.

"Ever since I sucked Stan, I wanted more. I do this to my stuff. The first time I put it in my mouth I watched in the mirror and I shot cum all the bathroom sink. Since then, I do it, and I collect my sperm in my hand and gobble it down... Shit! I gotta stop talking."

"It's okay, Harvey, its turning me on even more. Take your clothes off dude. I want to see your cock." Luke had obviously become very curious about male anatomy. After all, the encouragement from his father and his girlfriend had picqued his curiousity.

"Do you want to try sucking it, dude?" Harvey inquired surprised.

"We'll see where this leads, but Harv, I am so fucking turned on right now. I'm about to bust a nut on my best friend. How could this not be fucking hot." Luke was lost in his passion. His words were coming slower. Another pearl of pre-cum appeared at the tip, but this time instead of bringing it to his mouth, Harvey put the much larger glob in front of Luke's mouth to offer. Without thinking Luke licked it into his mouth and swallowed. "Not much taste to it, is there?"

"Dude...oh my gawd...where the hell did that come from. That was fucking ridiculous." Harvey immediately removed the rest of his cloths. When he got back to ministering to Luke's beautiful cock with his hand, he knelt between his partner's knees. His dick slapped Luke's leg sharply and Luke moaned deeply. Harvey decided to try something, so he got up and sat by Luke while still masturbating him. He grabbed Luke's hand and brought it to his cock. Luke didn't withdraw it, instead he grasped it firmly and started whacking it like Harvey was doing his.

Then Luke did the strangest thing. He simply leaned over toward Harvey's lap and engulfed the huge head of his best friend's cock. Harvey was so surprised, he came immediately filling Luke's mouth up with his salty cum. What the fuck? Harvey thought. Waves of pleasure thundered through his body as he watched his buddy continuing to suck him. Luke never let any of the cum go. Harvey heard his buddy gulp and knew he had swallowed. Luke raised his head offering his mouth to Harvey who took the hint and started a mind fucking kiss that kept him hard. Luke's tongue, washed with Harvey's cum, kept moving in and out of Harvey's mouth, sharing the remains of the treasure.

"Fuck dude, where did that come from?" Harvey asked when they broke their kiss. "Luke, you don't make no sense. When I tell you my story, you freak out. Then you tell me about Claire and then your Dad. I still didn't think you would do anything like that..."

"Shut-up and suck me," Luke commented softly.

Harvey was still hard and still just as turned on, but he got back on the floor and started his oral lovemaking to Luke's dick. He didn't want to just stick it in his mouth and suck him off like the guy in the store had him do. The tip of Luke's cock was where he gave the start of his attention, rolling his tongue around the uncut tip. Moving to the base with his mouth, he licked the length then encircled the skin covered head. The repeated action brought guttural moans and grunts from deep inside Luke's body. Finally, the cock became so engorged the foreskin slipped naturally behind the head and Harvey was able to attack the unprotected glans with a fervor. He began rotating his hand in an up and down twisting movement, while circling the head of Luke's cock with his mouth and his tongue. Every time he started on the head, he would lick gingerly along the pee slit and tickle it with a flutter action. When he did, Luke would thrash back and forth. He began attempting to put the entire thing into his mouth, but found he could only go about three quarters down before gagging, but it was still enough to elicit those wonderful moans.

Harvey didn't want to swallow Luke's cum, he wanted to watch it as it erupted, so when he felt Luke tense, starting his orgasm, he pulled off. Faster and faster his hand went until thick ropes of the white goo began to shoot into the air. It was amazing to watch. There was so much there. Some landed on Harvey's face, some on Luke's thigh, but the majority landed on Luke's stomach and chest. There was more cum on him than Harvey had ever seen. He leaned down to start licking it up and then moved to share it with Luke who greedily gobbled it from Harvey's mouth and tongue. He sucked the goo and move to Luke's mouth over and over until Luke appeared clean, only at that point he had another raging hard-on. Harvey, although still hard himself, needed to take a breather, so he crawled up beside Luke and cuddled him.

"You okay," Harvey asked.

"Yeah, You?" Luke replied.

"Happy as shit," Harvey said. "Damn dude, I didn't expect you to engulf my cock in your mouth. It was such a pleasant surprise that I lost it."

"I could tell, but I was so turned on by it all, I thought, why not? It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and the taste of your cum, man, it was so strange...would I eat cum again? I will never say never again."

"You even allowed me to feed you the cum you shot. Wow! I loved that. Does it mean we're full blown gay dudes, Luke?"

"I don't think so, Harv, but if one of us gets married, this kind of stuff stops. Dad says when you go outside your marriage to get the same sex lovemaking, you become obsessive and your marriage won't last. I love Claire too much to allow that to happen."

"I love sucking cock. I mean I love it," Harvey said seriously.

"I don't care if you decide to go gay completely, Harv, but if you do, break it off with Amy so you don't break her heart later. You're going to be my best friend, no matter what. Like I said, we can keep this up till one of us gets married. I liked that so much that I am really looking forward to Ricky coming next week. I want you and him to go into the woods with me and if I haven't already convinced him that this is awesome, I'm going to kneel down in the woods and give you a blowjob in front of him. If he chooses to leave and stay away from me, that's his problem, not mine."

"You'd actually just drop to your knees and give me a blowjob. I'm the one who likes to do that," Harvey smirked.

"Well, I've been convinced. If my dad and my girlfriend thinks its okay, and it feels as fucking good as it does, well, this country boy will save his girlfriend's virtue by sucking the fuck out of you every day. I understand now why you did what you did with Stan last week. I fucking love this stuff."

Harvey was satisfied for the moment, but there were other avenues he wanted to explore. Perhaps after the new wore off he could convince his friend to worship his ass like he did his cock. With that thought, Harvey rolled to spoon on the couch with his friend. He kissed him on his shoulder, put his arm around Luke and placed his hand on Luke's cock, which was still erect to a degree, but he felt the heavy breathing of sleep. Soon, Harvey was asleep dreaming what it would be like to have a cock stuffed in his ass.

The rest of the weekend was a wash. Harvey's parents had car trouble and came home mid-afternoon on Saturday. They invited Luke to continue to stay, but he chose to call his dad to come get him. He went to Harvey's room to pack and Harvey followed, shut the door, and embraced his new lover. Placing a deep and passionate kiss on Luke's lips, he apologized for the circumstances. Luke assured him it was alright, but he did expect him the next week at the farm. Whether I (Ricky) wanted to join in or not, Luke was going to have Harvey again.


What you have already read is the story told to me by Luke, and eventually Harvey, who corroborated every detail. I arrived on the next Friday with my dad and three of his pointers. He intended on getting two or three dozen quail before he had to leave. I was on vacation from my university so I had asked if I could stay a couple of weeks. Luke was my favorite cousin on my dad's side of the family, after all.

We drove into the yard and were met by Uncle Raymond. Luke came running out of the house with a big smile. I was struck by how much he had grown since I last saw him, not so much in height, but in bearing and musculature. He was a fine specimen of a man with perfectly chiseled features and perfect proportions. I walked up to my first cousin and shook his hand. I went over and hugged Uncle Raymond and stood around while all the other pleasantries were exchanged.

"Its so good to be finally up here. That damn trip is forever on these back roads," my dad told Raymond.

"I'm looking forward to our hunting, brother. I'm also looking forward to having a fresh face around here. Ricky, are you going hunting with us?" Raymond asked.

"You know its not my thing, Uncle Raymond, since I almost shot you and Uncle James the last time I went. I think I'll just stay here with Luke so he can show me what he likes to do." I looked at my uncle as he raised his eyebrows a little, but said it was okay. I thought he couldn't believe there were those of us in the family who didn't like to hunt. I looked at Luke who was beaming ear to ear. "By the way, I've got some vacation from college. You reckon I could stay with you guys a couple of weeks?"

I could see be the excitement with Luke automatically. He seemed a little overly pumped about the process. I wonder what that meant. Maybe he was just lonely or something. I wondered where his side-kick Harvey was.

"If you can help out some while you're here, I don't think it'll be a problem," Raymond answered.

Great! I thought. Just to be away from my family for a while was enough for me. My two younger brothers weren't quite old enough yet to be able to do the things with me that I liked to do and that was a real annoyance. My friends from high school weren't unavailable as most had gone off to college or had joined the military. I think a couple even went into the Peace Corps. Life was boring at my house so I normally would bring friends with me from the university. I brought both boys and girls. One of the girls I brought home, a girl named Lana, brought a pet squirrel in a cage. It wasn't a problem with the parents, but she would be forever known as "Squirrel Girl" by my family. Lana was put into the guest bedroom, which happened to share a bathroom with my room. I wasn't expecting anything, but Lana walked into my room nude, slipped under the covers with me, and we fucked all night long. Just before dawn she went back to her room. When my mother opened the door to wake me, she wanted to know what that ungodly smell was. I told her it was the squirrel. She believed me.

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