tagIncest/TabooKeeping the Tradition Alive Vol. 01: Luke's House Pt. 03

Keeping the Tradition Alive Vol. 01: Luke's House Pt. 03


This story is written for the sole enjoyment of those who seek this kind of material. If you find matters of a sexually explicit nature offensive or if you are under the age of 18 you are not welcome to read this material. Minors should leave the site immediately.

This story is about heterosexual/homosexual incest, as well as non-incestuous sex between consenting adults. Some of the story is true, but names are changed to protect the innocent. There is an expansive back story to this tale that I cannot write about because the acts happened before the age of 18. There may be mentions of those times, but in keeping with the restrictions about erotica involving those under 18, I pick the story up when I was 20. I will make this statement. Many of the events you read about in these stories is based on actual occurrences, however, I take literary license and expand a bit on the actual sexual acts and storyline to make them more palatable to the reader.


Keeping the Tradition Alive. Story One: Luke's House Part 3

That night, after we endured all of the long fishing and hunting stories our two fathers told, we thought we were ready to escape, but Uncle James and his oldest daughter joined us. There were hugs, cordial welcomes, and some nice beer flowing all around. James was the oldest of the brothers and the roughest. His language was atrocious and his vulgarities embarrassing. Cassie, his daughter, who was four or so years older than me looked on, kind of bored. When Luke and I told our fathers that we were going out on the porch, Cassie begged to come with us. I think I had met her before, but it was at a family reunion and at those I really didn't get to know any of my cousins real well. Most of the time I was shy and embarrassed to talk to them. Anyway, we agreed and went out to the swing and rocking chairs on the front porch.

Cassie was okay in looks, nothing that a little makeup wouldn't help, but man she was fucking stacked. She must have had 38 DD under that sweater. Her body was athletic, slim hips and waist and drop dead gorgeous legs. A woman can definitely improve their facial looks by applying a little makeup here and there, but there is nothing you can do to change a body significantly. A girl can wear a girdle or put a different bra on, but when a girl sits there with jeans and a t-shirt, there is nothing going to help. With Cassie, she didn't need help and by the look of her t-shirt she wasn't wearing a bra. The more I looked, the more aroused I got.

Now you might say that this was Luke's weekend to enjoy me, but if I could get into Cassie's pants, Luke would have to be left with Harvey. If, of course, he wanted to join in, it certainly wouldn't hurt my feelings. I think Luke was too much in love with his Claire that he probably wouldn't want to venture there, but Cassie was his cousin and in these United States you can't knowingly marry your cousin. We sat there several minutes without saying anything. Luke and I sat in the swing and Cassie sat in the rocking chair by the swing.

"You two fucking each other?" Cassie suddenly blurted.

"I gave him a blowjob earlier today," I honestly answered.

"Are you both gay?" Cassie asked quickly.

"I'm bisexual, what about you Luke?" I continued, knowing how uncomfortable Luke was with all of it.

"I haven't decided what I am," Luke came back. "What difference does it make anyway?"

"It don't make a bit of difference to me," she replied. "I just wanted to know who I was dealing with this weekend, kind of like a getting to know you thing. I'm bisexual, myself. You have to be, in my family. Dad is a son of a bitch if he doesn't get laid by one of us girls every other day or so. My sisters and I fill our needs with each other. Mom just loves us girls, but we think she's clueless as to what's really going. I also have a few boyfriends and girlfriends that I am not related to. When I have them over or sneak one of the boys into the house, Janice, Marsha, and Toni get really jealous. That's my sisters."

"I figured as much. I've had sex with my cousins for as long as I can remember. Luke here is new to this. The only sex he's had with family is with me and his dad." I volunteered.

"Hey!" Luke snorted, surprised I told something that he had told me in confidence.

"We're all family here, Luke. Cassie has already admitted to incest relations with her dad and sisters, and she's probably diddled some of her cousins too," I countered. Cassie shook her head in agreement.

"How long are you going to be here for, Cassie?" I wondered.

"For about a week. I know your dad and you are going back Monday..."

"Change of plans," I said. "I'm going to be here two weeks.

"Great, you seem like you're going to be really fun. Luke, too." Cassie looked at each of us, curiously. She noticed we were looking at each other."Oh, you guys were going to fuck tonight, huh?"

"That was the plan," Luke and I both said together.

"How about I join you?" When Cassie asked that I understood things were going to be very complicated the following week. "I'll give you both some pussy, ass if you want, suck your cocks, on second thought you'll probably want to do that yourselves... I can get really nasty at times."

"I bet you can," I remarked. I looked at Luke and when he shrugged his shoulders, I said, "Okay, you're in." She squealed in delight. "I don't know how we're going to do this, but we gotta be careful not to wake the old men."

"Why?" she commented. "They'll probably be up all night themselves.

I had always been amazed at both sides of my family. You go to someone's house and you have sex with a cousin, or a couple of them. Sometimes you have sex with an uncle or an aunt. So much sex all the time is good, but with family, if we're ever caught by the authorities its going to be real bad. Since I turned eighteen, I must have fucked or sucked fifteen cousins, two uncles, and three aunts. My favorite cousin to have sex with is Desirea. She and I have been messing around for much too long, but I always go back to her. I would marry her if she wasn't my cousin. Shit, she could live with me in sin for all I cared.

We decided to retire to Luke's bedroom. I helped my new found cousin friend to bring her luggage into the house. We stopped in front of Dad, Uncle Raymond, and Uncle James. The first thing we had to do was convince them that Cassie was going to stay in Luke's room with us. Knowing my family like I did, Cassie was probably brought by Uncle James to keep him satisfied when he got tired of his brothers.

"Daddy?" Cassie spoke out to get his attention.

"What? my gorgeous female companion," he replied.

"Is it alright if I stay with Ricky and Luke over the week. We need to know if we can put my suitcases in Luke's room."

"What you got going there Missy? You gonna fuck those boys silly?" I told you my Uncle was rude and crude.

"Probably, but when you need me to help you, you can just let me know, okay?"

"I don't care, I guess. We're all pretty drunk and Tom and I are so fucking tired from the drive here, we're probably going to go to bed. You kids have fun." Uncle James then turned around and got back to the conversation with Dad and Uncle Raymond.

Enough said, I thought. We left the room and shut the door to Luke's bedroom. After Cassie had put her stuff away, she turned to us. Without saying a word, she took off her t-shirt and her jeans. She had no panties on under the jeans. She stood in front of us naked as the day she came into this world. Her body ranked a ten on the ten point scale. Her face ranked a nine, but only because there was a slight symmetry problem with her eyes. It wasn't terrible either, just slightly noticeable in the house lights. In essence, she was as close to perfect as any girl I had ever met, besides Desirea. Luke and I were in for a treat if he would just allow himself to let go.

"I want a show, boys. I've never seen two boys suck each other off. After you do that, the first one hard gets to fuck me. Deal?" Cassie challenged.

We were already undressed before she could count, but I was slightly offended by her request. I felt like a used piece of meat, so I decided to get even with her when I finished Luke off. I really don't know what happened at that moment, but I became determined to fuck both of them before cumming myself. I think Cassie believes I'm a inexperienced country hick. I'm sure she considers Luke and I to be just like our fathers. I think after this, she will understand I am nothing like any of that generation.

I started the show by getting on my knees in front of Luke. Luke's got a good sized cock, but one of my college friends has one longer by three inches. Since I've deep throated him before, I know I can handle Luke. I started my tongue at the base of his rod and slowly licked up. I could feel I was torturing him some, as his knees began to buckle slightly. I brought my arms around him and began supporting his body. My mouth continued its tease as Luke's youthful enthusiasm showed through the erection of his beautiful dick. I stopped briefly to tickle Luke's foreskin. I was always fascinated by uncut dicks, not only in the aspect of their size, but also in the fact that when they are significantly turned on and the foreskin retracts it only takes a few minutes and they are down and out. If one is cut, it looks smaller, even though the functional part is the same. I tongued the skin, finding the pee slit. Fluttering my tongue over the end, I felt him lose control. I didn't want him to cum yet so I backed away and started licking his length and balls, washing his ball-sack with saliva.

I glanced at Cassie. There was a flurry of activity at her clit, her hands moving at a blurring rate. She was beautiful, not necessarily as wholly beautiful as my beloved Desirea, but so much so in her own right. I counted on surprise when I decided to attack. When I say attack, my actions would not be forcible as she was already a willing participant, but I would challenge her notion of what good sex was by doing things so fast that she wouldn't know what hit her. The thoughts of what I had planned helped me keep the hard-on that was going to allow me carry through my ambition.

Luke didn't know what to say or do. He kept getting weak kneed. I guess his best friend Harvey hadn't been the most experienced person. I pulled his massive foreskin until it was fixed behind the glans and then I did the unforgivable. Without working my way slowly to fill my mouth with his gorgeous member, I bottom him out within my throat. I was good at what I did with both sexes, but I was especially experienced in deep throat techniques. I started moving my head back and forth only enough to take a breath once in a while. Luke was whimpering in my arms. I guess I took him off guard, but I knew I wanted him to remember this for a long time.

I know we were making quite a bit of noise, because Uncle Raymond stuck his head in for a moment. "You kids need to keep it down in here. People are trying to sleep," he ordered, smiling as he watched Cassie go in and out with her fingers, which were coated with thick pussy juice making her cunt glisten in the lamplight. For my part, I never slowed down. Uncle Raymond closed the door quietly and I heard him tell Dad and Uncle James, "To be young again, brothers."

I felt Luke start to tense. I couldn't blame him. My first time being deep throated I didn't last near as long as he had. Luke's legs began to shake and I could feel it happening deep in his core. I was planted all the way to his pubes when I felt the first blast of cum. It hit the back of my throat with such force I almost gagged. I pulled back to allow that copious sperm room to fill my mouth. I swallowed once, and then let him continue. There was so much to be held, but I did. I felt Luke begin to fall, but I supported him until he was all the way on the floor. Then I attacked Cassie.

Cassie was not expecting me to get up so quickly. She really had no idea, but when I jumped off the floor and onto her, she gasped. In one motion, I filled her cunt with my cock all the way to the hilt and kissed her with my mouth full of Luke's warm, freshly received cum mixed with my spit. I pumped her pussy maybe four times and I felt her tense to go into a huge crashing orgasm. I wanted to make it last for a long time, so I pulled out of her cunt, flipped her over and plunged into her ass all the way until my pubic hair was against her ass cheeks. The low internal guttural moan that escaped from deep down inside her, told me she was still spasming in her climax.

I lost complete control and started furiously pumping her ass. I knew she wasn't an ass virgin as her father probably took her back there on several occasions. I also knew from her conversation that she liked it. I concentrated on the moaning and came closer to my brink. I had a choice to make. I either had to cum deep in her ass, or I could pull out and force feed it down her throat. When I felt her go deeper into her bliss, I pulled out, climbed up, and fed my ass coated dick into her mouth. When I came, there was such a blast that she choked and my cum came out through her nose. Rope after rope, clench after clench, spasm after spasm...until I passed out.

I woke up later to Luke and Cassie taking turns sucking my limp cock. "We're giving you mouth to dick resuscitation," Cassie said happily.

"Yeah, what she said," Luke chimed in.

They had truly been concerned. I crashed out after cumming in Cassie's mouth and nothing they could do for an hour seemed to work. They were almost ready to go get the brothers, when they saw me stirring and began to nibble on my flaccid dick to help me along.

"Cuz, I will never second guess you again," Cassie said. "You are the most amazing fuck I've ever had and that includes my sisters and my dad. You had me taste Luke's cum in your kiss and then you kept assaulting every one of my senses. When I thought you were going to let me crash out with the vaginal orgasm, you flipped me and plowed right into my ass. That sent me to a new level and when you came in my mouth with my ass taste on your cock... nobody's ever done that. That took me to that level where I've never been before. Where did you learn that?"

"To be honest, I kinda went crazy. I had already made Luke cum down my throat and all I wanted to do was get you to a place where you had never been before." I smiled inwardly as I knew what I was doing all along, but people who haven't been with me before are unsuspecting little bitches, aren't they?

"You are going to have to teach me that trick you did with me," Luke commented, kind of after the fact.

"Luke," I replied, "...that's what's called 'throating' or you might know it as deep throating. I learned that several years back. I won't talk about it, though. It was a pretty traumatic experience for me as I was pretty inexperienced in those days."

We continued to talk each other down from that magnificent party of the senses. Luke made small talk about he wished Harvey and Claire had been here. I told him that Harvey might have enjoyed it, but Claire was too much of a church girl to get into anything like that. That's when Luke told Cassie and I about Claire's night with the girls and how she had masturbated to completion with the two girls having oral sex.

"See, she's not too much of a prude," Luke told us proudly. I, being as devious as I could be, began formulating a plan in my head that would help Luke out after Cassie and I were gone.

Luke had not tried Cassie. I hadn't given him the chance. It didn't take long for she and him to begin playing around once more. I, on the other hand, was still recuperating from the massive cum I had had with Cassie. I had to admit it. I threw everything at her I could and she was able to take it. Cassie was fast moving to the top of my list of CILF (Cousins I Like Fucking).

I watched for a while, but my obsession was still formulating inside my head. Claire had latent lesbian tendencies. Cassie was bisexual and had told me she enjoyed eating pussy as much as getting fucked. I wondered how I would be able to get Cassie and Claire together, especially without Luke getting upset. He was still new to all this and his emotional ties to Claire might make him try to hold us back. He had admitted that he would like for Claire to meet Cassie, but I think more in a platonic way. I would have to find a way to make it happen as I wanted to see Cassie in action. I didn't know Claire yet, but I knew no one in the late seventies could be as prudish as Luke made her sound.

I heard Cassie shudder. I guess my talk with Luke about Cassie not being able to interfere with he and Claire because of the law made a difference. Soon after I heard Cassie's climax. I heard Luke grunt and plant his cock deep inside, obviously having blown his load. I wasn't even trying to listen to them. My mind was firmly in conspiracy mode. The objective: how to get Claire to willingly eat Cassie's cunt and then suck Luke's cock" became obsessive in my mind. If Luke had any objection, I would drop it. Otherwise, I had a week to make it happen. I'm sure we could talk Uncle James into leaving Cassie for another week, so I possibly had two weeks to make it happen. Dad would agree to go a hundred miles out of the way to take Cassie home. I could convince him of that easily enough (Wink, wink!).

"What's wrong with you, Ricky," Luke asked. "You looked all beat."

"Not really. I'm just working on something that's going to leave you in better shape than you were in before I came to visit."

"What's that mean?" he asks.

"I know you are pretty satisfied that Harvey is going to be your fuck buddy, right?" I looked at him. Cassie giggled a little at the way I was putting it.

"Well, if it keeps my hormones down so I don't have to make any demands on Claire, yeah."

"What if I've got a way to get Claire to go down on you, and maybe take it up her ass..."

"How the hell are you going to do that. You going to turn your charms on her, Ricky. I'll beat the shit out of you, if you did," he said angering much easier than I thought he would.

"First, its questionable whether you could beat the shit out of me, but second, I would never touch Claire unless you and she agreed to it."

"Well, who the hell would be the one to get her to loosen up?" he questioned still a little feisty. "Harvey?"

I paused for a moment to get the dramatic effect I wanted. Finally, I spilled my thoughts, "No Luke, Cassie!"

There was now movement in the room. Cassie sat up, suddenly interested in what I was saying. Luke's mouth dropped. I secretly smiled to myself because I knew I had hit a nerve. "You told me the story of her masturbating while fantasizing about the two girls at her sleepover, right? She has latent lesbian desires, Luke. If we found a way to get her and Cassie together, Cassie loves eating pussy and knows a woman's body inside and out. Who better to get her to test the waters. I will make a rule, though. If Claire doesn't willingly become Cassie's suck buddy, then we don't try to push it. I mean there will be no sense in running her off, especially if you love her as much as you say you do."

"I don't know," Luke said warily. "What if it all backfires?"

"It might, but that's the reason you won't know anything about it," I replied.

"I know it now, don't I?" he reasoned.

"You won't know it," I winked at him dramatically.

"Ohhhhh!" He finally understood what I was thinking.

Although Luke would be in on the secret from the start, if the plan went badly, Luke would feign ignorance to the plan. He would sympathize with her, throw us out, and try to rationalize with her about what had happened. If she fell for the plan and ended up with her mouth planted on Cassie's cunt, Luke could tell her or not. He could pretend he was upset and an apologetic Claire would do anything to keep her man, unless she found out that she was interested only in girls. That, in itself would create a whole new set of problems.

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