tagNonHumanKellingpoint Mansion

Kellingpoint Mansion


Kevin pulled up to his late uncle's mansion after driving most of the night. He got out of his sleek, black, expensive car and took in the sight of the old, somewhat dilapidated house with more rooms than he could count and its massive pillars. He looked past a seemingly wild pumpkin patch at the now open iron gates that led to the long stretch of deserted dirt road that led to the old Kellingpoint Mansion. It was going to be a great place for his annual Halloween party.

Kevin grabbed the sealed bottle of vodka off of the passenger seat and locked the door to his car with his keypad as he walked over the crunching brown leaves that covered the cobblestone driveway. Not that there was ever anybody out here except for Kellingpoints or their female guests, but trust didn't run very strong within his family.

Most of them had died of heart failure around holiday time, and he and his cousin Eric were the last of the Kellingpoint men left alive, both of them business investors in large, cold cities. He unscrewed the lid to the bottle as he pushed the key into the old lock and gave it a click that echoed throughout the interiors of the moonlit house.

Kevin entered and in one fluid motion threw his jacket on the cold, dusty floor, took a swig from the bottle of vodka, threw the keys on the floor, and hit a switch near the old fashioned fireplace. The ancient chandelier lit up with the electric system that had been installed on it sometime in the 1930's.

Kevin removed his shoes and put his cellphone into his left one after confirming the three texts of the three women he had chosen to invite to his annual party. He knew that soon the house would be full with hundreds of women he'd fucked before. He walked over to a mantle below a large painting that seemed to be where a family portrait was usually kept. Dust from the floor was collecting thick on his socks. As the lights on the old chandelier began to heat up, Kevin saw the familiar glowing impression of a woman's face on the twenty foot high framed picture above the mantle.

"Liehla." Kevin smiled.

The twenty foot tall painting of a woman with long dark hair down to the dimples above her perfectly rounded, nude derriere seemed to glow more in the dim light of the chandelier. The woman in the painting had nothing on, was depicted standing in a cemetery, and was looking demurely over her bare shoulder down at Kevin.

"Kevin." She replied.

Kevin took another swig from his bottle. Eight Halloweens ago, he would have thought that the alcohol was getting to him after seeing something like that, but by now he was used to it.

Kevin remembered that life changing conversation he had had with his cousin Eric. How he had laid out how all of the Kellingpoint businessmen had had a secret for generations. How there was a family owned mansion out in the middle of nowhere. A mansion where a large painting of a very nude woman which had been acquired from who knows where by the Kellingpoint men a long time ago. Eric told Kevin that each Kellingpoint man had picked a calendar holiday and taken their respective mistresses, prostitutes, and booty calls there for a one night getaway for generations. It was a normal enough tradition for lonely, successful business men, except for the part when Eric told Kevin about how every holiday visit the visitors and would be visited by every woman who had ever been invited to the house. At least the house would produce a tangible, fuckable ghost-like version of them.

Sure it had bothered Kevin at first, but then, like all the men in his family, Kevin had become completely addicted and obsessed with his Halloween Holiday getaway. It was like being handed a one night pass to be the carnal god of his own castle. Hundreds of completely believable women, with a few new guests thrown in every visit to repopulate the already hundreds of haunted horny spirits filling the private mansion every night.

No rules, no judgement, no guilt, no limits, no condoms. Eric had clearly laid out the one rule regarding Liehla, and how no matter what he did, Kevin was not to fuck Liehla.

Liehla's picture finally came alive with a gasping, moaning sound that echoed through the temporarily empty halls of Kellingpoint Mansion. A wispy, glowing form of Liehla swooped down from the painting and brought her face to face Kevin. He grinned like a little boy, then took another drink.

Liehla hovered her ghostly lips over his lips and he could almost feel her hot breath. The door to the mansion creaked open suddenly. Liehla swept away in whisp as Kevin turned slowly to see Cassie walk through the still dim and cold front room. She didn't say a word as she prodded in with her black high heels with red soles clacked their way over to Kevin. She threw her black jacket on the floor and ran her hands through her hair. Kevin smiled.

Without a word she threw her keys on the floor, hiked up her skirt and dropped to her knees.

Kevin took a drink.

Cassie undid his pants, pulled out his semi-hard cock and shoved it immediately into her mouth. Kevin smiled. Cassie was his favorite call girl, hence her being chosen by him to be one of the three guests to his night of debauchery.

The relatively loud sounds of Cassie's sucking almost echoed in the cold house. It made Kevin feel even more lonely than he did trading favors and making million dollar deals in his office in the city.

Some classic rock song starting filling the cold silence of the entire house as light from nowhere warmed the scene.

"Thank you, Liehla." Kevin said awkwardly loud.

Cassie stopped sucking and looked up at him like a hurt doe. Kevin grabbed the back of her head and guided her back to the task at hand.

The music got louder and the lights got brighter. In fact the whole mansion was beginning to fill up with sounds of life and new furniture, food, and drink.

Cassie was going to town on Kevin's cock, and he felt himself swell to completion as he grabbed her head with both hands and sank his piece as far into her throat as it could go. As he came, filling her throat with his hot cum, Kevin waited for the overwhelming sense of satisfaction that usually comforted him at this point of the activity.

It never came to him.

Kevin sighed, frustrated. Not only was he not satisfied, he was even more excited. This part of the ritual was a blessing to a point, being able to fuck and fuck and fuck as much and as he wanted, each climax only adding to his randiness, and it also gave him the opportunity to drink as much as he wanted to without ever getting whiskey dick.

Cassie turned around and swallowed. Kevin enjoyed the look of shock and confusion on her face. The whole house was teaming with life. It was a bright, loud with music and laughter, hot soiree with some of the finest women Cassie had ever seen. Some were wearing sexy classic get-ups from the sixties complete with garters and corsets, Some were just wearing bright colored thongs.

Cassie was confused and curious, but Kevin let her draw her own conclusions.

"Did you wear what I told you?" He asked as he took off the remainder of his clothes, rubbing each of his ample shoulders as if getting ready for a sport match.

Cassie nodded and winked as she turned around, flipped up her black skirt, and bent over to show Kevin the bright purple thong wedged temptingly between her cheeks.

"Good." Kevin said as he entered the crowd of females as they chatted, drank, and flirted with each other, all in their own state of undress.

"Mr. Kellingpoint." three or four of the ladies all said with little giggles all in their own pitch.

"My ladies." Kevin said as she grabbed Sheila by the waist, turned her around, and bent her over. He liked to start with Sheila. He ripped her blue thong away and plunged his wet, from Cassie's mouth, dick deep into Sheila's wet pussy. All the ladies in the area squealed and gathered around.

After that, it was hot mess of ass, mouth, pussy, and sweat. He would jam his rod deep into a sweet young blonde's ass, then push her away before grabbing the head of a buxom brunette and forcing her mouth down onto his waiting appendage. All to the giggles, laughs, squeals, moans, and cheers of the ladies in whichever room he happened to be fucking in. Kevin would look up from the fuckfest occasionally and see Liehla's body as she would pass by a doorway or walk through a room, her perfectly toned, thick ass with her breasts decorated by her long, dark hair tempting him to distraction. As he pounded into a sweaty, red haired college girl he would stare fixedly at Leihla's red lips as she passed by.

Kevin figured at some point in all the skin, sweat, cum he had probably fucked the other two guests he had invited to the evening, although he really couldn't be sure. He had made a point to stick his dripping wet cock into every woman with a bright colored thong that he saw, figuring two of them had to be his guests, and now they would be there every Halloween, too.

Kevin's already good sized cock was raging at attention by the time he entered the grand hallway which lead to the master chambers with that gigantic red linen bed that he had never used but always thought about.

The music continued to bring back sounds of the sixties and seventies, something he always figured was Liehla's choice. The hallway was lined with doors to other bedrooms and grand scale paintings, which all seemed to depict vivid scenes of very graphic sexual acts involving women with other women.

Various women in very little clothing were scattered all along the hallway, some hanging in the doorways, others slinking by. Some of them young ladies and other mature beauties, each of them a past sexual conquest of one of the Kellingpoint men in the haunted mansion. Secretaries, women from bars, call girls and mistresses, each of them here for one night, and for one purpose only.

Kevin, with his hard on and bottle, prodded through the hallway of large, silky soft hair-dos and black lingerie with black pantyhose and thigh high fishnet stockings and feather boas.

After the hours of head, pussy, and ass from a couple of hundred women, each of them completely obsessed with him, "Mr. Kellingpoint," Kevin had become more excited and firm with each load of his white cum that he flew and landed on the faces, pussies, and asses of most all of the women in the mansion.

Kevin looked past all the wet and ready skin lining the bright golden hallway to the grand doors to the master bedroom, at Liehla.

She stood there, in all her naked glory, with a look of compassionate understanding, mixed with a heavy dose of mischief. Kevin couldn't take it anymore. He steadfastly made his way through the hallway, staring deeply at the sight of her body, so casually yet masterfully poised at the doorway at the end of the hall.

Liehla locked eyes with Kevin.

Kevin felt his soul being locked into a tight vice.

Kevin's eyes never left Liehla's as he made his way further down the hallway. Two women got in front of him on their knees and they both began tonguing his swollen cock. He pushed one of them aside and turned the other brunette around and pounded hard into her pussy. As she screamed and gasped with pleasure, his eyes never left Liehla.

Liehla never moved as he made his way up the hallway, fucking this woman and that as he went. Each time he came on a little bar hottie's bare tits or an experienced hooker's bare ass he became even more hard and ready, never taking his eyes off Liehla.

Finally, there was just one woman between him and the forbidden Liehla. She threw her dark red hair about as she gagged and slurped on his huge dick. Her large, thick, taut ass jiggled from the thrusting of Kevin's member into her eager, gasping, dripping wet mouth.

He grabbed her head and pounded repeatedly, his stare with Liehla turning into a frustrated, almost painful expression of desperation as she didn't so much as blink, seemingly amused and almost fascinated by the sight of him taking out his entire night, and really his entire life, of frustration on this entity-for-a-night of a woman's face.

Kevin had already came a couple of times deep in her mouth, each time making him more frustrated and anxious. He looked at Liehla and saw every girl who got away from his young years.

He looked at her and he saw every failed attempt to impress his parents. He looked at her and saw every failed endeavor in his business.

The woman on his dick began to shake and moan in addition to her gagging and screaming. The force of his now abnormally large, supercharged cock in her throat causing her to cum, sending a jet stream of hot clear cum all over the cold hallway floor as Kevin continued fucking her face, his own cum pouring out of her mouth.

With her deep, dark eyes locked in Kevin's gaze, Liehla curled her red lips into a smirk that drove Kevin crazy. He looked at her with her dark hair and luscious white skin and saw the ever widening gap between his desire for life and the cold curse of reality and all the loneliness that came with it.

Everything in his mind, body, and soul knew he shouldn't have the one thing that he couldn't have, and that's why he wanted her so badly.

Kevin withdrew himself from the redhead, who collapsed in a twisted sort of ecstasy on the floor, her hair soaked in her and his cum.

He jumped towards the naked Liehla, who quickly withdrew at an unnatural speed back into the master chamber. Kevin burst through the open doorway, his swaying, soaked, cock now large and hard enough to be in possession of him, instead of the other way around.

Liehla was levitating above the huge red bed, her black hair floating above and around gracefully atop her completely nude, tight, firm but delicate body.

Kevin couldn't take it anymore. He rushed toward the bed and was immediately caught up in what felt like a whirlwind as he was lifted up off the ground and found himself pressed closely into Liehla's body. The two nude figures suspended above the bed wrapped each other in the closest embrace Kevin had ever felt.

Liehla smiled and pressed those luscious lips onto Kevin's lips, and the last thing on his mind was the words of Eric, so vehemently warning him not to ever fuck Liehla.

A month and a half later, all the accomplishments of Kevin Kellingpoint were overlooked by the newspapers and the general public. His only legacy being the curious coincidence of how his grandfather, his three uncles, four male cousins, father, and himself had each died unexpectedly of heart failure, each on a different holiday, and Kevin's holiday was Halloween.

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