tagGroup SexKelly Celebrates Freedom Ch. 02

Kelly Celebrates Freedom Ch. 02


Kelly The Morning After

Kelly had celebrated the granting of her decree nisi by acting out her fantasies in reality, instead of on line. She met Cathy and her brother Jake who accepted her in to their sex club. The morning after Kelly woke with aching limbs.

The next morning I slowly came too, before I opened my eyes I could feel my body aching, my ass was so sore and my pussy swollen, not too mention my tender breasts and nipples. I was so glad I had taken today and tomorrow off from work. I don't know how I had got home and as I passed from that darkness of sleep to wakefulness, I felt something was wrong, this wasn't my bed, this wasn't my home, I could feel it, smell it and as I prised my eyes open see it. In the corner of the room, sitting on a large rattan peacock chair was Cathy, for the first time I was seeing her completely naked. In my current physical state this was not a turn on, as pleasant as she looked.

"Morning sleepy head, or should I say Afternoon. You were too tired and drunk to drive home last night, so we thought it would be better if you were to crash out here, I hope you don't mind. I have run a bath for you, when you are ready."

She pointed to an on suite bathroom, large and luxurious with a steaming bath topped by a rich layer of bubbles. I raised my naked frame gently and walked over to the bath, smiling to Cathy who stopped me, stood up and kissed me, full on the lips, my mouth automatically opened, but Cathy moved back and indicated to the bath.

"You'll feel better after a bath. Then we can talk."

Immersed in the bath, I could see her sitting naked on the side of the bed, through to the bedroom door. Without warning, it opened and in walked Jake, naked and erect. I thought no not now, but it was not me he turned to. He walked to his sister, who began to stroke him, whispering

"Bad, bad boy -- what would our mother say, if she knew how badly you treated me."

"You love every minute of it and don't forget it was you who ..."

He stopped as her mouth enveloped his enormous cock. I watched as her throat expanded and knew that she was deep throating him, his hands were gently holding her head while hers firmly griped and kneaded his buttocks. Under the blanket of soapy suds, my fingers had, of their own accord, found my own button and despite the swelling and bruising I was frigging away at this beautiful sight of brother / sisterly love.

Both Jake and I soon came, me more noisily than I had wanted, but they did not seem to mind my intrusion. Jake kissed his sister and left the room, Cathy wiped her mouth and chin and shouted.

"Coffee, orange juice and fresh croissants with home made strawberry jam on the balcony!"

There was a silk robe laid out for me, it was obviously Cathy's, it was a size or two smaller than I really needed, so my modesty was only partially protected. I went through to the lounge which led to the balcony, realizing that I was no longer in Thornton Heath, this was overlooking the Thames and Tower Bridge -- this was serious money.

"Impressed? Don't, be we have been lucky. Our father made a lot of money mining in Australia and South Africa, we have then invested it in property around the world and now, in our mid twenties, we can retire and do what we want, which tends to be fucking and traveling!!!"

We spent the next couple of hours just chatting about ourselves, we had a lot in common, we liked the same sort of resorts, the same places to buy clothes, we both loved soccer and had season tickets to see Chelsea. Our sense of humour was the same. We even had mutual friends and that shocked me. The big difference was that she was rich and I was just well off.

Then we moved onto discussing the previous night, exploring what I had enjoyed and since there was nothing that I had not enjoyed we did not have to go there. I did say that the rape of my ass was painful, but such an extreme turn on, with a pussy in my mouth and my virgin ass being slammed, by this big black cock.

"Ah, the sign of a true slut."

Cathy raised the lid of her lap top on the breakfast table and as I gave her a queried look, I remember hearing the clicking of a camera. As the lap top sprang into life, she pressed a button and I saw my picture come up.

"Only you will have these, they are on a DVD Rom, but thought you would like to see them while we talked."

Of course, I had never seen myself like this, picture after picture of my mouth around different cocks, sucking licking, cum on my face. Never had I seen my pussy from that angle!! And wow, both my pussy and my ass filled with a variety of cocks and fingers. Reluctantly, I was getting turned on and soon my pussy juices were flowing. It was difficult in this robe to cover up or avoid soaking the robe. Cathy's hand was motionless on my thigh, I so wanted to feel her fingers on my clit, stroking, pinching, but she continued to talk, oblivious apparently to my desires.

Cathy wanted to know how much of a slut I wanted to be and would I like to be her slut, to do her bidding, as and when she required. I admitted that I did not feel that the previous night had gone as far as I could, my limits were there to be explored, but that I did not feel ready to be owned by anyone. This may restrict any further exploration. Cathy agreed, but asked if she could help me explore my limits and to that I agreed wholeheartedly! After all, there was some safety in having Cathy and presumably Jake watching over my development.

"Ok, if you want to come back to the Gumshoe, I want you to get your pussy lips pierced, here is the name of a man that will do it for you, you can only use him and you must do whatever he asks, secondly I have to go to a business meeting, so if you need to cum you can stay here there are some toys next to the bed. Your car is down stairs in the underground car park, only your skirt and shoes survived last night and you are too big for my blouse, so there is Jakes shirt, you won't have any underwear, my cell phone number is on the piece of paper, so we can make future arrangements."

With that she got up, bent down, French kissed me and was gone to another room. Although a little taken aback, I continued to watch the slide show, which suddenly turned into a video of my ass being filled, this was obviously later in the evening as it was a white cock, and my ass was splattered with cum, the camera panned round to my face which was cock less, but grinning all over, as my tongue licked off the trails of cum, it was not long though before a cock was presented and I greedily sucked it in to my mouth.

I had no need of the bed side toys, my pussy was being rapidly frigged by my fingers, I only half noticed Cathy and Jake, put there heads round the door and say goodbye. Moments, later as one hand attended my pussy and the other squeezed my breasts, if any neighbours had been in, I am sure they must have thought there was a murder going on, as my orgasm came with a scream and a convulsion of my body that was out of this world. I licked my fingers and just sat there drifting into a gentle sleep. It was four o clock before I woke up again, my robe wide open, my legs apart, the lap top continuing to show me in all my glory. However, Someone had been here as the breakfast things had been removed. I went to the bed room and stripped naked, for a shower, The hot jets firing at me from all angles and reaching most places that showers never reach, this is a luxury that money brings. I think about another finger session, but its getting late (for what, I don't know), I saw my clothes on the bed neatly laid out and I dressed, what little there was to wear. My skirt had been washed and pressed, I had forgotten how short it was and jakes shirt was no better neither of them extending much beyond my pubis. Still all I had to do was go down stairs and get in the car.

As I walked across the lounge to the door to leave , the maid was cleaning, she must have cleared up the breakfast tray. I pulled the hem of my skirt, but to no avail, while I walked little was left to the imagination, she smiled knowingly and said something to me in French or Spanish, without knowing what she said, I just felt myself going red, knowing she must have seen me in post orgasmic state and the pictures of me on the laptop. Quickly I left the apartment.

As I reached the car park I saw my car, I walked across the car park, three workmen were watching my every step and the more I walked the more intent their gaze. My car was parked by a pillar and as I reached it, I knew the only way to get in was by stepping backwards and splaying my legs. The work men got a full view of my bald pussy. Like a shot they were over to the car.

"Hello, luv need some help getting in."

"I'm ok, thanks!"

"Oh, I'd say you are more than ok, specially with that smooth cunt of yours."

The man doing the talking looked about 50, he was tall and quite fit, the two guys next to him were younger, about 25 - 30. He held my arm, I knew having seen my pussy, he could now see straight down my front.

"Posh birds like you should not tease us workers."

He pulled me out of the car roughly, but instead of being scared, I felt a wave of lust come over me. I half struggled, as he pulled me across the car park, to the tool and electricity room. Closing the door behind him and his mates I was thrown to the floor.

"So how do you want it, luv?" He asked, his mates looked concerned.

"Look at her, she wants it." He glanced at them.

I was breathing hard, they could see my erect nipples and my engorged clit, the dampness around my pussy lips revealed all. The older man dropped his trousers, his semi hard member was presented to my lips. I should have protested, at least put up a pretense of refusal but instead I opened my mouth and I hungrily sucked him in, my mouth worked up and down and sucked the blood into him, soon he was as hard as a rock and I suspect harder than he had been for some years. Behind me, I heard some rustling of belts being undone and clothes removed and then felt a cock placed against my pussy lips, I was soon being roasted.

"Aye, you two, what about me?"

"Don't you worry son, she's got enough for all three of us, haven't you? You little slut!"

I could only partially nod, and put out a hand, it was soon firmly holding the third guys prick.

The two younger guys thrust their hips, while the older man measured his thrusts holding the back of my head and I soon could feel the speeding rhythm behind me as the young guy in my pussy began to reach orgasm, as much as I could, I thrust back, with a deep groan he came deep in side me. The cock in my hand was removed quickly and replaced the flaccid dick in my pussy, but it was all too much for him and he came after a couple of thrusts. I continued to suck and nibble the dick in front of me, his hand on the back of my head long deep thrusts, slowly getting faster and faster, my hands grabbed his buttocks, digging my nails in deep, he pulled my head back releasing his cock and spraying over my face, my hair, my chin. Unceremoniously, he cleaned his cock in my hair,and pushed me back on the floor.

"C'mon lads, tea breaks over, back to work."

He dressed and, as they left the room, he said to me.

"When you're done, slut, shut the door behind you."

Then they left.

As they walked away, I heard them, one voice said

"You won't tell Sharon will you."

There was just laughter

"No lad and the pair of you, make sure you wash your knobs properly, you never know what you could catch from a slut like that's pussy, that's why I stay up the top end."

What had I done, what was I becoming and why did I love it so much. Barely a touch of my pussy thinking " a slut like that" over and over in my mind and I came.

I got up wiping the cum on my face onto Jakes shirt and having to suffer two loads dribbling down my thighs, as I walked back to the car and go home to contemplate what to do next.

Let me know if you want me to continue with this story of Kelly's enlightenment.

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