Kelly Gets Drugged...


When he was done he pulled out and the Homeless man took his place after flipping me over so he could do me from behind, by this point I didn't even really fight back. He easily entered my cum socked cunt. Since I was on my stomach I had my head forced to the side while being fucked by this street bum. With one hand on the back of my head and the other on my waste his deep hard strokes forced my muscular ass to bounce with his hard invading pumps. He kept saying words in some languish that I hadn't herd before, it sounded Middle Eastern. Out of the coiner of my eye I could see Eric sucking on my dads dick which was still hard from the girl who had been ridding it.

He was really driving my dad's dick deep into his throat. You could tell that he had wanted this for a long time. My dad's face and pleas for mercy from Eric's lust let me know that dad was close to cumming. Soon he let out a load groan and I watched as Eric slowed down, his head was beginning to let my dad's cock relax and unload its cum freely into Eric's mouth. Eric's face showed that he was happy as all hell that he had made my dad cum. He just kept letting his head go up and down as he milked my dad's cum from his dick. As soon he finished swallowing my dad's cum. Eric forced my dad on his knees and ordered dad to suck him off or Eric said he would kill my mom and me. Everyone was watching as my dad opened his mouth and took the most intense skull fucking I had ever seen or imagined. Eric held my dad's chin against his ball sack as the baster's cum shot into his mouth.

Dad just closed his tear filled eyes and swallowed every last drop of the river of cum that Eric had given him. After back handing my dad and turning him around Eric began sticking different object up my dad's ass, pumping them in and out slowly. Eric then told my dad how they were going to do it again sometime soon or the tape would find it's self to my dad's work place. I could hear the homeless man on top of me mumble his foreign languish as he began pumping me slower but deeper until he unleashed his cum in my young slit. As soon as he was done I was thrown on the floor and where the two young (maybe 18 or 19 year old) Black boys forced me to suck both the of their young black kids cocks. Before each one blew their load in my mouth they would pull out and lay me on my back. Forcing me to have eye contact with them as their black rods filled me to the brim with their rods. While inside of me they would tell me how they loved my "tight young white cunt" before exploding in me. After that I passed out. God only knows how many times I was fucked that night.

When I woke up there were about 3 or 4 young Mexican boys naked and passed out throughout my room one of them was still on top of my mother fucking her even though she looked as if she was out cold as well. One of the Mexicans made me do it doggie style before I could get out of my bed. As soon as he finished in me I quickly put-on some clean panties and a plan white tee shirt and made it out into the hall way before being stopped by my granddad who reminded me about the tape. He then ordered me to give him a blowjob while he watched his copy of my rape tape. I had no choice so I went down on him while he watched the nightlong rape of his granddaughter. It didn't take to long before he blew his load in my mouth, of course making me swallow every last drop.

Sometimes at parties Sean will make me blow him while his friends watch. I also can't tell you how many times have been raped by Sean, or one of his young dorky friends. They often jump me from behind in my or at parties and gang rape me. For a while Sean would enter my room in the mornings after I had finished getting dressed for school, Just to rape me. He would flip up my skirt and pull down my panties, lubed up his dick and mount me (most of the time) from behind. He would then pump away at my cunt for a short time before blowing his load deep within me. After which he would then pull up my panties and tell me thanks. Sometimes when my dad gets drunk he'll hit or slap me and then force me to do things to/with him that a daughter should do with her father. God I can't wait till this ends.

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