tagLoving WivesKelly Teases and Pleases Us Both Ch. 02

Kelly Teases and Pleases Us Both Ch. 02


Hello again. I hope you had the opportunity to read: Kelly teases and pleases, it was her first connection with her old boyfriend from 20 years or so. As I stated in that story we rarely ran in the same circles as Jim, as we lived some forty miles away. We would maybe see him once every other year at her family functions; he was a distant cousin by marriage.

It was in late may, Memorial Day weekend in fact. We went out to one of her cousins to camp and spend the weekend. Her cousin lives on the spring fed creek that runs thru the area, with a large camping area as her back yard that extends to the water. Kelly had two cousins that were graduating high school and this was to be their party with everyone staying over thru the weekend.

We packed the car the night before and headed out Friday afternoon after we both got off work. We arrived and checked in with her cousin and then searched out our camp sight. We opted to choose a sight closer to her cousin's house; Kelly wanted to be close to hot indoor showers.

Hell being a guy, I would have settled for being close to the water and the fishing. Soap works in creek water too, I teased her. Besides with cold water her glorious big nipples would be stiff. She said they were hard enough keeping hid without the help of cold water. Kelly has large C cups with really big long nipples, hell I can't keep my hands off of them when their stiff.

As I was just getting done setting up our camp for the next three nights I saw a truck coming down into the camping area. A white Ford pick up with the music loudly playing (Paradise by the Dashboard lights) by Meatloaf. I chuckled to myself thinking about Kelly and Jim's little tryst from a couple of years back.

We still talked about that as bedroom talk, juicing her up and making me hard as rock. It never failed to excite me to hear of that night as we used it for foreplay and her sometimes teasing me calling me Jim as she orgasmed. She has always talked dirty telling me old sex stories about them from 20 years ago, as well as the recent one from two years ago. Kelly loves to tease me; she knows what amps me up and will sometimes tease me all day long until I get her in bed and ravage her.

We are now in our forties, so we still party some. We just aren't passing out and throw up partiers. The evening progressed nicely seeing and talking with folks we rarely see except for maybe face book or funerals. Around 8 PM and band started playing, it had been a long time since we camped out and maybe longer since we were at a party with a live band.

The party was full of people from teenager to probable fifty year olds. I was a little surprised in the way the teenagers were dancing, the girls would rub their sexy little tight butts on the guys they danced with. Hell back in the 80's and 90's during my single days it was sure fun to dirty dance, but a lot girls would only do it with there boyfriends. These teeny boppers were doing it with all the younger guys they danced with. I longed to grab one of those sexy little things and rub my hard dick against their tight little asses.

Kelly was mingling as was I; we met up and started dancing. She asked what I thought about the teenagers dancing. I said if they were doing that to me I would be hard as a rock and would want to fuck everyone of them, I was just to damn old to score with them I said laughing. Kelly also giggled and then said she could make me hard to, and if I was a good boy I might score with her. She then proceeded to turn and started to rub her luscious ass against me.

After being married to this vixen for twenty years, I still find her hot and gripped her hips and ground my hard on into her ass. Kelly said I wasn't supposed to hold her hips and grind her, she was just supposed to rub her ass on me. I said whatever and took all opportunities to grind back at her. Some of her girl cousins laughed at me trying to figure this new dancing logic out and watched as Kelly kept moving my hands as I was trying to grind into her and get a feel of her tits.

Kelly said she wasn't going to dance with me anymore unless I behaved and calmed down. I was harder then a two headed Billy goat with the alcohol added my foreplay was complete, I was ready for sex!

We danced a few more songs and then I went looking for a fresh drink. Kelly went and was talking with some others while I found drinks. When I caught back up with her, Jim was standing next her as she spoke with some girls. He didn't know that I knew about him and Kelly from two years ago either.

I acted cool with him and we talked about the fishing here and stuff.

It wasn't long before Jim asked Kelly to dance, she was hesitant and said no. I was low on beer again and told her I was going to get a refill, and to go ahead and dance with him. In hushed tones I told her to tease the hell out of him because I liked the idea of her flirting and turning him on and then her coming back to our tent to have sex while he was turning in alone. I guess maybe it's just being the male trying to out trump the other male and make him envious, because she was mine.

There was a line at the keg so it took me a few more minutes to get back to them and another song had already started. I smiled inwardly as I watched Kelly occasionally rub her ass against Jim. It was very quick and subtle, not like our earlier dancing when she said I was being over aggressive and trying to cop a feel. Kelly would steal glances at me and smile knowing she was exciting Jim as well as me.

When the song ended, Kelly came back to me and Jim said he was going for a beer. Kelly said that was fun and I said I know I was watching her tease him. She said at first she accidentally bumped her ass against him a couple of times, but after she felt his hard on she did it more and on purpose. She asked if I had liked it, and then moved her ass against me, before I could answer she felt my hard on and said I guess so...HUH.

It was around 1 AM and the band had stopped playing. It was still getting chilly in the evenings and was about 50 degrees. There was a big bonfire that everyone was migrating to with folks milling around and talking and drinking. We mingled around, with the light of the fire I noticed Kelly's nipples were hard as a rock from being cold. It is hard for a man not to notice stiff nipples, I am sure they were ogled by many and of course Jim definitely noticed.

Jim chatted Kelly up and kept her company as I mingled, and when I would approach them he'd play things cool. If Kelly moved to talk to someone, he moved right along with her as if they were there together. As I noticed Jim heading off into the woods for a leak, I made my way back to her and teased her about her loyal puppy following her along. She sighed and said he was trying to leverage himself in for a repeat. I asked if he was having any luck, she laughed and said no.

It was around 2:30 AM and everyone was checking into their tents to sleep off there buzz. Kelly and I said our goodnights and headed to ours. Poor Jim look dejected that he had not gotten further with Kelly and headed for his own empty sleeping bag. I laughed inwardly to his pitiful predicament, and pulled Kelly close as we walked away from him.

After the alcohol and the late hour, I was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to sleep. I felt obligated though to score with Kelly, knowing I would be one up on Jim................Testosterone if you're a female reading this you may not understand. We were both into it after our dirty dancing and stuff from earlier, and we were also tired. It was just plain married sex, she got one and I got one.

Morning arrived a little to early, it always seems to do that though. I laid awake and listened to the camping noises outside the tent of the others that were already up. I rolled over and discovered Kelly was already gone. I pulled my sorry ass out of the tent and like a bloodhound on a scent I searched for the bacon, I could smell frying somewhere. On my way over to Luke and Laura's campsite I saw Kelly walking down from her cousin's house with cups and a decanter of coffee. Oh and her loyal puppy behind her.

We all chatted at the picnic table over breakfast and Laura mentioned an antique store in the next town she was going to hit. Kelly loves to shop and asked if there was room, Jim spoke right up and wanted to tag along too. Plans were made, and I said not me I have worms to drowned fishing today.

Kelly and I went to the tent to change; she was already fresh from showering up at the house. I suggested she wear something sexy to tease Jim while they were out shopping. She looked at me and asked why? I snickered and said because we would be sleeping together tonight and Jim would be alone again. She told me that I was worse than a woman trying to purposely be evil to Jim. She relented and worse her tight tan cargo shorts and a low cut t shirt. The shorts she wore were tight fitting and would usually creep up and give her a camel toe and it always looked nice. Every time she wears them, she says she's going to throw them away because of that.

At 10:30 AM the minivan loaded with six bodies off they went. Me, I drowned a lot of worms but did mange to catch enough for a meal. It was well past dark before they finally got back. I met the van and loaded Kelly's purchases in the truck. Jim was rewarded with Kelly's tight ass in his face as they crawled out of the vans back row. The women talked about their buys while Luke rolled his eyes due to his henpecked day. Better him than me!!

I was sitting at the bonfire when Kelly emerged from the tent in her bikini. I asked her where she was going and said they had all decided to take a quick dip after they returned. She invited me, but I knew the water was cold from fishing earlier. The group met and off they went. I wondered if she had agreed to just tease Jim some more.

It wasn't long before I could her them hollering about how cold the water was, and I was sure glad I wasn't amongst them. Kelly came up and looked like a wet rat, her hair was wet and her mascara had run. Her nipples were as hard as they could be though. I walked over to the tent with her and while stroking her hard nipples I asked how things with Jim went. Kelly laughed at me and asked what I wanted to hear. I asked if she kept his attention, and if he liked her ass in the cargo shorts.

Kelly said he had definitely noticed the shorts once they were between her lips. He had asked her if she needed help removing them to which she laughed and said no. She also said she caught him looking down her top on several occasions and then she would smile at him. She said she was starting to enjoy playing with him and felt herself getting juicy. She had my attention now, and I asked if she let him touch her.

She said he occasionally bumped into her ass when she would be bent over looking at something, and that she could feel his big hard cock on a couple of those occasions.

Kelly said these things were done on the sly while no one was around them. She even wiggled her ass a couple of times back at him. I laughed at her and said she was bad girl, to whom she replied, yes and you like it too. She teasingly said I was even bolder in the dark backseat on the way back. My shorts were all up in me rubbing against my already wet pussy, it just felt great. Jim had stared at my camel toe earlier telling me how sexy it looked; I just left it there enjoying the added pressure. I felt Jim's hand start rubbing my bare thigh, I shouldn't have let him but I was already juicy and then his hand moved up and started rubbing the material harder against my clit.

Kelly said she was almost ready to blow when they returned back into the campground. I told her I wish you had that would have been great. She then asked did I forget to tell you that I was rubbing his boner through his jeans. She laughed and said that is why he wanted to go jump into the creek; he was all worked up and actually came in his pants. I pulled Kelly down onto the sleeping bags and attacked her; I was so hot hearing how naughty she was that I had to have her.

Kelly squirmed and rolled away from laughing and teasing me telling me I would have to wait until the other campers were asleep. I pulled my cock out to show her how hard I was and a large dollop or precum was on the head. Kelly leaned over and took me into her mouth and sucked up all that was there, leaning back she smiled and said that's it until later. What a damn tease, I could have pocked holes in steel I was so hard.

She asked if she had been naughty enough and I told her I liked how naughty she was. I told her I love you teasing him, making him boil but I am not sure I want you to allow him to score again like at the wedding a couple of years ago. She then gave me her naughty grin and asked how far should I allow him to go? Wow, that was a loaded question, I loved hearing about her with him but I am not sure she should go all the way.

Kelly grabbed my boner and whispered, come on honey I am only doing this to excite you.......................and Jim...................maybe me a little too. Kelly said well I already stroked him and got him off in his jeans and he nearly fingered me in the van and we have basically rubbed ourselves on each other dancing last night and shopping today.......................so. What if I let him dry hump me like in high school with clothes on of course? It would be as close to doing him without crossing that line. She had a point, and I agreed. As if on cue I erupted in her hand, she cooed and said what's wrong baby and I making you to excited.

I left Kelly in the tent to change out of her swimsuit; I sought out the fire and friends. Kelly arrived after a few minutes after she had dressed. The poor little thing was still cold from her dip, and even under my big sweatshirt her nips were still visible. I pulled Kelly in front of me and wrapped my arms around her and slid my hands into the pockets of her baggy sleeping pants. My sweatshirt was very long on her and with the baggy pants I was able to reach deep enough to rub her hardened little clit. She let me continue until she started to squirm, and whispered to me to quit, I did after another 15 or so seconds.

The Saturday night was winding down, the people at the fire started to dwindle. One of the younger guys lit a tater and started passing it around the fire. I haven't gotten high in years, but figured what the hell and took a deep hit, and passed it on to Kelly. She took her toke and passed it to Jim, damn when did he show up I wondered to myself. It wasn't long and it was back, and the three of us hit it again. If you remember my first story in this series I stated Kelly gets really horny with weed. I expected great things later with her flirting with Jim, me playing with her, and the weed................GREAT EXPECTATIONS!!!!

Kelly said she was going to grab some clothes and head up to her cousins for a hot shower. I watched her walk up the small hill to the house. I hung out by the fire for another 45 minutes, I then noticed that Jim had disappeared recently also. I guess I really shouldn't have been surprised............right. I decided I would go up to the house and walk back with Kelly.

I realized as I walked up to the house that I was the last one around, everyone else had hit their tents. When I got to the house all the lights were off. So where in the hell was Kelly I wondered. I walked around the house and I started hearing Kelly giggling. I snuck to the corner and peeked around to see Kelly sitting on the edge of a picnic table with Jim standing between her legs. I was probably no more then 15' from them and at an angle.

I watched as Jim tried to kiss Kelly and she turned her head and told him to be good. Not to be denied, Jim started kissing lines up and down her neck. Jim and Kelly had a year long affair some twenty years ago during her first marriage and before we had even dated. I am sure he remembered enough that her kissing her neck lights her on fire..............and being stoned too. Jim wrapped his hands around Kelly and pulled her to him and started grinding into her.

True to her word, Kelly was wearing her tight cotton sleep shorts and knowing her I was sure she was without panties. Kelly had given into the moment and was now fully lip locking with Jim. They continued kissing and grinding into each other. Kelly leaned back and supported herself while Jim ground his hard on into her barely covered muff. I knew those little shorts were very thin, she had him them for a long time and it excited me knowing that he was so close to her wet pussy.

Jim knelt down on the ground and tried to pull Kelly's shorts off. Kelly told him no, but Jim said he wanted to eat her. Kelly raised back up and said no, I can't take my shorts off. Still kneeling between her legs Jim buried his face into her barely covered cotton pussy. Kelly started squirming and again leaned back offering herself up for pleasure. As Kelly was leaning back getting her juicy Pussy eaten, she saw me watching at the corner and winked at me and smiled. Upon seeing me she spread her legs wider and grabbed Jim by the back of his head and ground herself into his mouth.

As hot as it was watching Kelly being bad, I knew Jim had to be harder than a rail spike...........Lord knows I sure was. I somewhat worried about how far he would push her, and how far she would go, and maybe how far I would allow them to go. I can only be pushed so far, and then I will roughly drag her down and take her pussy. With these things running through my mind I noticed Jim had his cock out and was stroking it while he ate Kelly to her first orgasm. I hate to admit it but, he was longer than me by a couple of inches in length and quite thicker with a sizeable head.

As Kelly finished her first orgasm Jim took a break from eating her and wormed his finger back and forth between her cotton covered thick juicy pussy lips. Jim then assaulted her again with his mouth while he rubbed his finger into her cotton covered opening. Kelly comes easily after her first orgasm so I knew it wouldn't be long before she hit her next peak. She hit her peak for the second time and had to lie back as she received another orgasm from Jim. He then started rubbing his finger between her lips again as she rolled through it. I could almost swear his finger was inside her, but that was impossible, she still had her shorts on.

Jim rose up with his cock dangling out and started grinding in into Kelly's juicy fat lipped pussy. She rose back up and started kissing him and licking her juices off his face. I knew she was hot, from both being stoned and from all of Jim's oral ministrations. Kelly reached down and grabbed his cock and started rubbing it back and forth through her lips, the slide was made easy as her shorts were soaked from he juices and Jim's mouth.

Jim took his cock from her and started doing the sliding back and forth. He would also raise it up smack it on her engorged clit which received deep moans from Kelly. Knowing how fucking hard I was, I couldn't imagine how Jim was taking all of this and just not outright raping her. Jim would grind his dick into for a bit and then slide it back and forth from her anus all the way back to her clit. I don't believe Kelly could have spread her legs any wider also. I knew from experience that Kelly would have sold her soul to the devil right now to have taken his fat cock deep into her juicy pussy and let him ride her for all he was worth.

Jim may have had a plan as to how things were going to work out, by eating her and rubbing his finger through her lips I wondered if he was trying to make a hole in her thin shorts to make an entrance, after all I could have sworn I saw his finger in her earlier. I reassured myself that she purposely left her shorts on so she would be alright, and I would receive the rewards later that he was being denied.

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