tagIncest/TabooKelly: The Stepsister

Kelly: The Stepsister


He'd never seen her so drunk before. He knew she liked to drink when she went out but this was different; she couldn't even walk. In the state she was in she'd never make it home on her own especially in a town she didn't know; he'd have to walk her back.

* * * * *

Although Kelly was his step sister, Rick still fancied her. Well who wouldn't? She was blonde, had a beautiful body, and most of all had a fabulous pair of tits (which Rick had always wanted to get his hands on!) They were the same age at 18, born 3 months apart, but had never really shared any kind of friendship. The only draw back was her father. Since marrying Rick's mum 3 years ago he'd taken a disliking to Rick which had meant Rick had to move away.

Now though it seemed Rick was doing his step-dad a favour. They were all on holiday in a small, quiet village in Greece, and Kelly had drunk herself silly on vodka and coke, Malibu and coke, more vodka and coke, some alcopops and god knows what else the guys at the bar had been buying her. So it seemed Rick was the one who had to take care of her by getting her home, much to the protest of the rest of the bar, who clearly thought she was an easy target.

Rick watched her as she downed a shot of something or other and got off with one of the younger guys at the bar, squeezed her breasts together to show off her cleavage; (not that it wasn't already exposed, in what could be the smallest top Rick had ever seen) whipped up her skirt showing a tiny black pair of French knickers, to whoops and cheers from the crowd of men, staggered towards Rick and fell out of the doorway.

"I sh-hink I'm drunk..." she slurred as Rick hauled her up off the pavement "we're not goin back jush-yet, you sh... you sh-come to another bar"

Rick just agreed and said he'd take her to a nice comfy bar with sofa's and a bed.

* * * * *

They passed their parents on the way up the hill back to the apartment and it seemed they were having a pretty good time too, and had drunk a bit too much themselves. Rick assured them he would look after Kelly and make sure she got to bed alright before settling down himself.

The apartments were set apart from each other, with Rick and Kelly sharing one 2 bed apartment and their parents sharing a single roomer. As they reached the door Rick realised he had either lost his key in town or left it in the apartment all together. He asked Kelly if she had her key to which she slurred something about the doorbell and called him a wanker before reaching into her bag and rummaging for her key. Rick watched in fascination as she dove through the tiny little bag throwing make-up, clothing, phone cards, condoms and finally her key out onto the doorstep muttering something to herself the whole time. Opening the door to let them in, Rick cringed as she bent to pick them up, and toppled over leaving herself sprawled out on the threshold He took a sneaky look at her breasts as the left one slipped slyly out of its nylon cup showing the top of a dark pink nipple before offering his hand to pull her up. It was only as she drunkenly brushed her hand over his groin that he noticed his rising erection beginning to make a little tent in his tourist style Hawaii surf shorts. As if she were reading his mind she gave him a kinky look and pulled the blue floral bra back over her breast before staggering into the entrance hall of the apartment.

Rick went to the fridge and pulled out a beer. Corona, his favourite, thankfully they stocked the major brands in Greece along with the homemade rubbish. He was stopped midway through opening the bottle by a crash coming from his own bedroom, and then drunken sobbing to follow. Making his way across the hall he opened the beer and took a large swig before placing the bottle on the dining table and entering the bedroom.

Finding Kelly in his bedroom would have been a treat for any man, but in the state that Rick found her in, this was any mans dream. She had been trying to get some nightclothes out of the only wardrobe in the apartment, slipped and taken the whole rail down with her, she told him. Now she lay topless on his bed with one hand holding her skirt together and the other holding a few of Rick's shirts, torn out of the wardrobe. Seemingly not noticing that she had her stunning breasts on full display, she handed him his shirts and smiled as she let her skirt drop so that she was wearing just the black French knickers he had seen earlier in the bar. Looking her up and down, Rick made a mental note that she looked a size 8 or 10, and while short at about 5' 5" she was very well stacked and must have been a C if not a D cup, with full on dark pink nipples, larger than he'd ever seen on any girl he'd been with. Her breasts didn't sag, nor were they pointing out at him horizontally, they hung just nicely and he imagined them swinging as he penetrated her from behind...

Shattering his thought in an instant, Kelly banged her head hard on the wardrobe door, and cursed as she fell back yet again onto his bed, this time with legs spread and sporting just the bottom half of her underwear. Rick asked if she was ok, and when she replied that she felt dizzy and queasy he went to fetch her a glass of water. If he wasn't prepared to have seen her topless, he certainly wasn't prepared to see her as she was now. Standing in the doorway, his jaw dropped as he watched her slip her French knickers off and stand in front of the full length mirror and inspect the bump on her head before turning to him and asking "Do I look fh.. fat to sh-you?"

Rick was speechless. Standing here in front of him was his totally hot stepsister naked as the day she was born asking if she looked fat. His gaze drifted from her awesome tits, sitting there just asking to be touched; down her flat stomach to her pussy, shaved apart from a little landing strip; and back up to meet her eyes, and said "No, you look gorgeous...."

With that Kelly smiled, and let out a little giggle before walking over to Rick, and, taking the glass of water in one hand, she grabbed a handful of Rick's now fully erect penis with the other and bit her lip seductively. "Wha-s down here then?" she asked before taking a gulp of water and setting the glass down on the dressing table. Before Rick even had time to think of an answer she had his shorts round his ankles and his boxers undone, feeling her way through to his throbbing cock. Gasping as Kelly's cold hands gripped his dick, Rick watched open mouthed as she expertly took it out of his boxers and sat back, just watching it throb. While not big in length, his cock had a good thickness to it, which girls seemed to like. And it seemed Kelly liked it too, as she started slowly rubbing her clit, and was grinning like a Cheshire cat. Rick slipped his boxers off, and then his t-shirt, revealing what wasn't quite a six pack, more of a keg, from too many takeaways and lack of exercise.

Rick moved over to the bed, and lay down so he could still see Kelly working her clit, and started slowly stroking his cock as she watched. Without a word, Kelly got up off the floor and joined Rick on the bed, sitting next to him, and with finger still working her pussy, she kissed him on the lips, letting her tongue slide into his mouth. Rick responded and kissed her straight back, holding her head as their tongues danced together. His hand slipped gently up her body to her breasts, and he caressed her nipples between his fingers, making Kelly gasp in pleasure. She took her hand from her pussy and brought it to her mouth where she licked her juices off her fingers before bringing it back down onto Rick's cock and circling the end, and stroking him up and down.

There was nothing Rick liked more than a good blow job, and the one Kelly was about to give him would blow his mind. She slid down his body caressing his balls with her fingers, and popped his erection into her mouth. With her lips wrapped around his cock, she slid a finger into her dripping pussy, before probing Rick's anus with it. Much to his surprise, Rick found himself really enjoying this as she stuck her finger further and further inside him.

She positioned herself carefully and slid his entire length into her mouth, deepthroating him like a pro and when she found his g spot with her finger, he cried out as he came hard into her mouth, and then as she pulled away, the rest ended up covering her boobs. Kelly swallowed what sperm had made it into her mouth, and moved to kiss Rick. He tasted his own juices, mixed with the vodka Kelly had drunk earlier, as he slid his fingers inside her, feeling the walls of her pussy tighten as she gasped and moaned. His left hand had made it back to her breast, squeezing carefully, and pinching the nipple softly between his fingers as his right hand worked her swollen clit till he thought Kelly was going to explode. As she started writhing in pleasure from Rick's finger caressing her clit, Kelly moaned and clutched at Rick's flesh and he rubbed her harder and faster than before. Oozing with pussy juices, Kelly screamed out in pleasure as she came so hard she let out a little squirt from her moist vagina not once, but twice in a row.

As Rick came to a stop Kelly lay flat and her eyes rolled back in her head as she gasped "that was amazing..."

With that, Rick slid down Kelly's sweat soaked body and let his mouth rest on her moist pussy where he ran his tongue gently up her thighs and then carefully up between her pussy lips before tonguing her clit while he inserted 2 fingers inside her. This obviously got Kelly going as she held his head tightly against her pussy as Rick danced his tongue over her clit, which was bulging out from underneath its sheath begging for more attention. Once again she came hard, squirting a little fluid this time into Rick's face, as he opened his mouth wide to try and catch some of her nectar.

By now Rick was fully hard again and he climbed back onto the bed, erection at full mast, and guided Kelly's hand to it. To his surprise she climbed immediately on top of him, and guided his cock straight to her dripping wet pussy. Kelly eased his cock straight inside her, and moaned as she slid up and down his length. The tip of Rick's cock rubbed on her pussy walls and was driving him crazy. He grabbed hold of her sides and rolled her onto her knees, where he re-enacted his fantasy, and drove his throbbing dick into her moist pussy over and over again. The mirror on the dressing table was positioned well and gave Rick the view he had been waiting for. Kelly's tits were swaying with his movements and as she gasped and moaned he leant over to hold onto one, while stroking her clit with the other. She bucked against him as she came, one loud moan echoing through the apartment, followed by a grunt from Rick as he came hard inside her.

With his juices dripping out of Kelly's pussy, Rick rolled onto his back and gasped in amazement. He had just come inside his stepsister and she was now running her fingers up and down her pussy lips, and moving them to her mouth to suck his juices off them.

Rick's hot come dripped onto the bed as Kelly fell into a deep sleep, her hands to her side, and her breasts and pussy all on show. Rick felt he needed to capture this moment, so, grabbing his mobile phone, he took a photo of Kelly in this position before covering her up and getting some shut eye himself. He really hoped this wasn't the last time he would see Kelly like this...

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