tagGroup SexKelsey's World Ch. 20

Kelsey's World Ch. 20


Kelsey found herself in a bit of a predicament. Her matchmaking instincts wanted to see Barbara and Koop together, but a relationship hadn't blossomed. Instead, Barbara was hot and heavy with Koop's teenaged neighbor, and worse, Koop didn't know about it. He knew Richie and Kelsey got together occasionally, but he didn't have a clue about the Richie/Barbara thing. Richie was in the dark, too — he didn't know Koop and Barb had gotten together at Kelsey's party. It was a sticky situation for Kelsey. She didn't want Richie's feelings to get hurt, but she also knew it would be good for him to get used to the idea that Barb enjoyed some variety in her love life.

The answer, in Kelsey's oversexed mind, was getting the three of them together. A threeway would be perfect, but she knew it probably wouldn't happen on its own. She needed to be the catalyst.

She thought about the different possibilities. Having Barbara come along to watch Richie shoot bikini pictures at Koop's shop would be fun, but she was pretty sure Koop wouldn't let a wild orgy happen in his office. Something at Kelsey's house seemed the most doable. Another round of Richie shooting pin-up style photos of Barbara, maybe, and Kelsey would get Koop there somehow, and he'd watch. She liked that idea, but first she had to lay some groundwork.

Word had gotten around about the young photographers. Kelsey's friend Sarah wanted to do a session and give the photos to her boyfriend Donny as a gift. Erin was busy with a school project, so Richie did it on his own. Sarah agreed to pay him two-hundred dollars for five nice prints, a good deal for all involved.

Sarah and Donny had been at Richie's eighteenth birthday party. All the girls had fucked Richie that night, so she knew the boy intimately. They were getting to know each other again over a beer in Kelsey's kitchen when Austin showed up unexpectedly. It was like a nice little reunion. When the conversation turned to photography, Kelsey showed Sarah the framed photo of her nice sixty-nine with Barbara, and put a stack of unframed prints on the kitchen table.

"Austin, Honey, I wanna show her the rest of your mom's. Is that all right?"

"Yeah. I don't think Mom would mind," he said.

Kelsey smiled. She'd asked because the last time the pictures were discussed Austin didn't want to see them, but this time he looked much more curious.

"So, this first bunch is of Austin's mom Barbara," Kelsey said to Sarah. "Richie didn't take all of them, but, they'll give you a good idea what he and Erin can do."

Sarah picked up the first enlargement, giving it a long, careful look. Instead of setting it down she handed it off to Austin. She started working her way through the pile, handing Austin each print after she'd studied it. Kelsey was delighted that he willingly took each one, giving them as much attention as Sarah had done, although, with a different look in his eyes.

"Your mom's really sexy," Sarah said. She glanced at Austin. "I guess I shoulda known."

"She's super sexy!" Kelsey said. "And she's makin' up for lost time, too. I love it when older women reconnect with havin' fun."

The first few images were the Playboy pin-up type shots. Kelsey smiled and her eyes sparkled with excitement as she watched Austin take them all in. Sarah was taking quite a bit of time with each image, which gave Austin time to linger.

The next few were of Barbara with Kelsey — a shot of a sensual mouth on a soft tit, a close-up of pussy licking, and a different view of the sixty-nine that better showed Barbara's beautiful pendulous tits.

"These are hot!" Sarah said quietly.

The first of the fuck shots was next — Richie with all his youthful enthusiasm on display as he pummeled an excited looking Barbara for the first time.

"That was Richie's first time with an older woman," Kelsey smiled.

"Jesus!" Sarah said. "I guess he liked it!"

"It was super hot, you guys," Kelsey said.

She looked at Richie and smiled when she saw him blushing. He wasn't sure what to think, having Barbara's son, a guy he looked up to, looking at images of him fucking his mother that way. The fact that Erin's photos really captured the intensity of the moment made it even more awkward.

Sarah handed off picture after picture to Austin, giving him plenty of time to absorb them, ending with two blowjob images, the last one a close in shot of Barbara's face — her lusty eyes were half-lidded and saliva drooled from her mouth as she hungrily swallowed Richie's young cock.

"Fffuuckk!" Sarah said quietly.

Kelsey had become increasingly turned on as she watched Sarah and Austin's reactions to the photos. Being the only naked person in the room edged her that way, too — she loved it when naturism morphed into exhibitionism. She could tell Austin was turned on — there was never room in his pants for his big cock when he was hard. Her instinct was to say something about it: 'Your mom make you hard, Honey?' or something like that, but she held her tongue, giving him time to process things. A hot kiss and some tit play seemed like it might be good, so she straddled him on the kitchen chair, kissing him with his head in her hands. When their warm lips parted she guided his head to her tits as the big, hard-nippled things thrusted out toward him.

Richie's gear bag was at his feet. He scooped out his camera and started shooting. Sarah was fascinated. She'd always been easily mesmerized by Kelsey's body, but seeing Richie leap into action to capture the sexuality on display was exciting, too.

"Barbara makes everybody hot," Kelsey sighed. Austin was devouring her tits, getting out some of what was smoldering inside him. "She was at one of the parties at my mom and dad's house, you know. She was the main attraction, all strapped into a sex swing that she couldn't get out of. Everybody fucked her that night. It was unbelievable how many super hot orgasms she had."

Austin moaned as his ravenous mouth devoured Kelsey's tits. Her story was meant for Richie, but it was really getting to Austin.

"Tyler was there, Sarah. He's known Barbara since he was little. It was crazy hot when they got together."

"Really?" Sarah said. "Holy shit, that must have been..."

"Yeah. It was wicked," Kelsey said. "He ate her pussy when it was all sloppy with cum. Koop and my dad fucked her a whole bunch, too."

Richie stopped moving and took the camera away from his eye. "Koop was there?"

"Oh, yeah, I guess I shouldn't have said that. You can keep a secret, right?"

"Oh, yeah. Sure," Richie said.

Kelsey smiled mischievously. She held Austin's head in her hands, pulling his mouth away from her tits, up to her lips. Another hot kiss ended things. "You ready to be the center of attention, Sarah?" she said.

Sarah was.

The next evening Barbara was in her short, leopard-print kimono robe again, looking impossibly leggy as usual. She'd gotten used to the luxurious feeling of slippery satin against her bare tits, so she upped the ante and was pantyless too.

A quick trip to the garage with a bag of trash gave her the opportunity to show off a little. The overhead door was open. She heard her next door neighbor mowing his front lawn, so she went to the back of her car and opened the hatch. She pretended to do something inside it until she was sure the man had seen her. She closed the hatch, turned and waved, and scurried back to her kitchen.

Austin arrived home from work soon after. They sat in front of the television and ate Chinese take-out, watching another old episode of True Blood.

"Why do we watch this?" Barbara asked, cringing at a particularly bloody scene.

Austin smiled as he chewed. "Because they take off their clothes a lot?"

Barbara giggled. "Are we that shallow?"

"No. We're that horny." Austin ate a few more forkfuls of food. "I saw the rest of the pictures. At Kelsey's."

Barbara swallowed hard. "Mine?"

"Yeah. They're really good, Mom."

Barbara smiled. "Really good? Coming from my son, I'm not quite sure what that means."

"It means they're cool. I'm glad you're having fun like that. Did you and dad...do that kinda stuff?"

"Take pictures of each other?"

"No...the sex."

"We had you, didn't we?" she smiled.

"No, like, oral and...different positions and stuff."

Barbara's mind flashed to some of the photos Richie had probably seen — the incredibly erotic one of her messy, drooly blowjob, and the wicked hot doggie-style with her screaming face down on the mattress. "Sure, Sweetheart. We had a healthy sex life."

"You must have really missed it, for all those years after he left."

Barbara smiled lovingly at her sweet boy. "I did. I guess...I'm catching up. Nothing against your father, but, it's better now. It all feels way beyond what it used to be. It's hard to put into words."

Austin nodded and ate another forkful of food. His mother was a forty-eight-year-old hottie who loved sex. He was getting used to it.

The next day, Kelsey drove over to Koop's shop after work, hoping to find him there so she could work on phase two of her plan. She'd have to tell some lies, but she was sure she'd be able to smooth it over with everyone when the time came.

"Hi Koop!" she said brightly when she walked in.

He was working on an engine teardown, his hands and forearms black with grease. "Hi, Kiddo. It's good to see you."

"Did Happy go home already?" she asked.

"Yeah. Hot date with Sharron, I think."

"Cool! I love that!"

"He does too. You turned his life right around. So what brings you by? Old Red runnin' all right?"

"Oh, yeah. It's runnin' great. I just wanted to say high to you guys."

"Well, there's nothin' we like better than havin' you stop by."

"So whatcha doin'? You look really sexy all greased up like that."

Koop laughed. "Rebuild on a sixty-seven. I thought we could get away with it, but I hate sellin' 'em if they're not right."

"Have you talked to Richie lately? Did he tell you what he's been doing at my house?"

"Jesus, Kelsey. Why would he tell me that?"

"No, I don't mean fucking. He and a friend of his from school, they set up a photo studio in my basement. They're doin' nudes and stuff."

"Jesus, Kelsey. I swear to God, his parents are gonna kill me when they find out I'm behind all this."

"So anyway, Richie had this idea for some stuff he'd like to do. It's like real arty and stuff. He wants an older couple, the guy, like, standing behind the woman with his arms around her. But he wants it to be nice tattooed arms."

Koop suddenly realized what Kelsey was getting at. "Oh, no! You're not gettin' me in front of a camera!"

"Barbara already said she'd do it."

"Barbara? Really?"

"Yeah. She posed for them already."

"Shit!" Koop said quietly.

"They're not showin' faces for the school project pictures, it's just closer up stuff. I told Barbara I'd ask you. She looked happy about it."


"Yeah! Come on, it'll be fun. I'll get in the pictures, too. How can you resist havin' your arms around two naked women?"

It turns out Koop couldn't. Against his better judgement, he agreed to the crazy idea. Saying no to Kelsey didn't seem to be possible.

"Yay!" Kelsey smiled. "Now we gotta celebrate!"

She started unbuttoning the clothes she'd worn to work, stripping out of them one piece at a time. Koop looked on, mesmerized. He picked up a shop rag to wipe off his hands, but Kelsey stopped him, shaking her head.

"Leave 'em greasy. Want me to lock the door, Honey?" she asked.

Koop nodded. Her naked body always left him speechless at first. Kelsey's ass wiggled as she walked away. She locked the front door and she returned, big tits swaying. She walked right up to Koop, unbuttoned his work shirt, and unfastened his pants. She pulled them down and inhaled his cock. He didn't want to touch her with his filthy hands, so he stood there, arms at his sides as Kelsey deep-throated him. She loved the gravely groan if forced out of him.

Before too much time had passed, Koop was close to cumming. Kelsey smiled at him, got up, stood on a metal tool box to get her ass at the right height and leaned on the grimy workbench, sticking her ass out for her lover. The smell of decades old grease thrilled her.

"Put your hands on me," she purred. "Make me your dirty shop girl."

Kelsey moaned when she felt the slipperiness of Koop's black-grease hands on her hips. She looked back at him with a sexy, open-mouthed smile when his cock found her pussy all on its own.

"Fuck me!" she grunted when he thrusted hard into her. "Oh yeah! Fuck me!"

His hands went to her little waist, and then under, gathering up her swinging tits.

"Oh, fuck yeah!" she sighed, looking down at the greasy streaks of filth all over her. Koop fucked her hard. His hands felt like magic on her tits, slippery and rough all at the same time.

Koop's dream was in his dirty hands, and it was too much for him. "I'm cummin' Kel!"

She reached between her legs for her trigger and came right along with him. It was grunty and primal and Kelsey loved it. She loved being a dirty girl.

When it was over she stepped off the toolbox, her bare feet almost slipping on the oily floor. She gobbled up Koop's still throbbing cock, sucking him clean.

"You like your dirty shop girl?" she asked, her big pale-blue eyes looking up at him.

Koop was still speechless. Kelsey smiled at the look on his face. He wanted to hold her head in his hands, but he didn't want to dirty her shiny red hair.

"God, Kelsey," he said. "You're unbelievable."

The lights were on and aimed. Erin's camera was at her eye, clicking away.

"Oh, ffuuckk!" Barbara groaned, looking at the camera as Richie's cock sunk into her from behind. "Is it sick that I love this so much?"

"It's awesome, Honey," Kelsey said. "I'll bet none of your friends have such fun hobbies."

Barbara laughed. She was sure Kelsey was right.

A little while later, when Erin's camera was zoomed in on a leg-in-the-air spoon fuck that left nothing to the imagination about Barbara's pussy, Kelsey checked the time on her phone and broke the news that Koop was coming.

"What?" Richie gasped in mid-thrust. He pulled out, looking shocked. "Koop?"

"Kelsey, you devious little shit!" Barbara said, only half kiddingly.

"I had this idea for a picture," Kelsey said. "Koop's tattooed arms wrapped around Barbara from behind, with her nice tits sorta on them. You know what I mean?"

"Sounds awesome," Erin said. "What kinda ink's he got?"

"It's old school stuff," Kelsey said. "It's really sexy."

"Do I get a say in this?" Barbara asked as she sat up.

Richie had already retreated to his clothing. As he got dressed they all heard a loud knock on the front door.

"He's here," Kelsey said. "Make him think you want him here, otherwise you'll hurt his feelings."

Kelsey scampered off up the stairs to greet Koop.

"Why do I feel like we've all been played?" Barbara said.

"Do you want your clothes?" Erin asked her.

"Just the bra and panties I guess. He already thinks I'm a slut. I may as well go with it."

Erin handed them to her. Barb was covered up just as Kelsey brought Koop down the stairs.

"Erin, this is our friend Koop," Kelsey said.

"Hi, Erin," he said. "Hi Barbara, It's good to see you again. Richie, how's it goin'?"

Barbara smiled shyly. "Hi Koop. It's good to see you, too. I guess you know what I do in my spare time now."

He smiled shyly, too. "I guess it's sort of a modern version of helping kids with their homework."

Barbara looked confused.

"I think it's cool that you can do nudes for college photography," Kelsey said.

"Oh, yes," Barbara said. "It is, isn't it."

"So Koop's here to do some of those tattooed arms pictures we were all talking about," Kelsey said.

"Cool, yeah," Erin said to him. "I like your ink."

While Erin and Koop talked tattoos, Kelsey sat with Barbara and hugged her.

"I love you Barbara," she said.

Barbara smiled. "You little shit!" she whispered. "We'll talk later."

"Koop, you wanna beer, Honey?" Kelsey asked.


"Richie, wanna help me get some?" Kelsey asked. He followed her up to the kitchen.

"You're awful quiet, Honey," she said as she took bottles out of the refrigerator. "You okay?"


"He's just another guy, you know. Same as Austin or Donny. When you're older you'll be just as horny as you are now."

"You think he's gonna..."

"I'm hoping, Honey. You know how much fun it is when we get a group together. Koop and Barbara like fuckin' each other, and Erin's into tattooed guys. She'd love a fun time with an older guy, I bet. Sounds good, right?"

Richie couldn't resist Kelsey's smile. She could tell the hard work was done.

"So, Koop's gonna feel awkward around you, 'cause you're his neighbor and everything," Kelsey said. "We'll have to sorta ease him into it, okay?"

Richie smiled and nodded. Not only had Kelsey gotten him used to the idea of Koop and Barbara, she'd recruited him into helping to kick things up a notch.

Back downstairs, Kelsey and Richie handed out the bottles of beer. Everyone chatted for a while. The mood was relaxed until it was time for Koop to bare some skin.

"Leave your jeans on to start," Kelsey said. "You can hold Barbara with her undies on."

"Oh. Okay," Koop said.

Taking his jeans off wasn't something he thought he'd have to do, so he was glad to ease into things a little at a time. He pulled his t-shirt over his head. Kelsey swooped in to finger his hair back into place.

"What do you think Erin?" she said running her hands over the tattoos on Koop's shoulders and chest. "Pretty hot, huh?"

"Nice," Erin said. Her sweet, shy, sexy little smile gave away her increasingly lusty thoughts.

Kelsey smiled at her. She knew she'd be able to make Erin's dream come true.

"What do you think of havin' 'em in front of this concrete wall, you guys?" she said, scurrying her wiggly little ass over to demonstrate. "Come here, Barb."

Barbara got up off the cushions in front of the lights. Her pussy felt nice — wet, with that sort of full but not full feel from having Richie in her so recently.

"Koop, come and put your arms around her," Kelsey said

Erin and Richie sprung into action, dragging the light stands over to the new location. They adjusted things and picked up their cameras. Kelsey posed the models.

"Have you ever done anything like this?" Barbara asked Koop as Kelsey folded his arms around her from behind.

"Nope. My life's been full of first times since Kelsey walked through my door."

Barb smiled knowingly. She looked down and watched as her bra covered breasts were placed perfectly on Koop's forearms.

"They look super sexy," Kelsey said, giving one a little squeeze before retreating behind the cameras. Barb giggled a little.

The flurry of shutter clicks from the two cameras startled Koop. Richie put his down and adjusted the lights some more, moving them and dimming them, guided by Erin's instruction.

When things were rolling, the atmosphere was softly lit and quiet. Cameras clicked. Kelsey moved silently in the dim light, watching intently, her naked body punctuating the sexy mood.

Before long Barbara's bra came off. Kelsey was put in charge of nipple pinching, to keep them hard and sexy looking. Barbara giggled each time she did it.

Barb's panties were the next thing to go, and then Kelsey joined in, leaning tight against Barbara so Koop could get his arms around both of his favorite sexy girls.

Kelsey's hand gave Koop's cock a squeeze through his jeans, and then, a few moments later, she went back for another squeeze and just left it there, delighting in the hard, warm man-meat she could feel.

"Time for all of us naked?" she asked the photographers.

"Yup," Erin said quickly, before Koop could object.

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