tagGroup SexKelsey's World Ch. 21

Kelsey's World Ch. 21


Kelsey was in the mood for a party, so she sat down with the girls and did a little planning.

"You guys, Margie texted me last week. She wanted to know if they could bring another couple with them next time we did something here. Wanna do it this weekend?"

"Cool," Brie said. "Do you know them?"

"No, but I trust Margie. She's cool. She knows what'll work."

Charity smiled a little. It was a mysterious smile, the result of her sex-crazed mind wondering about the unknown people. Wouldn't it be fun if they were people she'd seen somewhere, she thought? People from church, or parents from the school? She thought about how fun it would be to be the first girl with the new guy, to sort of break him in.

"So, we should have Richie and Abby and Austin," Kelsey said. "How about Barbara? She'd think Ryan's hot, I think."

"Yeah, totally," Brie said. "Do you think Austin'll be okay with it? He was a little freaked at that party at your mom's that Barb was at."

"He's way more okay with it now," Kelsey said. "He looked at all her pictures the other day, when Sarah was here."

"Did he?" Brie said, looking happily surprised.

"A lotta mommy and daddy shit goin' on around this town lately," Kelsey kidded. "Charity, do you think your dad's got a big cock?"

Charity hacked out a sudden, nervous cough, almost choking. Kelsey giggled.

"My father is the least sexiest person in the whole world," Charity insisted.

"I believe you, Honey," Kelsey chuckled. "I believe you. Maybe that's why you like fucking my daddy, and Brie's daddy, and all their daddy friends."

Charity looked horrified again. Kelsey laughed.

"I'm just bustin' your balls, Honey," she said. "We all like the older guys. It works both ways, anyway. Look at Richie and Barbara, and Austin and my mom."

"Yeah," Charity said. She smiled a little bit when she thought of how fun it was to break those generational barriers.

"So, with Margie and Ryan and their friends, that's only, what, four guys for seven girls, right?" Kelsey said. "That's cool, I like girls as much as anyone, but one or two more fun guys'd be nice, especially for Margie and the new girl she's bringing."

"Josh would be fun," Brie said. "Barb hasn't met him. Remember how Sharron liked him? He's, like, real eye candy for older women I think.

"Totally!" Kelsey said. "He and Sharron both still talk about the anal they did together."

Charity looked fascinated by the planning. It was like choosing fantastic food from a great restaurant's menu.

"So, yeah, with that big cock of his Josh'll count for, like, two guys," Kelsey said. "So we're all set then. Party Saturday night!"

Margie snuggled against Ryan's warm body in the dark of the early morning. She needed to get up to tend to the goats that provided the milk for the cheese she made, but she lingered longer than usual in the comfortable bed.

"I don't know about you, but my mood swings have been pretty extreme the last few days," she said.

Ryan rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. "How come? Is everything all right?"

"How come?" Margie said, propping herself up on her elbow. "I know you're not that dense. We're taking our friends to an orgy tonight, remember?"

Ryan smiled, brightening his tired looking face.

"Are we insane?" Margie said.

"All you gotta do is think back to how it went last time," Ryan said. "We both thought it was pretty great, right?"

"Well yeah, I mean...it was amazing. But Alicia and Joey...are we nuts to do this with them?"

"I'm gonna leave that call up to you. You're the woman. Guys are different."


"Meaning we think about it more, I guess."

"Getting with Alicia, you mean?"

"No, it's not about her. Just, sex in general I think. Men are more willing."

"Tell that to the three oversexed hotties that live next door."

"Yeah, well, we just got lucky, didn't we?" Ryan smiled. "Think of all the boredom we're missing out on."

"I guess that's one way of looking at it," Margie said, finally extricating herself from the warm bed. "I just hope we don't look back on this and wonder why we did it."

"Have you talked to her?"

"Alicia? Yeah. We're both pretty nervous, but, they both seem to be into it, so..."

"Let's just let whatever happens happen," Ryan said. "It worked pretty good last time, right?"

"It's fuckin' nuts, I tell 'ya," Margie said as she disappeared into the bathroom. "Fuckin' nuts."

Alicia dealt with her nerves a different way — she didn't talk about it. She and Joey spent the crisp, early autumn Saturday together, at the farmer's market and a trio of antique stores they liked. Alicia was clingier than usual, holding Joey's arm when they walked, kissing him often with little pecks on the cheek. They were a loving couple, so it wasn't too unusual, but Alicia was definitely in an 'I love my husband' mood that day.

Joey could sense the vibe. He just let it flow, not wanting to jinx his chance at his first orgy by talking about it. He was amazed that Alicia had agreed to go. It wasn't like her, but the fact that Margie had already experienced a similar evening was too much for Alicia — she felt a powerful desire to see what it was all about. It was one of those "If Margie can do it I can too" kind of things, but it left Alicia nervous and confused as she wondered about the unknown.

When party time rolled around, Kelsey's bright face and sparkling personality calmed a few nerves, but elevated others.

"Hi you guys! I'm so glad you're here!"

Joey was standing behind Margie and Ryan when Kelsey answered the door, but he had a plenty good view of her and almost lost his mind. Margie had said the new tenants were smokin' hot young women, but it didn't prepare him for the sight of Kelsey, standing there in a fuck-me dress and tall high heels. The dress's emerald green color set off her short red hair, and barely contained her fathomless cleavage.

"Margie! You look sooo good!" Kelsey said. "And you must be Alicia. I love your dress, Honey."

Alicia was as stunned as Joey. Kelsey was just too much to take in, so ridiculously beyond her in sex appeal, she wondered if she should turn and run, dragging Joey by the hand. That's when she saw Austin.

He walked over and greeted Margie and Ryan. Margie hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. Alicia's heart was thumping when she put two and two together — he was the best looking twenty-something guy she'd ever seen, and Margie had fucked him!

"These are our friends Alicia and Joey," Margie said, making the formal introductions.

Alicia almost melted when Austin took her hand for a soft handshake. His eyes looked deep into her, in the most astonishing way.

Brie and Charity scampered over, Brie in a plunging neckline cocktail dress and bare feet, and Charity in a new lingerie set — an unlined lace bra and panties with glimpses of her femininity showing through, and a garter belt, shear hose and high heels. She felt wonderfully wicked being the first girl in her undies, and especially so when she greeted the unknown people at the door.

The new guests spilled into the barely simmering party. Richie and Abby were already there, Abby dressed super cute and looking very young in a little dress she'd worn to prom. Josh was already there, too.

Alicia was surprised by the youthfulness of the assemblage. For some reason she had assumed the young men wouldn't be quite so young. She'd pictured twenty-something women with older lovers, more experienced men that had lured them into the hedonistic lifestyle. But that thinking had been all wrong — they were all just college-aged kids who liked to party. She suddenly felt very old.

Barbara was the last to arrive, and Alicia was glad to see her. Finally, someone older! Did she bring a man with her? No? Oh my gosh, she knows all these kids! They're like best friends! Do they all fuck her?

Margie was having some of the same thoughts, fascinated by how naturally sexy a women in her late forties could be, and even more fascinated when she learned Barbara was Austin's mother. That was just plain insanity, she thought, but she had to admit it was strangely arousing.

Ryan and Joey were quietly thrilled. The smorgasbord of sexy females was off the charts — everything from a busty, leggy, broadly smiling woman in her late forties, to a cutely nervous high school prom girl who they hoped was really of legal age. In between were Kelsey, Brie and Charity, all three of whom seemed to ooze sexuality from their very pores. For Ryan and Joey it was all a crazy fantasy in real-life flesh and blood. And that didn't even take into account their own female better-halves, who they'd both secretly fantasized about for years.

Before the party, Charity had day dreamed about what Joey might be like. He turned out to be very different, but she wasn't disappointed. Mid thirties and swarthy, with a thick, muscular body. His dark eyes had a glint in them that made her think of gladiators. Or a pirate, maybe.

She moved in on him gently, striking up a conversation with him and Alicia. It started out slowly, with talk about the farmland that Margie and Ryan tended out behind the house, and what it was like to live there. It struck Alicia as odd to be standing there chatting so casually with a hard-nippled girl in see-through underwear.

"So, what do you do, Charity, if you don't mind me asking," Alicia said.

"Oh. I'm, uh..." Charity said. "Sorry, I just...did Kelsey talk to you about...keeping things to yourself? Some of us have jobs that we...well, we don't want it getting around about parties like this."

"Oh, of course!" Alicia said. "Yeah, I guess we don't want that kind of thing either."

"Good. Yeah, I thought you guys looked cool," Charity said. "So, Brie and I are both school teachers."

"No way!" Alicia said. "I'm a high school guidance counselor."

"Oh my gosh, at Hillydale?" Charity asked.

"No, St. Cecilia's. You'll keep my secret, too, right?"

"Yes, of course!" Charity said, smiling at the little sisterhood that was building. "Oh my gosh, how do you stand being around all those cute high school boys? I mean, look at Richie. He's just so cute I can't stand it."

Alicia had already thought about how much Richie reminded her of the boys at school. "How old is he," she asked.

"Eighteen," Charity said. "Kelsey took him under her wing, and made him, like, an apprentice or something, and then Barbara took over. He really knows what he's doing."

"You mean...sexually?" Alicia asked.

"Yup. He'll make you cum wicked."

Joey was standing silently, letting the girls gab. His excitement ticked up a whole bunch of notches when the conversation turned to sex. He could tell it was really getting to Alicia, too. She could hardly take her eyes off of Richie.

"Is that his girlfriend?" Alicia asked.

"Yeah. She's new. This is her first big party."

"She looks even younger!" Alicia said.

"No, she's eighteen, too. She's up at the Community College with Richie. She's, like, a ballerina or something."

Joey chuckled at the perfection of it all.

"Oh, you like that do you?" Alicia said, chiding him a little. "Ballerinas in prom dresses turn you on?"

"Why wouldn't it?" Joey smiled. "Why don't you ask about the other two boys?"

"We're not shopping!" Alicia said. Joey laughed at her thinly veiled defense.

"That's Josh," Charity said, gesturing across the room. "I don't know him too well. And that's Austin. He's Kelsey's boyfriend, and...oh. Did you meet Barbara?"

"Just briefly, but Kelsey told us he's her son."

"Oh, good. I didn't know if I should..."

"If keeping secrets is the price of admission, you can count on us," Joey said.

"So, Austin and Josh, they're both, like, huge," Charity said to Alicia. "You'll see."

"Looks like you came to the right place, sweetheart," Joey said.

Alicia elbowed him and gave him a fleeting, scolding look.

"You like big cocks?" Charity asked with a knowing little smile. "You should come to a party at Kelsey's parents house. Some of those guys are big, too. I've never measured, but her dad fills me up better than anyone."

Alicia looked shocked. "Kelsey's parents are...into this?"

"Yeah, really big into it. Their parties are amazing."

The conversation had started to heat up Alicia. She felt like she was ready to talk to one of the young men. She'd save Ryan for a little later, when Margie was busy.

"I think I'm going to mingle a little," she said, with her heart pounding hard. "If you like big guys, Charity, my Joey's no slouch."

Alicia couldn't believe her brain had allowed her to say such a thing about her husband, but Charity's ease with that kind of conversation seemed to be contagious. Charity smiled sweetly at her. After she left, heading for Richie, Charity moved closer to Joey.

"I used to have fantasies about my school teachers," he said.

"Really?" Charity said, her voice suddenly soft and sexy.

It was the end of the conversation. She slithered down to a squat, unzipped Joey's pants, and sucked his quickly growing meat into her mouth. She moaned deep when she felt him grow, and grow, and grow. He was a bit shorter in length than Austin, but it was a thick, muscular cock, just like the rest of his powerful body.

Alicia glanced back across the room and was astonished to see her husband's cock in Charity's mouth. It was mind-numbing for a few seconds, a completely foreign sight, like something from a dream. She was astonished, too, by how fast Charity had worked. Maybe that's how it's done, she thought to herself — you just find what you want and take it.

"Hi. Richie, right? I'm Alicia," she said nervously. Richie was alone, watching as Kelsey led Abby away from him to meet Ryan.

"Oh, hi," Richie said.

"I hope you don't mind me saying this," Alicia said, "but I hope you haven't been doing this kind of thing too long. You seem awfully young."

"No, just, a...a few months I guess."

"I'm new at this, but...would it be horrible to admit I fantasize about boys your age?"

A shy smile brightened Richie's face. "No, that's not horrible."

"Hey everybody..." Kelsey yelled, "...I forgot to say, use any of the bedrooms upstairs if you want. Or the shower or anything. It's all cool. But it'd be even cooler if we all stay down here and have fun together. If you're shy, though, head on up."

"Is she always like this?" Alicia asked. "She's got...an energy about her."

"Yeah, she does," Richie said, gazing in Kelsey's direction.

"Charity tells me Kelsey...taught you some things," Alicia said. She was trying to be bold, but was having trouble with her nerves again.

"Yeah, I guess," Richie said. He seemed distracted, looking around at the unfolding scene.

"You look as interested as I am at all this. It's so new to me. Have you been to many of these parties?"

"Some small ones. This is my first bigger one."

"Really? Oh, good. I feel better. My husband seems to have jumped in with both feet."

"Yeah, Charity's kinda wild."

They both watched as she rose from her blowjob stance to kiss Joey, with her nice tits newly out in the open. She massaged his fat, wet cock with her fist as their mouths worked furiously on each other.

"I bet you she's the first one..."

"What?" Alicia asked with big, surprised looking eyes. "Fucking, you mean? With Joey?"

"She'll be the first one to cum," Richie proclaimed.

Alicia looked on with a strange, otherworldly sense of fascination as Charity bent at the waist and pulled the gusset of her lacy panties aside. Joey's groan was loud and clear when he sunk his big chunky cock into Charity's pinkness.

Alicia didn't know why she did it, but she took Richie's hand and held it tight in her own. Joey's pants were down around his ankles and he had a look on his face Alicia had rarely seen. Charity looked nearly delirious, too. She needed support to help her through, so she pivoted to the wall and slapped her hands up against it, crying out in ecstasy as Joey started fucking in earnest. He bellowed loud as the intensity of the tightest pussy he'd ever felt overwhelmed him.

"Jesus!" Alicia whispered, squeezing Richie's hand tight.

Charity came with ferocity, slapping her hand hard against the wall again as she cried out.

"Yeah, Charity!" Kelsey cheered. "Gettin' the party started!"

Joey looked stunned, holding his spewing cock in his hand as everyone watched the cum splatter on Charity's beautiful, lace-covered ass.

"She cums wicked," Richie said to Alicia, borrowing one of Kelsey's favorite phrases.

"Holy shit, you got a big cock, Joey!" Kelsey said, watching from fifteen feet away. "How'd that feel? She's super tight, huh?"

Joey nodded a little, but he still looked stunned. Alicia wondered if she should go to him, but she didn't want him to feel any more embarrassed than he already looked to be.

"Wanna get outta here?" Alicia asked Richie. "I think I'm one of the shy ones who needs a bedroom."

"Sure!" Richie said.

Alicia smiled at his enthusiasm. She'd often wondered if the boys at school found her attractive. She tugged Richie up the stairs, surprising herself with her aggressiveness. Seeing Joey go for it right inside the front door had emboldened her — she wanted some action, too.

Alicia had never had sex without traditional foreplay before — kissing, leading to fondling, leading to undressing and licking, leading to girl on top or boy on top, leading, maybe, to some other position. Richie, though, was a more down to business kind of guy.

They helped each other strip standing up, kissed for a minute with roaming hands, and then he helped her into doggie position right off the bat. Alicia loved it — it felt like real orgy stuff, like what Joey and Charity dove into, but without the audience.

Alicia hadn't fully stripped. She wasn't ready yet for full nudity in a stranger's house, so she retained her bra and panties, the sexiest ones she owned.

"God, your ass is nice," Richie praised. He peeled the panties down, letting them bunch up on her thighs.

"Really? I never thought so."

"Yeah, it's awesome," he said, sounding younger than someone Alicia should be with. He was so much like the boys at school she wasn't sure if she'd make it through the excitement.

"O-ho...G-od!" she stuttered when Richie's tongue lapped up through the slit of her wet pussy, ending its journey right on her little asshole. Charity's prophetic words came back to her — "He really knows what he's doing......He'll make you cum wicked."

Richie plunged his cock into Alicia's insides and Charity's words made even more sense — the boy knew how to fuck! The excitement of it all sent Alicia to a happy place much sooner than she anticipated — Richie fucked her right through a ripping orgasm and halfway into another.

"No!" she said breathlessly, pulling away. "I want to look at you."

She pushed him down, rolled him onto his back and mounted him, riding him like a girl possessed, with her panties still hanging on around one leg.

"Yeah!" she huffed as she rode hard. "Oh fuckin' yeah!"

For a few seconds she thought about all the years she'd been faithful to Joey, and Joey, she assumed, had been faithful to her. It was all out the window, but she didn't care. She wondered what Margie was up to, and then Richie kicked into overdrive, thrusting up into her like a turbocharged porn star, nearly levitating her yelping, writhing body. All thoughts ceased as orgasm number two consumed her. She hunched over, with no more control of her muscles. When Richie's searing cock had wrung her out, she collapsed in a heap on top of him, gasping for cool breath.

"I never would have dreamed..." Alicia said, breathless and groggy sounding.

"What?" Richie wondered.

"A boy your age, with that kind of...prowess."

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